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#rockbox log for 2014-11-17

00:05:23[Franklin]foolzzzzzzzz: I was also thinking that the bad performance may in part be due to the logging
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02:20:28[Franklin]does a plugin get sine/cosine functions?
02:20:42[Franklin]actually, *are* there sine/cosine functions available?
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02:47:14[Franklin]foolzzzzzzzz: I'm making a virtual code wheel
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02:48:37Day64Hello hello, any one here tonight?
02:49:30Day64Hi, yes. I was on a couple of nights ago asking about help with a potentionally bricked Sans Fuze+.
02:49:44Day64Even if no one can actually help me, I have a couple of general questions, if that's ok.
02:49:51[Franklin]sure, ask away
02:50:38Day64I'm reading around and a lot of people say to let the machine run it's battery dead. How exactly does that help?
02:51:30[Franklin]it'd force it to restart, I'm guessing
02:52:25Day64Isn't that what holding down the button does? Or is there a difference betwen hard reseting and reseting by letting the power die?
02:52:39Day64I'm sorry, these questions are probably still a bit to specific.
02:52:45[Franklin]Day64: yes, it is
02:52:50[Franklin]Day64: but that might be broken
02:52:58[Franklin]so letting it run dead is 100% sure
02:53:01Day64Ah ok.
02:53:33[Franklin]sorry, gotta run
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02:53:54Day64Anyone else know a thing or two about Sansa Fuze's?
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11:29:46AnpanHi, is there a way to tell RockBox to shut down at an earlier voltage? Background is that I have replaced the internal Clip+ battery by external replacable NiMH batteries (Eneloop). However, the normal shutdown voltage for Li-Ion batteries is just slightly too low for NiMH. It's no skin off my back if it's not possible as I change them well before they are fully discharged, but a failsafe would be nice.
11:31:03kugelAnpan: there is no user setting for this, but you could change the source code
11:32:18Anpankugel: in most cases, not having a user setting for that is probably for the better. I feel that changing the source and make a custom build is slightly above my head though.
11:36:49AnpanIn any case, thanks for the quick answer. Rockbox is pretty amazing :)
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12:27:24kugelAnpan: if you're on linux already then compiling from source is dead simple
12:27:43kugelor if you know how to set up a linux virtual machine
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13:13:08wodzpamaury: Have you seen my comments?
13:16:29pamaurywodz: which comments ?
13:16:42wodzto hwstub atomic gerrit task
13:16:54pamauryah no, let me read
13:18:14pamauryok, REV is revision of the version of the stub
13:18:29pamaurysince I increased the minor version, I resetted the revision
13:18:35wodzand btw. target_read*() target_write*() are architecture specific not the target I'd say
13:18:54pamauryyeah you're right, I thought are that
13:19:47pamauryI'll take your comment into account and commit this if you are okay with it
13:19:54pamaurydid you havz time to try it on target ?
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13:26:37pamaurythanks :)
13:26:43wodzpamaury: btw.
13:27:58pamauryah, it's because it's an old ARM which does not have the BLX variant I guess
13:34:46wodzyep, blx is not supported on v5+ cores
13:34:59wodzerr, blx IS supported on v5+ cores
13:41:13wodzpamaury: for mips version of target_read/write you need to put .set noreorder directive otherwise assembler will insert nops in branch delay slot
13:41:39pamauryok, i'll upload a new patchset to gerrit tonight for you to check
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15:38:28robertdundeegood morning
15:40:46robertdundeePamaury hello, you been helping me a lot with the zen x-fi
15:41:32robertdundeeFirst of all, many thanks. Im still stuck at the recovery mode
15:41:36pamauryso, do you have the device with you ?
15:41:56robertdundeeyes, it is connected to the usb port and in recovery mode
15:42:39robertdundeei dont know if it is important but the green light is on
15:44:36pamauryok, let's have a convention because otherwise it's messy: ROM recovery will means black screen, appears a HID device; Creative recovery means recovery menu, device appears as multimedia device
15:45:14pamauryif you try to power on the device, without the USB cable, nothing happen, do you confirm ?
15:45:24robertdundeei loaded with the sbloader and it turn on wirh creative
15:45:43robertdundeenothing happens it is confirmed
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15:47:19pamauryok, and if you select reboot within Creative recovery menu, funny things happen and it crashes ?
15:47:47robertdundeeyes, indeed. The screen turns red or yellow then it crashes
15:48:23pamaurythat's very weird, can you list the options you have in the Creative menu ?
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15:48:54pamauryalso, does the Creative recovery screen shows a battery bar ?
15:49:19robertdundeesure: Clean Up; Format All; Reload Firmwareand reboot. It also states "docked"
15:49:53robertdundeeyes it does show a battery bar currently full
15:50:29pamauryyou told me you tried to use sendfirm and got an error ?
15:51:11robertdundeeyes. The only way to turn on the device is after sb loader is executed
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15:51:53pamaurydid you select "Reload the firmware" before using sendfirm ?
15:52:19robertdundeeyes I did but it crashed
15:52:42pamauryhum, I'm wondering if you might have a problem with the internal storage
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15:53:19pamaurydo you have any linux machine or virtual machine by chance ?
15:53:30robertdundeeIs there any way to format the device from the pc?
15:54:25pamauryyes but it needs a custom firmware to sent to the device (a modified rockbox) and then you would have to be extra careful because just reformatting with Windows would make it worse
15:54:46robertdundeeWhen I ran sb loader the log goes as Potential device: 041e:415a Device found at \\?\hid#vid_041e&pid_415a#7&2608c11a&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf- 88cb-001111000030} Maximum transfer size: 64
15:55:24pamauryI'll send you such a firmware probably tonight, and I'll make you dump part of the storage to see what is the situation
15:55:56robertdundeeI do really appreciate your help. At this moment Im willing to try anything
15:56:45pamauryOk, right now I don't have anything to give you because I'm at work, but tongith at 9 or 10pm I'll be ready on IRC, or tomorrow
15:57:44robertdundeeThank you I will log later. Please do have a great day!
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21:19:38robertdundeeHello good evening
21:20:46[Saint]Hi. If you have a support query, just feel free to ask it.
21:20:53[Saint]Someone will assist you if/when they are able.
21:22:29robertdundeeThank you, Hi Pamaury the green light on the Zen Xfi is on, before it was red
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21:36:20pamauryrobertdundee: sorry I was eating, I don't know what the led mean
21:40:37robertdundeeit is ok. First time it happens Pamaury before it was the red light
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21:40:58pamauryrobertdundee: I don't think I'll be able to provide you with the recovery firmware tonight, there a few details I need to work out before. Maybe try to boot it normally ?
21:43:27robertdundeeThank you for your help. It is all right. Im trying that but no avail yet
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22:27:51wodzpamaury: I uploaded new version of g#1040
22:27:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #1040 at : hwstub/qeditor: add support for atomic read/writes by Amaury Pouly
22:29:08pamaurywodz: cool :)
22:30:02pamaurythat looks fine to me, I'll try it on target for good measure and fix the blx opcode for old arm
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22:30:40wodzpamaury: try it on arm, I'll test on mips
22:31:11pamaurydid you recompile the library before compiling qeditor ?
22:31:51pamaurythat's strange, I checked it and it worked
22:32:18wodzweird, make clean && make again solved the problem
22:32:41wodzI did make clean before so I don't understand whats wrong
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22:36:26pamauryI should probably do something to rebuild the library automatically when it's modified
22:38:47wodzmips version seems working correctly
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22:46:40[Franklin]foolsh: I'm wondering if I should commit this virtual code wheel
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23:18:19bertrikI see the most current commit changes the timer used for the s5l8702 processor, won't that break targets using the same processor?
23:19:40[Franklin]only ipod classic uses the '02, right?
23:19:59[Franklin]or do you mean timer?
23:21:01bertrikoh, I think I am confused with the s5l8700 timer indeed
23:22:08[Franklin]are there any built-in functions for bitmap rotation?
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