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#rockbox log for 2014-11-23

00:15:33[Franklin]bertrik: thanks!
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00:27:41[Franklin]bertrik: it's still got a ways to go before it's git-quality
00:27:52[Franklin]sound is broken
00:28:13[Franklin]no vertical stride/gray/mono support yet
00:28:26[Franklin]and it's crawling slow on some targets
00:28:53[Franklin]but other that that, it's great! :D
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01:16:30[Franklin]mutex_unlock->wrong thread (scroll != main)
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01:38:26[Franklin]foolsh: the sim keeps stopping (not crashing) with the aforementioned message
01:39:07[Franklin]which is really weird
01:41:16[Franklin]in kernel/mutex.c, there's a comment saying "unlocker not being the owner is an unlocking violation"
01:42:00[Franklin]which means that the thread that's unlocking it isn't the same as the one that's locking it
01:42:03[Franklin]but it's not
01:42:08[Franklin]there's no threads in xworld whatsoever
01:48:04[Franklin]oh wait... there are!
01:48:08[Franklin]with the sound
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02:34:08[Franklin]foolsh: could you do me a favor and test the latest patch set's sound?
02:34:35[Franklin]for instance, see if it crashes after a while :)
02:34:48[Franklin]even on the main menu
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03:35:08saratogadid anyone want to look at g#922 before i push?
03:35:11fs-bluebotGerrit review #922 at : three new DSPs by Chiwen Chang
03:35:18saratogait looks good to me and i'd like to get it in
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10:46:13ppqhi there. i have a sandisk sansa clip+ with rockbox 3.13 and a samsung 32gb class 6 micro sd with fat32. 5-10% of the time the sd is not recognized on boot. a reboot fixes it for the moment. is this a known issue?
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11:05:46foolshppq: Try using a development build 3.13 is ancient,
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11:26:42ppqfoolsh, ok
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11:59:40ppqfoolsh, the sd is still not recognized sometimes
12:11:07foolshppq: Ok, just hang out then, pamaury would know more about it, but he's seems busy this weekend, but someone else may speak up
12:12:23foolshyou may want to repeat your qeury in a few hours, so those joining the channel can catch it
12:16:48ppqfoolsh, thanks, but that will not be necessary, i just found out the sd card is the problem. with another one everything works fine. :)
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12:17:41foolshppq: glad to hear that everything is ok :)
12:18:50alexbobpppq: I remember having a similar problem back in the day, and with several microsd cards... none of them were even that big... I had the problem with 8gb cards even
12:18:55alexbobpfor what it's worth
12:22:33gevaertsppq: if the card works fine in other devices, it could still be a rockbox issue
12:28:08alexbobpI am pretty sure it is. When I had the issue, it was with multiple cards which all worked fine in other devices
12:36:39ppqgevaerts, i just checked, similar problems on other devices. definitely the sd
12:37:38ppqthanks for the help, guys. bye :)
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12:38:03gevaertsalexbobp: always worth verifying :)
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12:51:30foolshare the HiFi E.T class players in active develpment? Or perhaps I should ask does anyone mind if I finish the sim defines at what not?
12:52:03alexbobpoh interesting, I guess ppq's situation was different from mine
12:52:26alexbobpmy issues were a while back so those were probably real bugs but very well might be fixed by now
12:53:26foolshsomeone should say it "yea \o/ it was the SD card this time!!!"
12:55:52alexbobpyeah \o/ it was the sd card this time!
12:56:06*alexbobp throws a not rockbox' fault party
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17:41:12joshconsoleHas anyone ever tried to DJ with a Rockbox on any format?
17:41:44joshconsoleIt struck me that with a couple of Sansa clips and a pocket mixer you would have an amazingly small party setup
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18:50:59foolsh[Franklin]: o/
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18:51:08foolshhere's what I got
18:51:16[Franklin]it worked!?
18:51:18 Join JdGordon [0] (
18:51:28foolshthe fuze+ yes sound works, no it does not crash
18:51:41[Franklin]well, all the better then!
18:52:01foolshyes the sound is aweful sounding but this is true when it plays in dosbox too
18:52:02[Franklin]let me try in the sim again
18:52:20foolshit does not compile for the e200, and I have no idea why
18:52:38foolsh‘cpu’ undeclared (first use in this function)
18:52:53[Franklin]oh, it's the timer code
18:53:44foolshyth esound also continues to play while in the menu
18:53:51foolshthe sound*
18:54:34[Franklin]yeah, that's an issue :)
18:54:57[Franklin]should be an easy fix, though
18:54:58foolshif I let the fuze+ sit awhile, input becomes unresponsive until a few seconds of input is made, then everything is back to normal, not sure thats an issue though
18:55:14[Franklin]just stop audio before menu
18:55:15foolshwhile in game that is
18:55:23[Franklin]foolsh: weird
18:55:38foolshIt maybe the touch pad driver
18:55:45foolshit acts wierd sometimes
18:55:59[Franklin]ok it needs to be 'CPU'
18:56:12[Franklin]test on e200 after I get it fixed
18:56:29[Franklin]btw, did you get the info about the mutex?
18:56:34[Franklin]the web-based mutex?
18:57:13foolshbut i lost it
18:58:12[Franklin]also, this new change might increase fps a bit, too
19:05:10[Franklin]foolsh: it "crashes" in the sim after a while
19:06:16[Franklin]for some reason, the thread that's locking a mutex!=the thread that unlocks it
19:06:16[Franklin]which is really weird
19:06:20foolshhow long is a while?
19:06:37[Franklin]it depends
19:06:49[Franklin]on what I #define NBSAMPLES as
19:07:09[Franklin]it seems that some operations are colliding with the sound, which is weird
19:07:21[Franklin]because they're synced with a mutex
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19:09:19foolshalso you still have the apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES file changes
19:09:51foolshshould I try set 99?
19:10:15[Franklin]set what?
19:10:28foolshpatch set sorry
19:11:28[Franklin]first let me undo the changes to sources
19:11:38[Franklin]btw, it's patch set 100!
19:11:52foolsh\o/ woooo yeeeaaa
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19:14:51[Franklin]ok, patch set 100!
19:15:08*[Franklin] wonders what the record for patch sets is
19:16:59*foolsh had a script that crawled the rockbox gerrit tasks and pulled them in to his redmine at one time
19:17:07foolshthen I got banned
19:17:31foolshto many failures
19:17:31foolshfail2ban I bet
19:18:29*[Franklin] tries it
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19:24:00[Franklin]foolsh: it uses too much javascript
19:24:05[Franklin]too hard to do
19:24:37foolshI queried it throught the git:// interface
19:25:01foolshgave it a for loop and start scraping
19:25:07foolshgot banned
19:25:23[Franklin]how to do it via git://?
19:28:20foolsh this the current state of the script not sure it works anymore, I used for something else awhile back
19:31:13foolshAlright it comples and runs onthe e200, but I can't test the sound until I repair the player :) I forgot the head phone jack broke loose from the board
19:31:33foolshIt happened a lot onthe e200s
19:31:56foolshbut it compiles and runs so there's that
19:32:08[Franklin]and no crashes?
19:32:18 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
19:36:13foolshlet play for a minute
19:37:05foolshfast mode on the e200 is nice
19:37:14foolsh~20 fps
19:39:30foolshbut still to fast in some areas on fast, neds a varible speed srtting like you suggested 100% 125% 150% MAX or somehthing but nope no crashes
19:42:01 Quit [Franklin] (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
19:42:38 Join [Franklin] [0] (
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19:44:54 Join JdGordon_ [0] (
19:45:33foolshstill no crashes
19:45:37 Join RiD [0] (
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19:49:25[Franklin]foolsh: ok then it works on hardware
19:49:44[Franklin]still, I'm not sure why it doesn't work all the time in sim
19:50:29[Franklin]btw, this task has the most patch sets, *EVER*
19:55:19 Quit michaelni (Read error: Connection timed out)
19:55:39 Join Natanelho [0] (d59731ab@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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20:00:30Natanelhocan someone explain me how to configurate the menu of rockbox?
20:00:53[Franklin]Natanelho: plugins->applications->main_menu_config
20:00:58[Franklin]or something like that
20:01:01[Saint]Our fine manual can
20:01:24copperSua santità!
20:01:25Natanelhoi have the stable version so i dont have the plugin
20:01:42[Saint]then afaik you don't have the ability either.
20:01:43Natanelhocan someone send me the manual>
20:01:47copperput something like this in your config.cfg: root menu order: bookmarks, files, database, wps, settings, playlists, plugins, system_menu, shortcuts,
20:01:59[Saint]3.13 is fekkin' _ancient_.
20:02:09copperand who's fault is that :P
20:02:12[Saint]I'm fairly sure that feature post dates it.
20:02:25[Franklin]Natanelho: umm... no
20:02:25[Saint]by some probably large margin
20:02:30foolsh[Franklin]: the sim's crashing was introduced with the threading needed by sound, perhaps it just does strange things on PC hardware
20:03:00[Franklin]you can download it yourself
20:03:11[Franklin]Natanelho: the manual
20:03:13[Saint]TL;DR: your build is almost certainly too old
20:03:15Natanelhodownload what?
20:03:35[Franklin]Natanelho: you can download the manual by yourself
20:03:44[Franklin]you don't need someone to send it to you :P
20:03:44Natanelhowhat manual?
20:03:53Natanelhowich manual?
20:03:55[Franklin]the fine rockbox manual
20:04:14[Franklin]read it, it's gold
20:04:51[Saint](but its worth pointing out that there will be some discrepencies, because your build is truly _ancient_)
20:05:08 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
20:05:18copperold, obsolete, deprecated
20:05:21Natanelhois there a way to config the database menu?
20:05:33[Saint]manual. read it.
20:05:43 Join natanelho1 [0] (d59731ab@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
20:05:47[Saint]it knows all, and sees all.
20:05:50[Saint]'tis the oracle.
20:06:19 Quit Natanelho (Quit: Page closed)
20:06:52natanelho1wooow!!!! thanks!!!
20:06:53copperwiki redirection non-sense still there
20:06:54 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
20:07:00coppermakes me want to kill myself
20:07:19[Saint]doooooooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
20:07:25*[Saint] is the voic of reason
20:07:32[Saint]*voice, too
20:08:25coppercan one _die_ from excessive head-desking?
20:09:41*natanelho1 hi
20:09:43copper80 kg * 9.81 m.s-2
20:10:20*natanelho1 is very happy because people here helped him
20:10:45[Saint]ah, blargh, shows how much attention I payed to physics.
20:11:00[Saint]its mass /times/ acceleration.
20:12:03[Saint]a sufficiently fit or fast moving human should be able to crush their own skull with their own mass from some rough numbers.
20:12:18[Saint]but, I have no idea why I'm working out this morbib crap lol..
20:13:05[Saint]it'd be more efficient to snap your own neck using your body weight as leverage.
20:13:35*[Saint] creates #rockbox-suicide-physics
20:19:44DBUGEnqueued KICK natanelho1
20:19:54 Quit mikroflops (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
20:21:30natanelho1how to make playlists?
20:23:35[Franklin]read. the. manual.
20:23:39 Join mikroflops [0] (~yogurt@
20:26:38 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
20:36:44natanelho1how to make playlists from the pc?
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20:50:38[Franklin]foolsh: it is weird, though, the sim crashing
20:56:37 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:00:40 Join Synergist [0] (~synfn@
21:00:41 Quit Synergist (Changing host)
21:00:41 Join Synergist [0] (~synfn@unaffiliated/synergist)
21:03:01foolsh[Franklin]: yeah it is, but of little consequence, it is almost finished
21:03:46[Franklin]it's got gray/mono support
21:03:56[Franklin]and vertical stride support to go
21:04:16foolshtrue there are keymaps for some targets already
21:04:37[Franklin]yeah, I think I'll get working on grayscale support now
21:06:12 Quit natanelho1 (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
21:07:13foolshits a bad ass game on the fuze+ target, can't wait to *need* it one day out of boredom in a bus or train ;)
21:08:53foolshjust have to save it afer the code input screen before leaving the house ;)
21:09:09CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:09:09*foolsh might impliment multiple save slots
21:09:32*[Franklin] is no UX expert
21:10:39*[Franklin] can't seem to get past the slugs :)
21:11:39foolshth eslugs are cake compared to the laser firing aliens
21:11:43[Franklin]even skipping to the second level, I can't get past the second guard
21:11:52[Franklin]the first one's easy
21:12:07foolshyeah, he's hard
21:12:35foolshcreate a force field
21:12:45foolshthen step inside it a little
21:12:51foolshthen fire at the aliens
21:13:23[Franklin]"step inside it"?
21:13:57foolshso when you fire, your gun in on the other side
21:14:41foolshand keep creating force feilds unti lthe alien hcks the control panel
21:14:52 Quit Synergist (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
21:25:09 Join trampel [0] (
21:34:18[Franklin]foolsh: I guess the crashes in the sim could be due to multiprocessor?
21:34:32[Franklin]is there any way to force code to be run on a single processor?
21:36:54foolshthat's a question for gevaerts I bet
21:37:58*[Franklin] summons the almightly gevaerts
21:48:25foolsh[Franklin]: We can axe apps/plugins/xworld/README.newraw too
21:50:38foolsh[Franklin]: I feel Éric Chahi should be mentioned by name in the credits, this game represents years of work by him in the first place
21:52:18[Franklin]and then the "newRaw and xworld teams"
21:52:30[Franklin]so where?
21:54:13 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
21:54:14foolshuhmmm chronological order makes sense... I guess
21:54:40[Franklin]but where?
21:54:45[Franklin]the 1st or second credits section?
21:55:48[Franklin]how about "The Another World team (Eric Chahi and others)"?
21:56:06foolshoh yeah that's noce
21:56:13[Franklin]because it wasn't 100% him
21:56:23[Franklin]then the NewRAW team
21:56:24*foolsh suddenly aquired a jersy accent
21:56:28 Quit y4n (Quit: PÆNTS ØLF!)
21:56:41foolshok then
21:56:49foolshI like that
21:57:03[Franklin]and then "The fabnother world team"
21:57:11*foolsh nods
21:57:30[Franklin]Fabother World, actually
21:57:35 Join TurtleSoup [0] (49351d47@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:58:46[Franklin]also list Piotr Padkowski as the newraw author
21:59:32TurtleSoupHey all, would anyone know if a rockbox'd Sansa Clip would support SDXC cards?
21:59:45TurtleSoupor are SDXC not compatible with the SDHC slots
21:59:59[Franklin]how's it formatted?
22:00:16 Part trampel ("Leaving")
22:00:26TurtleSouperm... not sure what you mean by formatted
22:00:33TurtleSoupFAT32 I think? if that's what you're asking
22:01:00TurtleSoupyeah, looks like both on-board and expansion are FAT32
22:01:44copperSDXC cards are exFAT by default
22:02:00copperand yes, Rockbox supports SDXC cards formatted as FAT32
22:02:24*foolsh tries to remember that for the future
22:05:13 Join bluebrother^ [0] (
22:05:13TurtleSoupwould the microSDHC slot support microSDXC?
22:05:13 Quit bluebrother^ (Changing host)
22:05:13 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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22:07:04[Franklin]TurtleSoup: I think so
22:07:31TurtleSoupalright. I read a forum post on this a while back but couldn't seem to find it again. thanks guys!
22:07:46 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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22:19:17foolsh[Franklin]: an option to turn off the sound might be a nice feature to have
22:23:49 Join Synergist [0] (
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22:42:08foolsh[Franklin]: \o
22:42:14 Nick foolsh is now known as foolzzzz (
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23:08:53[Franklin]gevaerts: so would it be legal to include xworld in rockbox?
23:09:08 Quit TheLemonMan (Remote host closed the connection)
23:14:14 Join Jinx [0] (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx)
23:24:02saratogai don't think there is a legality problem with the Xworld stuff so long as the code is properly licensed, the data files couldn't be distributed by us however
23:24:21saratogathe game is abandonwear right?
23:25:25coppernot exactly
23:25:38saratogahuh i guess not, although it does look like they don't seem to mind a lot of unofficial ports
23:25:41 Quit RiD (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:25:42copperit's been re-released, ported and adapted a bunch of times
23:25:51[Franklin]and no one'
23:25:55[Franklin]and no one's been sued... yet
23:26:08 Join RiD [0] (
23:26:31[Franklin]the code is all GPL
23:26:38saratogai don't think they'd be able to sue since we aren't distributing their material
23:26:58saratogabut if they asked us not to it might be a good idea to comply given that they are selling the original still
23:27:15[Franklin]yeah, exactly
23:27:37[Franklin]all the game technically is is a GPL'ed bytecode interpreter
23:27:44saratogai doubt they care though given how few people would run it on an mp3 player, and the real possibility that trying to run it on a 1" screen might encourage a few people to buy it on a modern console
23:28:28saratogaanyone seen kugel lately? I messaged him asking what he thought about the DX50 clean up but haven't heard back
23:28:44saratogait looks ok to me but I remember he wanted to look at the original port before it was committed.
23:29:16 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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