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#rockbox log for 2014-11-28

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10:11:47funmanDMA transfer sizes changed?
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17:41:12[Franklin]is there a key to take a screendump of the simulator screen?
17:42:24pamaury[Franklin]: probably, but I guess you need to look at the source because I don't know where it (if) is written on the wiki or manual
17:42:34copperfroggyman: keypad 0
17:42:42[Franklin]copper: [!!!
17:42:52copperI meant [Franklin]
17:43:00pamaury says F5 or keypad 0
17:43:13[Franklin]ah ok :)
17:43:41[Franklin]well, I can finally make screenshots for the sim now :)
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17:52:05[Franklin]what would be the technical term for how many samples I give rockbox each time it requests more?
17:56:10pamaury[Franklin]: sample rate ?
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17:58:36[Franklin]as in:
17:59:06[Franklin] line 719
17:59:58pamauryah, well buffer size
18:00:34pamaurymaybe buffer level
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19:30:08wodzpamaury: I'd like to commit hwstub work from gerrit later today. Any objections?
19:32:10pamaurywodz: no, it looks good to me, and you are a better judge than me for the rk/atj specific parts
19:32:32pamauryI need to go, I'll be back in half an hour and we can discuss the issue with hwstub multiple users
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19:33:20foolsh[Franklin]: grep -R triangle ./rockbox/apps/plugins/lib
19:35:15foolshcircles should be easy as calling a fill, with some masking and pi in the math somewhere
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19:52:02gevaertspetur: do you have sdl installed properly?
19:52:17peturI was just looking into it
19:52:39peturI see it was complaining there was no result build
19:52:48gevaertsIt doesn't find sdl-config
19:53:10gevaertsThat's in the libsdl1.2-dev package on debian-likes
19:54:14peturI should probably try a build here too :)
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20:01:51peturgevaerts: fixed
20:03:14peturI like how it almost beats the machines of roolku, even if it has a way lower upload link
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20:49:41wodzpetur: Your homepc is misconfigured (lacking SDL but advertising so)
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20:50:17wodzah, too late
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21:29:15ikeboyI was reading about hacking micro-sd cards over at, and I was wondering if they could be exploited by rockbox to improve performance on slow devices. You have a 100MHZ processor to work with
21:29:29ikeboyOr am I just crazy?
21:32:28gevaertsI suspect you might be :)
21:32:33gevaertsStill, go for it!
21:32:52foolshikeboy: that would be a feat of brillance if someone were to pull it off, good luck, and god's speed
21:34:09ikeboyThe question is whether the delay of sending data over to be processed makes the whole thing worthless
21:34:48ikeboyDoes rockbox tend to do things that can be easily "cloudified" like that a lot?
21:36:07gevaertsI think it's going to be tricky
21:36:49wodzI don't see easy use of this. The biggest problem is data to be processed. I bet this mcus in SD do not have plenty of ram
21:38:00wodz100MHz '51 isn't good target for our needs (arm might be but still this is comparable to our lowend PP devices).
21:39:37wodzand finally it is worth to mention we use COP in PP only in a few places.
21:40:33ikeboyI liked the idea in one of the comments, to implement truecrypt on it
21:40:51gevaertsWhat it needs is an APE decoder
21:40:58ikeboyalthough if you're not sending a password, then it's stored on device, and is kind of useless
21:41:29gevaertsThen send a password!
21:45:32ikeboyany plans to support truecrypt in rockbox?
21:45:43ikeboyHow hard would it be to port that?
21:46:27gevaertsThe primary purpose is still audio playing. Does something like truecrypt fit in that?
21:46:28wodzikeboy: you are welcomed to try :-)
21:47:03ikeboyof course! no one can see what you are playing.
21:47:33ikeboyinteresting ... this guy claims to have done it (no details of course)
21:47:34gevaertsApart from that, if you don't need loads of dynamic memory allocation, something like an encrypted loopback block device should be fairly straightforward (apart from implementing the crypto securely, of course!)
21:48:12wodzI'd say lots of non trivial work with rather limited use
21:49:31ikeboyI would so love such a feature.
21:53:58wodzyou know what - its opensource!!!
21:57:24ikeboyalthough it might be controlled by the NSA anyway, as it was mysteriously shut down.
21:58:25ikeboy Like anyone believes that they decided to stop truecrypt because xp wasn't supported anymore
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21:59:21ikeboyCan't rockbox at least have a passcode lock feature, even if it can be disabled easily with a computer?
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22:03:11wodzwell whats the point of security feature which is unsecure? Not speaking about how impractical it would be to enter passcode with devices not designed to do this feasibly
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22:21:32peturI guess you could not connect over USB unless a PIN was entered, but then you would need to remove the original firmware and recovery SW to block access via alternate ways
22:21:53peturI remember PW protection of rockbox has been asked in the past
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22:34:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 227 seconds.
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22:40:24wodzreading logical number of packets in wrong byte order looks seriously broken :P
22:41:48 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:42:16saratogai do not understand that warning
22:42:31saratogait was ok to compare unsigned int and int, but not int and unsigned int64??
22:45:09wodzunsigned int64 - lovely oxymoron
22:45:28saratogaor rather int32 and uint64
22:45:52saratogabut yes that byte order mistake really surprised me
22:45:56saratogablame preglow :)
22:46:13wodza couple of // comments sneaked in
22:46:54wodzif it promotes int32 to int64 to do the comparision the warning have sense
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23:58:49saratogait sounds like there are some general storage problems on the rk27xx following the file system rework
23:58:58saratogamaybe there is some race condition in one of the drivers?

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