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#rockbox log for 2014-12-08

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00:09:31[Franklin]"Elephine soft"
00:13:44[Franklin]There are some alignment issues with the strings
00:13:46[Saint]williamtdr: possible, sure, worth it? Almost certainly not.
00:14:09[Franklin]the bytecode makes assumptions about the contents of the strings, it seems
00:14:10[Saint]That would be writing a fair amount of code to say you buying a $10 LCD
00:14:20[Saint]TL;DR: just buy an LCD>
00:14:36[Franklin]it's s/>//
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00:16:29[Saint]Anyhoo, yeah, that's be a fair amount of work for a very niche case that's vastly better served by dedicated hardware.
00:16:43[Franklin]but it's possible
00:16:55[Saint]Sure, but so are lots of stupid ideas.
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00:18:53[Saint]There's a HUGE assortment of "good enough" displays that will either directly bolt on to the raspberrypi, or bolt on with a trivial amount of fiddling, in the $10~$20 range.
00:19:05foolsh[Franklin]: I guess I'll pad them out
00:19:25[Saint]But, if you're bored and looking for something to'd make a fine project, I guess.
00:19:33[Saint]Its just not terrible practical, IMO.
00:20:02[Franklin]foolsh: I got it, don't worry
00:20:42[Saint]Sliding offtopic, but if you're willing to spend around the $30 (freedom money) mark, my favorite display for the raspberrypi is Adafruit's PiTFT.
00:22:11[Saint](sexy wee 240x320 16M color reseistive touchscreen TFT module)
00:25:13*[Franklin] 'd like to build a "Piphone" with that
00:26:11[Saint]The thing is, you'd end up spending more money that an equivalent device, and end up with something about a bajillion times less practical/portable.
00:26:20[Saint]See: Why the various Lyre projects all died.
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01:23:28williamtdr[Saint]: is there such thing as a $10 display with a driver? :P
01:26:23[Franklin]foolsh: I'm working on making an easy-to-edit strings format
01:26:36[Franklin]as you said, for localization
01:27:06[Saint]williamtdr: but, I think considering what you're proposing, the availability of drivers is largely a secondary concern.
01:27:30[Saint]The fact that Rockbox already knows how to drive the screen is only a very slight bonus in this case.
01:27:42williamtdrNot a software driver, but a display driver.
01:28:44williamtdrSeems pretty expensive.
01:29:24williamtdror that one 0.0
01:29:40[Saint]Right. 'cos, sparkfun - they're absolute ripoff merchants.
01:30:19[Saint]you're also looking at _much_ larger displays than I was thinking...
01:31:44williamtdrAlright, where should I be looking?
01:32:05[Saint]I was thinking along the lines of ~16xs/20x4 LCD matrices
01:32:49[Saint]But you can get SPI monochrome displays around ~128x30 for about $20 also
01:33:01williamtdrAnything with color?
01:34:28[Saint] was the TFT module I was referring to earlier.
01:34:59[Saint]a little expensive, but, that's Adafruit for 'ya.
01:35:21[Saint]That's quite literally a bolt-n-go package, though.
01:35:30williamtdrThoughts on that?
01:35:41[Franklin]man this is off topic
01:36:00[Franklin]go to #rockbox-community if you like
01:36:29williamtdrI was thinking the same xD
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04:57:58fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9454ad4, 255 builds, 32 clients.
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10:27:52wodzpamaury: What about generating all reg macros when string formula is unset? This seems non intrusive
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10:43:23wodzTheSeven: I think you should do something with ATA error on classic. Reports with erratic ATA error values are more and more popular
10:46:13TheSevenwodz: do we have any clue what might be causing it? when did that start?
10:47:02wodzTheSeven: reverting this;a=commit;h=582035c is reported to fix the issue
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10:49:57TheSevendo these errors always happen during boot, or completely eratically?
10:51:25TheSevenis it always the same error number, or just random nonsense?
10:51:57TheSevena quick review of that patch doesn't show anything overly suspicious
10:53:36wodzTheSeven: the number is too long for me to catch if it is the same or not. Always negative though
10:54:28TheSevenyes, otherwise it wouldn't be considered an error
10:54:28wodzThe reports are mostly about boot issue
10:54:50TheSevenI'd recommend to check if the last 2 digits are always the same... if they are, the rest likely is as well
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11:03:47wodzmaybe [Saint] will remember where is the forum thread about this error. I can't find it now
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11:09:25wodzTheSeven: it seems to be always -2147483542 and always during boot
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11:27:26prof_wolfffTheSeven: I do lots of reboots (ipod 160 slim) and i have never seen the ATA error, i am using emCORE 859
11:28:06prof_wolfffThe Seven: i've only seen the driver when patching the cache align, noticed that the GPIO are configured as input (0x0) when the HDD is disabled, OF configures these port as low output (0xe), but probably this is not related with the ATA error
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11:29:49wodzprof_wolfff: We need someone with skills and ipod which exhibits this strange behavior
11:31:29prof_wolfffi have never seen it, maybe it is the emCORE version
11:32:22wodzrockbox does complete initialization and does not relay on emCORE configuring something
11:34:59prof_wolfffwodz: not so complete, many GPIO an other configuration is not modified, and remains emCORE configuration
11:35:41wodzwell, this is asking for trouble
11:36:56prof_wolfffi will try to install a newer emCORE and see what happens
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13:01:49pamaurywodz: that seems reasonable, would that apply to registers only or devices too ?
13:02:21ipodnanoguesthi,anyone know what it means ATA error 1 in bootloader for ipod nano 2nd gen?
13:02:59wodzpamaury: I do this for regs only now. Will put something on gerrit
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13:18:40ipodnanoguestsometimes when i turn on my ipod nano 2nd gen the bootloader shows ata error 1 and say to reboot pressing menu+select,its a bit randomthe occurrence but when happens,happens in a row
13:25:42wodzpamaury: g#1061
13:25:47fs-bluebotGerrit review #1061 at : regtools/headergen: Make generator more flexible by Marcin Bukat
13:27:15wodzipodnanoguest: it means storage_init() was unsuccessful
13:28:16ipodnanoguestoh thx,its an hardware problem or software?
13:28:42pamaurywodz: isn't your patch breaking the BF_SET and friends macros ? you removed the prefix
13:28:57wodzpamaury: hmm, could be
13:29:57pamauryalso your patch doesn't handle multidev, ie devices with several instances (numbered) and several registers. I don't know if you have those in rk27xx
13:31:02pamaurybut that's not necessarily a problem, I mean headergen doesn't handle all possible cases either, some never happen
13:31:35pamauryAnd I don't want to push too hard on this anyway because I still want to change the description format, the new one should include information about how to generate the headers
13:31:41wodzipodnanoguest: I think this error means ftl can't be initialized which is either messed up flash (unlikely if it ever boots) or dying chip
13:33:07wodzpamaury: so you mean to check if for example GPIO{0,1} with registers A,B are generated correctly, right?
13:33:34pamaurybut where A,B are multireg with no formula
13:33:40wodzpamaury: yes
13:33:45pamauryso GPIO{0,1}{A,B}
13:34:02*pamaury admits the code of headergen is quite a mess
13:35:15wodzpamaury: I am at the point that I could start coding rockbox atj port. That means I need headers which I would strongly prefer to be the same between hwstub and rb.
13:35:37wodzthats why I started poking headergen
13:35:38pamaurysure I perfectly understand
13:36:57wodzfor rk27xx I don't want to redo headers and refactor all the code
13:37:16pamauryI'd say give me until tonight or tomorrow night to try to find a solution. I think headergen can be partly rewritten to make things a lot easier to support variants
13:37:23ipodnanoguestoh thank you very much,have a nice day,maybe I attempt to rewrite the bootloader sometimes in the future, since my ipod was purchased last year and was unused since 2008, the nand cells maybe need a bit of use: P
13:39:20wodzpamaury: I don't want to push you too hard :-)
13:40:12pamaurydon't worry :) This is just header generation, at least that easy debugged ;)
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14:13:05wodzpamaury: qeditor doesn't support multidev or am I missing something?
14:13:31pamauryyou are missing something ;)
14:14:02wodzwell, I mean defining
14:14:18wodzfor regs I can provide string formula, for dev no
14:14:55 Quit krnlyng (Quit: huiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
14:14:59pamaurydev have no string formula support in qeditor, you need to add instances one by one, just click on the device on the left panel, you'll get the list of instances
14:15:49pamauryheadergen will generate a "formula" itself which looks like ((n) == 0 ? ADDR_0 : (n) == 1 ? ADDR_1 : and so on)
14:16:45pamauryI did that because device addresses rarely follow a formula (or trivially do for <=2 deices)
14:20:25wodzmy headergen patch doesn't support mulitdev with mulit regs without formula apparently
14:20:49pamauryyes exactly
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14:22:53wodzWhen you will touch all that stuff, think about selecting register width
14:23:15pamauryok, good thing you reminded me
14:29:36wodzpamaury: ok, updated gerrit. Now this case should work
14:30:02pamauryok great :)
14:30:09pamauryI'll check that later in the afternoon
14:30:10wodznow BF_SET thing
14:32:12 Part toso ("WeeChat 0.4.3")
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14:45:58wodzpamaury: BF_SET and friends should be ok now
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22:24:27williamtdrHey all. Any way I can keep my LUA script running when the usb gets plugged in?
22:27:44 Quit foolsh (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.2)
22:28:24 Join Bielej [0] (59e55d3f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:29:03BielejHi, Rockbox 3.13 was released on 05 March 2013 and I'd like to ask if Rockbox will be updated
22:32:22 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:42:42williamtdrAnyone? :P
22:43:15 Join [Franklin] [0] (~franklin@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:44:01gevaertswilliamtdr: no
22:44:18williamtdrgevaerts: Shoot. If I write a plugin, can I keep that running?
22:44:24gevaertsBielej: if we get around to it. For now, you can try current development builds
22:44:42gevaertswilliamtdr: no, we stop everything
22:44:51[Franklin]there's TSR plugins
22:44:57gevaertsThe big thing is that we have to make absolutely sure that nothing touches the disk
22:45:05williamtdrgevaerts: Alright. So no way to run anything when the disk can be used?
22:45:40*gevaerts is confused
22:45:42williamtdrWhat I'd like to do is have my device acting as a readout display, continuously reading and displaying a file put on it over USB.
22:45:52gevaertsAh, no, forget that
22:45:57*[Franklin] thought that was how you were gonna implement that :)
22:46:08 Quit Bielej (Quit: Page closed)
22:46:10williamtdr[Franklin] thought correctly.
22:46:11gevaertsYou'd have to do really hacky things with FAT updates
22:46:18[Franklin]williamtdr: there's probably a way to hack together a way to let it run
22:46:21williamtdrHow hacky?
22:46:31[Franklin]pretty hacky, I'd think
22:46:32williamtdr[Franklin]: ready to give anything a shot.
22:46:46gevaertsIf you want that, you get MTP working and you use that :)
22:46:51williamtdrSpent a few months writing a couple hundred line LUA game for rockbox... on my sansa clip zip dpad.
22:47:07 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:47:11gevaertsThe thing is, there's no good reason why the host OS should even put files on the device one by one
22:47:18saratogaI got 21.5 hours battery life on the zip with frequency scaling
22:47:27williamtdrIt's linux, I can make it obey (I hope).
22:47:54williamtdrHmm, so if that's super hard, does anyone know if the clip zip's headphone port can act as line-in?
22:48:10saratogayes any headphone jack can do that
22:48:13[Franklin]williamtdr: probably you could write a custom USB driver to do what you want
22:48:22williamtdrSince it doesn't have to act as an input, maybe I can transfer text through there.
22:48:32williamtdrWould that be a lot easier?
22:49:05saratogaoh line in, assumed you meant line out
22:49:05[Franklin]probably not
22:49:12saratogano thats not possible, its a headphone jack
22:49:25[Franklin]the ipods have a 4th pin for a remote :)
22:49:50[Franklin]you could use that if you had an ipod
22:50:12williamtdrNope, otherwise I wouldn't be attempting this :p
22:50:15gevaertsWith linux, I'd expect something that tries to snoop filenames to be entirely useless
22:50:27williamtdrAlright, so stuck writing some sort of custom USB interface.
22:50:31saratogajust buy a proper LCD screen
22:50:40williamtdrsaratoga: too easy.
22:50:54saratogayou'll certainly fail any other way
22:51:02gevaertsFind pamaury's old MTP branch and start from there
22:51:04IvoahHas anyone gotten Python running on rockbox?
22:51:43[Franklin]not that I know, at least
22:52:51williamtdrHmm. Have a TI calculator, might be easier to try to get a serial console off that.
22:53:32[Franklin]williamtdr: yeah
22:53:41williamtdr[Franklin]: trying that, thanks.
22:53:48[Franklin]I have a little experience with that
22:54:00[Franklin](might want to move to #rockbox-community though)
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23:08:57foolsh[Franklin]: If you do implement a zoom option, I don't see the need to make it movable, it *should* be the same coordinates of the unscale framebuffer
23:10:12[Franklin]I dont understand
23:12:53foolshHmm I can't think of a way to put it :)
23:14:08foolshyou can cut out having a "moveable" zoomed view, by placing the "view port" over the code string, it should be in the same place every time anyways
23:14:34foolshzoom on -> see code
23:14:44foolshzoom off -> normal scaled
23:14:55foolshwithout panning
23:16:51saratogadoes anyone have an AMSv2 device handy? I'd like to see results from more devices before we decide that the frequency/voltage scaling patch is safe
23:17:12[Franklin]foolsh: so just don't make it pannable is what you're saying
23:17:21*foolsh nods
23:17:30foolshmakes it easier for you
23:17:56foolshjust jump over to the part of the framebuffer with the code
23:19:59 Join Misanthropos [0] (
23:27:22 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 35.0/20141201162954])
23:29:13saratogabertrik: on the clipv2 the frequency scaling patch seems to break reading buttons, but it works fine on clip+ and zip (at least for me)
23:29:18saratogaany idea whats different about the clip+?
23:29:22 Join wolf [0] (46364ab1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:30:13[Franklin]sup wolf
23:30:30wolfI need some help with a bricked sansa clip +
23:30:33 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
23:30:36wolfits very bricked
23:30:53wolfand the battery is desoldered...
23:31:10wolfI just wanted to have a tighter fit for my headphones.
23:31:40wolfNow the thing is missing a battery and my computer can't recognize it or format it.
23:32:52wolfIt says bootloader usb mode on the screen
23:33:08[Franklin]it's less bricked than my c200 ;)
23:34:52wolfDo you have any idea on how I can unbrick it?
23:35:07[Franklin]sorry, can't help
23:35:29gevaertsWhat happens if you hold left while booting?
23:44:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:47:00 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:47:38saratogadoes anyone have a clipv2 to test this build with?
23:49:59[Franklin]nice... you get to host files on MIT's domain :)
23:54:04saratogahopefully they dont mind
23:54:14 Quit TheLemonMan (Remote host closed the connection)
23:57:23[Franklin]the "T" in MIT is there for a reason
23:57:28[Franklin]I'd think so, at least
23:57:56*gevaerts thinks it stands for Topic
23:58:51[Franklin]nice one there :)

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