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#rockbox log for 2014-11-07

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02:51:54guest206how do i compile bootloader for sansa clip zip
02:52:24guest206if i run tools/configure on B mode
02:52:30guest206and run make
02:52:52guest206it makes a bootloader.bin
02:53:06guest206is that the file?
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14:13:10pamauryhob (logs): I need to wait for someone who has access to the server to upload the bootloader file, in the mean time I have updated the prebuilt bootloader (link is on the wiki page of the port)
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17:54:15hobpamaury: now rbutil doesn't show http download error anymore but it won't accept the OF's exe file and only accepts the '' file itself.
17:54:46hoband shows this error message: "Patching the original firmware failed."
17:55:05pamaurythat's probably because support for exe file has not been released yet, we should release a new rbutil
17:55:56hobdidn't have problem with extracting the file from creative's exe file before
17:56:01pamauryyou mean that patching of fails too ?
17:56:02hobit's weird
17:56:08hobyes it fails
17:56:16pamaurycan you pastebin the log ?
17:59:49pamauryit is quite possible that it won't accept the 1.00.25e firmware because it was not out when the release was made
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18:06:36hobi hope that's not the case
18:07:03hobusing this 25e is less painful than the previous ones
18:07:05hobsucks less
18:07:31hobloads faster, both the internal and external storage
18:07:45pamauryyou can use the prebuilt firmware that I uploaded, that's weird it should print more messages to describe the error, let me check what -4 means
18:08:18hobis it still based on 1.00.22e?
18:08:28pamaurynope, I repatched using 25e
18:08:41pamauryyeah it means RBUtil doesn't know about 25e unfortunately
18:09:35pamauryI heard you cry ;)
18:10:10pamauryI only tested it very quickly on mine but it updaded fine as far as I can tell
18:10:32hobthank you very much pamaury
18:10:47pamauryand indeed it loads the OF way faster, last time I tried (was a very long time ago) it tools several minutes, now only 20 seconds
18:11:33pamauryyou're welcome, it's nice to see people using the port :)
18:12:59hobi would've stopped using this device a long time ago if i had to use the OF forever
18:13:19hobit's the worst thing i've ever seen on a creative player
18:13:48hobit can't even do 2 things at the same time right
18:14:23hobplaying flac on the of was the worst
18:15:26hobthank you for porting rockbox for this device, pamaury
18:15:29pamaurythe major missing feature is bluetooth which is a shame
18:15:37pamauryI'd really like to implement this
18:16:31hobthe bluetooth feature in the OF is only capable of pairing with headphones, nothing else
18:16:46hobnot that much interesting if it's a hardware limitation
18:17:26lebelliumthe 2007 YP-P2 could do much more than that with bluetooth :P
18:18:01lebelliumfiles transfer, incoming calls, bluetooth headset, bluetooth games
18:18:07lebelliumshitty Creative, as usual
18:19:03pamaurythat's sort of a hardware limitation: the BT firmware only lists headphones. In theory it's possible to reprogram it but I'm not sure to which extent this is doing in a software-only way
18:19:22hobi'd like to see creative make a less limited "Creative Zen".
18:19:45hobthat device was well-made and powerful. but creative had to make it suck!
18:20:10lebelliumCreative players are not powerful. They have a limited SoC
18:20:12pamaurywhich makes it pretty painful to support bluetooth: some players like the ZEN X-Fi3 use a very high level (AT) protocol, and some others like P2, Zen M300 use a standard low level HCI interface I guess
18:20:39pamaurylebellium: depends which ! The ZEN is pretty powerful, same for the ZEN X-Fi2/3
18:20:48pamaurysome are quite RAM limited unfortunately
18:21:25pamaurybut yeah the P2 is twice as powerful is theory, it's dual core arm
18:21:39pamaury(but lower frequency)
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18:32:23hobit's working perfect, pamaury. thanks ^_^
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20:28:55foolsh_[Franklin]: o/
20:28:59[Franklin]foolsh_: \o
20:29:05 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:29:05[Franklin]long time no see :)
20:30:02[Franklin]foolsh_: I know what the bug is!
20:30:05[Franklin](I think)
20:30:10[Franklin]You need to use rb->memset
20:30:14foolsh_memory allocation
20:31:19[Franklin]OK I hope running sed will work
20:39:31[Franklin]foolsh_: I'm guessing that it's compiling and linking fine because it's linking with a library that won't be present on target
20:39:43[Franklin]and then calling a function that won't exist on target
20:39:47[Franklin]and then crashing
20:39:57foolsh_It's copying over to the target now
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20:40:44*foolsh_ hangs his head
20:41:14[Franklin]foolsh_: what'd you change in patch sets #49/49?
20:42:06foolsh_Honestly, I forgot, in my branch here I pulled out everything not video related
20:43:08[Franklin]so you're sure that's where the crash is now, right?
20:43:44[Franklin]if it turns out that there's really not enough memory, I might have to turn to using the audio buffer
20:43:49[Franklin]which will make sound impossible
20:43:57[Franklin]but will at least make the game run
20:45:23foolsh_I'm building clean to make sure
20:48:11foolsh_nope, the garbage on screen is indicative of bad memory handling, some thing some where is over writing where it shouldn't
20:48:21[Franklin]foolsh_: you really gutted the whole game :)
20:48:43foolsh_my local branch has even less
20:50:20[Franklin]the framebuffers need 128K
20:50:32 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
20:51:05foolsh_plugin buffers are 512 I think
20:51:26[Franklin]and vm needs 640K
20:51:33[Franklin]so 768K total for those two
20:51:49[Franklin]now there's the problem!
20:52:07gevaertsusing the audio buffer doesn't make sound impossible
20:52:14[Franklin]gevaerts: really?
20:52:23gevaertsIt makes regular playback impossible
20:52:26 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:52:33[Franklin]gevaerts: so what can be done?
20:52:44*gevaerts isn't a plugin writer
20:53:05gevaertsYou should still be able to play samples as far as I know
20:53:49[Franklin]ok good
20:54:07[Franklin]foolsh_: it's gonna need to steal the audio buffer for the VM memory
20:55:02foolsh_that doesn't leave much left, but the PCM data from the game isn't overly large
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21:00:06[Franklin]foolsh_: yeah
21:00:26[Franklin]actually, no
21:00:30[Franklin]the audio buffer is *huge*
21:00:44[Franklin]the game only needs 640K
21:03:19foolsh_silly me I was looking something else entirely
21:04:38foolsh_so much room for activities :)
21:06:36[Franklin]foolsh_: but still, it needs to stop audio playback
21:06:46foolsh_no big deal
21:06:48[Franklin]hopefully what gevaerts says about samples is true
21:06:57foolsh_you doubt?
21:07:24[Franklin]foolsh_: no :)
21:07:38[Franklin]"you were kicked from #rockbox"
21:08:40 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:10:47[Franklin]foolsh_: if my piezo patch ever gets merged, this could play sound through the piezo!
21:10:52[Franklin]but that won't happen
21:11:40foolsh_:) *you* could, I don't have a piezo in my fuze+
21:12:18[Franklin]Fuer Elise actually sounds decent
21:12:22[Franklin]as does the imperial march
21:12:27[Franklin]and SMB theme song :)
21:13:06[Franklin]foolsh_: video should still be able to use the plugin buffer
21:13:10[Franklin]it only needs 128K
21:13:40 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
21:13:50[Franklin]foolsh_: ok try the latest patch set
21:14:03[Franklin]if it works, you can un-gut the thing, finally!
21:16:20foolsh_its building
21:16:36[Franklin]fingers crossed...
21:18:48*[Franklin] goes through and (void)s all unused parameters
21:21:10foolsh_damn, the on screen garbage was gone, but the player still powers off after a few seconds
21:21:36[Franklin]ok that's progress
21:21:37 Quit ender (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:21:51[Franklin]if you could isolate the bug again, that'd be great
21:21:57***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:21:59foolsh_ok sure thing
21:22:05[Franklin]i.e. checking if it's still that line that crashes
21:22:16[Franklin]if so, video will need to use the audiobuf, too
21:24:06foolsh_you missed a memset in sys.c let me try again
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21:27:07[Franklin]how does audiobuf alloc work?
21:29:35 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:30:21*[Franklin] assumes that there's a pointer to the actual buffer that gets increased with each alloc
21:31:01foolsh_you has a tab in between rb-> and memset on line 57 of video.c
21:31:12*foolsh_ wonders if the others are like that
21:31:17[Franklin]foolsh_: no
21:32:35[Franklin]do I need to call plugin_release_audio_buffer when exiting?
21:42:24foolsh_confirmed the bug is in rb->memset(v->page_data,0,4*VID_PAGE_SIZE);
21:42:31[Franklin]ok good
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22:11:18[Franklin]foolsh_: I don't think it's memory this time
22:11:41[Franklin]gevaerts: is there some way to measure memory usage of a plugin?
22:12:02gevaertsLook at the linker map?
22:13:27 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
22:14:29[Franklin]it's not very helpful
22:14:42*foolsh_ doesn't believe that
22:14:54[Franklin]it doesn't tell me how much memory is allocated on the stack
22:14:58[Franklin](a lot is)
22:15:13[Franklin]all the framebuffers are alloc'ed on the stack
22:15:24gevaertsThen fix that...
22:18:26 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:18:54*[Franklin] un-guts the thing
22:22:22 Join Jinx [0] (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx)
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23:36:14 Quit ender` (Quit: Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider than that! -- George Carlin)
23:48:22[Franklin]foolsh_: for some reason, plugin_get_audio_buffer can only be called once, or it will crash
23:48:37[Franklin]so I integrated the calls the that function into resource.c
23:48:54[Franklin]so res_allocMemBlock allocs the VM memory and the framebuffers at once
23:50:27[Franklin]foolsh_: try patch set 52
23:50:52gevaertsWhy would you even want to get the audio buffer more than once?
23:51:07[Franklin]gevaerts: it takes a size argument
23:51:20*[Franklin] assumes that it's like malloc, and each call returns a pointer to a different block of memory
23:51:26[Franklin]correct me if I'm wrong
23:51:37gevaertsTo *return* the size in, yes
23:51:59[Franklin]size in?
23:52:22gevaertsHave you noticed that the size argument is a pointer?
23:52:33[Franklin]yes, what's the point of that?
23:52:38[Franklin](no pun intended)
23:52:57 Quit y4n (Quit: Today is the perfect day for a perfect day.)
23:53:09gevaertsYou call the function, it returns a pointer to the block of memory you get, and it writes the size of the block to the size pointer
23:53:52*[Franklin] thought it gave you a block the size you wanted
23:54:08[Franklin]so it always returns the same pointer?
23:54:33gevaertsIt's not meant to be called more than once
23:54:40[Franklin]ohh... I see
23:55:27[Franklin]well, I did something right for once
23:56:25*[Franklin] feels dumb

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