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#rockbox log for 2014-11-09

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00:09:19[Franklin]foolsh: aww
00:09:26[Franklin]well, I'll email the guy
00:09:36[Franklin]*using gmail*
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00:11:48[Franklin]foolsh: could you get a youtube video of it running?
00:12:05[Franklin](I need to show the guy something to impress him so he gives us permission)
00:12:23foolshhang out I'm almost there
00:14:13[Franklin]gevaerts: how do you get that build script working?
00:14:21[Franklin]it says it needs tools/
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00:16:22*[Saint] kinda hopes the author _doesn't_ giver permission so that a valuable lesson is learned here
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00:23:35[Franklin][Saint]: what "valuable lesson"?
00:24:32[Saint]Oh...geee...I dunno, maybe a little something like that being the very first thing you should've done.
00:24:48[Saint]You've done all this on the assumption that the author will say yes.
00:24:54[Saint]If they don''re fucked.
00:25:03[Franklin]fair use :P
00:25:08[Franklin](probably not)
00:25:24[Franklin]I doubt that he will sue
00:26:58[Franklin]if he does, well, that's a shame
00:27:27[Saint]I like your confidence that it would be committed if there's contention from the author.
00:27:41[Franklin]oh no... not even close
00:27:52[Franklin]so much to do
00:28:02[Franklin]it has keymaps for like 6 devices now
00:28:08[Franklin]and the menu's barely working
00:28:17[Franklin]and no mono support
00:28:19[Franklin]and no sound
00:29:18[Franklin]ohh... misread
00:29:18[Franklin]if it has contention, then too bad
00:29:26[Franklin]it's not going in
00:29:33[Franklin]what a shame it would be
00:34:35[Franklin][Saint]: but that's unlikely. NewRAW and xworld authors have not been sued yet
00:35:13[Saint]I don't care who's sued who. If the author says "No, I'd prefer that not happen"...we don't do it.
00:35:19[Franklin]yes, of course
00:38:11[Franklin]Delphine Software is now defunct
00:38:41[Franklin]they won't be any trouble
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00:55:07[Franklin]argh... I can't send him email... "user is over quota" from the mail server!
00:55:13[Franklin](his mail server)
00:56:39[Franklin][Saint] just loves to crash the part
00:56:40[Franklin][Saint] just loves to crash the party
00:58:58[Franklin]well, foolsh, is the youtube video up? :)
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01:00:27foolshalmost, almost
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01:00:58foolshmy phone is acting janky
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01:01:44foolshit'snot much but shows some play
01:02:03[Franklin]what phone is it?
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01:03:20foolshdamn slugs keep killing me :)
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01:05:58foolshit uploading to youtube now
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01:10:49foolshturd needs polish
01:11:35[Franklin]yes, but it works!
01:11:45[Franklin]first, scaling
01:16:38[Franklin]ok... how do I do scaling?
01:16:51[Franklin]A. How much memory do I need for the framebuffer?
01:17:58[Franklin]I'm assuming that I can cast fb_data to uchar without any difficulty, right?
01:19:06foolshI take it back the code input screen felt slow but the game play feels about right
01:19:45[Franklin]the code input is slow even on pc
01:19:50*foolsh wonders how scaling will affect the speed
01:20:04[Franklin]not much on fast targets
01:20:48foolshits not scaling really stretching is more like it
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01:23:26[Franklin]ok scaling works for non-fuze now
01:23:40[Franklin]not sure about fuze
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01:27:05[Franklin]foolsh: scaling code for non-fuze is done
01:27:11[Franklin]fuze is up to you :)
01:27:15[Franklin]good night, gtg
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04:22:59*foolsh was thinking, with franklin around, not to mention with my encouraging him, that /plugins/ might want to be split off from the main tree
04:28:47foolshthat get a little complicated when I think about it though, there's a lot dependencies between calls from some plugins and the rest of rockbox
04:33:33[Saint]I can't help but laugh.
04:33:45[Saint]I know I shouldn't, but, that's classic...
04:36:09foolshthat sucks man
04:37:04[Saint]"It *is* a reset've just gotta wiggle it..a...little...*bzzzzzzap!*...see? Toldya!"
04:41:28foolshI know what would work... nested git repos /rockbox/.git /rockbox/apps/plugins/.git, like I've seen in some other projects, but I can't seem to think of any at the moment :-/
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04:49:02[Saint]ala repo.
04:49:23[Saint](and all custom ROMs by extension)
04:49:38*foolsh slaps forehead
04:50:03[Saint]Not sure if separate repos helps the cause, though.
04:50:20[Saint]Its not going to magically disconnect the ties between core and plugin.
04:53:10foolshno it won't, but the core could sit above plugins, if we worked out plugins to be only dependent on the core and optional at compile time, sort of like how it is now, if you edit the configure file for your target
04:54:38foolshthen the hardware porters wouldn't need to pull down plugins
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04:59:06foolshcould expand the configure script, so you could tick off the ones you wanted
04:59:50foolshna thats to much work
05:08:48[Saint]The [Franklin] is contagious.
05:09:01[Saint]You're starting to fix problems that don't exist.
05:09:13[Saint] making more problems!
05:09:30[Saint](huh - in a way, I guess making problems does fix problems not existing...)
05:09:38[Saint]So...errr...carry on? :)
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15:29:33[Franklin]foolsh: can you write the scaling for the fuze?
15:29:44[Franklin]I have no idea how it works
15:29:50[Franklin](the rotation, that is)
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17:44:04[Franklin]why is lcd_update() crashing?!
17:44:22[Franklin](ipod1g2g sim)
17:45:20[Franklin]never mind
17:45:30[Franklin]I was writing to the framebuffer directly
18:00:42[Franklin]foolsh: there's a bug with displays that have less pixels than 320x200!
18:12:29[Franklin]it's gonna need a lot of memory to fix
18:12:49[Franklin]192K for color targets
18:13:02[Franklin]hopefully the plugin buffer is big enough
18:30:41foolsh[Franklin]: morning, yeah I hit that bug last night compiling for my e200
18:30:59[Franklin]foolsh: it's fixed now, I think
18:31:07foolshI give it a spin
18:31:34[Franklin](tested on clip zip, useless!!)
18:31:59[Franklin]it now has configurable scaling
18:33:44[Franklin]having some issues with the zen right now
18:33:49[Franklin]24-bit color is weird
18:35:53[Franklin]weird... I can't assign LCD_RGBPACK to a 24-bit fb_data
18:38:00[Franklin]ok fixed
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18:51:51foolsh[Franklin]: cool it stats up on the e200, but needs the screen rotated
18:52:22foolshI tried following what you done late night, but I couldn't see how to rotate it right away
18:53:08 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
18:53:19[Franklin]scaling now doesn't work on screens bigger than 320x200
18:53:47 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
18:55:14[Franklin]foolsh: you mean how to scale the rotated screen?
18:55:43foolshor rotate the scaled screen ;)
18:55:55[Franklin]I have no idea :)
18:58:13foolshrockboy know how
18:58:19[Franklin]ok fixed that bug :)
18:58:24[Franklin](scaling on big screens)
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19:05:13[Franklin]foolsh: there's no need to worry about overhead in scaling, as long as it takes less than 20 ms
19:05:29[Franklin]because if it takes < 20 ms, the VM will compensate
19:06:26[Franklin](by shortening the time it sleeps between frames)
19:07:26foolshI'm not sure I make heads or tails of the rotation scheme in rockboy/lcd.c
19:08:14foolshbut they use tiles, I'm sure, so it's a horse of a different color entirely
19:08:28[Franklin]foolsh: I think the best method is to scale to reversed dimensions (i.e. x=y, y=x), and then rotate
19:09:44 Join JdGordon_ [0] (
19:10:00[Franklin]then you reverse x/y coords while drawing
19:11:31 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
19:11:44foolshwe'll yeah thats the idea of course, but not knowing enough yet is my problem ;)
19:13:10foolshin-situ matrix transposition
19:15:23[Franklin]who said?
19:15:34[Franklin]you can use an extra array if you wish
19:15:39[Franklin]or an existing one
19:19:10[Franklin]foolsh: there needs to be a #define like VID_ROTATE
19:20:24*[Franklin] needs distcc
19:20:53[Franklin]I have a direct ethernet connection between the server and this machine
19:21:40foolshyou have a 12 core hyper threading box, why not just ssh in and work there?
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19:22:45[Franklin]no gui
19:23:05[Franklin]I have the rockbox tree, but not my local tree
19:23:16[Franklin]so I'll get distcc
19:23:50[Franklin]and also, I can't get /etc/hosts to work with IPv6 for some reason
19:25:48foolshit looks like I can transpose on read or write, this would save some memory by not creating another matrix to hold temp data
19:28:46[Franklin]aww distcc won't work with ipv6!
19:40:57 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@2a02:8109:9300:c74:110c:2946:697b:d095)
19:40:57 Quit kugel (Changing host)
19:40:57 Join kugel [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
19:46:12foolshexport your build directory with nfs and ssh in to the box, would be my solution
19:46:15 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
19:49:25[Franklin]foolsh: nah... I want distcc
19:49:33[Franklin]but it won't work for some reason!
19:49:51foolshwell then you can't have it can you!! :)
19:50:42[Franklin]it does support ipv6
19:50:46[Franklin]but I can't figure it out
19:56:28 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
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20:26:07[Franklin]foolsh: I did get distcc working!!!
20:27:15*gevaerts is thrilled to learn this!
20:27:22foolshno he's not
20:28:43 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:31:08[Saint]Now..if only distcc offered any realistic improvements over a powerful monolithic server...
20:32:13copperdon't spoil the fun
20:37:48*[Saint] feels bad for reset-hole-guy.
20:38:00[Saint]I wonder how more people don't make that mistake.
20:38:17[Saint]I could swear it was clearly labeled 'mic', but I don't have any around to check.
20:38:58 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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20:41:04copperwhere is it?
20:42:15copperjust above the clip
20:42:47[Saint]right, in the worst place possible.
20:42:49*gevaerts never trusts small holes to be reset holes without confirmation
20:43:22[Saint]They're generally clearly labeled, and sometimes have the reset switch duration.
20:43:45[Saint]Like "Reset: Press and hold for 10s"
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23:00:33 Join fishman_ [0] (5771f21b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:00:59fishman_How do I get Another World (Out of This World) on my Fuze+ ?
23:01:12 Quit fishman_ (Client Quit)
23:01:27[Saint]13 seconds...
23:01:33[Saint]You fuck.
23:02:04foolshhe must have it all figured out then
23:13:47 Quit kugel (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
23:16:54foolshheh, franklin is calling lcd_clear_display every frame, not optimal since we blit to the framebuffer
23:17:20foolshgod and these effects
23:17:50foolshnegative? motion blur? I expect it to be hard enough to pplay
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23:40:08[Saint]I have a hard time understanding why its even progressed this far without contacting the author.
23:40:22[Saint]When there's still the very real possibility that:
23:40:50[Saint]A - the author may remain uncontactable, or;
23:40:58[Saint]B - the author may just say no
23:41:12[Saint]writing any code at all seems like a massive gamble.
23:41:20gevaerts*which* author, for starters?
23:41:38gevaertsAs I understand it, this is one of those engine vs data files things
23:44:21[Saint]Regarding which author, Fabien Sanglard, the "Fabother World" port author.
23:44:29[Saint]The one with the hilariously vague license.
23:44:52[Saint]"the spirit of GPL"...whatever the fuck that means.
23:45:12 Join n00b81|away [0] (~n00b81@unaffiliated/n00b81)
23:45:25 Part n00b81|away ("Leaving")
23:47:10foolshthe fabother world work and the newraw engine are under GPLv2, but it's franklin's inclusion of a bitmap that is in the air, one which I don't support but ultimatly have no control over
23:48:55 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: leaving)
23:50:07[Saint]Ohhhh. Hmmmm. Sorry, I think I'm confusing the xrick port.
23:50:31[Saint]That's in a similar place, but that's the one with the hilariously vague license, isn't it?
23:50:39 Quit ender` (Quit: I remember being impressed with Ada because you could write an infinite loop without a faked up condition. The idea being that in Ada the typical infinite loop would normally be terminated by detonation. -- Larry Wall)
23:51:16[Saint]Aha, yes, yes it is.
23:51:18[Saint]My mistake.
23:53:25foolsh:) it's ok
23:53:57*foolsh did his homework before shoving franklin in to the slave pits ;)

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