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#rockbox log for 2014-11-18

00:15:12[Franklin]foolsh: I can't seem to get rotation to work *well*
00:15:32[Franklin]I've got it working, but it doesn't look good... at all
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00:40:36E1NShi guys
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00:41:28E1NSi have a problem with a ipod classic
00:41:34E1NSNo partition found
00:41:42E1NSInsert USB cable and fix it
00:42:33E1NSi read in the rockbox wiki about it but i can't fix it
00:43:21E1NSi try to re-install with a Linux (64 bit x86) 1.4.0 version of Rockbox utility but nothing :c
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00:46:43robertdundeeTry to run Rockbox fallback image in emCORE main menu
00:46:53wookeyI've been fiddling with settings and have got into a state where trying to enter 'files' just shows a little zig-zag arrow icon in top RH corner
00:47:01wookeyWhat does that mean?
00:48:50E1NSrobertdundee: thanks for the answer
00:49:09robertdundeeYoure welcome Eins
00:49:15E1NSrobertdundee: i try that but sitll broken :c
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00:53:06TheSevenE1NS: that message suggests that there's something with the disk or the partition
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00:53:28TheSevenyou can reformat the disk from emcore's tools menu, but that will lose all data on the ipod
00:54:03E1NSTheSeven: ok i can try
00:55:07E1NSreformating ...
00:55:29E1NSreboot now ?
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01:17:29wookeyI've looked through the manual and have failed to find a list of the icons used to work out what this arrow might mean
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01:58:45wookeyI think that's the flash-access icon. A restart sems to have made it untwist its knickers
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02:20:06[Saint]E1NS: Yes.
02:22:45E1NS[Saint]: thanks for the answer
02:23:00E1NSguys really thanks for all the answers
02:23:24E1NSi have a few error for no rockbox partition but i re-install with linux again and now is working
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06:28:06fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 794169a, 255 builds, 23 clients.
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08:24:08wodzwho the hell uses 32kHz sampling rate !
08:31:18dongsbecause rockbox fails to record pcm @ 44khz
08:31:24[Saint] ui_print("************************************");
08:31:24[Saint] ui_print("* Incompatible Android Version *");
08:31:24[Saint] ui_print("* *");
08:31:24DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
08:31:24[Saint] ui_print("* Android 4.4.x ONLY *");
08:31:24[Saint] ui_print("************************************");
08:31:29[Saint]fuck - sorry
08:31:44dongsdo you still need a separate build for ecah screen size
08:31:59dongswith not a single build supporting the most common screensize of 1920x1080?
08:33:27[Saint]we don't provide any builds - check your facts.
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08:34:00[Saint]also, your screen size claims are laughable.
08:34:27[Saint]hdpi is the largest distribution by a large margin.
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08:40:32dongswhat is hdpi
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09:12:32wodzpamaury: Did you test g#1040 ?
09:12:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1040 at : hwstub/qeditor: add support for atomic read/writes by Amaury Pouly
09:13:06pamauryonly before your changes, and it was working
09:13:25pamaurygtg to work ;)
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09:31:31yurikswhat IS qeditor?
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10:26:08pamauryyuriks: that's a register descriptor editor, as well as tool to explore register value dump and it can also change the values of registers of a real target connected through usb with hwstub
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21:20:23pamauryrobertdundee: ping
21:21:38pamauryrobertdundee: I'll try to build an recovery image with rockbox it in, wait for a few minutes
21:21:51robertdundeeThank you pamaury
21:30:33pamaurysorry, it's taking a bit longer but i'll be ready soon
21:31:02robertdundeeThank you for your help
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21:37:25pamauryrobertdundee: try this
21:37:34pamauryyou send this file instead of the "FRESC" file
21:37:50pamauryif it works (let's hope), it should display a black screen with writings
21:37:54robertdundeeright into it thanks
21:38:34wodzpamaury: Do I recall correctly that imx233 control bat charging? I mean you need to handle timeouts and so on?
21:42:11 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
21:42:52robertdundeeupload sucessful now in the xfiit i reads among other things no partition found
21:43:52robertdundeein devices and printer it says rockbox media player
21:46:05pamaurycool :)
21:46:14robertdundeeand device temp 38 C 71. 56
21:46:16pamaurydoes it printing the battery voltage ?
21:46:52robertdundeecharging status topoffng
21:47:07pamauryok so battery is full
21:48:04robertdundeeit is in bootloader usb mode
21:48:22pamaurynow the next step would be to dump the beginning of the disk, but I don't really know how to do that in Windows simply
21:48:45pamauryI would need to write a program I guess, or maybe good hexeditor mayb have this functionality
21:49:19amiconnThere's dd for windows
21:49:29pamauryoh, interesting, where is that ?
21:49:50robertdundeethat is beyond my understanding but im willing to give it a try
21:50:14amiconnDevice naming is somewhat cryptic, but there's a list function
21:50:21pamauryrobertdundee: first download it
21:50:31pamaurythen run a command prompt and execute "dd −−list"
21:50:45pamauryand use to copy the output
21:52:06robertdundeeOk, now in downloads page
21:52:10pamauryyeah device names under windows are always cryptic, under the \\.\\ namespace
21:52:21pamaurya bit like /dev but much worse
21:52:40pamauryrobertdundee: I guess you want
21:53:48robertdundeethank you pamaury ran the program and it says this proram is covered by terms of the gpl version 2
21:54:05pamaurydid you ran it with the "−−list" argument ?
21:54:34pamauryno "dd −−list"
21:55:29robertdundeeone sec I must be doing something wrong
21:58:02robertdundeei write dd −−list and the answer is the same
21:58:04 Quit nialv7 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:58:22pamauryyou don't get a list of cryptic lines ?
21:59:15pamauryhum that's a problem, which OS are you using ? maybe you need to run in privilege mode, I don't know how it's called under windows
21:59:46robertdundeeYes, i am using windows 7 running it with adminstrator rights
21:59:50 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
22:02:18pamauryok, wait a minute, I have another idea, the problem is that to use this tool we need the raw name of the device
22:04:37 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:06:16pamaurydownload this:
22:06:37pamauryIt's a tool called winobj, useful to explore internal devices of windows
22:08:27robertdundeeperfect Downloaded and ran the program
22:08:52pamaurywhen you have it, unzip it, run it, agree with the licence, and you get an explorer with a panel of the left. Expand "\" if not done, then expand "Device", you should have a list of devices called "Hardisk0", "Hardisk1" and so on. Detach your ZEN, refresh (F5), one of them should disappear, then replug the ZEN, send the file to get rockbox running again, refresh in the tool (F5) and a Hardisk should have appeared. Give me the name
22:09:31robertdundeeok one sec
22:11:10 Join nialv7 [0] (
22:15:25robertdundeenow the device s not loading
22:15:54pamaurydid sb_loader printed some error ?
22:16:01pamaurymaybe reset the device
22:16:26robertdundeei just did , after resnding black screen
22:18:50robertdundeenow the screen
22:19:08robertdundeeis white
22:20:01pamauryah, that's the famous white screen bug, keep trying, it should eventually work
22:20:40robertdundeelet me keep trying
22:21:46robertdundeethe creative screen shows then white
22:22:31pamaury*sigh* if only I knew how to fix this white screen, that's a rockbox bug but it's been there from the start, very hard to get rid off
22:23:32 Join tyllmoritz_orig [0] (~robin@2a02:8070:8388:3f00:a617:31ff:fec0:f4d9)
22:24:10 Quit tyllmoritz (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:24:23 Nick tyllmoritz_orig is now known as tyllmoritz (~robin@2a02:8070:8388:3f00:a617:31ff:fec0:f4d9)
22:24:33robertdundeeno problem, in in winobj shows my hard disks , http, idle , and Scsi
22:24:49robertdundeein Scsi shows two devices
22:25:06pamaurybut you need to have the black screen with writings for this to work, the white screen means it crashes, mostly
22:26:01robertdundeeoh, i did reset now it is black but no small writtings
22:26:20pamauryyou need to resend
22:26:40pamauryif you keep getting the white screen that's a problem
22:27:39pamauryhum, you say you get a Creative logo before the white screen ?
22:27:46robertdundeeshall i try to repeat the whole procedure first sending the fresh file and then once in creative send sb with the new one
22:27:51robertdundeeyes I did
22:28:22pamauryno, you can only send the sb file in ROM recovery mode, the Creative recovery mode uses a completely different method
22:28:59robertdundeemy mistake. I mean the sb loader file of the weeked
22:29:03pamauryok so at least I've learned something: the bootloader provides an easy to reverse engineer way to using the scree, maybe this will help fixing the screen issue
22:30:31pamaurythe procedure is: plug the device, it should appear as ROM Recovery device, use sb_loader.exe with, that's what you did when you manage to get the small writings on the screen and the device was detected as mass storage
22:31:44robertdundeeIt was on recovey mode on the screen otherwise my pc wouldnt show it as a rom recovery
22:32:42robertdundeeof the device
22:33:21pamauryerr, I'm kind of lost in what you said, ROM recovery is black screen and you use sb_loader. Creative recovery is the meny and you use sendfirm
22:35:24robertdundeeexactly. In windows it appeared as a ROM recovery on and then then I used sendfirm
22:36:35 Quit n1s (Quit: Ex-Chat)
22:36:52pamaurywait, isn't that the contrary of what I said ?
22:39:37 Join [Franklin] [0] (
22:40:59robertdundeelet me try something one sec
22:41:16[Franklin]why is this sim build failing?
22:41:30[Franklin]"sysfont.h: No such file or directory"
22:41:42pamaury[Franklin]: did you run make clean ?
22:41:45[Franklin]in firmware/export/font.h
22:41:50wodzmake clean should fix it
22:41:51[Franklin]yes, it's a clean build
22:42:11[Franklin]ok lets try
22:43:10[Franklin]actually, first I'll pull fresh sources
22:43:14[Franklin]this tree is a bit stale
22:43:24robertdundeeNow the device is on creative recovery mode
22:44:20robertdundeethe only way it was bootable befor
22:44:43pamauryyou mean you get the menu ? did you upload some file to get in there ?
22:44:55***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:17robertdundeeThe file you sent me during the weekend
22:45:41pamauryok that's normal, and if instead you use you still get the white screen I suppose ?
22:46:06 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:46:12robertdundeenow, shall I try sbloader with the file you send me today again. Lets see if I get the white screen again
22:49:15robertdundeeYes, the white screen. So it must be that the white bug is hidden on the bootloader just like you said
22:52:29robertdundeewhat it is really curious is that sometimes the creative logo appears with the ne file
22:53:18pamaurythe file I gave contains two part: a very small part from the Creative bootloader (just enough to init the RAM and display the logo) and then rockbox bootloader
22:53:29pamaurythis explains why you sometimes seen the logo very briefly
22:53:55robertdundeeahh thats it
22:57:25[Franklin]foolsh: I'm have no idea what's wrong with the M:ROBE 500
22:57:39[Franklin]foolsh: it has to do with the screen, I'd think
22:58:04[Franklin]are other 640x480 devices like this?"
22:58:54robertdundeePamaury I uninstalled all the drivers on windows now it loaded again
22:59:18robertdundeewith the rockbox bootloader
22:59:29pamauryyou probablt got lucky :D
22:59:45pamauryok so now with WinObj, what do you see under \ and Device
23:01:10robertdundeeMaybe Im speaking non sense but it could be that the white screen comes from the drivers
23:01:58wodz[Franklin]: #define LCD_STRIDEFORMAT VERTICAL_STRIDE should give you a hint
23:02:07[Franklin]wodz: aha yes!
23:02:20robertdundeeIt appears as a Hardisk 5 DR10 and two simbolic link
23:02:43[Franklin]wodz: so how would the framebuffer look in memory on the mrobe500?
23:02:57wodzmrobe500 is the only device with such framebuffer organization according to grep
23:03:12[Franklin]wodz: which makes sense
23:03:22robertdundeethe symbolic link reads partition 0 and partition 1
23:03:32pamauryrobertdundee: nonsense ;) I mean I don't see how it would be possible. Ok
23:04:24wodz[Franklin]: FBADDR(x, y) (lcd_framebuffer + ((x) * LCD_FBHEIGHT) + (y))
23:04:41pamauryso now with dd, you you try to run in a command prompt:
23:04:41pamaury"dd if=\\?\\Device\Harddisk5 of=dump.bin bs=1M count=10"
23:04:58[Franklin]wodz: is that in the code somewhere?
23:05:31wodz[Franklin]: firmware/export/lcd.h:480
23:06:00[Franklin]ok... this'll complicate things a bit
23:06:06[Franklin]just a bit
23:07:12robertdundeedd.exe just repites what I write
23:07:39[Franklin]robertdundee: that's what dd is for :P
23:10:03pamauryrobertdundee: what ?
23:10:30pamaurycan you take a screen capture ?
23:11:16 Quit TheFreak (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:11:20robertdundeefrom the command promt?
23:11:39[Franklin]robertdundee: yes
23:12:07 Join TheFreak [0] (
23:12:40pamauryrobertdundee: did you put the quotes "" ?
23:12:46pamauryif yes you should remove them :)
23:13:21robertdundeeno. I did not used quotes :)
23:14:45robertdundeeThe dd.exe froze
23:14:55[Franklin]wodz: ok I got it kinda working
23:15:00wodzpamaury, robertdundee: wouldn't it be tad easier to use linux instead?
23:15:10[Franklin]wodz: more than a tad
23:15:40robertdundeeIm sorry im a neebie in these matters
23:16:41 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0/20141113192814])
23:17:28robertdundeedd crashed again
23:17:41[Franklin]robertdundee: crashed... how?
23:18:09robertdundeeit frozed after I wrote dd if=\\?\\Device\Harddisk5 of=dump.bin bs=1M count=10
23:18:57wodzit may take a while to dump 10M from device
23:20:43pamauryrobertdundee: kill it and retry with:
23:21:04pamaury dd if=\\?\\Device\Harddisk5 of=dump.bin bs=100K count=100 −−progress
23:21:23robertdundeeOne sec Im having a little problem with the speed of the pc
23:22:09pamaurywodz: yeah linux would be far easier but he only has windows
23:23:02[Franklin]pamaury: installing linux has been made trivial recently
23:23:42robertdundeeits not working let me try to run it again
23:24:21[Franklin](recently=last 10 years)
23:25:21pamauryyeah but I already ported the sb_loader to windows, which is clearly the hardest part. It would be a shame if reading from a disk was a show stopper on windows !
23:25:37 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:27:09pamauryrobertdundee: could you take a screen dump of what you see in WinObj by the way ? Select the hardisk on the left panel before doing so
23:27:18robertdundeeit says again the dd if=\\?\\Device\Harddisk5 of=dump.bin bs=1M count=10
23:27:32 Quit nialv7 (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:28:01pamauryI don't understand, could you take a screen dump showing this too ?
23:29:20 Join nialv7 [0] (
23:30:16robertdundeei did took the screenshot now
23:30:35robertdundeewhat i do with it?
23:30:48pamauryupload them
23:30:52pamauryfor example here
23:30:53fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 19f4e39, 255 builds, 23 clients.
23:32:05wodzpamaury: atomic_rw pushed
23:32:16CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:32:16*[Franklin] tells fs-bluebot that it'd be nice to print part of the commit message too
23:33:05pamaury[Franklin]: a build round can include several commits also ;)
23:33:13robertdundeesorry for the delay
23:34:27[Franklin]pamaury: or have fs-bluebot respond to "fs-bluebot: head"
23:34:42pamauryrobertdundee: that's because you ran dd.exe, and the tool is waiting for something, so when you type "dd if=....", you are not typing a command but just giving some input to the running dd.exe. You must first kill the dd.exe, and type the command
23:34:47pamauryI'm not sure if I'm clear
23:34:57wodzoh, splitting reg desc change into separate commit I reset ownership of the change :/
23:35:20pamauryto kill a program either use the proces manager or hit CTRL+C combination in the command prompt
23:35:26pamaury(I hope it works on windows ?
23:35:32robertdundeethank you let me try
23:35:41pamaurywodz: doesn't matter ^^
23:35:43 Quit nialv7 (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
23:37:31wodzpamaury: BTW. atj hwstub doesn't build with stock rb toolchain due to -Wno-override-init in hwstub.make
23:37:50wodzpamaury: I am not sure if we should care about this though
23:38:17pamaurywe should update the mips toolchain anyway no ?
23:38:55wodzpamaury: yeah, but we have no way to test ondas after upgrade
23:39:28wodzbut again I don't know if we should care about unstable target without maintainer
23:39:30robertdundeeerror native opening imput
23:39:59 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:40:22wodzmaybe when atj port get some shape we should consider toolchain upgrade
23:41:18pamauryrobertdundee: hum, I think the path to the disk is wrong, but I'm not sure what to put there, I'm trying on my windows box, please wait
23:41:29wodzpamaury: what about those qeditor patches hanging on gerrit?
23:41:39robertdundeethank you for your patience with me
23:41:44pamaurywodz: I need to finish them
23:42:09 Quit TheLemonMan (Remote host closed the connection)
23:44:07pamauryrobertdundee: could you run dd.exe −−list
23:48:46pamauryyou are sure it's Hardisk5 ? What can you see under \Device\Hardisk5 in WinObj (Select Hardisk5 on the left, and look on the right panel) Is there a DR0 entry ?
23:50:44robertdundeeit dissapeared after the device was disconnected
23:51:14pamauryand did it reappeared after you reconnected it ?
23:51:17robertdundeeDT10 and two partitions
23:51:51robertdundeeyes. is there a way to take the screenshot from the command prompt itself?
23:52:14pamauryDammit, why is everything overcomplicated in windows. Could you try this:
23:52:14pamaurydd if=\\?\Device\Harddisk5\DT10 of=dump.bin bs=1M count=10
23:53:02robertdundeeerror native opening input file: 0 the operation competed successfully
23:54:21[Franklin]"Error: success"
23:55:02pamauryprobably means the object exists but cannot be used for reading the disk, for whatever reason
23:55:48pamauryrobertdundee: are you sure it's DT10 and not DR10 ?
23:56:29robertdundeeIt is DR10
23:56:43pamauryah ok, so the correct command should be:
23:56:49 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:56:50pamaurydd if=\\?\Device\Harddisk5\DR10 of=dump.bin bs=1M count=10
23:58:11robertdundeeerror reading file 21 the device is not ready

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