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#rockbox log for 2014-11-13

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00:41:10foolsh[Franklin] It was just an idea I was throwing out there...
00:43:19foolshYeah it would be cool to integrate it all into the build system and have the option in rbutil to pick and choose
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02:05:30[Franklin]foolsh: the thing that contributes to .rock size is bitmaps, not code
02:08:26[Franklin]which is why clock is an order of magnitude bigger than xworld
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02:20:22[Franklin]foolsh: so how were you going to classify "extra" vs non-"extra" plugins?
02:23:58foolshOh, its not bin size that concerns, it was that once a plugin goes in the rockbox tree, its almost as if it become part of the core, needing rockbox porters to wade through useless demo after demo, plugin after plugin, if the plugins grow "too" big, I feel someone some where will wish people to stop adding games and stuff to the tree
02:25:33foolshif it moves to a more modular work flow, it means less work porting to new hardware, and more freedom to add any amount of plugins
02:26:21[Franklin]foolsh: aha
02:26:25[Franklin]now I get it
02:26:34[Franklin]yeah, that would be a problem
02:26:43[Franklin]but then again, its nice for every rockbox install to have plugins
02:26:53[Franklin]no need to worry about needing to install "extras" each time
02:27:34foolshwhen is the last time you needed bounce?
02:27:39[Franklin]foolsh: lol
02:27:57[Franklin]yeah, I agree that at least some of the demos are *useless*
02:28:04[Franklin]I thought you were referring to the games
02:28:19[Franklin]foolsh: then the real problem is that plugins are not portable
02:28:42[Franklin]it should be that all that nothing needs to be changed from platform to platform
02:28:51[Franklin]not even keymaps
02:28:57[Franklin]but unfortunately, that's not possible
02:29:25foolshIt has many cavets
02:32:15foolshyes extra-plugins would have to be maintained by the community, but as it is now themes are exactly that
02:32:26foolshjust a thought
02:32:35foolshI'm never serious ;)
02:32:42[Franklin]foolsh: neither am I
02:33:18[Franklin]foolsh: I like it the way it is now
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02:34:42foolshIt would be nice to be able to just dump a source directory into plugins and get a compiled rock at ciimpile time with no other changes needed to rockbox
02:36:26foolshset a few flags in a SOURCES file and tell the preprocessor to scan the whole directory
02:37:05[Franklin]foolsh: I still think that's too complicated for the average Joe
02:37:34[Franklin]foolsh: I think that the way it is now is just fine
02:37:47[Franklin]because any changess simply complicate things
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02:38:23[Franklin]so you're saying that there'd be two links on the download page for each target?
02:38:28[Franklin]one "basic" and one "full"
02:38:34[Franklin]or something like that?
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02:39:26foolshmore like and I was thinking
02:39:40foolshunzip extras over .rockbox
02:39:53foolshbut it's not an issue
02:40:11*[Franklin] still finds it too complicated
02:40:16[Franklin]bins are complicated
02:40:33[Franklin]they're tightly coupled with core
02:40:46[Franklin]so there'd be the problem of mismatches
02:41:02[Franklin](not so much with release builds, but there hasn't been a release in *forever*)
02:41:20[Franklin]speaking of which, I really think a release is *long overdue*
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02:43:56foolshyes I understand that memory addresses change with each compile and as gevaerts and wodz talked about this morning they're version-ed extremely strictly because of that, I understand that it would "have" to be tightly coupled with each build somehow
02:44:37*[Franklin] goes and reads the logs
02:44:44foolshbut I'm also not saying it has to be, it just an idea
02:46:41[Franklin]lol 06:56foolshhe will never stop
02:47:18foolshlol, I haven't seen you slow an instant in two weeks
02:49:35[Franklin]next thing to do: wolf3d
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02:51:21[Franklin]foolsh: well, I don't care about sound for xworld :)
02:51:28[Franklin]I guess I'll leave that for someone else
02:51:44foolshno one does I think ;)
02:51:50[Franklin]ok then
02:51:56[Franklin]that simplifies things *a lot*
02:52:24[Franklin]then all that's really left to do is to get the thing to run on gray+mono devices
02:52:34[Franklin]and optimize it like crazy
02:53:49[Franklin]and document it
02:56:18*foolsh starts downloading 500+ mb of LaTeX
02:56:34*[Franklin] never cared much about manual entries
02:56:37[Franklin]at most 2 sentences
02:56:41[Franklin]no pictures
02:57:21foolshfine with me
02:57:35*[Franklin] hopes no one reads the manual
02:57:41[Franklin]or uses the help screen
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03:01:13[Franklin]also, I need to put yield()s in
03:01:42[Franklin]ok lets see here...
03:01:56[Franklin]"XWorld is an interpreter for Another World, a fantastic game by Eric Chahi"
03:02:03foolsh[Franklin] I wouldn't bother with targets that can't do "good" bmp scalling, it makes it imposible to get past the code imput screen with out it
03:02:11[Franklin]for the help screen, how's that?
03:02:26foolshthat sound good
03:02:26[Franklin]foolsh: so that'd be everything but color then
03:02:47foolshor zoom
03:02:52foolshbut htats more work
03:03:11foolshsure zoom and pan
03:03:32foolshthe problem is you can't read the code say "O23" or what ever
03:03:52foolshon tiny screens, the "good" scalling solves that
03:03:54*[Franklin] hasn't tried yet
03:04:04foolshAh I've seen it on my e280
03:04:08[Franklin]let's try this distcc
03:09:19[Franklin]ooh yes I see
03:09:26[Franklin]it is *unreadable* on e200 without good scaling
03:09:55foolshyes its completely useless with out good scalling
03:10:08foolshso oh well so long
03:10:13[Franklin]unless the code screen can be bypassed
03:21:04foolsh[Franklin], fine with me if you skip the gray scales then all together either way it's more your baby than mine ;)
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07:01:24[Saint]TheSeven: Do you have any idea whay only _some_ people would be having issues with;a=commit;h=582035c ?
07:01:41[Saint]I've attempted to look into it, but it confuses the fuck out of me.
07:02:03[Saint]The main confusing thing, is I can't for the life of me see where that arror is actually coming from.
07:02:09[Saint]But its a repeatable address.
07:02:21[Saint](I'm not experiencing it, but many are)
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12:23:09wodzpamaury: ping
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13:12:20pamaurywodz: pong
13:13:35wodzpamaury: Do you have experience with llvm .td files? I would like to add synci instruction to Mips but I fail miserably.
13:14:48pamauryAt some point I got a bit familiar with it but then they changed many things so I'm not so sure anymore
13:15:02pamauryhowever the llvm irc channel and mailing list are quite helpful
13:16:00pamauryiirc you basically need to do two things: add the instruction itself (virtual node, how to encode/decode it), and add some rules to lower some construction to it
13:16:18pamaury(except if you plan to use it assembly directly)
13:18:15wodzInstruction definition is in * and and this other bits?
13:18:25pamauryyes I think so
13:19:02pamaury in lib/Target/Mips/ you probably need to add the opcode and in lib/Target/Mips/ the intruction itself
13:20:13pamauryyou must specify the OutOperandList and InOperandList, the AsmString, and probably a few others things if it acts a barrier or load/store some memory
13:22:51wodzthis instruction basically do writeback of dcache followed by icache invalidate
13:23:38pamauryok, let me read through the description files, I'll try to give you a basis to start on
13:25:13pamauryin, you need "def OPCODE5_SYNCI : OPCODE5<0b11111>;" (I hope I got the opcode right)
13:26:38pamauryin, first declare the encoding: "class SYNCI_R6_ENC : REGIMM_FM<OPCODE5_SYNCI>;" (I guess the R6 should be replaced by the correct revision it was introduced in, doesn't really matter anyway)
13:27:07pamaurydefine the instruction: def SYNCI_R6 : SYNCI_R6_ENC, SYNCI_R6_DESC, ISA_MIPS32R6;
13:27:26pamaurydefine the description (SYNCI_R6_DESC), that's probably the hardest part
13:33:10pamaurywodz: pamaury/7386b1765657f7ae7bac">
13:33:14pamaurywork in progress ;)
13:33:21*wodz looking
13:33:47pamauryI think it needs to specify that it acts as a memory barrier
13:34:03pamauryor pretend it touches memory
13:34:53pamauryI have updated it with "bit isBarrier = 1;"
13:35:23pamauryyou also need to specify the delay slot if it has one
13:35:33wodzno it does not
13:36:42wodzhmm where is defined mapping of the fields in actual 32bit word?
13:38:21pamaurybut this only creates the instruction, you cannot use it for the moment I think
13:38:31pamauryand you probably want to have some llvm guy check that
13:38:59pamauryI think you need to hook something in the MC assembly parser if you want to use it in inline assembly which I guess you want
13:39:27wodzwell I actually want to use it in disassembly (llvm-mc)
13:40:16pamauryoh ok, I think this won't suffice, you need something more
13:41:12wodzhell, and are vastly different
13:42:28pamauryI think you need to specify a DecoderMethod, unless llvm is smart enough to decode it only using REGIMM_FM which I doubt
13:43:45pamauryhum I don't know
13:45:03pamaurydoes synci belongs to mips32r6 by the way ?
13:45:38wodzno :-) this is mips32r2 instruction
13:46:21pamauryso rather then
13:47:28pamauryhum indeed the file is written in a completely different style
13:51:28pamauryit's weird that SYNC is declared with a i32 immediate by the way
13:54:47wodzYou mean that according to isa manual it doesn't take arguments?
13:56:04pamauryaccording to mips manual, sync a single immediate argument which is 5-bit
13:56:24wodzah yes, thats true
14:02:04pamauryI'm wondering what is the bare minimal to be able to use it in the disassembler only...
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14:06:56pamaurywodz: maybe something like this: pamaury/7386b1765657f7ae7bac">
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14:09:21*wodz tries
14:11:18pamauryI think ISA_MIPS32 is not right but we don't really care, however I'm not so sure the disassembler will pick the instruction just like this
14:12:37 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
14:12:50wodzit should be ISA_MIPS32R2 but as you said this doesn't matter now
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14:15:08pamauryurg, very helpful ^^
14:19:51pamauryCCAction seems related to calling convention
14:21:55 Join akaWolf [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
14:22:34pamaurywodz: just for consistency, have you checked it compiles without the added code ? ;)
14:22:57wodzpamaury: just now, and it doesn't :P
14:23:10pamauryyeah, because that didn't make any sense
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14:56:29pamaurywodz: I'm compiling llvm on my box to try it, give me the afternoon so I can find some free time to try it and I'll tell you what I managed to achieve
14:56:52wodzsure, thanks for help
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16:25:56Cunctatoranyone here able to help?
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16:34:39gevaertsCunctator: maybe, but we won't know until we know what your problem is :)
16:36:26Cunctatorawesome. I'm having issues with a rockboxed ipod 160gb 7g. Followed the instructions carefully. It all works fine, except, I cannot add files on it. Recognized by my Win8.1 laptop, but as I copy&paste it gets stuck and needs rebooting.
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16:40:40CunctatorI should say: I managed to move my music library as soon as I installed it. Then played with it for a day. Then wanted to add new files, and all of a sudden anything bigger than a few MB will make the file transfer freeze.
16:41:14Cunctator(and no, it's not full. I got 15GB of free space, says my computer)
16:42:49gevaertsI suspect [Saint] is the person to help you. He seems to keep track of ipod classic issues fairly well
16:43:16gevaertsHe might wake up any minute now
16:46:40Cunctatoralright, I'll be AFK for a while now, but back later. Thanks for your help!
16:47:11gevaertsYou can always check the logs to see if someone answered
16:47:19gevaertsEven if you're disconnected, I mean
16:49:00Cunctatorthanks :)
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18:46:50pamaurywodz (logs): I have something working but it's unsatisfactory in several points: 1) the disassembler outputs "synci imm, base" instead of "synci imm(base)" 2) also the immediate is always printed as a sign number, don't know why
18:53:21pamaurywodz (logs): but I think I know to fix this, I need to understand how it works for load/store, it uses custom parsing procedure and representation, let's reuse that
19:04:42 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
19:10:27 Quit Makinit (Quit: bye)
19:11:39pamaurywodz (logs): current state: pamaury/7386b1765657f7ae7bac">
19:11:47pamauryif I uncomment //let DecoderMethod = "DecodeMem";
19:11:55 Join Makinit [0] (
19:12:25pamauryparsing is wrong because DecodeMem decodes an extra register (like for sw and ld), and without it crashes, so I think I need a custom decoder, I'll write that later, stay tuned !
19:13:19 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
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20:35:18wodzpamaury: hmm, that is interesting. cache instruction also declares Reg operand which is actually not used (cache $hint, $addr where addr is imm16(base reg)). I tried to mimic how is cache modeled but llvm-mc crashes with my version.
20:36:23pamauryI had a look at the code and I think it will be quite easy to write a custom decoder, I'm busy right now but I will write it before the end of the day
20:37:05wodzI am eager to understand how this works.
20:37:18wodzpamaury: .td is enough to have disasm working?
20:38:06pamauryyes, except I need the decoder in this case but it will generated the disassembler all by itself
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20:41:16wodzpamaury: I don't quite understand why it is not possible to simply modify what CACHE does (drop the $hint)
20:44:12 Join Cunctator [0] (4f2a005d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:45:48pamaurywodz: because since it uses this complicated address structure imm(rs) which is represented by a MipsMemAsmOperand, it has to use a custom decoder, DecodeCacheOp in the case of cache, and this decode handles all arguments ($hint and $addr)
20:47:30pamaurydamn, llvm trunk compiles at my lab's computer but not on my laptop, apparently it uses new c++ features
20:48:34 Join edhelas [0] (
20:48:36wodzpamaury: I came up with this which crashes actually
20:50:27pamauryno that won't work, mem already contains the immediate and a register
20:51:30pamaurywait a sec, I will upload some code, I cannot compile it at the moment but you can
20:53:44pamaurywodz: pamaury/7386b1765657f7ae7bac">
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22:30:21 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
22:38:39***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:39:24 Join franklin [0] (
22:39:24 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (
22:49:27[Franklin]I need some help profiling xworld
22:51:17 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
22:51:22pamaurywodz: it's working :)
22:51:43pamaury# echo "0xef 0xbe 0x7f 0x04" | ./Debug+Asserts/bin/llvm-mc -disassemble -triple=mipsel-unknown-linux -mcpu=mips32r2
22:51:43pamaury .text
22:51:43pamaury synci -16657($3)
22:52:59wodzcan you try 0x05 0x1f 0x00 0x00 ?
22:53:23pamauryinvalid instruction
22:53:40pamaurythis is not a synci instruction
22:53:51pamauryoh wait, that's big endian
22:54:01pamaurysynci 0($8)
22:54:44wodzok, so the final thing is that $8 is rather unusual way of expressing mips register (although correct AFAIK)
22:55:18pamauryyeah llvm seems to output registers this ways on mips
22:55:25pamaurymaybe there is an assembler variant to change this
22:56:53[Franklin]what should I put for the copyright of xworld?
22:57:22[Franklin]the way it is now, it has (C) 2004 Gregory Montoir
22:57:30pamaurywodz: if you want to tweak or better understand the code, I suggest you run this with the patch:
22:57:30pamauryecho "0x05 0x1f 0x00 0x00" | ./Debug+Asserts/bin/llvm-mc -disassemble -triple=mips-unknown-linux -mcpu=mips32r2 -show-encoding -show-inst-operands -show-inst
22:57:38pamaurysynci 0($8) # encoding: [0x04,0x1f,0x00,0x00]
22:57:38pamaury # <MCInst #1597 SYNCI
22:57:38pamaury # <MCOperand Reg:279>
22:57:38DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
22:57:38pamaury # <MCOperand Imm:0>>
22:57:41pamauryvery useful ^
22:58:35wodzwhy encoding differs from actual instruction sequence?
22:59:08 Quit TheLemonMan (Remote host closed the connection)
22:59:42wodzpamaury: ^
22:59:51pamaurythat's a good question
23:00:13pamaurymy guess is that this is the encoding of the decoded instruction, now why is that different, no idea
23:00:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision edb0c6c, 255 builds, 25 clients.
23:01:31pamauryI'm not familar with mips encoding of registers but 0x05 0x1f 0x00 0x00 would be imm=0, base=16 right ?
23:03:34wodzthis sequence should be decoded as synci 0($t0) t0 is $8 so decoding is correct
23:04:19wodzimm is 0, base should be 8 I guess
23:05:46pamauryah right my mistake
23:06:09pamauryso this encoding output is wrong, that's weird
23:07:35pamauryanyway the decoding is correct
23:07:54pamauryapparently mips doesn't have an asm variant so there is no way to print something else than $8
23:08:34wodzRight, thanks a bunch. Now I need to study this more to understand completely
23:09:20 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:09:38pamauryI suggest you submit submit this on the llvm mailing list to get some feedback (otherwise I will), just to check this is the right way of doing it
23:09:47pamauryand ask about the register printing
23:10:34wodzwell, you are the author
23:11:06pamauryok I'll do it, let's pretend "synci" will one day be useful to someone ^^
23:11:49wodzpamaury: it will be imported to capstone :-)
23:12:01pamauryah yeah right
23:12:42pamaurygtg, good night
23:12:50wodzpamaury: For merging in llvm I guess assemebler must be provided as well
23:13:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 746 seconds.
23:13:02 Join xorly [0] (
23:13:06 Quit Makinit (Quit: bye)
23:13:14pamauryyes indeed
23:14:05 Join Makinit [0] (
23:14:13[Saint]Cunctator_: you still around?
23:14:57CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:14:57*gevaerts kicks lillebror1-zagor out
23:14:59wodzlillebror1-zagor has problems
23:15:27gevaertsI'll try to catch zagor tomorrow
23:15:35gevaertsFor now though, that client is blocked
23:15:35[Saint]Cunctator_: boot to the emCORE main menu; select the 'Tools' menu item; select 'Run Rockbox fallback image'; mount the device; transfer your files; shutdown and reboot the device to return to the user installed Rockbox image.
23:16:21[Franklin][Saint]: what should I put for xworld's copyright?
23:17:21[Saint]Cunctator_: USB is known to be fairly problematic on this target for a while now, this is (one of) the reason(s) a known stable Rockbox fallback image is embedded in the emCORE image.
23:17:25 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0/20141110195804])
23:18:00[Saint]Cunctator_: for some odd reason, the USB issues only seem to predictably affect Windows operating systems.
23:18:30 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
23:18:33[Saint]Cunctator_: on linux based operating systems, it appears to 'Just Work(TM)'.
23:20:57Cunctator_hey Saint]
23:21:06Cunctator_yes im still around
23:21:36[Saint]Try the fallback image as described above and gimme a yell afterwards.
23:22:02Cunctator_I tried that. But either 1) my fallback image doesn't load (stuck on checking database or something) or 2) even if I manage to launch it, the very same issue with blocked transfers happen
23:22:12Cunctator_I will try once again right now, just to be sure
23:22:17Cunctator_but I already did that twice
23:22:23 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:22:30gevaertsI'd start suspecting possible disk issues
23:22:47[Franklin]Cunctator_: do you have all the data backed up?
23:22:56Cunctator_on a brand new iPod? I literally tore the plastic from the box yesterday
23:23:05Cunctator_yeah, all the music is stored on my laptop
23:23:39gevaertsThat does make it less likely, yes
23:23:40[Saint]Nuke the /.rockbox fodler entirely and extract a new image to it.
23:23:55[Franklin][Saint]: could it be that ATA driver commit?
23:24:11copperuse this build if in doubt:
23:24:34copperold build from before all the new stuff
23:24:46[Saint]Can we not push people on to unofficial builds please?
23:24:46copper's all relative, eh
23:24:59[Saint]Lets try to actually debug this first.
23:25:07Cunctator_so, plug it in, delete the .rockbox folder, and then copy and paste a new one?
23:25:28Cunctator_lets try
23:25:35[Saint]That way we'll know exactly what we're working with.
23:26:47Cunctator_the version I've got here sitting on my desktop is: bcca111-141110
23:26:49Cunctator_is that alright?
23:26:58[Saint]Yeah, that's fine.
23:27:58Cunctator_(is it normal that Win 8.1 always tells me "there's a problem with this drive. Scan the drive and fix it now"?)
23:28:08Cunctator_upon plugging in
23:28:48[Saint]In some cases it will bitch about this, yes. Its fine to let it do whatever it thinks it wants to do.
23:29:49[Saint]Windows is a strange creature and I'm not entirely sure why it has a cry about the way the drive is set up.
23:30:16[Saint]Maybe it doesn't like large FTA32 superfloppy volumes. I honestly don't know.
23:31:49Cunctator_ OK copied successfully. Now all that is shows on the iPod is: the new ".rockbox" folder, an ".apps" folder, a "Music" folder (which I created) and an invisible "iPod Controls" folder.
23:31:55Cunctator_now i safely extract and reboot
23:32:35[Saint]I...hmmmm. That ipod controls' folder shouldn't be there.
23:32:57[Saint]The volume should have been formatted during the installation.
23:33:19Cunctator_OK bad news. As I launched RockBox a red error message came out, saying there was some sort of error, and that it is trying to load fallback image
23:33:34Cunctator_...which it just did
23:34:11[Saint]Do you recall the error that was presented to you?
23:34:22 Quit yuriks (Remote host closed the connection)
23:34:25Cunctator_it was pretty quick...sorry
23:34:32[Saint]If you could see if it is repeatable, its useful information.
23:36:12Cunctator_it didnt do it anymore
23:36:33Cunctator_i resetted, relaunched, SCANNING DISK for a while, and then it launched fine
23:37:10 Join yuriks [0] (~quassel@opentyrian/developer/yuriks)
23:37:24[Saint]Hmmm. Ok. Well, if it decided to work, I'm cool with that. Now, this time just try transferring your media solely through the Rockbox fallback image.
23:37:46Cunctator_ok, so I go back again and try to launch the fallback image
23:38:19[Saint]The basic premise is that you'll need to launch the fallback image for all USB interactions.
23:39:00Cunctator_ok it launched
23:39:05Cunctator_now I plug in the usb
23:39:29Cunctator_(how do i make sure it indeed IS the fallback image?)
23:41:42[Saint]By way of launching the fallback image via the 'emCORE -> Tools -> Run Rockbox fallback image' menu flow.
23:42:12Cunctator_yeah thats what i did
23:42:19Cunctator_anyway, crap. The same thing happened
23:42:32Cunctator_starts moving the files, 2 maybe 3%
23:43:06Cunctator_even worse, now the iPod all of a sudden got unplugged by himself
23:43:28*[Franklin] is leaning towards hardware failure
23:43:50[Saint][Franklin]: its literally brand new.
23:44:05Cunctator_now its unresponsive, black screen. I can see the USB icon, but no backlight
23:44:20 Quit ender` (Quit: Calling ‘atheism’ a religion is like calling ‘bald’ a hair color. -- Don Hirschberg)
23:44:22Cunctator_yes guys, I promise. I opned the box yesterday
23:44:33 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:44:35[Saint]Cunctator_: I'm thinking that the prior errors may have left the disk in a somewhat funky state. WHat we'll try to do now is format the disk via the emCORE main menu.
23:44:59Cunctator_"reformat data partition"?
23:45:08[Saint]Again, go to the emCORE main menu; select 'Tools'; and then select reformat data partition'.
23:45:14[Saint]right, correct.
23:45:43Cunctator_yellow message: "reformatting data partition"
23:45:48Cunctator_blue progress bar
23:45:49[Saint]After which, when you boot Rockbox from the emCORE main menu, the fallback image will load automatically.
23:46:31[Saint]ANd then wel'll try to add the new Rockbox image and some media at the same time.
23:46:40[Saint]bah - can't type.
23:46:45 Quit markun (Remote host closed the connection)
23:49:30Cunctator_almost there
23:49:53[Franklin]so what should I put for the copyright notice?
23:49:57[Franklin](for xworld)
23:51:40Cunctator_"data partition has been formatted"
23:51:47Cunctator_I try and relaunch Rockbox?
23:51:59[Franklin]go ahead
23:52:27Cunctator_loading rockbox ipod failed, loading fallback image (as planned)
23:52:40Cunctator_OK, I plug it in
23:52:41[Franklin]ok, now try a transfer
23:53:05[Franklin][Saint]: sorry, I'll let you do this :)
23:53:25[Saint]the additional . was a typographical error. :)
23:55:30Cunctator_ummm. OK, the drive isnt called iPod Classic anymore, but Removable Disk. Also, it's not opening.
23:55:51Cunctator_just froze my windows explorer
23:55:59[Franklin]try waiting a bit
23:57:10[Saint]This is all quite strange. Are the any iTunes processes still running?
23:58:01Cunctator_it totally fucked my explorer. I had to plug it out
23:58:10[Saint]What method of installation was it that you used?
23:58:10Cunctator_umm, no
23:58:25Cunctator_the one on the FreeMyIpod website, step by step
23:58:43[Saint]right, but, the w/ itunes, without itunes, etc.

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