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#rockbox log for 2014-11-25

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00:04:12[Franklin]foolsh: I fixed sound in the latest patch set
00:04:15[Franklin]it's working nicely now
00:04:21[Franklin]no noise, whatsoever
00:04:25[Franklin]just like the PC version
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00:05:41[Franklin]you can't turn it off yet
00:05:48[Franklin]and it plays in the menu :)
00:10:59foolshI'll give a go inthe morning :) bout to slip into bed
00:13:21[Franklin]it's worth it
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02:56:34[Franklin]what would be the optimum number of samples to give rockbox at a time?
02:56:46[Franklin]if it's too large it uses too much memory, and short sounds might be missed
02:57:04[Franklin]but if it's too small, it creates unneccessary overhead, and it seems to crash the sim
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14:01:36Ivoah15% of the time I try to boot my iPod Classic 4th gen grayscale into rockbox it complains about not being able to find ipod.bin or rockbox.bin, what could be wrong?
14:04:19copperdying HDD?
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14:20:08IvoahThat is probably it, before when I was trying to do stuff with it, it seemed like the HD just died completely, but I let it sit for about a month and it works not
14:21:17wodzthat or loose hdd flex cable
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14:33:58IvoahI'm trying to build the uisimulator, 'make' gives this error: make: *** No rule to make target `/Users/ivo/Desktop/rockbox/build-dir/endian.h', needed by `/Users/ivo/Desktop/rockbox/build-dir/apps/action.o'.
14:34:05IvoahI'm on a mac
14:44:51foolshIvoah: tricky question, I would say you need to install a library _if_ you were using linux, hmmmm...
14:45:01foolshtry this
14:45:03IvoahI have sdl installed
14:45:41foolshrockbox is looking for a system call supplied by your OS
14:47:13foolshreading into that link "Xcode on OS X does not install the command-line tools by default." sounds likely
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14:53:45IvoahI have the commandline tools installed already
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14:55:34IvoahIt also never said it was missing, just that it didn't know how to make it
15:01:21foolshthat would mean it can't find your systems endian.h header file, this I'm possitive about, but it looks like osx puts it into <machine/endian.h> instead of <endian.h>
15:02:31foolshthis is unfortunatly as far as I can help, it gets very mac centric and I'm not a mac user
15:11:39IvoahWhat file should I edit to change to machine/endian.h?
15:17:28foolshevery #include <endian.h>
15:18:10foolshi see 7 files
15:18:56foolsh./firmware/include/rbendian.h:#include <endian.h>
15:19:39foolshis a core dependancey
15:19:50foolshthe others a target specific
15:20:47foolsh./lib/rbcodec/rbcodecplatform-unix.h:#include <endian.h>
15:21:07foolshthose two may build the sim
15:26:01Ivoahthanks foolsh
15:27:11foolshdid that work?
15:31:13IvoahI haven't tried it yet
15:32:16pixelmaalso Ivoah, do you build in a clean directory or one which was used as a target build dir (for your Ipod) before?
15:33:52foolsh./lib/rbcodec/codecs/libgme/blargg_endian.h:#include <endian.h> and ./lib/rbcodec/test/warble.c:#include <endian.h>
15:34:03foolshare the next two I would suspect
15:34:25foolshbut the rest I don't see how
15:34:59IvoahI'm just making it in a Debian VM
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15:44:47IvoahDoes rockbox use ipodlinux?
15:45:52user890104it's a separate codebase
15:46:00 Join mc2739 [0] (~mc2739@rockbox/developer/mc2739)
15:46:16Ivoahbut is it running linux under the hood?
15:46:23user890104it may have some bits of ipodlinux for the PortalPlayer-based ipods
15:46:39user890104no, it's a separate operating system, built from the scratch
15:46:53user890104own task scheduler, own drivers, etc.
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20:20:59pamaurywodz: I have not spotted anything suspicious in the samsung yp-cp3 lua code yet
20:21:19pamaurydid you check the data "scrambling" function of the lcd to be sure ?
20:25:30pamaurywodz: I think the code would be simpler if you define field inside the registers
20:26:31wodzand yes, I checked that function several times
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20:28:16pamaurywodz: the simplest option to debug is probably to write a little code with all lcd init, make sure it works, then comment say the first init line, do it in lua, check it works, and so on
20:30:17wodzthe problem is you cannot do init in arbitrary order. I could check commenting from the *end* however
20:31:34pamaurywodz: you can start from the beginning or the end, since you can load arbitrary code which returns, but yeah maybe it's simpler from the end
20:32:14wodzah, you mean load bin blob from hwstub_shell. I didn't think about that
20:32:45pamaurythis function is not coded at the moment but it would be pretty easy to implement
20:33:06pamaury(it would basically be copy and paste from hwstub_load)
20:34:10wodzpamaury, btw. I came across this - That would be SUPER POWER prototyping environment
20:34:26wodzI mean equivalent of hwstub_shell but with C
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20:38:58pamauryindeed, that seems a bit overkill though ^^
20:40:18wodzyeah, lua is fine. The only thing which pisses me is this bit32 thing instead of simple bit operators
20:42:07pamauryyeah it's a bit of pain, that's part of the reason why defining field in registers is useful: you can have hwstub_shell do all the bit operations for you
20:42:52wodzpamaury: could you give me an example?
20:44:35pamauryfor example you can do:
20:44:47pamauryit will do read-modify-write
20:45:10pamauryyou can also use .set() and .clr() for bits (and for wider fields it will clear/set all bits)
20:45:32pamauryyou can even do
20:45:33pamaurywhich is equivalent to field |= val mostly
20:45:38pamaurysame for clear
20:46:43pamaurysee for example lua/stmp/lcdif.lua
20:46:46pamaurythat's a good example
20:48:06wodzcan you use symbolic values of bitfields?
20:48:20wodz*can I*
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20:48:40pamauryI think, let me check
20:50:45pamauryhum no, I intended to do it like this: .write("value") but never implemented it, but I can do it if you want
20:51:08pamauryah wait yes it's implemented actually
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21:00:37wodzFor binary blob loading the only thing missing is wrapper to hwstub_jump(). Everything else can be coded in lua itself
21:02:01pamauryyes, and hwstub_call()
21:04:05wodzjump does not return, right?
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22:19:03wodzpamaury: in which table would you prefer to have jump/call? DEV or hwstub ?
22:20:13pamaurywodz: DEV is just a shortcut for, so I think it should be in{jump,call}
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22:37:41foolsh[Franklin]: Well done with xworld's sound, I'll have to disect what you did for myself this weekend and see if I can fix infones' sound
22:38:04[Franklin]it was a really simple issue, in fact
22:38:38[Franklin]even though the buffer passed to the mixer is signed, it places unsigned values in it
22:38:44[Franklin]I was treating it like it was signed
22:38:49[Franklin]which it wasn't
22:39:11[Franklin]I guess xworld is feature-complete now
22:39:42[Franklin]but it still crashes in the sim
22:39:45[Franklin]no idea why
22:40:14foolshdid you try taskset?
22:40:40[Franklin]nah, I don't want to mix unix code in with rockbox code
22:40:45[Franklin]it's confusing
22:40:54[Franklin]but probably there's a rockbox way to do it
22:42:37foolshnono, taskset works by calling it from the command line "taskset -c0 ./rockboxui" or something lke that
22:42:53foolshbut it works on target like a champ
22:42:58foolshso no worries
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22:43:30[Franklin]let's try
22:43:36[Franklin]no luck
22:43:45foolshlol oh well
22:44:38[Franklin]yep, still that same bug
22:44:57[Franklin]probably I'll need to ask gevaerts :)
22:45:02wodz[Franklin]: to gdb the sim you can pass −−sdl-threads to configure
22:45:43wodzthere are other ways (you can tell gdb to ignore some signals for example)
22:46:16[Franklin]it's line 77 of firmware/kernel/mutex.c
22:46:41[Franklin]is it possible to have two different threads running one function?
22:46:51[Franklin]like the main thread executes one half
22:46:57[Franklin]and the scroll thread does the other?
22:47:11[Franklin]'cause that's what it seems like is happening
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22:55:17[Franklin]wodz: how can I find the name of the current thread?
22:55:55wodzdon't know
22:58:36[Franklin]hmm... this is weird
23:00:14wodzI am lowlevel guy sorry
23:00:42[Franklin]this is lowlevel to me :P
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23:05:49wodzpamaury: your advice was very helpful - I found that one quite small function causes lcd init to fail. lcd init sequence works correctly from lua
23:06:07pamaurycool :)
23:06:22pamauryDon't forget to put the code on gerrit !
23:07:20wodzyeah, I will
23:07:49wodzpamaury: BTW. the guy from capstone asked me if you are intending to post patch for synci upstream?
23:08:08pamauryah yeah, completely forgot about that, thanks for the reminder
23:08:30pamauryI'll post it tomorrow, poke me again in doubt ;)
23:09:03*pamaury goes to bed
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23:26:42[Franklin]foolsh: I'll just take out the check and see what happens
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