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#rockbox log for 2014-11-10

00:01:14foolshyeah, I see the license for xrick is laughable at best
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00:57:59[Franklin]foolsh: I really can't get the rotation down :(
01:00:35foolsh I've been fleshing it out, but now I'm very busy at home
01:01:10foolshwe have a choice to it on read or write
01:01:44foolshinstead of say char*) framebuffer;
01:01:50foolshwe have a for loop
01:01:52[Franklin]oh I see
01:02:14[Franklin]well, its the same code
01:02:26[Franklin]it shouldn't take longer if its in a different place
01:03:03foolshright, I was just being thorough, in case there is a difference
01:03:25[Franklin]any difference will be nullified by the fact that we have up to 20 ms
01:03:36foolshwell alright then
01:03:39[Franklin]if its any faster, the user won't know
01:03:45foolshI have to go ready dinner
01:03:53[Franklin]ok then :)
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01:23:22[Franklin]foolsh: this is awesome!
01:29:17foolsh[Franklin]: I've been thinking, should we for go the having the option to rotate as a setting, and just rotate all targets where screen height > width, if we don't we'll have to let the user set his keys manually
01:29:59[Franklin]foolsh: yeah
01:30:21[Franklin]foolsh: if it's a tall screen rotate
01:30:24[Franklin]otherwise, don't
01:30:42[Franklin]because yeah, setting keys at runtime can get a bit messy
01:30:49[Franklin]foolsh: btw, got rotation workign!
01:31:20foolshcool cool cool, I'm still cooking
01:31:20[Franklin]not yet pushed, I want it to be rotated the opposite way
01:31:26[Franklin]don't get burned!
01:31:42foolshccw works best I think
01:32:01foolshdirection control being on the left and all that
01:32:10[Franklin]it's rotating ccw now
01:32:17[Franklin]but I want that to be configurable
01:32:23[Franklin]and just swap left/right at runtime
01:32:30[Franklin](for lefties/righties)
01:33:09[Franklin]though I'm not sure how to do clockwise rotatino
01:33:10foolshokay, probably want to have user key assignment any ways then
01:33:39[Franklin]foolsh: nah... too complicated
01:33:52[Franklin]just two vars for left/right need to be swapped every time its changed
01:33:54foolshthen we'll have to set them manually
01:34:05[Franklin]foolsh: set them manually for ccw rotation
01:34:10[Franklin]and when its cw, swap them
01:34:37foolshrockbox does some nice logic to handle that
01:34:59*[Franklin] will probably leave it up to you, foolsh :)
01:36:51foolshfair enough
01:36:52[Franklin]ok I've got ccw and cw algorithms figured out now
01:42:41[Franklin]actually, I think I'll do it :D
01:42:46[Franklin]it seems fun
01:45:56[Franklin]actually, why not make rotation work on every device?
01:46:05[Franklin]I mean, really?
01:46:10[Franklin]where's the harm
01:46:35foolshit simplify htings abit
01:47:12[Franklin]no, not doing it actually complicates things!
01:47:35foolshnot what I meant, I agree do it for avery target
01:48:00[Franklin]sorry, what did you mean?
01:48:03foolshleave up to the user
01:48:11[Franklin]yeah, that's what I'm doing
01:48:26[Franklin]there's gonna be a menu option on all targets that let you switch rotatoin
01:50:28foolshok, that will simplify the code, and is good
01:50:39*foolsh will blame [Franklin] if he burns dinner
01:51:46[Franklin]ok this looks good to me, pushing!
01:52:05[Franklin]actually nvm
01:52:13[Franklin]haven't tested on widescreen targets yet :)
01:52:20foolshbtw blanking the lcd every frame is not optimal, and will make strobe, and isn't necessary when we blank it going out of the menu and at plugin start
01:52:40[Franklin]foolsh: it only blanks the framebuffer
01:53:32foolshbut is it necessary?
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01:54:04[Franklin]actually, yes, but in one scenario
01:54:07[Franklin]the first run
01:54:14[Franklin]and with screens with blank spots
01:54:23[Franklin]so I'll just blank at start
01:54:32[Franklin]in sys_init then
01:54:42foolshand leaving the menu I already have it
01:54:48[Franklin]oh yes, you have :)
01:54:59[Franklin]ok then, its not needed
01:57:06[Franklin]ok pushing!
02:08:56[Franklin]foolsh: could you make some noise on the mailing list about the game?
02:09:12[Franklin]I can't send to it :(
02:14:08foolshOk I guess
02:14:35[Franklin]foolsh: ask for testers with color devices
02:15:05[Franklin]even if they don't have keymaps yet
02:15:21[Franklin]anyway, gnite, gtg
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02:32:11*foolsh is not going to post to the list with this, it's not ready for testing yet
02:32:29foolshbut I have to admit it's not far
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03:45:03foolsh./firmware/export/config/sansam200.h:#define LCD_BARKCOLOR
03:45:15foolshthats a typo right?
03:50:02foolshweird.. its gone now
03:50:12*foolsh goes to test his RAM
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13:16:49mpmcpamaury: did you get a chance to look at the black lines on video issue with the Zen? :)
13:17:33pamaury_no, I didn't have any free time this week-end, but I'll try to have a look at it today, thanks for the reminder
13:18:28mpmcpamaury_: Sorry, I know you're busy.
13:21:40jlni am also interested about black lines. ;) and maybe 16gb card too. or maybe i finaly try fix it myself...
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13:26:47pamaury_jln: ah yeah wait a second, I can upload a modify build in a minute for you to test, that's for the fuze+ right ?
13:27:50foolshpamaury_: I believe it is supposed to be for a zen variate
13:28:11foolshbut let jln confirm
13:30:41jlnok waiting for build... :)
13:31:27pamaury_do you remember the error code ? just to check what to change
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13:33:51foolshpamaury_: the symptom is that mpeg player is only showing every other horizontal line, jln tested it with elephants dream 320x240
13:34:21foolshbut let jln confirm
13:34:42pamaury_no I was ask jln about the error code displayed on panic when sd fails to mount
13:35:46foolshah, my fault ;)
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13:38:10jln1415021102 <jln> micro sd init failed: -2 pc:6006216c sp:60103480 bt end
13:39:02pamaury_does it happen on every plug or did you inserted the card weirdly ?
13:40:08jlnafter powerup with card in there is just no card listed in file list.
13:40:21jlnand after plug out it is nothing, and after plug in it is panic
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13:40:40jlncard is works everywhere else and on OF
13:42:09pamaury_try with card inserted on power up, and tell me if you get a line in the log (go to System > Debug > show log)
13:42:41pamaury_while I'm at it, I will check if the video is wrongly decoded on the fuze+ too
13:42:58foolshno no, the zen
13:43:30pamaury_I know it's broken on the zen, but I need to check if it's broken on the fuze+, that will give much information
13:43:38jlnview disk info ?
13:43:41foolshI'll check if you like
13:43:51pamaury_jln: no, show log
13:44:13pamaury_"Show Log File" more precisely
13:44:29jlnheventy seen "show log" ... ?!
13:44:52jlnScreendump Skin engine RAM
13:44:58jlnnothing else on "S"
13:45:18pamaury_it's not listed alphabetically, it's by the end of the list
13:45:28jlnbut it is old firm. should i try these you post (dropbox) ?
13:45:41pamaury_yeah of course, you need the one I uploaded
13:45:57jlnmetadata log? ;)
13:46:03jlnaa. wait.
13:47:38foolshpamaury_: fuze+ mpeg player is working fine here
13:48:20foolshI used this file
13:48:21pamaury_it looks fine on mine too, so it's probably a problem with 24-bit framebuffer :(
13:50:04jlnsd: send if coud ok: 1AA
13:50:14pamaury_jln: and does the card mount ?
13:50:16jlnwhat that mean?
13:50:42jlnpanic after out in
13:50:52pamaury_weird, so the card answers correctly but fails to init, that's unusual
13:51:05pamaury_same error as before ? (-2)
13:51:48jlnit is above partition layer? yes?
13:52:04jlnit is on sd driver-card layer?
13:53:11jlnand maybe can you modify sd bus speed?
13:53:24jlnor let just forget. that card is crap.
13:53:29pamaury_it's even before that, bus is still running at lowest speed at this point
13:53:48jlnso maybe powering?
13:53:54jlnthey are 3.3v ?
13:54:07pamaury_no, it wouldn't answer otherwise
13:54:13jlni remember zen say something on OF that baterry is too low for SD card. on low battery.
13:54:16mpmcIsn't this a fake card anyway? :p
13:54:22jlnbut it is not the way...
13:54:27pamaury_yes bus lines are 3.3v
13:54:55jlni think the card is just not kingston...
13:55:08jlnbut anyway it works anywhere else
13:55:10pamaury_if the OF manages to use it, rockbox should
13:55:36pamaury_it's a class 4 card you said ?
13:55:54jlnmade in japan :)
13:55:58mpmcI have the same card but mine works fine.
13:56:15pamaury_ok, I need to think about it and reread the spec, to send you a version with more debug info
13:56:16mpmcbut mine was made in Taiwan and has a hologram on it.
13:56:30jlnSD-K16G MADE IN JAPAN :)
13:56:45pamaury_because your build has a 2 second init delay, that's already twice the allowed maximum, so the problem must be elsewhere
13:57:44jlnmaybe try faster... ;)
13:58:40jlnmaybe (as it is in SPI mode) chip-select line is not pulled up? and the card get byte that should not get in on init?
13:58:56jlnor it is no way on this hw?
13:59:47pamaury_no, it would panic with a different error if something wrong was going on, in your case the card keeps answering "I'm busy doing init" basically, and after one second it should be ready (per spec) but it's not
14:00:14jlnmaybe try 5s ? ;)
14:00:48jlnhow cord is saying that?
14:00:58jlnby keep some line down?
14:01:03jlnor by comend answer?
14:01:16pamaury_no, the host sends a command and one bit of the answer is the busy bit
14:01:31jln1AA is busy ?
14:01:52pamaury_no that's a different command sent before to check if the card uses spec v1 or v2 and above
14:02:15 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
14:02:33jlnso maybe let try ignore answer its busy... ? or it got no sense?
14:03:39jlnor maybe it is some other comand then busy but rb fail it?
14:03:49jlnsome other answer*
14:04:13pamaury_no, the init sequence of the sd card must always go through this command
14:05:58jlnso maybe forget it... if no one else have these problem.
14:06:04pamaury_hum, the YUV blitting routine code looks broken wrt to color encodings, even on RGB565 and even more on RGB8 but I can't see why it would skip one line out of two for the moment
14:06:42pamaury_jln: so people report problems with sd now and then, so it's possible our init is too specific or assumes something wrong, it would be good to figure it out
14:06:58jlnYou say then it might be about 24bit colormap
14:07:47jlnso the rb init must be broken. someway...
14:08:31jlnbut. anyway it is done same way as it described on sd aplication, isnt?!
14:09:19jlnhm. maybe try spi mode then sd mode on init phase? or too complicated, no sense?
14:10:20jlnor it is powering card issue...
14:10:38pamaury_it should but that's a complex specification, it's easy to miss a small bit. No SPI mode is crap to support, we have dedicated hardware for the SD protocol, it doesn't make any sense to fallback to SPI
14:12:02jlnon mpgplayer, when You try put some pixels on black line in yuy-rgb filter, it makes the points?
14:12:08jln(after filter)
14:12:39jlnand it is also arrow keys not rotated in pacman game. ;)
14:12:54jln(as screen is 180deg)
14:15:05fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b29d311, 255 builds, 27 clients.
14:16:08[Saint]plugins and keymaps are generally the last concern of a new port.
14:16:20[Saint]most developers find it hard to care less about plugins.
14:16:35[Saint]they serve mainly to annoy people during new ports.
14:18:10jlnbut it is everything else works.
14:18:58jlnand bootloader (zen) sometimes hang up on start up. it may makes problem when you have no way to find some pin.
14:22:23mpmcI've had a white screen on boot of my Zen a few times and it's got stuck there no matter how many times I reset it, I now have a needle taped to the back of it :p
14:22:55jlnpamaury_: about SD, maybe it is some command might be missed before init one? that most card works but that one not? (i runing some SD on avr-mega... it just works... ;) )
14:23:17[Saint]I have a half-straightened-out O-ring on my keys for resetting purposes.
14:24:32jlnyep. having needle to surely boot up is not best way ;)
14:25:31foolsh[Saint]: not a bad idea there
14:25:42*foolsh steals [Saint]'s idea
14:26:16mpmcjln: I think I may have actually borked rockbox somehow when it happen, so I formatted the zen using the recovery and copy over rb again and it hasn't happened since..
14:26:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 684 seconds.
14:28:24jlnbut you copy on filesystem recovery format make? it works for rockbox? it was wroten it need fat32 ?
14:29:21foolshI can say, that the recovery partition is for system and boot images only
14:29:39foolshbut I'm not sure that's what you asked
14:30:27mpmcWithout me formatting the zen using the recovery tool it would not get out of the WSOD
14:39:29foolshThe sansa e200s used to WOD on boot sporadically. I seem to think/remember it was from bumping the scroll wheel while trying to press the "boot to OF button", it only happened when you tried to boot the OF
14:39:42*foolsh is just throwing that out there
14:45:59*foolsh sees the problem with pacbox on the sim, yeeah that would really make it unplayable
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15:21:42pamaury_jln: no, the host initiates the commands, always
15:22:21pamaury_mpmc: I cannot find the lcd problem right now, I'll retry tonight, I need to read the code in details, there might be several places where the code is wrong
15:22:52pamaury_mpmc: unfortunately I don't know how to get rid of the blank lcd problem, the code already has to workaround two hardware bugs
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15:23:25mpmcpamaury_: np :)
15:24:05pamaury_mpmc: does it happen on boot or at random or on screen fade (in ? out ?) ?
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16:16:28mpmcpamaury_: the white screen? It happens only at boot, it occurred after I'd changed a few settings.
16:16:45mpmcpamaury: ^
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16:27:06pamaurympmc: ok thanks, because there is still one possibility to avoid completely the white screen which is to *not* reinit the screen (the creative bootloader does), maybe that could work
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16:53:08jlnpamaury: [SD] and there was something about card voltage, isnt? on init. maybe there is some issue?
16:53:44pamaurywe don't change voltage so the card should work we the default init voltage which is 3.3v
16:53:51pamaury*with the
16:56:16pamaurybut I need to reread the spec to check some details
16:58:35lebelliumkugel: ping
17:01:18jlni might try ignore cardbusy state... or no way as host cant ignore that? or why it is say it is busy? or host wrongly read status as busy.
17:01:36jlni might wish* ;)
17:11:22foolshjln: I'm only just trying to be thorough when I ask this, but do other SD cards besides that one work in your Zen?
17:17:01 Join einhirn [0] (
17:17:55 Part laszlof
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17:27:30jlnoh yes, other cards works. so as I say. let just forget it.
17:28:39jlnpamaury: and mpeg? no idea for quick fix?
17:31:03pamauryI need to spend more time reading that code, as I said there are several places where it could be wrong and I'm not familar with this part of the code
17:31:31 Quit TheLemonMan (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
17:34:00jlni wish try the build too. but later. belive the toolchain script someone link here then will fix everything i am affraid. :)
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19:00:02 Quit prof_wolfff (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
19:00:41 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
19:02:25 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
19:10:38 Join n1s [0] (
19:10:38 Quit n1s (Changing host)
19:10:38 Join n1s [0] (~n1s@rockbox/developer/n1s)
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19:24:25 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:25:22 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
19:32:29 Join ZincAlloy1 [0] (
19:41:04 Join JdGordon_ [0] (
19:42:21 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
19:47:19jlnabout build toolchain
19:47:37jln:~/src/rb/rockbox/tools$ ./ <just press enter here?> ;)
19:51:12[Saint]as root
19:51:30[Saint](or a user with sufficient privledges)
19:52:49 Join hob [0] (~hob@
19:56:59jlnSelect target arch ... what arch for zen ?
19:57:54jlnarm ok
20:04:50pamauryI've found the problem with lcd blitting routine
20:06:52jlnYou (rb guys) made these toolchain script? or it is something open/derived?
20:08:34jlni remember about lost lot of time trying compile gcc for arm it was then. or for mips. and finaly i get someones binaries that works.
20:09:02pamaurywe made the script, which mostly downloads the rigth archives, patch a few things for some toolchains and run make. If you want something more general, you can have a look at crosstool-ng
20:12:37jlnYou pamaury work with any microcontrolers? or just mp3 players?
20:17:29 Join einhirn [0] (
20:18:27pamauryI play mostly with mp3 players, I have a few dev boards lying around too but that's only a hobby
20:19:22jlnanyway this project is pretty cool.
20:19:52jlnand once again thanks for zen port. the OF is so useless.
20:22:17jlnis fullduplex acessible on most players?
20:22:38jlnmeaning can i use microphone during audio out ?
20:24:06jlntoolchain done :)
20:24:23pamauryI think that highly depends on the player, but I guess most of them can do it
20:26:07jlnand it is some framework for games? mean. play audio sample, display images. it is done, or everyone that make some game do it himself?
20:27:16pamaurythere is some support for playing file and displaying images afaik, I've never really touched plugins but some of them are even done in lua so it's probably fairly easy to write a simple game
20:27:46jlnyes i found lua. :)
20:28:10jlnwhen i then say somethiung about scripting that may bi fine. so it is!
20:28:29jlnexcept of that if people mostly like/use lua?
20:30:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 73a7802, 255 builds, 27 clients.
20:31:11pamauryfix for lcd, next build you have mpegplayer working fine on the zen
20:31:40jlnit is there now?
20:31:45jlnor will be at morning?
20:32:09jlnbut fortunatly i play with toolchain build before your fix. otherwise i will never try it...
20:32:33jlnprocrastination is...
20:33:04pamaurywhen the build is done, you be in a few minutes
20:33:21jlnNew build round started. aah. ok
20:33:28jlnthanks :)
20:34:01jlnit is working with any size card?
20:34:10jlnif i buy 32G it will not be problem?
20:36:18pamauryusers have reported success with 64GB microsd on the fuze+, it appears only a few sd cards are not working for some yet to be determine reasons
20:36:34copperI'm one of those
20:36:56copperClip+ too
20:37:24copperI mean I got 64 GB and 128 GB SanDisk cards working on the Fuze+ and Clip+
20:37:28jlnso my 16G is one of them?! (these few not working...)
20:39:05pamauryyeah...but I'd like to figure this out
20:42:13jlni d like too ;)
20:42:18 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
20:42:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 688 seconds. got my build too
20:49:03jlnpamaury: where it is sd driver you changed init for 2secounds ?
20:54:56 Join rela [0] (
20:55:01 Quit rela (Changing host)
20:55:01 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:01:38pamaurybut I doubt the timeout is the interesting part, displaying the response SD_APP_OP_COND command (which is stored in SDMMC_INFO(drive).ocr) would be a first step
21:05:28 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:05:48jlnvoid imx233_ssp_sd_mmc_power_up_sequence(int ssp) ... line 374: mdelay(1); - and this "sd powerup" delay will not change anything?
21:06:07jln#if IMX233_SUBTARGET >= 3780
21:06:10jlnwhat that mean ?
21:06:31jlngoing shop. :)
21:09:55foolshjln: see the wiki
21:10:11foolshthe Subtarget section
21:10:30jlnooh. ok ok. will read this later. thanks
21:11:46pamaurythe ZEN is STMP3700
21:19:25 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
21:23:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:32:10 Quit y4n (Quit: PÆNTS ØLF!)
21:33:41 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:38:29 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:40:22byteframeis there a way to make my rockbox output in 14440hz 16bit?
21:41:17marazare you sure you don't mean 44100 Hz?
21:41:26 Join b0hoon [0] (
21:41:36byteframesorry, 16khz
21:41:54byteframe(ya know)
21:42:41byteframealso mono
21:43:52byteframetheres a button for the mono, but Ill bet I cant easily get it to output in 11025hz
21:47:17 Join b0hoon_ [0] (
21:47:37 Quit b0hoon (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
21:49:23pamaurybyteframe: not sure what you mean by making rockbox output 11025Hz, rockbox will resample everything to 44100KHz by default, or 48Khz if you change the sampling freq
21:49:35byteframecan I change it to 11Khz?
21:49:53 Join rela [0] (
21:50:00 Quit rela (Changing host)
21:50:00 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:50:29byteframeshucks. ok thanks.
21:50:42pamaurywhy would you want that anyway ?
21:51:06pamaurywhat's that ?
21:51:22byteframewhere I pipe music into online video game sessions.
21:51:33byteframeto annoy and entertain.
21:51:44marazwhy would it need to be 11kHz?
21:51:50marazall you get is analog output anyway.
21:52:01byteframethe match the codec used (speex maybe)
21:52:09pamaurycan't you just play a file normally ? If you play a 11KHz file, rockbox will upsample it to 44KHz and it will sound exactly the same
21:52:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision bcca111, 255 builds, 27 clients.
21:52:17marazwell, why don't you compress your files with speex and play them on rockbox? :)
21:52:44byteframeon my comptuer I have a seperate soundcard that I have gstreamer downsample and pipe through there.
21:53:03byteframeI didnt think I could do it on rockbox for another option, just a fantasy.
21:53:51 Quit Naked (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:54:41 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
21:57:58 Join kugel__ [0] (
21:57:58 Quit kugel__ (Changing host)
21:57:58 Join kugel__ [0] (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
21:59:33 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
22:03:28 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:04:12 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
22:04:45 Join shamus [0] (
22:10:03 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:37:44 Join franklin [0] (
22:37:45 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (
22:38:48[Franklin][7]: G#1032 looks very promising to me :)
22:38:57[Franklin]finally, doom works without a patch!
22:39:46foolsh[Franklin]: Do you think you could help me figure something out
22:39:53[Franklin]foolsh: for what?
22:40:07[Franklin]foolsh: what about it?
22:40:13foolshthe Zen's screen is up side down
22:40:19[Franklin]ah ok
22:40:21[Franklin]lets see
22:41:09[Franklin]foolsh: what's the screen size?
22:41:54foolshIts 320x240, I can invert the y axis but it seems every thing I do to x is wrong
22:42:06[Franklin]foolsh: can I see your code?
22:42:19foolshyeah hang on a sec
22:42:21 Quit Scromple (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:42:39 Join Scromple [0] (~Simon@
22:43:22foolshstarts at line 54
22:44:02[Franklin]ah I see
22:44:38*[Franklin] really thinks that this code could be simplified to use arrays+indices instead of pointers
22:44:58 Quit [Saint] (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:45:25foolshit needs your fancy (good) bmp stretching ;)
22:45:32[Franklin]foolsh: indeed
22:45:45[Franklin]foolsh: that would make it much simpler
22:45:51[Franklin]so, rewrite?
22:46:24[Franklin]as always, its a choice between speed and memory
22:46:36[Franklin]as is it is much more optimized
22:47:03[Franklin]but runtime scaling would make for more targets to be supported
22:47:34 Join b0hoon [0] (
22:48:03 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
22:48:04foolshcurrently it just skips some rows and cols to fit on smaller screens
22:48:11foolshits ugly
22:48:25[Franklin]foolsh: ok
22:48:32[Franklin]then yeah, I guess a rewrite is needed
22:48:40 Quit b0hoon_ (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:48:43[Franklin]well, its not that hard really
22:48:53[Franklin]just need to copy+paste some code from xworld :)
22:49:10[Franklin]foolsh: what is the native pacman display size?
22:49:56[Franklin]oh so it won't use much memory :)
22:50:00[Franklin]that's good
22:57:54 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
22:59:46[Franklin]man, this distributed compile is *nice*!!!
23:00:15[Franklin]15-second clean build
23:01:31[Franklin]but there's a bit of overhead starting the build, so its not much use for 1-file remakes
23:01:48*[Franklin] wants gigabit ethernet
23:01:55foolshusing ccache right
23:02:00[Franklin]foolsh: actually no
23:02:06foolshwell why not
23:02:09[Franklin]server doesn't have it
23:02:17[Franklin]and no wifi on server
23:02:23[Franklin]so no downloading packages
23:02:41*[Franklin] suggests to move over to -community to avoid being kicked by GeekShadow
23:02:58*[Franklin] suggests to move over to -community to avoid being kicked by GeekShadow
23:03:11*[Franklin] suggests to move over to -community to avoid being kicked by gevaerts
23:03:11[Franklin]can't tab right
23:21:05 Quit TheLemonMan (Remote host closed the connection)
23:23:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:27:37foolsh[Franklin]: I intended to start filling out the keympas for xworld today but got side tracked
23:27:59[Franklin]foolsh: I should get key rotation implemented first
23:28:45 Part b0hoon ("GTG... Bye.")
23:29:43foolshshouldn't make a difference if they need an initial state anyways
23:29:55[Franklin]foolsh: indeed
23:30:20[Franklin]foolsh: on targets where LCD_WIDTH<LCD_HEIGHT, make them so that the default is screen rotated by 90 deg
23:30:36foolsh270 CCW
23:30:47foolshdirection keys on the left
23:31:06[Franklin]default is already clockwise
23:31:11foolshI've never seen a game controller with directions on the right
23:31:15[Franklin]but it can be changed easily
23:31:20[Franklin]foolsh: people are right handed!
23:31:35foolshI'm right handed!
23:32:01[Franklin]pacbox has controls on right
23:32:40[Franklin]foolsh: *ALL* the buttons would be on the right then
23:32:43*foolsh hangs his head
23:33:37*foolsh has never heard of such non-sense as control pads on the right hand sides of game controllers
23:33:51[Franklin]foolsh: really?
23:34:15foolshthats the left side
23:34:17[Franklin]they all have buttons on right and left
23:34:22[Franklin]actions on right
23:34:26[Franklin]directions on left
23:34:43foolshdirection buttons yes, sorry let me clarify
23:35:05*[Franklin] is all ears... or eyes
23:35:06jlngit clone
23:35:14[Franklin]jln: wrong window!
23:35:17jlnhow get new changes from git? ;)
23:35:23[Franklin]jln: git pull
23:35:25[Franklin]jln: git pull −−rebase
23:35:26jlnnoo.. good window. but sily quest ;)
23:35:41[Franklin]use rebase to avoid having merge commits shown
23:36:33jlngit pull −−rebase
23:36:34jlnfatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /home)
23:36:50foolsh[Franklin]: I don't really care it's all configurable any ways right? so it a non issue really
23:38:04 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:38:44[Franklin]foolsh: ok then :)
23:38:57[Franklin]jln: you need to be in rockbox/
23:40:01jlnok :) it works. thanks
23:46:58 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:49:28[Franklin]foolsh: actually, I think it'd be clearer to supply all the keymaps in an upright position
23:49:29 Quit zoktar (Quit: -)
23:49:39[Franklin]foolsh: and also, make it possible to save settings
23:49:40foolshyes exactly
23:49:51 Quit kugel__ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:50:35foolshalso enabling save/load game position would be good
23:50:47[Franklin]foolsh: yes, that's also on my TODO list
23:50:52[Franklin]it's already in the core
23:50:59[Franklin]but there's no interface for it yet
23:51:21*foolsh kicked it around today, but didn't make heads or tails of it
23:51:31[Franklin]foolsh: it's not that clear at first
23:51:39[Franklin]foolsh: there's save "slots"
23:51:42[Franklin]and you select a slot
23:51:44[Franklin]and then load/save
23:52:01jlninit_timeout = current_tick + HZ;
23:52:06jlnwhat is value of HZ ?
23:52:14[Franklin]jln: it doesn't matter
23:52:20[Franklin]jln: it's the number of ticks in a second
23:52:37jlnit is in config.h ? or where try to find it ?
23:52:42[Franklin]jln: it's best not to know, so you don't make assumptions about it
23:52:52jlnor i just multiple it as it is.
23:53:08[Franklin]jln: just multiply/divide it to get your desired time
23:55:24[Franklin]foolsh: It uses gzip by default
23:55:30[Franklin]but it doesn't require it
23:55:51[Franklin](but it will result in big save files if its not used, but it shouldn't matter)
23:56:09[Franklin]foolsh: I think the best option is to get rid of all slots but one
23:56:16[Franklin]and load/save from there
23:56:20foolshsounds fair
23:56:34[Franklin]because too many is (a complicated (b useless
23:56:46foolshjust "save game" "load game"
23:56:52[Franklin]foolsh: no, like 2048
23:56:55[Franklin]start new
23:57:31[Franklin]well, but that requires a start menu
23:57:40[Franklin]well, not require
23:57:44[Franklin]but stil useful
23:57:52foolshyou can press menu to get there
23:58:13foolshno big deal
23:58:16[Franklin]foolsh: yeah
23:58:31 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)

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