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#rockbox log for 2014-12-06

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03:10:49*[Franklin] thinks that the difference between puts and putsxy ought to be clarified
03:11:08[Franklin](in the plugin API, at least)
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04:08:18[Franklin]foolsh: I've implemented bignums... except they're printed backwards!
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15:11:23pamauryDo we have an option to display a numberic value for the battery/volume in the status bar ? Does it work with all themes ? Someone on the forum mentionned it exists and is broken on the NWZ-E385 with default theme
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15:24:26sdanot sure if it's the right channel, I want to install rockbox on an ipod classic 120gb, but when I try to install emcore, when doing `sudo python bootstrap-ipodclassic-*.dfu` python complains about no module being named core
15:24:37sdaI did `pip install pyusb`
15:26:01sda...nevermind, it works with the pyusb linked on the wiki page
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17:35:17[Franklin]\o foolsh
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17:57:01[Franklin]Strife89: you asked what I was testing, no?
17:57:14[Franklin]do you want to test?
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18:00:09Strife89[Franklin]: Sure.
18:01:34[Franklin]finally, a tester! :D
18:02:14[Franklin]ok, do you have the source code?
18:03:00Strife89[Franklin]: I do. I assume I just need to do the "git fetch" line (,48586.msg230347.html#msg230347 ) and build?
18:03:37[Franklin]not exactly
18:03:49[Franklin]there's been a ton of patch sets since that one :)
18:03:53[Franklin]instead, run this:
18:04:07[Franklin]git fetch git:// refs/changes/12/1012/111 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD
18:04:11[Franklin]then build
18:05:55Strife89[Franklin]: All righty.
18:06:13Strife89My targets are Clip Zip, Clip+, and c200.
18:06:25[Franklin]clip zip and c200 should run it
18:06:32[Franklin]no gray/mono support :(
18:08:09[Franklin]but no guarantees about whether it'll run on either, though
18:08:21[Franklin]it hasn't been tested on either
18:08:25Strife89Welp, that's what testing's for. :)
18:09:59[Franklin]foolsh: I've pushed a patch set for G#1059 that can count up to 10^128-1 :)
18:10:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #1059 at : Clicker - A not-so-simple counting app by Franklin Wei
18:10:11[Franklin]rather overkill, but it's only 64 bytes
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18:19:49[Franklin]Strife89: does it compile?
18:22:51 Part sda
18:25:41Strife89[Franklin]: It does on the c200. Doing Zip next.
18:31:36foolsh[Franklin]: o/
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18:33:44foolsh[Franklin]: the settings for motion_blur antialias add negative? keeping them?
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18:47:57foolshcheck it out it, written in lua its licensed CC but is somewhat permissive
18:52:45foolsh[Franklin]: I guess no clicker needs an option to save the count and restore it on plugin load :)
19:01:34*[Franklin] is back
19:02:33[Franklin]foolsh: yeah, it does
19:02:49[Franklin]foolsh: not sure whether to keep motion blur
19:02:55[Franklin]it didn't work 100% anyway
19:03:07foolshits your baby
19:03:13foolshdo as you will
19:03:54[Franklin]I'll take them both out
19:05:41[Franklin]they both didn't work 100%, actually
19:05:54[Franklin]negative works, so that'll stay
19:06:23[Franklin]maybe I'll add more scaling options
19:06:26[Franklin]"fit x"
19:06:28[Franklin]"fit y"
19:07:18foolshyeah, having an option to hold to the orignal aspect ratio would be good
19:07:31[Franklin]Strife89: does it /run/?
19:07:57[Franklin]foolsh: though I think it's "ready" :)
19:08:45[Franklin]so what's the name for the setting?
19:08:49[Franklin]"scaling type"?
19:12:28foolsh"scaling type" sounds right
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20:09:43Strife89[Franklin]: Sorry, I was afk for an errand
20:09:57Strife89Compiling takes a while, but not two hours. ;)
20:10:50Strife89Installing the builds now.
20:16:42 Quit foolsh (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.2)
20:21:29Strife89[Franklin]: Well, um.
20:21:33Strife89The good news is that the program starts.
20:24:50Strife89The bad news is that I can't read anything - so I'm stuck on what I assume is the code wheel question.
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20:32:02Strife89[Franklin]: And turning off the scaling on the Clip Zip doesn't help, as I still can't see which position it wants.
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20:42:35foolshStrife89: does "good" scalling help?
20:42:48foolshit works for me old e280
20:45:55Strife89foolsh: Not enough. :(
20:46:21Strife89There just aren't enough pixels.
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20:58:21foolshyou can copy over the save file from one player to the other, but whats the point
21:05:46 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
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21:25:35foolsh[Franklin]: Zoom and pan ;)
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21:41:02wodzpamaury: What is the rationale of HW_ prefix in headergen generated macros?
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22:32:01 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:32:09saratogatesting out the new frequency scaling patch on the clip zip
22:32:14saratogaso far it hasn't crashed
22:32:30saratogawe should really have a plugin that tests this though (do we?)
22:33:51saratogaoh wow we do
22:34:19pamaurywodz: match the headers from which the description was generated / the convention used in the imx233 datashee
22:35:53pamaurywodz: but like I said once, if you want to use headergen for yourself, we can change/remove this prefix with a switch, or mark it in the description file
22:38:58saratogahmm it just tests that boost is working, it doesn't check for stability
22:39:45saratogahaving it boost/unboost a couple times a second and also check that its loop is producing the correct output would be a nice idea
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23:15:07[Franklin]Strife89: try the c200
23:28:54 Quit Ivoah (Quit: Leaving...)
23:31:25saratogaI posted builds for the clip+ and zip with frequency scaling enabled on the forums if anyone wants to try them
23:37:32[Franklin]saratoga: hmm... sounds like a good extension to test_boost
23:37:46saratogaaren't you always looking for good plugins to work on?
23:38:24saratogamake it check that the sum is correct after that loop and add an option to flip the boost state every 10th iteration iteration
23:38:30Strife89[Franklin]: I tested both devices simultaneously; same problem.
23:39:22Strife89saratoga: I'll test later.
23:39:28[Franklin]saratoga: so how? summing an array?
23:39:57saratoga[Franklin]: check what that sum should be and then have it error if its not equal to the expected value
23:40:14[Franklin]sum of what?
23:40:39saratogathe plugin i linked above
23:40:52saratogait does a busy loop as part of its benchmark
23:42:30[Franklin]I'll get to it later... I've got xworld rightn ow
23:42:36[Franklin]later as in 30 mins
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23:43:19[Franklin]saratoga: it seems to me that G#1012 might need to be merged soon :)
23:43:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #1012 at : [WIP] Xworld Another World interpreter for Rockbox by Benjamin Brown
23:44:29saratogasure, just make sure it compiles a monochrome, a grayscale, and a color target then let me know when you're ready
23:44:50[Franklin]no mono/gray support for this one
23:44:58[Franklin]it looks terrible
23:45:17saratogayeah i don't care if it supports them, just make sure it doesn't break building
23:45:25[Franklin]of course
23:49:51[Franklin]is there some sort of git automerger that automatically pulls all the remote changes
23:50:06[Franklin]cause I'm doing it by hand right now, and it's getting annoying
23:51:40[Franklin]saratoga: BTW, for the credits file, should I put "et al./
23:51:45[Franklin]saratoga: BTW, for the credits file, should I put "et al." or "and others"?
23:52:01saratogathis is for an external project?
23:52:39*gevaerts doesn't see why this one plugin gets three lines there
23:53:35[Franklin]gevaerts: it uses code from the last two
23:54:36saratogaI would just credit the specific projects you used code from, not the authors or the people who they used code from
23:54:51[Franklin]so no credit to chahi?
23:55:21saratogahe wrote the original app?
23:55:30saratogai thought you weren't using his code?
23:55:36[Franklin]it's not
23:56:26saratogathen i wouldn't explicitly list him in the credits
23:56:47saratogaits only for people who provided code
23:57:00saratogaessentially, a list of all the copyright holders
23:58:55[Franklin]saratoga: it /DOES/ use his STRINGS from the game :)

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