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#rockbox log for 2014-11-19

00:00:48robertdundeei dont know if it is important but in the device says charging status disabled
00:00:58pamauryWe need a Windows expert there :-(
00:02:51pamauryrobertdundee: can you try
00:02:56pamaurydd if=\\?\Device\Harddisk5\partition0 of=dump.bin bs=1M count=10
00:03:17robertdundeein the media player properties shows two portable devices one rockbox internal usb device and sb card device and usb mass storage
00:03:46robertdundeethe device is not ready
00:03:52pamauryah maybe that's the reason, if Hardisk5 is the sd card and didn't insert one...
00:04:11pamaurybut then it means two Hardisk should have appeared/disappeared
00:05:30pamauryHardisk4 I guess
00:05:43robertdundeeit is weird because it shows as a zen device as and a rockbox device on devices and printers
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00:07:52pamauryrobertdundee: what happen if you do:
00:07:56pamaurydd if=\\?\Device\Harddisk4\partition0 of=dump.bin bs=1M count=10
00:08:40robertdundee10.0 records in
00:08:46robertdundee10.0 records out
00:09:39pamauryok, so you should have a file called dump.bin now, but we are still not sure Hardisk4 corresponds to your device
00:10:15pamaurycan you upload this file ?
00:11:07robertdundeeit says wd passport
00:11:44pamaurywhere ?
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00:13:42pamaurythat's something else, it opened the file as if it was an ISO file but it's not
00:13:49pamaurycan you upload this file somewhere ?
00:14:30robertdundeeyes please one sec
00:15:12pamauryalso could you take a screen dump in WinObj when selecting \ArcNames
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00:22:40pamauryok so Hardisk4 is probably the good one, it should be easy to check when I get the file
00:24:04robertdundeehere in the third world the internet connections are really slow still trying to upload
00:25:29pamauryOk I'm sorry, I really need to go to sleep now. Just post the link on IRC when you are done, I'll search the logs to find it, or pass by tomorrow
00:25:38robertdundeeit shows like 2 removable disks not accesible in windows
00:26:01robertdundeeI will, sorry for keeping you awake I do really appreciate all your help
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02:21:39[Franklin]foolsh: perhaps you should try benchmarking xworld with logging disabled
02:22:16[Franklin]because I'm starting to suspect that logging is incurring some major overhead
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03:30:44micahtrying to use the RockBox Utility to install on an iriver h10, when I do an autodetect, I get a Segmentation fault
03:31:36[Franklin]micah: well, that's not good, is it?
03:31:41micahnope sir
03:31:54micahRockboxUtility[25720]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000c29447 sp 00007fff7f2301d0 error 6 in RockboxUtility[400000+c4d000]
03:32:03[Franklin]micah: can you debug further?
03:32:07[Franklin]gdb perhaps?
03:33:51micahthere aren't any debugging symbols in the download :o
03:33:58[Franklin]micah: aww...
03:34:07[Franklin]micah: well, try building yourself, perhaps?
03:34:23[Franklin]it might even solve the problem
03:35:25*[Franklin] has no experience with rbutil
03:36:01micahshouldn't this iriver show up as a drive when I plug it in?
03:36:12[Franklin]micah: I'm not sure
03:36:19[Franklin]what's your system configuration?
03:36:25[Franklin]bluebrother: any ideas?
03:36:44micahthis is a debian sid machine, just got an iriver and plugged it in for the first time
03:38:32micahhrm is a 404
03:38:41micahgot there from
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03:39:47micahthe pdf works
03:40:40 Quit JdGordon (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
03:43:40micahonce I boot the h10 into UMS mode, then it shows up as a regular device and Rockbox Utility doesn't segfault
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03:44:34micahhow is the dev version of rockbox? i would install the stable version, but maybe that is too boring? :)
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03:45:10[Franklin]sorry about that
03:45:47[Franklin]micah: the stable version is *ancient*
03:46:03[Franklin]micah: I'm also not sure how the install works on the irivers
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03:47:35micahok dev version it is!
03:47:43*micah browses themes
03:47:58[Franklin]micah: install all of them :)
03:49:07[Franklin]ok micah I'm pretty sure you need to use the UMS mode
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03:49:39micahreally all of them?
03:49:43micahare they easy to switch between?
03:49:51[Franklin]micah: oh yeah
03:49:54[Franklin]just go to settings
03:50:03micahthen all of them it is!
03:50:03 Part [Frankli1]
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03:50:18[Franklin]micah: is it working?
03:50:33micahso far so good
03:50:40[Franklin]so no segv?
03:50:47[Franklin]ok good
03:50:53micahdoing the install now
03:51:12[Franklin]micah: be sure to try all the games, too :)
03:51:19[Franklin]some are actually good
03:51:32[Franklin]but then some... ehh...
03:51:58micahoh yeah... i tried doom on that ipod classic, it didn't go well :)
03:52:13[Franklin]micah: it works now
03:52:16[Franklin]it was a timer issue
03:52:26[Franklin]that should have been fixed very recently
03:52:32[Franklin](this week, IIRC)
03:52:35micahspeaking of
03:52:46micahDownloading file
03:53:28[Franklin]micah: BTW, this:,48586
03:53:49[Franklin]I'm hoping it gets committed
03:54:23[Franklin]assuming no legal issues or otherwise
03:55:38[Franklin]but it doesn't run on gray/monochrome *yet*
03:56:10[Franklin]though no one really cares about it enough to make it support those targets
03:57:14micahit worked!
03:57:21micahi've got a color device, so...
03:57:40[Franklin]micah: oh yes, it *should* run on every color device
03:57:51[Franklin]except vertical packing ones (only the mrobe500)
03:58:10[Franklin]but I'm working on that
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04:06:27micahi'd love to try that on this iriver!
04:06:47micahnot sure how the controls on this thing would play well, but it would be fun to try
04:06:49[Franklin]sorry, it won't work
04:06:54[Franklin]not yet, at least
04:06:57[Franklin]but any, it's getting late
04:06:58micahoh sadness
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08:40:34foolshgerrit deosn't work with midori :(
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20:20:49Dynionhey guys!
20:21:26Dynioni was curious if the Hifiman HM-601 LE (amp module of the hm602) is supported
20:21:37Dynionand if yes, is it supported as hm-601 or as hm-602
20:22:01Dynionsorry for just asking right away, but there wasn't a conversation going on i could mix in :-P
20:22:40gevaertsDynion: asking right away is the correct behaviour :)
20:22:48gevaertsNow all you need is someone who knows the answer...
20:23:29Dynionhere's a link:
20:23:56Dynionand a quote: Combining the best of both worlds, the HM-601LE features the critically-acclaimed headphone amp chip of the HM-602 in the sleet compact case of the HM-601 Slim.
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20:31:51Dynionhmm. Usually Saint is around with the answer to pretty much anything i can think of:p
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20:59:08robertdundeehi Pamaury the bootloader of the xfi is running and charging no white screen here is the dd −−list
21:03:27pamauryrobertdundee: I looked at the dump.bin file and it does not correspond to the zen x-fi
21:04:38pamauryunfortunately I cannot infer which one is the ZEN, I hate Windows
21:05:23robertdundeePamaury in devices with removable storage there are two removable disks which are unaccesible
21:06:25robertdundeeI do hate windows too
21:07:55pamaurythe SD is unaccessible if there is nothing in it, the internal storage should be accessible but it uses file systems which Windows doesn't understand so it won't be able to use it
21:09:03pamauryrobertdundee: how many disk are plugged to the computer right now ?
21:10:07robertdundee3 fixed hardrives, cd rom and the xfi
21:11:30pamauryhum, so it appears as if the internal storage of the ZEN is not accessible...That might either be a problem with Windows/Rockbox interaction, or maybe your internal storage is busted. Best would be to try it with Linux, either in a virtual machine, or by using a live cd
21:11:33pamaury(or live usb)
21:11:48robertdundeeUsing the command wmic logicaldisk get deviceid, volumename, description shows the two removable disks
21:12:48robertdundeeI downloaded the rockbox image and the vm i can install them on a usb
21:15:33pamaurythe rockbox image is for VirtualBox, that's a virtual machine so you can "run" Linux inside Windows, very handy
21:16:41robertdundeeJust to confirm, the virtualbox is installed in the usb
21:18:17pamauryno, virtualbox is just a normal Windows program
21:18:30[Saint]Dynion: no - as far as I'm aware, we pretty much don't use anything like that in the HiFiman players.
21:18:51[Saint]Using Rockbox on one somewhat negates its audiophile-ed-ness.
21:19:21Dynionso... hifimans get worse with rockbox
21:19:27Dynionthat sounds pretty much unbelievable
21:19:30[Saint]Well, worse is subjective.
21:19:53[Saint]Its arguable if said componentry actually makes anything any better anyway.
21:19:57robertdundeeahh, thanks Pamaury. Ill install vm and as soon as ubuntu is running I will log into irc again.
21:20:05Dynionyeah the OS is far mor intuitive off course...
21:20:13 Quit robertdundee (Quit: Page closed)
21:20:15[Saint]The Hifiman ports are weird creatures.
21:20:25Dynionhow's that?
21:20:28[Saint]Clusterfucked Android without the dalvik runtime.
21:20:43[Saint]Basically, Android with the bits that make it Android removed.
21:20:49[Saint]Why who did that, I don't know.
21:20:59[Saint]I suspect they just wanted an easy base to step from.
21:21:00gevaertsAre you sure that's the hifimans?
21:21:03[Saint]And Android provided that.
21:21:16[Saint]Ah, fuck, sorry - I need some coffe.
21:21:21[Saint]I'm thinking of the iBasso.
21:21:50[Saint]But AFAIK I'm correct that we don't use the fancy audio hardware on them.
21:22:01Dynioni just dumped the colorfly c3... ui is bad, but workable, but what drives me crazy are the crashes
21:22:07[Saint]Though I believe that's well in the realm of possibility.
21:22:25Dynionibasso is awkward android afaik, yes
21:22:33 Join wodz [0] (
21:22:57Dynionbut the hifimans use a TDA1543
21:23:06Dynionsame chip that i use in my home audio set
21:23:07wodz[Saint]: Stop FUDing. There is nothing special hw wise in hifimans 601/2
21:23:22wodz[Saint]: TDA1543 driven by I2S
21:23:24Dynionand i kinda love it
21:24:08wodzWe support the very same DAC as OF since there is no othe way to produce sound on this devices
21:24:14Dynionanyway, for the initial question
21:24:51wodzDynion: try catching mortalis - he is the author of hifiman port and might know the answer for your initial question
21:24:51Dynionhe 601LE features the critically-acclaimed headphone amp chip of the HM-602 in the sleet compact case of the HM-601 Slim. <−− would rockbox run on it?
21:25:20Dynionhmmm. never spoke to him before :-) i'll try
21:25:47wodzI guess this audiophile jumbo-mambo simply means opamp after DAC :-)
21:26:23[Saint]That's the one.
21:27:10Dynioni'm lost...
21:27:29wodz601 and 602 are covered by the same build
21:28:06Dynionah, cool wodz. that should be an answer
21:28:50wodzDynion: There might be other differences in 601LE like new screen controller or something. Ask mortalis really.
21:29:30Dynionhow do i reach him? he isn't on IRC and i don't have any other ways of contacting you guys
21:29:56[Saint]via the forums or mailing list I preseume.
21:30:17Dynionok, i'll make an account
21:30:34wodzAnyway TDA1543 needs output opamp (or simple resistor) since it has current output so it needs to get converted to regular voltage swing.
21:32:37Dynioni'm not too smart about most of this, but i believe a small current is ok over the potentiometer
21:32:55Dynioni've down that before... it still runs after 4 years:p
21:33:16Dynionit just makes a bit of noise when switching volumes
21:49:49Dynionsent him a message on the forum, last time he was there was somewhere in august, so let's hope he will respond...
22:00:21 Quit nialv7 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:00:34wodzDynion: I contacted mortalis and he says that according to his knowledge 601le is basically the same hardware as 601 so rockbox should work (it was reported to work in the past)
22:01:07Dynionno clue how you managed that, but awesome nonetheless
22:01:12Dynionordering one now :-)
22:01:33wodzDynion: You can always recover to stock firmware anyway.
22:01:43Dynioni know
22:02:02Dynionthat is kinda why i dont really mind that the audio quality may be less
22:02:08Dynionill just try and see what i like most :)
22:02:49wodzhonestly I don't see how sound quality might be worst with rb unless OF does some fancy DSP
22:03:15Dynionyup, so far every player made a (sometimes) huge step forward
22:03:28Dynionbut saint said something about it not being better
22:03:44wodzDynion: ask Saint
22:04:09Dynionnah, i think i reached my questions quota for today
22:04:26bluebrothermicah: you're using a release or did you build from git? If you're using a release you're experiencing FS #12989
22:04:51micahbluebrother: release
22:05:05bluebrotherwhich has been fixed quite a bit ago, but no new release has been made since
22:05:16 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:05:41*bluebrother should really find some time to create a new release, if only for fixing this issue
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22:35:04 Quit shamus (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
22:35:51 Join robertdundee [0] (be494f07@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:36:31robertdundeehi pamaury I installed ubuntu on my system
22:37:28robertdundeeBus 002 Device 009: ID 041e:415a Creative Technology, Ltd
22:37:41 Join shamus [0] (
22:37:56pamauryah ok, I was about to go to sleep actually but we can do a very quick test. Ok the ubuntu sees the usb device ?
22:38:16robertdundeeyes it sees the device
22:38:46pamauryok, download this file:
22:38:54pamaury(in the ubuntu machine)
22:39:10pamauryas well as again in the machine
22:39:19 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
22:39:38 Join xorly [0] (
22:39:54robertdundeedownloaded both
22:40:10pamauryopen a terminal in ubuntu, go to the directory where you downloaded those files and run:
22:40:10pamaurysudo sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a
22:40:26pamauryI hope the sbloader_32 executable is not too old, otherwise I'll have to rebuild it
22:42:14robertdundeeok im having some troubles with the dir
22:42:27pamauryerr sorry, there is a typo:
22:42:40pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a
22:43:02pamauryjust like on windows you can use "cd" to switch directory and "ls" to list files/directories
22:44:37robertdundeeif you want we can continue tomorrow it says command not found
22:45:04pamauryif you type "ls", what is the output ?
22:45:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:34robertdundeeall my downloads
22:45:41pamauryincluding sbloader_32 ?
22:46:03pamaurymaybe the file is not marked executable, run this:
22:46:04pamaurychmod +x sbloader_32
22:46:07pamauryand retry
22:46:48wodzdon't you need to run it as root?
22:46:59pamaurywodz: that's why I put sudo ;)
22:47:35wodzargh, I should go to sleep as well
22:48:04robertdundeepamaury if you want we can continue tomorrw I dont want to keep you awake
22:48:30robertdundeethat gives me time to familiarize with ubuntu
22:48:48pamauryas you wish
22:49:13robertdundeethe sbloader command is not fount
22:49:57pamaurymaybe the executable just cannot run on this old ubuntu, in which case you'll have to recompile it
22:50:01pamauryI'll explain you how tomorrow
22:50:31robertdundeethank you Pamaury for all your help and advice
22:51:08*pamaury goes to bed
22:55:27 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:55:39robertdundeeDevice: 041e:415a @ 2.14 libusbx: error [submit_control_transfer] submiturb failed error -1 errno=16 Cannot probe transfer size, please specify it on command line.
22:55:44 Join franklin [0] (
22:55:48 Quit franklin (Changing host)
22:55:48 Join franklin [0] (~quassel@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:55:50 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (~quassel@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:59:10 Quit ender` (Quit: I strap on the body armor, which feels tough enough, but closes with Velcro strips. I know this is state-of-the-art gear, but I'd feel more confident if it wasn't held together with the same stuff they use to fasten kids' sneakers. -- Richard Kadrey: Sa)
23:04:27 Quit Dynion (Quit: Page closed)
23:24:31 Quit nialv7 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:29:59robertdundee Can someone please tell what this means_ ibusbx: error [submit_control_transfer] submiturb failed error -1 errno=16 Cannot probe transfer size, please specify it on command line
23:33:09[Franklin]in what context?
23:33:31[Franklin]robertdundee: it's asking you to specify the transfer size, whatever that means
23:34:13 Nick [Franklin] is now known as franklin (~quassel@unaffiliated/franklin)
23:34:16robertdundeeim trying to send using sbloader
23:34:19 Join nialv7 [0] (
23:34:20 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (~quassel@unaffiliated/franklin)
23:34:33 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0/20141113192814])
23:34:59[Franklin]robertdundee: something's wrong with USB
23:35:08[Franklin]libusbx is a usb library
23:35:40robertdundeethanks Franklin
23:35:48[Franklin]robertdundee: you'll probably need to ask pamaury for more info
23:36:37robertdundeeI will, ubuntu is a new sistem for me
23:36:57 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:38:00[Franklin]robertdundee: good! linux!
23:38:34robertdundeeit is really faster than other OS
23:40:32[Franklin]indeed... but remember, /TOPIC
23:41:22[Franklin]robertdundee: I'll take a peek at the sbloader source code
23:41:38[Franklin]... and try to diagnose the problem
23:41:55robertdundeeFranklin thanks, you were right. The usb device is not listed on lsusb
23:42:51[Franklin]the hardest problem to solve is no problem at all
23:44:38 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:45:45 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)

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