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#rockbox log for 2014-11-03

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03:19:41soapAA in what? Doom?
03:30:48[Saint]Another World
03:30:59[Saint]check the forum screenshots, they look terrible.
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08:39:32mpmcmsg *stickychan stick #rockbox
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08:44:40wodzpamaury: (log) I played a bit with atj and found out very peculiar behaviour. If I write to cachable address the readback is not correct BUT if I copy something through uncachable alias the readback from cached location is ok. I really can't understand what is wrong.
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13:05:44pamaurywodz: you mean using hwstub or in general ?
13:05:58pamaurydo that mean hwstub work but you just need to use uncached addresses ?
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13:07:00wodzpamaury: general
13:07:35wodzpamaury: I found a couple of possible small bugs in crt0.S (and one pretty big but not affecting hwstub).
13:08:30pamauryI see, but this is indeed weird, because caching should not affect hwstub since it's all PIO
13:09:24wodzpamaury: Anyway something is fishy with caches. Currently I am at the stage that I can correctly store and readback values but code still doesn't run copied like this. I tried a few strategies to sync i/d caches without success.
13:09:55pamaurycan't you disable caches completely for the time being ?
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13:10:25wodzpamaury: you can run from ucached addresses
13:11:33pamaurydid you try to run the entire from uncached address ? On mine it didn't seem to work any better...
13:11:38pamaury*entire stub
13:11:51wodzyes I tried
13:13:44wodzI was suspecting memcpy() for a while but it is extensively used during enumeration so this should fail miserable if something is wrong with it
13:15:12pamauryyeah, that's super weird, I don't understand why it fails for read/write and not enumeration
13:15:29pamaurywithout any display support, that's hard to debug, not impossible but non trivial
13:17:09wodzpamaury: Did you try what is the size limit you can upload successfully?
13:17:49wodzpamaury: I would expect that at one point you overwrite usb isr responsible for the transfer and thats why it fails
13:18:28pamaurywodz: no but the message suggest it's ~30Kb
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13:20:47wodzNot much. We need to find out the way to use 2nd stage loader
13:22:21mpmcWho was it that said recording doesn't work with the Zen? Well I've just tried it and it works fine.
13:25:47pamaurympmc: nobody, I simply never tested it, so I couldn't claim it works ^^
13:26:17pamaurympmc: so I can change the status on the wiki page ?
13:27:13pamaurywodz: since we have working transfers apparently, it should be possible to dump the rom using a modified hwstub, if you are interested
13:28:22mpmcpamaury: here's your proof it works xD
13:28:44wodzpamaury: but as we tested yesterday the returned values are garbage
13:29:51pamaurywodz: we don't know what happen, possibly the address gets corrupted at some point, but we could modify it so that for example each time you read some descriptor, you are getting some ROM data
13:30:11pamaurygive me a minute, i'll upload a prototype diff
13:30:51wodzpamaury: a first few words should be enough to judge if the values returned are ok or not
13:31:20pamauryperfect, that will make it easy to test
13:31:28pamaurywhat is the ROM address ?
13:32:06mpmchas there been any known reports of screen blanking for the Zen, I disconnected it from the pc and it was still on just black like it had gone into screen save mode but wouldn't respond to button presses, had to reset.
13:32:36pamaurympmc: yes, it was a very common problem at the beginning of the port
13:39:08pamaurywodz: diff for hwstub: pamaury/a3379864a23e9630c901">
13:40:50wodzthere should be associated change to the shell, no?
13:44:30pamauryyes, I'm writing a dumping program, wait a minute
13:51:09mpmc40 minutes to transfer 5GB, I'm going to assume that's because it's going through the the player to the SD card.
14:01:30pamaurywodz: pamaury/a3379864a23e9630c901">
14:01:41pamauryI cannot test any of this right now, but at least it compiles$
14:02:19pamauryto dump the entire ROM, the code should problem issue several transfers because you cannot download the entire ROM with one control transfer except if it's <64KiB
14:03:12wodzit is like 8k or something
14:04:12pamauryI suggest you stick with the first 32 bytes, check if it makes sense/works, and then go for the full image
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14:23:21jlnpamaury: is know why may kingston 16GB sdhc class 4 not works (panic) on zen? - other card i have 8gb goodram works fine.
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14:23:45pamauryjln: what does the panic shows ?
14:23:51jlnhm. wait.
14:25:01jlnmicro sd init failed: -2 pc:6006216c sp:60103480 bt end
14:26:31pamaurymeans the card init timed out, maybe we enforce the init delay too strictly
14:26:57pamauryI could try to send you a new binary with relaxed timing to see if it makes any difference
14:28:17jlnif You wish i can try, or if it is not critical for you just change time for tomoros build (?)
14:29:13pamauryI would like to avoid doing a commit in our trunk just for testing
14:29:39jlni also thinks if it will be possible to connect to zen over sd slot - there is SPI or at last GPIOs i will someway got possiblity access via software?
14:30:24jlnso send the buils i try it.
14:30:39pamauryok, I cannot do a build right now but I'll send one
14:31:06pamauryI would need to check the datasheet but I think all the pins of the SD slot can be used as GPIO, and possibly some as SPI
14:31:40jlnand it is used as spi for card? or in 4 pin mode?
14:32:26pamauryno the card is used in sd mode, it uses 4 pins if the cards supports it
14:34:00jlnand maybe silly question... there was no way to run linux on some devices?
14:34:12jlnit is not revriting things that are done?
14:34:28jlnand... finaly. it is wonderfull project. the rockbox.
14:35:40pamauryI think the ZEN has enough RAM to run linux in theory, but you would have a hard time putting linux on it since linux trunk doesn't support stmp3700 but only stmp3780 so patches would be needed, not to mention you would need to write a few linux drivers to drive the lcd and buttons
14:35:58jlnI wonder how orginal firmware/device manufacters look on this. how they feel looking on difference between what they done and how it may be. ;)
14:37:18jlnyes. but whole thngs like file operation, program loading, everything is just done.
14:37:19mpmcYou have a Kingston 16GB in your Zen too? Mine works fine.
14:37:38jlnwhat class you have ?
14:38:23mpmcClass 4, 16GB SD4/16GB
14:38:40mpmcMade in Taiwan..
14:38:42jlnpamaury: and it is anyway weird that just a mp3 player is so complicated machine...
14:38:49jlnso mine looks the same. not works.
14:38:59jlnmade in japan.
14:39:03jlnmakes the difference ;)
14:39:18mpmcDoes yours have a hologram on it?
14:39:28mpmcMine does..
14:39:40jlnwho knows?
14:40:33jlnanyway mine works anywhere else then rockbox...
14:40:49pamauryjln: why should a mp3 player be simple ? it does plenty of stuff
14:41:19jlnonce i found for free a 1GB creative AA player. ;)
14:41:44jlnand. there was function for mp3 recording. 128kbit, 44100 stereo.
14:42:17jlnany other player i never seen do this (it got line in) - and it was shown in pc as mass storage.
14:42:32jlnit was early 2000. then everything change.
14:43:32jlnonce i ve got cd mp3. and there was 8 bit philips microcontroler for file read, and just some specialised mp3 floatingpoint decoder.
14:44:17jlnso anyway it is enough for mp3 player. anything else is just toy. ;) - and taking a look into orginal zens soft. it was so useless...
14:45:25jlnno games, no nothing. even play mp3 was broken as there was no way to play whole files from sd (just a directory) and internal mermory was weird (not as mass storage)
14:46:11pamaurythat's enough if you want to play mp3 files only, but if you want other formats that won't do it
14:46:40pamauryif you want video playback neither, not to mention bluetooth
14:46:59jlnyes. i know that.
14:47:08pamauryand nowadays it's just simpler, cheaper and more efficient to use a system-on-chip
14:47:59jlni play with avr a bit. it is mostly enough. and i am also lazy to go into anything new...
14:49:56jlnbut maybe its time. but then there is raspberry, and looking on prices/boards some arm devices, it hard to start "play" them.
14:50:36jlnYou are lot in hardware after rockbox you doing in? or you was in hardware all the time?
14:52:02mpmcLol.. It would appear my Zen has been playing FM since I installed rockbox I have no clue how to stop it..
14:55:55pamauryplay a song, or long press press
14:56:11mpmcLol xD
14:56:21pamauryjln: not at all, I'm doing a PhD in TCS
14:57:26pamaurytheoretical computer science
14:57:39coppersounds headache inducing
14:59:32jlntcs is not much about hw connected? isnt?
15:00:13pamaurynot really, not at all
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15:02:05jlnbut hw is some way weird. especialy when normal compputing tends today to go into hi level programing something like java/html5
15:05:01jlnabout scripting/interpreters - if there is Z80 emu on rockbox. it might be something else... that makes possiblity run code without any recompiling. or you never wish go that way?
15:06:19mpmcOK guys another stupid question, how do I set repeat, I can see the icon, but I can't select it (sorry if I'm being thick - first time rb user ;) )
15:14:51mpmcOK, I'm an idiot, it's in the menu..
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16:46:30mpmcGot my first panic and it was going so well, I was listening to music ended up in pictureflow which return and error attempted to go back and boom.. snack underflow... viewportmanager..
16:48:07mpmcLol! attempting to turn off and each time I used the power button (scrolled it down) it played a bit and stopped, it did this twice and now.. it's dead.. white screen..
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19:22:00PaulFertser[Saint]: to answer my earlier question about splitting a big flac into tracks based on cue info, afaict, "abcde" is likely the easiest way (just probably need to embed that cue inside flac beforehand).
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21:33:19jlnisnt gameboys max-frameskip broken? i ve got 50% speed, frameskip change nothing.
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22:59:29wodzpamaury: (log) sorted out running code from cached address on atj.
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23:36:21wodzpamaury: (log) on e150 the size limit for s1 image is 27136 bytes. The size is uprounded to 512 boundary.
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23:43:04jlna. ok it was fps. nevermind.

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