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#rockbox log for 2014-11-20

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01:21:57micahanyone know if its easy to change the battery on an iriver h10?
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02:05:38franklinmicah: I guess the hardest part would be finding a replacement
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03:06:29TheSevenguys, it looks like we have an attack vector that might allow code execution on newer ipod nanos :)
03:06:41TheSevenit's being discussed on #freemyipod right now
03:07:10TheSevenand the underlying vulnerability is even more dumb than all the other ones that we used before ;)
03:07:16alexbobpohh they still make nanos? cool
03:07:47alexbobpis it just the larger classics that are discontinued?
03:08:06alexbobp oh yeah these are iOS nanos. never mind. wow.
03:08:13TheSevennot really iOS
03:08:29alexbobpoh really?
03:08:31TheSeventhey look like it, but they're still the old RTXC system as far as I can tell
03:08:38[Franklin]wow... I'd like rockbox on there!
03:08:39TheSevenjust a new UI on top of that
03:14:48alexbobpand all this time I assumed nanos could run a subset of published ios apps
03:14:59alexbobpbut nope, I guess they have a touchscreen for basically no practical purpose >_>
03:15:53[Franklin]alexbobp: but if rockbox could be ported... :D
03:20:42alexbobpoh rockbox has 2048 now? I guess that's to be expected :P
03:20:53*alexbobp tries to imagine doom with pure touch controls
03:21:00[Franklin]yes, I wrote it :)
03:21:21alexbobpbut I bet doom on a new nano would be even more of a pain than on a sansa clip zip :D
03:22:11[Franklin]alexbobp: Another World too,,48586
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03:35:32foolshfranklin: o/
03:36:16franklinhey foolsh
03:36:20franklinlong time no see :)
03:36:32franklinwell, I've been perfecting my virtual code wheel
03:36:37franklinfor another world
03:36:39foolshon gerrit?
03:36:55franklinI wasn't sure it'd be a good idea to push, for various reasons
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03:37:01[Franklin]legal and otherwise
03:37:08foolshgti hub
03:37:14[Franklin]yeah, but still
03:37:18[Franklin]ok sure
03:37:36[Franklin]it's not the best code
03:39:21foolshI did not have logging enabled
03:41:09foolshbut if you were going to impliment 100% 125% 150% MAX then it not a issue
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07:30:03ebegdabAre there any plans to give an update for Cygwin? It seems like it hasn't been updated since 2007.
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09:14:24ebegdabI have limited bandwidth, is there any way I can download a windows development environment, without having to download the entire vm?
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09:32:07greatwolfI'm playing around with the idea of using a rockbox enabled player as a 2FA device. I already wrote the lua implementation but I need to adapt it to use rockbox's rb table. what's the easiest way to debug this w/o having to unplug, replug and run the script everytime?
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10:12:34foolshgreatwolf: there is logf over serial
10:12:47foolshbut I'm no sure thats what you're talking about
10:13:21foolshand I'm not sure your player supports it
10:15:26gevaertsI'd suggest using the simulator first
10:19:44greatwolfkk will look into that, I'm using a sansa e260 btw
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11:30:35Guest31373are the ipod classic daily builds (relatively) stable enough for use?
11:31:55gevaertsMost people seem to think so
11:32:20gevaertsWell, they're not technically *daily*, they're built after every commit :)
11:34:08 Part Guest31373
11:35:39ender`i don't think i ever ran a release build on my devices
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12:13:16greatwolfis there any doc on rb.do_menu and the parameters it takes? the closest I've found is;a=blob;f=apps/plugin.h#l776 but the argument order seems to differ from lua
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13:04:24CunctatorHi everyone, I'm the guy that last week discovered that his brand new iPod classic had an HDD failure while installing Rockbox. Today the replacement unit arrived from the Apple service, and I am trying to do the process again VERY carefully. I'm following the freemyipod instructions (i've installed only the Apple drivers, not the whole iTunes), but I find myself with the same issue I had with the other iPod:
13:05:03Cunctatorat the stage "The display of your iPod should now stay black, and a new USB device called "Apple Recovery (DFU) USB Driver" should connect to your PC." my PC sees no such device connected. I HEAR the "something-has-been-plugged-in" sound, but nothing comes in "my Computer"
13:05:36Cunctatornow, I've searched other threads on the website, and a guy there claims it doesnt matter, to just go through running bootstrapipodclassicitunes.exe
13:05:45Cunctatorbut before doing ANYTHING, i want to check with you
13:06:51CunctatorATM the ipod is in DFU mode (black, turned off), and plugged in. I'll wait for instructions, whenever someone has time.
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13:23:33copperCunctator: did you see a driver installation taking place on your PC?
13:24:02Cunctatornot after the DFU mode was "activated", no
13:24:05Cunctatorjust the sound
13:24:41copperwell the UMSboot drive isn't mounted yet, so I don't expect you should see a device in explorer yet
13:25:15Cunctatorits not the "64MB drive called "UMSboot" that i dont see
13:25:26Cunctatorits the "Apple Recovery (DFU) USB Driver"
13:25:38copperthat's a driver, not a storage device
13:26:00copperam I misunderstanding what you're saying?
13:26:17copperwhere in "My Computer" are you looking? make sense. But then the line "a new USB device called "Apple Recovery (DFU) USB Driver" should connect to your PC." on the guide is pretty misleading
13:26:48Cunctatori was expecing something to pop out under my computer BEFORE i ran bootstrap
13:26:55copperrunning bootstrapipodclassicitunes.exe should be safe
13:26:58coppereven if it fails
13:27:13copperyou can always recover from it
13:27:20Cunctatoralright, I replug the iPod then
13:27:59Cunctatorok plugged in, i hear the "plugged-in" sound
13:28:11Cunctatorno "driver installation" dialogue box tho
13:28:16Cunctatorits all quiet
13:28:23copperthere should be an icon notification in the taskbar
13:28:31Cunctatorthere aint
13:28:34copperwhat's it called
13:29:02copperbleh, whatever
13:29:19copperrun the exe - if that fails, then I guess the driver installation failed
13:29:29copperWindows is bloody annoying
13:30:28CunctatorOK so listen
13:30:30Cunctator3 things happened
13:31:08Cunctator1) the black DOS window says: "ERROR 31: A device attached to the system is not functioning"
13:31:31Cunctator2) a SUCCESS white window comes out saying: UMSboot has been launched!
13:31:48Cunctator3) my ipod has a "fuzzy" apple logo, and a big black band on the left
13:32:01copperthat's not good
13:32:05Cunctator(incidentally this is EXACTLY what happened last time)
13:32:09copperyou shouldn't be seeing an Apple logo
13:32:16Cunctator(Im scared I'm ficking up another ipod here...)
13:32:52Cunctatorah and 4) the USBboot partiton is open
13:32:53coppersomeone needs to make a live Linux distro on a USB stick with an automated emCORE installation process
13:33:10copperyou see the 64 MB mount?
13:33:29coppertry the next installation step
13:33:43coppercopy installer-ipodclassic.ubi to the 64 MB "drive"
13:33:57Cunctatoryou sure? are we 100% sure that the HDD damage I had last time was NOT because of all of this?
13:34:45copperit's so much easier on Linux
13:35:02Cunctatordude, I believe you, but I just don't have a Linux machine handy...
13:35:04copperif you know how to use Linux on the command line, that is
13:35:48copperin what country do you live?
13:36:07Cunctatordoes that make a difference?
13:36:34copperI was just thinking of alternative and radical solutions to your problem :P
13:37:10copperI very much doubt your iPods are to blame
13:37:16copperit's just Windows fuckery
13:37:19Cunctatorwell me now
13:37:23Cunctatorme too now
13:38:24Cunctatorso shoudl I restore, unplug, reboot, what?
13:38:40copperdo you have a second PC or laptop?
13:38:51Cunctatora win7 one
13:39:03foolshMay I suggest a full restore, then I would strongly suggest using a virtual machine with linux installed to continue
13:39:05copperdid you try the installation process on that one?
13:39:45copperIIRC there are problems particular to Win8
13:39:56coppermaybe you'll get more luck with Win7
13:40:06CunctatorOK...full restore means I have to reinstal itunes right?
13:40:06copperor you could install a Linux virtual machine like foolsh says
13:40:20copperyou can just reboot the ipod
13:40:33copperpress-holding menu and center button for a long time
13:40:39Cunctatorwell, OK lets see
13:40:46Cunctatorshould I eject the 64mb partition first?
13:40:50coppernothing was installed so there's nothing to recover or repair
13:41:30copperpress-hold until you see the Apple logo
13:41:58Cunctatorok clean Apple logo, then back to the normal welcome page
13:42:14coppergood, your iPod is fine :)
13:42:49Cunctatorwell, not sure yet. Last time it did the same, except that it started getting reallocated sectors more and more every sync I did
13:42:54Cunctatoruntil it would not sync anymore
13:43:35CunctatorOK, not this time. Diagnostics are clean
13:44:10Cunctatorso, try again from stratch on the Win7 machine?
13:44:33Cunctatorshould I wait for some super wizard like The7 to show up?
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13:44:49copperI say you can just try on the Win7 machine
13:44:56Cunctator(not belittling your abilities, I've just been told he's the Supreme Master :) )
13:45:18copperjust go step by step as long as every step completes as expected
13:45:28copperyeah he's the iPod Jedi Master
13:46:29copperwas iTunes ever installed on your Win7 computer?
13:46:52Cunctatoryeah, unfortunately it is
13:46:56Cunctatorright now
13:47:20Cunctator,my GF's PC
13:49:10Cunctatorill get to it in some 20 minutes, got some chores to do
13:49:29copperI'll have to leave soon too
13:50:22Cunctatorwell if it does the same shit i will leave it and wait for some support
13:51:05copperif that fails, I'd look into installing a Linux Virtual Machine
13:54:04foolshI'd suggest Ubuntu if you do go the VM route, because its the user friendliest out there IMO
14:07:04Cunctatorexcept guys that I really have no idea where to start with that. It's just frustrating that dozens of people seem to have no problem whatsoever with Windows installation...
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14:17:09copperwell, at least it's a one time thing
14:17:23copperonce emCORE is installed, you don't have to update it to update Rockbox
14:18:03copperalso, installing a Linux VM might not be "simpler" for you, but it would likely give you a much greater chance of success
14:20:49copperthere are tutorials all over the web for this
14:21:30Cunctatorthats Win7 tho
14:21:33Cunctatori got 8.1
14:22:22coppershould work pretty much the same on Win8
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14:42:47Cunctatorgreat so Win7 doesnt work either. As I connected the DFU mode iPod it starts "installing driver" but it ends up saying " Device driver software was not successfully installed −− No driver found"
14:43:06copperthat's the problem I ran into with Win7 too
14:43:46copperjust follow one of those howtos or find another one you like, and install a Linux VM
14:44:18copperit's worth the hassle, just install emCORE once and for all
14:44:32copperand it's not that complicated
14:44:41Cunctatoryou might be right..
14:44:52Cunctator(how do i get OUT of DFU mode on my ipod again?)
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14:45:53copperpress-hold select + menu
14:47:30Cunctatorhow does this look to you?
14:51:07copperI don't run Windows and don't use virtual machines - just follow whatever guide looks good to you
14:52:02Cunctatorlast question
14:52:08Cunctatorsay i do this
14:52:34Cunctatorhow hard is it to then go though the emCORE installation procedure? Do I need linux-specific knowledge?
14:52:48Cunctatorone thing is to instal this virtual box. Another to use it.
14:56:31copperyes, but you'll find help here
15:00:00*foolsh urges Cunctator to set forth on an adventure into the land of linux :)
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18:18:02robertdundeehi pamaury good evening i ran the file and got an libusbx: error [submit_control_transfer] submiturb failed error -1 errno=16 Cannot probe transfer size, please specify it on command line.
18:19:23pamauryrobertdundee: are you sure you ran in as root using "sudo" ?
18:19:59robertdundeeyes, exactly sudo ./sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a
18:20:30pamauryah right, that's an old buggy version of sbloader, try to run:
18:20:41pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -x 64 -u 041e:415a
18:22:07robertdundeePamaury transfer error at init step Error: cannot get status report
18:22:44pamauryah damn, I think I know why and it's going to be a pain
18:22:47pamaurywait a minute
18:28:41 Nick foolsh is now known as foolzzzzzzz (
18:30:27pamauryrobertdundee: try to run this:
18:30:27pamauryrmmod usbhid
18:30:27pamaurymodprobe usbhid quirks=0x041e:0x415a:0x0004
18:30:34pamaurythen unplug and replug your device
18:30:38pamauryand retry with sbloader
18:34:06robertdundeesorry for the delay my keyboard and mouse stop responding
18:34:39robertdundeepamaury transfer error at init step Error: cannot get status report
18:36:09pamauryah, did you reboot your machine ?
18:36:49pamaurybecause the "rmmod usbhid" basically kills all HID connected device to the linux, so if your virtual machine emulates keyboard and mouse using HID, it's normal it stopped responding :-/
18:36:51robertdundeepamaury just unplugged the keyboard and mouse and reconnect them
18:37:37pamauryhum, can you retry with
18:37:37pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -x 64 -u 041e:415a
18:37:43pamauryunplug and replug your device before
18:38:05robertdundeeyes transfer error at init step Error: cannot get status report
18:38:24pamauryerr sorry, without the "-x 64"
18:38:26pamauryI'm tired sorry
18:38:45robertdundeethank you im learning this
18:39:46robertdundeea lot of strange signs on the screen, buffer overun prevented
18:41:29robertdundeeWarning: 512: um_strcpy: buffer overrun prevented: str2tok[2]: 312>20
18:42:03pamaurywow, I'm never seen this
18:45:16robertdundeeI ran it again then sudo ./sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a then Cannot probe transfer size, please specify it on command line
18:45:17pamauryI'm sorry, I have to leave. I should be back in one hour
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18:45:58robertdundeeit is ok, thank you Ill be around
18:46:22pamauryI have an idea about how to proceed, just don't have the time to explain it right now
18:48:20robertdundeeno problem, the device seems ok
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19:31:39 Quit Cunctator_ (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
19:32:30ZincAlloyrockbox on my clip zip just crashed during playback
19:33:02ZincAlloy"prefetch abort a…" "FSR 0x8" "(domain 0, fault…"
19:33:37ZincAlloypressed the stop button and it played about half a second of music
19:33:49ZincAlloykept it pressed a little longer and now the backlight keeps flashing up
19:42:06 Join edhelas [0] (
19:55:54 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:01:59 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:04:27 Join Strife89 [0] (~Strife89@2602:306:bce1:8c20:c96c:9a10:a49b:159b)
20:11:01 Join robertdundee_ [0] (be494f07@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:11:13robertdundee_hi pamaury
20:11:22pamauryhi back
20:12:08pamauryhere is what I suggest: you use sbloader *on windows*, and only when rockbox bootloader is running on the ZEN device, then you make the device appear in the virtual machine
20:12:11pamauryis that clear ?
20:12:15 Quit robertdundee (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:12:48robertdundee_yes it is clear
20:13:17robertdundee_thank you let me try it
20:18:08 Quit robertdundee_ (Quit: Page closed)
20:19:21 Join robertdundee [0] (be494f07@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:21:12robertdundeepamaury no sucess. the pc crashed had to do a reboot. i dont know if using sendfirm in mtp tools can solve this issue
20:22:36pamauryapparently not because last time you tried it didn't work. You can retry the procedure: under windows (before giving the device to the virtual machine), use sbloader, then give the device to the virtual machine (without unplugging it of course)
20:28:51 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:28:59 Join RiDD [0] (
20:34:57 Join sakax [0] (~sakax@unaffiliated/sakax)
20:42:00robertdundeepamaury no sucess the device froze
20:42:21 Quit byteframe (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:42:30robertdundeepamaury how can i specify the tranfer size on command line_
20:42:38 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
20:44:27pamauryrobertdundee: froze when ?
20:44:52pamaurythe windows tool I sent you automatically detects the transfer size
20:45:03pamauryyou need to use the sbloader *on windows*
20:45:05robertdundeewhen i try to give the device to virtual machine
20:45:51***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
20:45:59robertdundeeit seems that everything goes right untill the moment of transfering firmware to the device
20:45:59pamauryso manage to get the bootloader running (small writings on the screen) but when you give the device to the machine it freezes ?
20:47:19robertdundeeyes and the sound of the usb disconnet plays in windows
20:48:27pamauryso the virtual machines never sees the device ?
20:49:48pamaurythis is going to be tricky :( so it would be best to do everything under linux but we need to understand why it fails under Linux. I think it's because of usbhid driver messing with the device
20:50:34pamaurycould you try this:
20:50:34pamauryreset the device, give it to the linux (the ROM recovery, don't use sbloader), and then run:
20:50:34pamaurysudo lsusb -v -d 041e:415a
20:50:47robertdundeeall right
20:51:53robertdundeedone it took a while on the terminal windows
20:52:51robertdundeein lsusb now shows as a root hub
20:54:28robertdundeebefore it was Bus 001 Device 060: ID 041e:415a Creative Technology, Ltd
20:56:12 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
20:56:36pamauryI don't understand, when you run " lsusb -v -d 041e:415a" it should print many lines, does it ?
20:58:44robertdundeeit does not just shows the directory im in
20:59:39pamaurydid you give the ROM recovery device to the machine ?
21:00:02robertdundeeyes i did
21:00:52robertdundeethe sd card also shows a a root hub
21:01:46pamauryI'm lost, did you upload the bootloader to the device before giving it to the machine ?
21:02:10robertdundeeno i did not
21:02:24robertdundeeshall I upload it_
21:03:21robertdundeemust be a problem with the mtp tools
21:05:17pamauryno, don't upload anything to the device before giving it to the machine this time, then in linux if you type "lsusb", you should get a line "Bus 001 Device 060: ID 041e:415a Creative Technology, Ltd", do you ?
21:06:44 Join byteframe [0] (~byteframe@unaffiliated/byteframe)
21:07:08robertdundeeno, after i gave it to the machine showed as a 2.0 root hub
21:07:27robertdundeeperhaps the device memory fails
21:08:13pamauryno that's impossible
21:08:29pamaurythe device cannot appear as a root hub
21:08:46pamaurycan you pastebin the output of lsusb ?
21:10:32robertdundeesure, one sec please
21:16:29GodEaterthis is a very long second
21:17:17robertdundeemy mistake im new to ubuntu
21:17:48GodEaterthat doesn't look like the command pamaury asked you to run
21:17:58GodEateryou left off the -v -d 041e:415a
21:18:23pamauryrobertdundee: you don't seem to have given the device to the machine
21:19:45pamauryrobertdundee: could you give me the output of "dmesg | tail -20" ?
21:24:13robertdundee~/Downloads$ dmesg | tail -20 [ 3507.205207] usb 1-1.5: new high-speed USB device number 70 using ehci-pci [ 3507.298648] usb 1-1.5: New USB device found, idVendor=041e, idProduct=415a [ 3507.298653] usb 1-1.5: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0 [ 3507.298656] usb 1-1.5: Product: ROM Recovery [ 3507.298659] usb 1-1.5: Manufacturer: Sigmatel, Inc. [ 3517.291536] hid-generic 0003:041E:415A.0011: usb_submit_urb
21:26:10pamauryrobertdundee: please use
21:30:28pamauryrobertdundee: did you reboot the virtual machine ?
21:30:34 Join Provel [0] (
21:31:11robertdundeeyes, virtualbox freezes
21:31:17pamauryif yes, please rerun:
21:31:17pamauryrmmod usbhid; modprobe usbhid quirks=0x041e:0x415a:0x0004
21:33:15robertdundeeERROR: could not insert 'usbhid': Operation not permitted
21:33:16pamauryand then retry inserting the device and running lsusb and "dmesg | tail -203
21:33:37pamaurysorry, forgot sudo:
21:33:37pamaurysudo rmmod usbhid; sudo modprobe usbhid quirks=0x041e:0x415a:0x0004
21:39:08pamauryrobertdundee: have you inserted the ROM recovery device ?
21:40:53robertdundeeyes Im having problems with virtualbox
21:44:04pamauryrobertdundee: what is the output of lsusb ? usually you can check if virtualbox inserted the device in the Devices menu, inserted devices have a checkbox on the left
21:46:30pamaurygood, now run:
21:46:36pamaurysudo lsusb -v -d 041e:415a
21:49:14pamaurynow, run:
21:49:25pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -x 64 -u 041e:415a
21:51:25robertdundeeunable to mount rockbox
21:52:14robertdundeegreat, first time it boots under ubuntu
21:52:35pamaurynow give the device to ubuntu if it's not the case
21:53:05robertdundeeUnable to open MTP device '[usb:001,099]'
21:53:44pamaurywhat is printing this message ?
21:53:57pamaurydoes the virtual machine has the device ?
21:54:09robertdundeeubuntu with a negative sign
21:54:26pamaurywhat is the output of lsusb now ?
21:54:31robertdundeeUnable to mount Rockbox media player
21:57:48pamauryand what is the output of "dmesg | tail -20" ?
22:00:00pamaurythat's very nice :)
22:00:14robertdundeein ubuntu appears mounted onthe left screen this is great thank you
22:00:25pamaurynow please run:
22:00:25pamaurysudo dd if=/dev/sde bs=1M count=10 of=zenxfi_dump.bin
22:00:59robertdundeedd: failed to open ‘/dev/sde’: No medium found
22:03:13pamauryI'm afraid your internal storage might be broken :(
22:04:03pamauryI need more debug info to check this
22:04:07robertdundeeoh no I kind of suspect it
22:04:17pamauryI'll send you a debug build tomorrow
22:04:34pamauryIf the storage is broken, we'll see it immediately
22:04:46robertdundeethank you pamaury what is great is that finally it boots under ubuntu
22:05:13robertdundeewhat does disable partition window means_
22:05:35 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:06:20 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
22:06:52pamauryrobertdundee: err, that's a bit complicated
22:07:03 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:07:21robertdundeeno worries
22:07:35pamaurybasically it means that the bootloader is exporting the entire drive, including the hidden partitions
22:07:59 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:08:17pamauryduring normal operation, the drive would only show a "window", to hide the firmware partition
22:09:08robertdundeethanks for the explanation. tomorrow I will start searching for new internal storage
22:10:18pamauryproblem is you cannot change it easily, I'm afraid you'll have to buy a new device if that's the case
22:11:14robertdundeeoh then i bette keep my hopes high
22:40:29 Quit ender` (Quit: If everything seems to be coming your way, you're probably in the wrong lane. -- Borstelmann's Rule)
22:40:59 Join lebellium [0] (
22:45:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:49:55 Join user01 [0] (3ff0023e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:51:27user01i have an sacd ogg that skips on my ipod g5 under rockbox . . . im guessing because of the frequency of 176400Hz Stereo
22:53:34user01anyone know the max quality/frequency for a ipod 5?
22:54:01user01i must be exceeding it in some way
23:00:28copperRockbox resamples everything to 44.1 kHz (by default) or 48 kHz
23:01:09 Join franklin [0] (
23:01:12copperI guess your iPod is coping with the resampling process, especially if you're also using the EQ with many bands
23:01:41user01copper cool thanks, so i should resample to 48000 then?
23:01:50coppernote that making a Vorbis file with a sampling rate that's higher than 48 kHz doesn't make much sense
23:02:14franklincopper: why?
23:02:19 Nick franklin is now known as [Franklin] (
23:02:48copperbecause 44.1 kHz already covers the entire range of frequencies that humans can hear
23:03:16*[Franklin] thought it was a technical reason
23:03:23copperit IS a technical reason
23:03:35copperthe technical side of human hearing
23:03:36[Franklin]software reason
23:04:04copper48 KHz would make sense if the rest of your collection is also 48 kHz
23:04:22copperotherwise, 44.1 kHz would make more sense
23:05:03copperand you should set the sampling frequency in Rockbox to the sampling frequency that reflects the majority of your collection
23:05:04user01copper: not for better audio quality?
23:05:28copperincreasing the sampling rate beyond human abilities only adds noise that can't be heared
23:05:35[Franklin](unless you're a robot)
23:05:39 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:05:43user01copper: ok then i guess ill stick to 44.1
23:06:15copperVorbis is fine
23:06:21 Join tyllmoritz [0] (~robin@
23:06:30copperlossy vs. lossless is another matter
23:07:41 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: leaving)
23:13:27 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:14:09copperI should add that what I just said mostly applies for listening purposes only, not editing
23:14:17copper(about high sampling rates)
23:17:30 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
23:20:43 Quit Strife89 (Remote host closed the connection)
23:21:23copperthough obviously, one would not use a lossy codec (vorbis) for editing purposes
23:23:17greatwolfis there a tutorial or doc that covers the lua plugin api? I've look at various places like;a=blob_plain;f=apps/plugin.h and but there's a lack of continuity; they don't really convey how the pieces fit together
23:23:39user01copper: thanks!
23:24:22greatwolflike for example, rb.yield, what exactly does that function do. under what contexts and assumptions can I call it under? etc.
23:24:34[Franklin]greatwolf: I'd suggest first you learn the C api
23:24:50[Franklin]see how that works, and much of that should carry over to lua
23:26:09greatwolfFranklin is there a more comprehensive C reference for the api I can look at? I think that can help
23:28:18[Franklin]and existing plugins
23:32:51[Franklin]lua is really useless, TBH
23:33:33greatwolfwhy's that
23:33:49[Franklin]it's slow
23:33:54*gevaerts recommends not always taking [Franklin]'s opinions too seriously
23:33:54[Franklin]and incomplete right now
23:34:02[Franklin]gevaerts: true...
23:34:15[Franklin]but first, look at the C api
23:35:01[Franklin]but really, you'll need to understand the api, i.e. rb->yield
23:35:15[Franklin]before you can write any useful plugins, in any language
23:35:28greatwolfbut isn't lua just using the underlying bindings to the C api? why would it be that much slower than writing the plugin in C
23:35:49[Franklin]because its interpreted
23:35:59[Franklin]and uses a lot of memory
23:36:56 Quit byteframe (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:39:42greatwolfFranklin I was hoping there's some kind of reference that covers each of the functions in the C api. the plugin.h doesn't have as much comments covering that as I'd hope
23:40:57greatwolflike rb.yield, I see it declared as a function pointer but there's nothing explaining, what it's effects and behavior are, assumptions it makes etc. where would I find this information?
23:41:48[Franklin]greatwolf: look at other plugins
23:42:13[Franklin]and ask people
23:45:43 Quit sakax (Remote host closed the connection)
23:52:43 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:52:55 Quit RiDD (Quit: A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.)
23:54:55 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0/20141117202603])
23:55:04 Join RiDD [0] (
23:55:16 Quit RiDD (Client Quit)
23:55:51 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

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