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#rockbox log for 2014-12-03

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00:06:17IvoahWhat is "internal_rom_000000-0FFFFF.bin" and why is it on my iPod?
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00:08:16gevaertsYou probably once played with the debug menu and selected "dump ROM"
00:09:13gevaertsWell, no "probably" about it, really :)
00:10:02Ivoahgevaerts: Thanks,
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01:19:02orzowould it be difficult to obtain a proprietary license for rockbox?
01:19:41[Franklin]near impossible
01:20:07alexbobpwhat would anyone want that for anyways :P
01:20:11[Franklin]though you /could/ legally sell it
01:20:19[Franklin]orzo: why?
01:20:36alexbobpyou can legally sell it... along with full source code and a license to modify and/or redistribute free of charge under the gpl
01:21:18orzowell i was thinking more of permision to borrow code into a larger code base of nonfree code that i don't want to gpl
01:21:35orzoer, larger tghan the code i take from rockbox, not larger than rockbox
01:22:27[Franklin]that's exactly what the GPL is meant to prevent :p
01:22:34orzoprevent without permision
01:22:50alexbobpwell you would need permission from everyone who contributed code to the project
01:23:13alexbobpwhy should one person in here be able to give you permission to steal the GPLed work of everyone else who contributed?
01:23:19[Franklin]but most are long-gone
01:23:32*[Franklin] would be the first to oppose
01:23:55alexbobpme too... this sounds quite sketchy...
01:24:23alexbobporzo: is it a codebase you don't want to gpl because it's some other free license, or is it a codebase you don't want to gpl because you want it to be proprietary?
01:24:36alexbobpbecause if it's the former... then I guess it's a tragic misalignment of licenses... it happens.
01:24:49alexbobpif it's the latter, then that's exactly what people here probably don't want you to be able to do :P
01:24:55[Franklin]the latter... eh :)
01:25:26orzoi'm not really serious
01:25:32orzojust idly wondering
01:25:58[Franklin]so unless you can get in contact with all ~600 of the contributors and have them agree to relicense...
01:26:13orzosome projets keep tidy lists of copyright holders
01:26:19[Franklin]so does rockbox
01:27:02alexbobpthe problem isn't contacting all the contributors, the problem is that if even 1 says no you can't do it, and 90% of them will say no
01:27:35*[Franklin] can imagine a situation when micro$oft contacts all the linux contributors and buys their code :P
01:27:40orzowell do they all have equal right to ever portion of the code base?
01:27:48alexbobpnot exactly.
01:27:53orzosome projets keep per-file ontributer lists
01:27:54alexbobpif the code you want has been in rockbox for a long time, then you could look at a historic version with a shorter contributor list :P
01:28:23alexbobpbut you can't just go with one file's contributors because that file is linking the other files in the project and is therefore bound by the GPL license on code written by other contributors
01:29:10[Franklin]orzo: rockbox kinda does, see git blame
01:29:36alexbobpin other words if dev A writes the core system library and it's GPL, and dev B writes a little rockbox subcomponent, dev B can't unilaterally relicense even that subcomponent because it links other GPLed code
01:30:04alexbobpLGPL would probably give you a little more wiggle room there
01:31:13orzoi see
01:31:54alexbobpif you can isolate someone's work from possibly being based on the work of other contributors, then you'd only need their permission
01:32:21alexbobpbut with the interconnectedness of a project like rockbox, the only realistic way I can think of to do that is temporally... aka picking an early version with fewer contributors
01:32:37alexbobpbut it's probably fruitless, I doubt even the original devs would be happy to relicense their code as proprietary
01:33:34orzoi figure most open source authors are happy to be paid for proprietary licences
01:35:33[Franklin]orzo: oh no
01:35:37[Franklin]some, yes
01:35:54[Franklin]alexbobp: those especially wouldn't relicense :P
01:37:43alexbobporzo: believe it or not, people don't make open source firmware replacements for other people's mp3 players because they have dollar signs in their eyes
01:38:15[Franklin]some do :P
01:38:16alexbobpthis project is as deeply embedded in hacker culture as any you'll find
01:38:19[Franklin]but not me
01:38:25alexbobp[Franklin]: heh well ok :P
01:38:50alexbobpthe impression I get is that this project exists because people were tired of how much proprietary firmwares suck, and in particular, often intentionally don't do what users actually want
01:40:56[Franklin]I'd guess that perhaps a third of the contributors would agree to be "bought out"
01:41:10[Franklin]the rest would either be vehemently opposed, or just unreachable
01:42:11alexbobpnow I wish I were a contributor just so I could be vehemently opposed! I'd have no say :P
01:44:00orzoi think its silly to be blanket opposed
01:45:12orzomy project isnt and never will be a firmware for mp3 players, its just an android app that maybe could have benifited in a minor way
01:45:25[Franklin]what were you hoping to do?
01:45:50[Franklin]alexbobp: just write useless game plugins :D
01:45:52alexbobporzo: will your android app be free?
01:45:57orzoiduno, i notice that the native decoder is buggy with regards cergtain files that im sure rockbox would handle well
01:45:57alexbobporzo: or is this to benefit you in the wallethole?
01:46:07[Franklin]and open-source?
01:46:28alexbobp[Franklin]: tempting but there's already a goban!
01:46:39[Franklin]alexbobp: quake
01:46:59alexbobp[Franklin]: who wants a tic tac toe?
01:47:02orzoobviously its not free, hence the dicussion's start
01:47:11[Franklin]orzo: as I said before, it's perfectly legal to sell an open-source program
01:47:20[Franklin]as long as the source is free as in freedom
01:47:29orzobut anyway, i don't want to borrow code, i was just wondering idly if i should consider that feasible
01:47:40alexbobpyou shouldn't :P
01:48:02*[Franklin] /would/ like to see more open-source android apps
01:48:09alexbobpas for why people would be blanket opposed... should it surprise you that some people working on free software projects have strong philosophies about wanting their code to be free?
01:48:19orzofranklin, are you familiar with ?
01:48:23orzoand their package manager
01:49:11*[Franklin] thinks the world should be open-source
01:49:15[Franklin]not just android apps
01:49:45alexbobpyeah, I wanna see proprietary apps crowded out of the market
01:49:57alexbobpthere *are* several open source android music players so I can't see why anyone would even bother with a proprietary one
01:50:00orzoi'm pretty much the same way, but then i worked for a while in proprietary software, and now i have no work and need income and this android app venture seems like the most attractive option to me personally
01:50:01the-kyleYeah, me2.
01:50:13[Franklin]orzo: I understand
01:50:50the-kyleSo make a GPLed Android app using the Rockbox codebase and sell it on the Play Store.
01:51:06alexbobpyeah that's true. plenty of people make GPL apps and sell them.
01:51:15alexbobpI've seen ones that have a free version and a "donation" version that is exactly the same
01:51:27[Franklin]orzo: sell rockbox!
01:51:29alexbobpand I've seen ones that just have a for-pay version and if someone else wants to make their own builds they can
01:51:40the-kyleI purchased the Espeak TTS for my phone. I paid less than $2 USD for it, and I get all the benefits of the GPL as well.
01:52:03*[Franklin] saw an espeak port for rockbox
01:52:15[Franklin]that /would/ be nice to revive, but it's GPLv3 now
01:52:27orzoi've built rockbox for android, it already supports it
01:52:33[Franklin]sell it
01:52:35orzoseems to work well too
01:52:39the-kyleI thought I read where permission had been given to complete the Espeak work.
01:52:55orzoi've never even contributed to rockbox
01:52:57[Franklin]the-kyle: I know, it's a bummer
01:53:01orzoapart from suggestions
01:53:03[Franklin]orzo: who said you couldn't?
01:53:48alexbobpI once bought a sansa view for some random person in here. I forgot who.
01:53:56alexbobpI dunno if that was a good idea. There still doesn't seem to be a view port xD
01:54:15the-kyleThere's just no other music player in the world that comes anywhere close to Rockbox. Problem is that on Android it doesn't support the TTS functions, nor does it work correctly with the Talkback screen reader. If one of these things worked, I'd buy it.
01:54:18alexbobpit's too bad, rockbox for the view would be amazing...
01:55:00*[Franklin] really would love to see someone selling rockbox for a very low price on the play store
01:56:04orzowell i'm near finish line for my app
01:56:15[Franklin]may I ask what it is/does?
01:56:17orzoit doesnt make sense to change geers
01:57:34orzoit is for playing audio books, i used to use rockbox, but my e280 broke and i've not replaced it. All the free android players were annoying to me so i built a non annoying one that is compatible with rockbox-made bookmarks and i intend to sell because i need money
01:57:58[Franklin]open-source it :P
01:58:06orzoi may eventually
01:58:20[Franklin]you'll likely get /more/ people buying it for that reason
01:58:25alexbobpI actually agree with your use case at least. I've been annoyed that no android player seems to be good at serialized content and saving your progress
01:58:35alexbobpother than dedicated podcast apps but none of those seem to be able to handle a folder of mp3s
01:59:10the-kyleI store audiobooks as 12Kb/s opus. Would the app handle that? Rockbox does, which is another reason I use it.
01:59:37[Franklin]rockbox handles everything sound-related
01:59:57[Franklin]and has a nice, growing selection of mediocre-to-amazing games :D
02:00:12orzodoes android's MediaPlayer play opus?
02:00:20alexbobpthe-kyle: that's kilobytes right?
02:00:43alexbobp[Franklin]: haha what game does rockbox have that's amazing :P
02:00:47alexbobpand 12 kilobits is tiny!
02:01:11[Franklin]that video didn't have sound implemented yet
02:01:14[Franklin]now it does
02:01:20the-kyleYes, but with a framesize of 60ms, opus sounds awesome at that bitrate for voice recordings.
02:02:57orzoif my app doesn't have full support for opus (it actually draws a waveform for fully supported codecs) but if android's MediaPlayer can handle it, it has usable partial support
02:03:13alexbobp[Franklin]: it's also sideways :P
02:03:15alexbobpwhat's this game?
02:03:21[Franklin]Another World
02:03:32alexbobpthe-kyle: really? interesting, I'll have to try
02:03:35[Franklin]read all about it:,48586
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02:04:37[Franklin]alexbobp: rotation wasn't implemented when the video was made, either
02:04:42[Franklin]but it is now ;)
02:06:08[Franklin]alexbobp: also, I really need testers for it before it's committed
02:06:09alexbobp[Franklin]: I mean the camera :P it was a horizontal video of a device positioned vertically
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02:06:27[Franklin]you wanna test?
02:06:39alexbobpI'd offer but I think I lost my clip zip and there's no way I want to try playing games on my fuze+ >_>
02:06:45alexbobpgetting a fuze+ at all was a mistake, god those suck.
02:06:59[Franklin]according to foolsh, it's really nice on the fuze+
02:07:01alexbobpI should look on craigslist for another player I like
02:07:05alexbobphuh really?
02:07:08alexbobpI guess I should try :P
02:07:12[Franklin]ask foolsh
02:10:24[Franklin]it should currently run on any player with a color screen and a horizontal stride
02:10:29[Franklin](so anything but the mrobe500)
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03:36:12Strife89alexbobp: What is [Franklin] testing?
03:38:57alexbobpa port of some adventure game
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04:18:17Strife89alexbobp: Oh, right, Another World.
04:18:27Strife89Finally remembered that this channel has public logs.
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04:22:20barlothi all, i'm having a problem with rockbox on my clipzip, when i plug it into the pc the drives pop up and then immediately dissapear so that i cannot transfer files
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04:38:17barlot-i think its just a chinsy sd card
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05:29:26barlotactually it seems to happen with any sd card
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05:42:27saratogausb driver bug?
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08:39:11 Join ender` [0] (
08:47:30 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
08:53:57 Join Water255_ [0] (~chatzilla@
08:54:56 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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08:57:18 Join Water255 [0] (~chatzilla@
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08:59:31 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
09:22:01 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
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09:52:05 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
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10:06:44 Join natanelho [0] (4d7d68ce@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
10:07:23natanelhois there a function that works like "getch" on pc?
10:08:05natanelhoi write a plugin and i want it to wait 'till i will press any key
10:08:14natanelhohow to do it
10:12:26pamaurynatanelho: I don't have much time, I advise looking at others plugins' code? Something like: do { button = rb->button_get(true); if(/* check if actual button and not even*/) break; }
10:14:11pamaurymaybe if(!IS_SYSEVENT(button))
10:15:04natanelhothe first thing u said will work forever(while(1)) or i missed something?
10:16:19natanelhoand what do you mean saying "not even"?
10:21:46 Join Daaven [0] (
10:24:17 Part Daaven ("Leaving")
10:35:56pamaury*not event
10:36:12pamauryno it's an infinite loop with a break in it
10:42:24natanelhoahh...i see...
10:43:07natanelhohow to use kbd_inp
10:44:54natanelhoi mean kbd_input
10:45:38pamauryrb->kbd_input(kbd_buffer, sizeof(kbd_buffer));
10:45:42pamauryI guess
10:46:04pamaurywhere the buffer is where you want to get the data, and the sizeof() is the maximum number of characters
10:47:07natanelhohow to make it write some default text?
10:48:11natanelhoi mean that when it opens up(the keyboard) in some plugins i have a text showing on that i didnt write
10:50:50pamauryI don't know, I never ever write plugins so I'm clearly not the best person to ask, I'm not even sure it's possible atm
10:51:12pamauryor maybe just put something in the buffer before the call
10:52:40pamauryyeah apparently you can:
10:52:40pamaurystrcpy(kbd_buffer, "my super string");
10:52:40pamauryrb->kbd_input(kbd_buffer, sizeof(kbd_buffer));
10:53:30pamauryalso kbd_input returns a value, like 0 on success and <0 or !=0 if cancelled, something like thids
10:56:55natanelhocan u give me a link with info about this func?
11:00:46 Join wodz [0] (
11:01:08wodzpamaury: Looks like I have working sd on ATJ :-)
11:02:08pamaurynatanelho: as far as I know, we don't have a proper documentation for this function (yeah that sucks), best way is to look at how other plugins work
11:02:12pamaurywodz: great news :)
11:02:18pamauryI'm looking foward the code ;)
11:03:19natanelhowodz: can you explain me how to use kbd_input?
11:04:01wodznatanelho: no, I am lowlevel stuff guy. I try to not touch anything above drivers and such
11:04:20wodzpamaury: I'll cleanup things a bit and push to gerrit
11:04:39pamaurynatanelho: I gave you an example on how to use it though
11:07:18natanelhoif i have a variable char[] named a, and i want it to hold the input from the keyboard, what to write?
11:12:35natanelhoafter running it the variable "buffer" will hold the inputted string from the keyboard?
11:16:33natanelhowhat it returns if i close the kbd?
11:17:04natanelholike if i push the power button while running the kbd
11:18:15pamauryI think it returns -1
11:18:45pamauryand 0 on success
11:36:59 Quit AlexP (Remote host closed the connection)
11:39:51wodzpamaury: Could you point me to sd spec to see what is the meaning of SWITCH_FUNC response data?
11:41:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
11:44:36wodzheh, last time I touched sd stuff they didn't provide any public documents
11:47:50natanelhocan i compile just 1 .c file without compiling all rock box? i mean regulary i have to use "make" and wait for it to complete compiling all the sources. can i tell it to compile only myplugin.c file?
11:49:23gevaertsmake only rebuilds changed files, so if that's really a problem you're probably doing something wrong
11:50:04gevaertsBut yes, you can run "make <full path to the file you want to generate>"
11:57:11 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
11:57:19natanelhoah thx
11:57:49natanelhohow to usew atoi?wich lib should i include?
12:01:36natanelhoit tells me "undefined reference to `atoi'" ehen i use it
12:04:30gevaertsHave you looked what other plugins do?
12:05:03natanelhowich plugin uses it?
12:07:58natanelhonvm i found out how to use it
12:08:32natanelhoi just re-wrote this func by myself
12:09:00natanelhohow to install the zip i maked on my mp3?
12:19:51pamaurywodz: the "simplified" spec is public now, but some details are omitted as you can see
12:25:04 Quit lycide (Quit: greedo shot first)
12:26:32 Join lycide [0] (~kvieta@
12:26:49 Quit lycide (Client Quit)
12:27:13 Join kvieta [0] (~kvieta@
12:30:33 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
12:38:56 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
12:38:56 Join wodz [0] (
12:44:25natanelhohow to install the zip i got from "make zip" to my sansa?
12:45:41coppermount your player via USB and extract the zip archive at its root
12:54:32 Quit natanelho (Quit: Page closed)
13:20:56 Quit greatwolf (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
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14:16:54 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
14:28:18GreyGhostHey guys quick question. I know it is more emcore related but no seems to be around at freemyipod channel..
14:29:10GreyGhostI have a rockboxed ipod 6g which I haven't updated in a while. I see quite a bit of changes happened in emcore since. I'm on r868 So can I update rockbox to the latest nightly build like normal or should I first update emcore? (and if not.. will updating emcore have any advantages? Especially because I can't seem to find the latest emcore build either)
14:32:50wodzemcore is completely separate to rockbox. You can upgrade both separately
14:33:27GreyGhostwodz, thanks :)
14:36:49GreyGhostAlso thanks for the great work guys!! Love RockBox!
14:38:38 Quit Elfish (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
14:38:55 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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21:53:12 Join algot [0] (2e6259b4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:55:09[Saint]przemhb: Hey bud, sorry I haven't been in contact. Had some stuff goin' on here for the past ~24h or so, "Real Life(TM)" (uuuuugh :-/)
21:55:19[Saint]Yes, it is quite definitely a buffer overflow.
21:55:21algotHello. I've just install RockBox on Sansa Clip. It works OK but after changing font setting I can't do anything before text dissapeared from menus
21:55:43[Saint]przemhb: the margin is exceeded by quite some order of magnitude.
21:55:56przemhbhello Saint
21:55:59[Saint]przemhb: Are you able to compile Rockbox for Android yourself?
21:56:00algotI reinstalled rockbox several times but after reinstalling problem still exists
21:56:06przemhbgood news - at least the problem was diagnosed
21:56:29 Quit ikeboy (Quit: Leaving)
21:56:32 Join saratoga_ [0] (123e1e19@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:56:36przemhb[Saint]: I'm not sure wheter I still am
21:56:37saratoga_algot: what do you mean?
21:56:42algotAnd I can't change font option because I can't see menu option items
21:56:52przemhbI have compiled it year or two ago
21:56:58[Saint]przemhb: If you are, you could apply
21:57:23 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
21:57:23[Saint]though I'm not /too/ happy about the approach this patch uses, it would fix your issue for the interim.
21:57:34algotsaratoga: I mean that my menu looks empty but have cursor
21:57:49algotlooks like player lost fonts
21:57:56[Saint]actually - we should probably just push that
21:58:22[Saint]saratoga_: would you have any immediate objection to pushing g#956 if you have the time?
21:58:23algotwhen I can find menu structure documentation to change font settings
21:58:26fs-bluebotGerrit review #956 at : increase memorysize for Android build. by Chiwen Chang
21:59:02[Saint]As it stands now, the default WPS can't fit in, something's gotta give.
21:59:15[Saint]The patch given seems reasonable.
21:59:50[Saint](even if the amounts allocated are largely arbitrary, modern smartphones should give narry a singular fuck about 8~32MB allocations)
21:59:51 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
22:00:25coppernever think small
22:01:07[Saint]algot: are you familiar with our fine manual?
22:01:08saratoga_that looks fine although i don't know much about android
22:01:16[Saint]algot: if not - you should be.
22:01:23saratoga_probably though those devices have enormous memory compared to most targets
22:01:49algotI read the manual - I didn't find anything. I've just found what I needed in
22:02:03algotSorry for troubling you
22:02:04[Saint]saratoga_: its not really Android specific - the long and the short of it is that every Android device has the same static buffer allocated, be it VGA, or XXHDPI
22:02:17saratoga_should probably be made dependent on teh resolution
22:02:25[Saint]Which, understandably, is kinda silly.
22:02:33saratoga_algot: you can edit the config.cfg file from your PC if you really screw something up
22:02:55[Saint]saratoga_: the solution presently is more of a solution to save having a massive clusterfuck of ifdefs.
22:02:56saratoga_no idea what you did that made the fonts not work though, maybe set black text on black background?
22:03:39[Saint]saratoga_: it means that some targets might get allocated slightly more than they might need, but that's not /reaaaaally/ a problem.
22:03:52[Saint]The other alternative is a big list of resolution specific ifdefs.
22:04:01[Saint](which I didn't really like the idea of)
22:04:29wodzwhat about macro calculating bufersize based on resolution?
22:04:33 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
22:04:39[Saint]For 720p and above, it seems that the backdrop .bmp alone is enough to overflow the buffer.
22:04:45wodzyou provide resolution during build anyway
22:04:59[Saint]wodz: hmmm, that's a better approach indeed.
22:05:28wodzLCD_HEIGHT*LCD_WIDTH*[Saint factor] and you are set
22:05:58saratoga_i was going to suggest something like memory = 16 + max(0, resolution-540)*const
22:05:58[Saint]I'm not surprised this happened at all to be honest, when this port was conceived, the biggest we had to content with was 480x800
22:06:11saratoga_then it just goes up linearly from 16MB
22:06:45algot<saratoga_>I don't know what happened. Maybe you are right. I'm the newbee in this firmware. I have fixed it yet.
22:06:55saratoga_you could look in the config file and see what it says
22:07:18saratoga_that patch seems ok for now, but long term something more flexible might be a good idea
22:07:47 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
22:07:53 Join bluebrother^ [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:08:23wodzthe actual formula to derive the buffer is not that important. It should take resolution into account however as themes for hires screens are the biggest mem hogs
22:08:55[Saint]for now it just takes 3 subsets of resolution into account
22:08:55wodzbuffer for playback is mostly const at 8MB or something
22:09:09 Quit Jack87 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:09:18[Saint]540 or less, 540~720, and 720 and higher
22:09:34[Saint]I think that's a reasonable compromise, but ultimately you're right.
22:09:35wodzwith 1GB+ memory in current phones this is really not a problem
22:10:17[Saint]right - would you have any objection to g956 being pushed in the interim, with the foresight to a more permanent solution?
22:10:35wodzI don't care much about android honestly
22:10:59 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
22:11:00[Saint]as it stands now, cabbiev2 fails to load on anything 720p plus, perhaps even 540p under certain circumstances.
22:11:41[Saint]I had forgotten I had allocated a rather large slab of buffer in my local tree for testing purposes long ago.
22:12:04[Saint]after removing that it was pretty easy to see where it was falling over.
22:12:12 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:13:06[Saint]Chiwen Chang has a number of Android specific patches in gerrit that I should go through and formally review.
22:13:54[Saint]I'd like someone more low-level-y to comment on the DSP stuffs. (saratoga_? JhMikeS?)
22:13:57 Quit algot (Quit: Page closed)
22:14:34[Saint]Looks good to me, and works like it says on the tin.
22:15:15[Saint] g#967 is a weird one
22:15:19fs-bluebotGerrit review #967 at : Android: resume_playback by long press on the back button. by Chiwen Chang
22:15:32[Saint]...why on Earth would anyone want that to be a thing?
22:16:07[Saint]Every time someone violates Android policy on back button behavior, a cute little fluffy tabby kitten dies.
22:16:16[Saint]Do you _want_ kittens to die?
22:16:41[Saint]Well, then...carry on, I guess.
22:18:12coppersee what you did?
22:19:08[Saint]That better not be dead kitties...
22:19:18[Saint]AH. d'Awwwwwwww.
22:22:01 Join Jack87 [0] (Jack87@nasadmin/admin/jack87)
22:35:02 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
22:38:40 Join [Franklin] [0] (~franklin@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:50:50 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
22:53:21przemhb[Saint]: Thank you very much for your help. Now using RB on Android once again become easy ;)
22:54:00[Saint]Not a problem my friend. My apologies for not getting back to you yesterday about this.
22:54:35[Saint]Believe it or not I was just about to come looking for you when I received your PM.
22:54:46przemhb[Saint]: I must update my build environment (new NDK and SDK). Once I will have this ready I should be able to compile again.
22:55:11[Saint]If you need any help in this regard, let me know.
22:55:29[Saint]There's some necessary trickery to get Android building with a modern SDK.
22:56:17przemhb[Saint]: It's natural - we both were about to come and look for each other. I'm not surprised
22:57:50przemhb[Saint]: lot's of things changed since I last post a patch. I'm not familiar with gerrit, but it seems I will have to learn it.
22:58:24orzoandroid uses /mnt/sdcard when other devices use /<microSD1>/. I would rather android used the latter so sdcards could be swapped between devices
22:58:33orzowhen it saves bookmarks and playlists
23:00:37[Saint]What you're essentially asking us to do is mask the true path, just for the sake of bookmarks being swapped between devices (which I honestly don't think is a particularly large use case)
23:01:05[Saint]We don't just device what the path to external storage is going to be in Android...
23:01:26[Saint]s/device/decide/ gah - autocomplete
23:03:52[Saint]przemhb: on the gerrit page, there's a small section with a 'Download' header, with tabs for 'checkout|pull|cherry-pick|patch', and an icon to click to copy the resulting code into the pastebuffer.
23:04:12orzoyeah that's what i'm asking
23:04:46orzoi'm surprised others are so against the feature
23:04:51[Saint]If you want to work in a fashion you are probably familar with, you can select patch, and then append " > my_patch.patch" to the command it gives.
23:05:59[Saint]przemhb: so, from your git repository, you could do "git fetch git:// refs/changes/56/956/2 && git format-patch -1 −−stdout FETCH_HEAD > patch.patch && patch -p 1 patch.patch"
23:06:21[Saint]or something to this effect.
23:06:50[Saint]If you're familiar with git, it becomes a whole lot easier, and the cherry-pick option would be the likeliest candidate.
23:08:22wodzpamaury: (log) g#1060
23:08:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #1060 at : hwstub/atj213x: lua module for SD access by Marcin Bukat
23:08:34[Saint]orzo: the thing is on Android we don't get to decide what the path to the external storage is.
23:09:40orzoyou decide what you read/write to files on disk
23:09:53orzothere's not going to be a /<microSD1>/ path that is real
23:09:58[Saint]I guess there could be some magic added to derive the correct path from a bookmark on Application targets, but it seems a fair amount of work for a rather niche case (unless lots of people that use bookmarks aren't reporting this issue...).
23:10:17[Saint]No one would stop you from presenting a well formatted path set that added such functionality.
23:11:21wodzwell it is not consistent even between regular targets. Some have internal flash showing up as SD some not
23:12:09wodzand what about bookmarks pointing to the files in internal storage then?
23:12:32[Saint]hum. right.
23:13:03[Saint]yeah - it doesn't entirely surprise me that bookmarks aren't portable.
23:14:06[Saint]its possible, I /think/, to get it right in most instances. but it requires someone sufficiently determined to actually do the work. orzo seems like a fine candidate.
23:14:35wodzrelative paths would somewhat make this work (but only to the point when you reference files from the same drive bookmark is on)
23:14:57przemhb[Saint]: Thank you. Cherry-pick - one more new thing to learn.
23:16:37orzosame drive is typical though
23:16:38[Saint]Right. I actually mistakenly thought that bookmarks were using relative paths, ala playlists, but it seems no.
23:16:55orzorelative paths is probably the most right
23:17:30[Saint]przemhb: is a great resource for basic git tasks and terminology
23:18:06orzoi figure relative paths in playlists should be relative to the playlist file path and relative paths in bookmarks should be relative to the bmark file
23:18:10[Saint]git is a very powerful tool, even for someone in their git-using-infancy
23:19:27[Franklin]almost too powerful
23:20:28[Saint]The good thing is, its very forgiving. While it may not always be immediately obvious, it is largely impossible to irreparably harm a git repository.
23:20:58[Saint]Though admittedly, sometimes it is simply quicker to nuke the fucker and start fresh than it is to recovery from your botched state.
23:21:29[Saint]But for the sufficiently determined, there's no such thing as an irrecoverable mistake in git.
23:22:16orzowhen i was in my git infancy i managed to damage my repo often enough
23:22:23orzoit's certainly easier than with subversion
23:22:57 Join dunpeal [0] (~dunpeal@unaffiliated/dunpeal)
23:23:18[Saint]Heh. I know a /lot/ of people that would disagree with that statement. ;)
23:23:29 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:23:32dunpealHi. I'm using a recent dev build with Sansa Clip+. Can I remap the function of the center button?
23:23:44[Saint]dunpeal: no.
23:24:10[Saint]Remapping any button requires editing the source and compiling a custom build
23:24:10dunpeal[Saint]: hm. Can I at least disable it then?
23:24:21[Saint]see above.
23:24:39orzogit is better at not losing code in the long term
23:24:59dunpealorzo: better than what?
23:25:17orzosubversion,cvs, and the proprietary crap i've used
23:25:29dunpealwell, yeah. who uses SVN anymore.
23:25:34dunpeal[Saint]: thanks.
23:25:37orzoi used it before git
23:25:54dunpealsure, same as me, same as everyone.
23:26:06dunpealanyway, SVN = one central authoritative server
23:26:15[Saint]dunpeal: if you have a development environment set up, this is a fairly trivial change.
23:26:16dunpealso it's a one-link chain to lose you data
23:26:49dunpealwith Git, every single clone contains all the data that the SVN master node contains.
23:27:08dunpeal[Saint]: you mean, as in a patch that I can then contribute upstread?
23:27:14 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0.5/20141126041045])
23:27:18dunpealwill something like that be accepted?
23:30:54przemhb[Saint]: how long the command you've gave me normally executes? I have ran it some minutes ago, but it seems to have stopped...
23:32:46[Franklin]dunpeal: yeah, just make changes and push to gerrit for review
23:33:04dunpeal[Franklin]: k3w1, thanks
23:33:37[Franklin]useless game plugins usually stick around there for a bit :)
23:41:10[Franklin]otherwise, the review process is pretty speedy
23:41:21***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:42:36przemhb[Saint]: I've spotted little mistake - "<" was missing. Let's try to compile it...
23:43:47 Join chrisb [0] (
23:44:20[Franklin]hmm... what format does lcd_bitmap expect it's input to be in?
23:44:30[Franklin]more importantly, what stride?
23:46:31 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:54:43[Saint]przemhb: you'll probably get one or two compile errors regarding tools in the sdk not being in the locations we expect them to be (for historical reasons), but some simple symbolic links will fix that right up.
23:55:25[Saint]I al halfway though documenting building Rockbox for Android in a start-to-finish guide, and I haven't gotten to this step yet, so its not fresh in my mind.
23:55:52[Saint]But if you have difficulties, give me a yell with the specific error and it'll likely refresh my memory.
23:55:55przemhb[Saint]: Compilation succeeded, but make apk, resulted in error (aapt: command not found)
23:56:08[Saint]aha - right, sec.
23:57:27[Saint]ln -s /path/to/adt-bundle/sdk/build-tools/17.0.0/aapt /path/to/adt-bundle/sdk/platform-tools/aapt
23:57:46[Saint](obviously you'll need to edit those paths to reflect your environment)
23:58:42[Saint]Hum...sorry, I think we're using API19 now.
23:58:42 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: leaving)

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