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#rockbox log for 2014-11-26

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00:19:01[Saint]I hate it when you realize that, from the perspective of someone else, a 'simple' task really isn't quite so simple.
00:19:15coppersounds familiar
00:20:04[Saint]I'm writing out a begging-to-end walkthrough for compiing Rockbox for Android on debian-esque systems
00:20:20[Saint]Not touching OSX with a bargepole.
00:20:30[Saint]Though its feasible.
00:21:46[Saint]With all the instruction required to initialize the build environment, the actual 'compile Rockbox' part seems hilariously anticlimactic.
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00:23:14[Saint]The difficult part about this is breaking it down to an absolute step-by-step and making sure I don't make any assumptions about the environment.
00:23:25[Saint]well, none too drastic, anyway.
00:25:23[Saint]One minute you're writing a compilation guide for Rockbox, the next minute you're explaining how to check your usergroups and how to add your user to plugdev, and how to make sure your user can access a device over USB using the adb protocol...
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00:26:39[Saint]I feel like I should scrap a few parts of it and just add a disclaimer to the effect of "Not using a modern distro? Well, ...fuck off"
00:27:51[Saint]then I could get rid of the "Oh noes! wtf is multiarch and why does my ancient broke-ass distro need ia32-libs?" section.
00:30:52[Saint]Docs are hard, yo.
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01:45:50IvoahDoes chex quest work with the doom plugin?
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02:09:43[Franklin]Ivoah: I've tried, no
02:10:02IvoahBummer, why not?
02:11:25[Franklin]I wasn't really determined, though
02:11:53[Franklin]all it should take is an extra WAD menu entry in rockdoom.c
02:12:33[Franklin]Ivoah: but hey, if you're tired of doom, try Another World!
02:12:39IvoahWhat's that?
02:14:16[Franklin]btw, there's sound now, too :)
02:14:40Ivoahdoes it work on the grayscale models?
02:14:46[Franklin]not yet, sorry
02:14:51[Franklin]but I'm working on it
02:15:41IvoahSomeone should port cave story/nx-engine to rockbox
02:15:52[Franklin]the best person to do it is you ;))
02:16:21[Franklin]sure, you might get someone else interested in it... but in general, if *you* want it, *you* need to do it! ;)
02:16:58[Franklin](that someone might just be me)
02:17:54[Franklin]aww... now I'm interested in it
02:18:07[Franklin]... and distracted for working on grayscale support :)
02:42:04[Franklin]hey, don't you guys think it's time for version 3.14/4.0?
02:44:42[Franklin]it's almost been 2 years since 3.13
02:45:30[Franklin]it was 5 months between 3.12-3.13
02:46:07[Franklin]5 months between 3.11.2-3.12
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02:56:48[Franklin]but almost 3 years between 2.5-3.0
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04:49:42[Saint]Don't you think its about time someone stopped suggesting we release?
04:50:06[Saint]If wanting or needing to make a release were the only criteria to consider, there'd be no issue.
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16:11:17pamaurywodz (logs): for information, the llvm patch is out there: I guess I have yet to find some reviewers, or maybe one will volunteer when he sees it on the mailing list
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17:28:03wodzmortalis: have you seen recent ma and hifiman forum posts? The screen garbage and loud scrambled sound seems common.
17:28:48mortaliswodz: no, I'll take a look
17:29:23wodzmortalis:,48658.0.html and,48675.msg230556.html#msg230556
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17:44:28[Franklin]lol... I keep typing "palette" as "pallete" which is leading to tons of errors
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18:02:40fredscalHello everyone. I need help in installing Rockbox to a custom 512Gb iPod 5.5, from Windows. I've tried the installer, it didn't recognize the partition system. I tried re-partitioning, re-formating the device (googling how to format HFS under Windows) and now the "mount point is not writeable". I'm afraid I made a mess of things, what can I do. I'm only a helf-geek, not a technical genius.
18:03:19fredscala "hAlf-geek" - sorry
18:08:48franklinfredscal: I don't think it's got to be HFS
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18:16:59[Franklin]foolsh: good news!
18:17:14[Franklin]turning off debug logging leads to a 100x increase in FPS!
18:17:24[Franklin]in sim, at least
18:34:09foolsh[Franklin]: I've been running them without logging, fast mode on the old e200 runs a little under 20fps, and a little over 20fps on the fuz+ normal mode
18:34:25foolshbut I think there's a regression
18:34:45foolshthe input feels laggy and unresponsive some times
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18:34:57*[Franklin] has noticed that in the sim
18:35:13foolshI believe it happened whenthe timing code was changed
18:35:43foolsha change I don't think yeilds much performance increase
18:35:57[Franklin]so I'll disable it
18:37:06[Franklin]I've been working on grayscale support recently
18:37:14copperThe Pono player is out!
18:37:34copperneeds moar Rockbox
18:40:02[Franklin]it's got... 3 buttons?
18:40:30copperand a touchscreen display
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18:40:54copperit's Neil Young's audiophool initiative, remember?
18:41:55[Franklin]192KHz, 24-bit!?
18:42:14copperalso, straight up FLAC
18:42:24[Franklin]that's half a megabyte a second
18:44:38[Franklin]losslessly compressed, maybe half a megabyte every 2 seconds
18:44:42[Franklin]I don't see the point
18:44:57[Franklin]and plus, it's ~$400
18:48:36[Franklin]MP3 is fine with me
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20:07:29amayerit doesnt look like it would fit in your pocket very well... being a triangle and all
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21:25:26[Saint]amayer: make a loose fist, and then look at the shape made by the void inside your palm.
21:25:31[Saint]that's the idea.
21:25:44[Saint]also - so it can sit on a desk and show your friends how hip you are.
21:28:38amayerSaint: how often do I actually hold my media player? 99% of the time its either on my desk or in my pocket. I do like that it would make me look hip tho.
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22:09:09wodzpamaury: did you get a chance to look at call/jump patch?
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22:10:07pamaurywodz: yes, it looks fine afaict
22:10:23pamauryI understand that you tested it ?
22:10:57wodzit works on ATJ
22:11:14wodzdidn't try on arm
22:12:27pamauryok, well if it works on ATJ it will work on ARM except if hwstub is broken, which is not related to this commit anyway
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22:15:42wodzpamaury: One question, I forgot to attach lua file for loading bin blob. Should I attach one? Where? in separate file (like load_blob.lua) or add this code to some hwstub_shell library if there is any?
22:16:28pamauryhum, I would put it in lua/load_blob.lua, and require it in lua/load.lua
22:16:31wodzpamaury: I crafted this
22:16:38pamaurydon't forget to document it
22:17:24wodzThat was my another question. Where to document this?
22:18:55pamaurywodz: maybe add some help like I did in other files
22:19:11pamauryotherwise I'd say the prototype is fairly obvious from the code so that's ok
22:20:56wodzok, I'll augment gerrit task.
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22:34:21wodzpamaury: maybe we should introduce new table for helper functions? like HWLIB or something?
22:34:54pamaurywodz: indeed, that sounds like a good idea
22:35:11wodzcurrently everything is nicely structured and this load_blob doesn't fit well anywhere
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22:52:01wodzpamaury: qeditor doesn't want to connect when hwstub_shell is running. I remember you could have connected both utils at the same time
22:52:58pamauryyeah I tried and it used to work...err except maybe hwstub library claims the interface so in theory I doubt it should work, thus I wonder how it ever worked :D
22:53:45wodzI am 100% sure it worked before
22:53:54wodzI used this 'feature'
22:54:23pamauryI'll check that
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22:57:06clarkkguys, what is the max flash memory size and max database size that rockbox supports, and where will I find this in the docs, please?
22:58:06wodzfat32 is the limit here
22:58:14pamauryclarkk: max memory size is probably most probably limited by the file system
22:58:14[Franklin]so 4G per file
22:58:33pamauryrockbox works with harddrives of several hundreds of MB
22:58:42gevaerts*GB :)
22:58:48pamauryyeah ;)
22:58:50[Franklin]or MB :P
22:59:15[Franklin]with a modded player, MB
22:59:25[Franklin]likely an SSD though :P
22:59:25clarkkis there anything I need to consider when installing a 128GB flash disk to a player? Will rockbox support it?
22:59:25pamauryI'm not sure database has a limit per se, I *think* the processing uses a constant amount of RAM, you just need to space on storage to store de database obviously
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23:27:57 Part mirak ("Ex-Chat")
23:39:51[Franklin]foolsh: I can't seem to figure out grayscale
23:40:08[Franklin]sound's working, but the pixels are spaced out
23:40:28[Franklin]it's like there's one pixel drawn for every 4 on the screen
23:45:56wodz[Franklin]: grey target has various weird pixel formats like vertically/horizontally packed
23:46:20*wodz needs go to bed
23:46:56[Franklin]wodz: I'm testing ipod1g/2g
23:47:03[Franklin]which is horizontally packed
23:47:35wodzright, remember that lcd needs only 2bits per pixel so it packs 4pixels in byte
23:47:47 Quit Jinx (Quit: reboot)
23:47:53[Franklin]thank you wodz!
23:48:08[Franklin]though this will certainly make implementation tricky
23:48:35wodzvertically packed is more fun :P
23:49:14 Quit benedikt93 (Quit: Bye ;))
23:50:04[Franklin]wodz: I suppose I could use lcd_drawpixel
23:50:09[Franklin]slow, but it'd work
23:50:40[Franklin]wodz: so if LCD_WIDTH < 8, use lcd_drawpixel?
23:50:58[Franklin]otherwise, use lcd_bitmap or just copy it directly to the fb, right?
23:51:57wodzBut how do you plan to 'flatten' pallete? 'Normal' plugins use greylib which emulates 127 shades by time accurate dithering
23:52:14[Franklin]forget that for now
23:52:30[Franklin]for now, I'll take a weighted average of RGB values
23:52:48[Franklin](green has more weight then red which has more weight than blue)
23:53:13wodzwith 4 colors you can't do much to simulate 16 colors pallete
23:53:19 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:54:03wodzI'd say it is not worth the effort. leave it as color only game
23:58:16[Franklin]hmm, really?
23:58:45wodzthat is my sole opinion

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