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#rockbox log for 2014-12-09

00:00:36saratogahuh new build seems to work fine on the clipv2
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00:07:10[Franklin]is there an XML parser in rockbox?
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00:08:18saratogai don't think so
00:08:21saratogabut grep to be sure
00:08:33[Franklin]I didn't think there was, either
00:09:15[Franklin]well, I guess I'll go for a non-xml localization format, then
00:10:19[Franklin]well then, is there some way to make a string literal have more memory allocated for it than its length?
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00:14:54saratogai've uploaded test builds here for the Zip, Plus and V2:,48549.msg230749.html#msg230749
00:15:01saratogawould be very interested to know if they work for everyone
00:15:30*[Franklin] wishes gerrit could have the build farm integrated with it
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00:19:12saratogafrom my battery bench, if my clipzip still got 14 hours in the sandisk firmware, it would get over 35 hours in Rockbox
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00:26:00*[Franklin] is seriously wondering why manufacturers don't ship their devices with rockbox pre-installed
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00:29:33Mihail"it would get over 35 hours in Rockbox" - it possible only on pause :)
00:30:03[Franklin]very impressive
00:34:33saratogain theory some people reported 16+ hours in the sandisk firmware when the players were very new
00:34:39saratogai'm getting more than double it now
00:34:58[Franklin]how old is the player?
00:35:05ZincAlloywow. very impressive
00:35:13saratogaits a refurb, so who knows
00:36:16saratogano idea if these voltages will work for everynoe though, might be more conservative when we commit
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00:43:23Mihailwe need tester to find safe voltages, if we do it more conservative we never know is it optimal
00:44:03[Franklin]better than bricking someone's device ;)
00:44:08saratogamore people need to try the changes and see if they are ok
00:44:50Mihail[Franklin] maximum freeze
00:44:54saratogamy clipv2 also started glitching again with the modified build, not sure what is going on there
00:45:14[Franklin]Mihail: ok that's good then
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00:46:18Mihailsaratoga: can you try check it with reverted clock-target.h?
00:47:52saratogayou think the PCLK is too high?
00:50:08Mihailnot sure, maybe some clock set wrong
00:51:02saratogawhat is pclk when unboosted again?
00:51:27saratogaoh 19.2, barely different than before
00:54:17saratogawith those changes reverted it seems to work, although it worked briefly before so i need to test more
00:54:48saratogathe high pclk after boost could be a problem for the button hardware or something
00:54:56saratogashould check if forcing boost low fixes it
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00:57:15Mihailcan you try revert only PLLB and MCLK?
01:00:34saratogaso only the lines below 148 in clock-target.h ?
01:01:32saratogawe also need someone with a fuzev2 to test this
01:01:39saratogafunman rather
01:04:19Mihailyes, and revert PLLB
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01:43:58saratoga26 hours reported by someone on ABI on the zip
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01:50:39ZincAlloyit's becoming quite an awesome little player..
01:50:44ZincAlloyif only the screen were nicer
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02:04:53saratogafuzev1/v2 actually both have a pretty nice screen
02:05:17saratogai bet the v2 gets insane battery life now
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02:06:48ThokeAnybody here? I need help with a Sansa E260
02:08:14ThokeI have no clue how an IRc works apperently.
02:08:34saratogaask a question about your player
02:08:56ThokeI can't get Rockbox to detect my Sansa E260
02:09:51ThokeI tried changeing it into MSC (No avail) and i cant figure out how to change the firmware from .11 to .16 The natural Sansa Firmware updater keeps failing the download.
02:10:02saratogai'm assuming you mean the installer
02:10:13ThokeYeah, for the Firmware.
02:10:36saratogausually this means that the player isn't in MSC mode, you've selected the wrong device in the installer, or something similar
02:10:42saratogaanyway i have to go
02:11:36ThokeI know it's not in MSC mode. There seem to be barriers I cant get across with updateing the firmware.
02:12:01ThokeAnd holding down the << for a forced MSC mode doesn't work.
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02:45:24[Franklin]foolsh: I'm having some issues making xworld load the strings from disk
02:45:33[Franklin]though I think I'll have it figured out soon enough
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03:03:55[Franklin]\o Day64
03:04:03[Franklin]got a question?
03:04:50saratogahow does Rolo actually work? Is the bootloader invoked or does it just jump back to the main() function and call system_init()?
03:05:03saratogai'm wondering about what the best way to handle resetting voltage is during Rolo
03:05:11Day64Yes, I'm looking for something called the sbloader. Apparently it can reload the original firmware into my mp3 player while in recovery mode.
03:05:26saratogawe could reset it in the rolo function, but that seems ugly so i was wondering about just having the system_init() function immediately set the voltage, but i'm not sure whats called first
03:05:29[Franklin]Day64: probably gonna want to ask pamaury about it
03:05:36Day64I don't know if it's a program all it's own or an aspect of the rockbox utility program.
03:05:39[Franklin]but I'll see what I can do
03:06:09saratogawiki says its in utils/imxtools/sbtools/
03:06:16[Franklin]Day64: you want a windows version?
03:06:50Day64Is that linux only? If you have something available in windows I'd greatly appreciate it.
03:07:37[Franklin]Day64: probably not
03:07:40[Franklin]it uses libusb
03:07:52[Franklin]I think windows has got that
03:08:07[Franklin]plus, it's only a 600-line program :)
03:08:19[Franklin]I'll see if I can get mingw to build it
03:08:51Day64Wait wait wait. So there is no program? It's a code I have to compile first?
03:09:02[Franklin]Day64: I can compile for you if you'd like
03:09:13Day64Sorry, I'm very new to this still.
03:09:21[Franklin]but you really should Do it Yourself (TM)
03:09:44Day64What type of code is it? What environment would I be using?
03:10:01[Franklin]preferably linux
03:10:15[Franklin]but it might work on windows, who knows?
03:10:51Day64Ok, so it's shell coding. Sorry, I've only ever done application coding in language environments.
03:11:40[Franklin]Day64: I think it ought to work if you have a C compiler and libusb headers/library installed
03:11:51Day64ok, where can I find the code?
03:12:05saratogaits probably written in plain c rather than any specific shell
03:12:16[Franklin]it is ;)
03:12:17saratoga[21:06] <saratoga> wiki says its in utils/imxtools/sbtools/
03:12:32[Franklin]Day64: that's relative to the root of the source code
03:13:11[Franklin]however, it seems to be a freestanding C program
03:13:20Day64I have no idea where any of this code is being pulled from. I installed rockbox via the graphical utility program. If there's any kind of manual compiling involved, I haven't touched it.
03:13:22[Franklin]so you could just grab the .c file straight of git
03:16:14[Franklin]Day64: do you have access to a c compiler?
03:16:29[Franklin]preferably gcc
03:17:18Day64Don't have it. Can get it.
03:19:58[Franklin]then, get libusb instaled and build sbloader.c
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03:21:34[Franklin]Day64: I can't seem to find libusb for windows anywhere
03:21:55[Franklin]alright then, you might want to try linux then
03:22:39Day64I'm familiar with ubuntu, and I have access, but playing with it's finer points are a bit beyond me.
03:22:54Day64I'd hate to ask, but could you possibly help with the compiling?
03:23:04[Franklin]Day64: sure
03:23:14[Franklin]so you have access to a linux terminal right now?
03:23:48Day64Give me a second to reset and change my boot. I have it on disc.
03:24:12[Franklin]ok, take your time
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03:38:33Day64Ok, I am back, and running ubuntu 14.04. I can use the OS as needed, but I've never done much in way of shell coding. So any help you can offer is appreciated.
03:38:56[Franklin]ok, open a terminal
03:40:00[Franklin]I'm assuming that you've got wget, so type this:
03:40:38[Franklin]that should save sbloader.c to a file called utils_imxtools_sbtools_sbloader.c
03:42:25Day64Where can I find the file once saved.
03:42:41[Franklin]type "ls" to get a listing of your working directory, BTW
03:42:58[Franklin]ls is one of those commands you should never forget
03:43:37Day64there is an index.html?p=rockbox.git file
03:43:47[Franklin]ooh woops
03:43:53[Franklin]ok then, I'
03:43:56[Franklin]ok then, I'll do this
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03:44:38[Franklin]type "wget"
03:44:54[Franklin]I'll host it on my server for now
03:45:15Day64Thank you very kindly
03:45:25[Franklin]nah, it's nothing
03:45:31Day64and saved
03:45:35[Franklin]ok good
03:45:46[Franklin]do you have libusb installed?
03:46:58Day64I can find it, but I'm curious as to whether or not there's a command that will bring it in via the linux terminal
03:47:14[Franklin]sudo apt-get install libusb I think
03:48:05Day64unable to locate.
03:48:27[Franklin]let's find the name of it in ubuntu
03:48:50[Franklin]try libusb-dev
03:48:56[Franklin]sudo apt-get install libusb-dev
03:50:15Day64sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev worked for me
03:50:33[Franklin]ok, that's good
03:50:39[Franklin]now type this to compile:
03:51:03[Franklin]gcc -lusb sbloader.c -o sbloader
03:51:22[Franklin]eh, never mind
03:51:28[Franklin]it's -lusb-1.0
03:52:20Day64gcc -lusb-1.0 sbloader.c -o sbloader ? correct?
03:52:26[Franklin]try it ;)
03:52:30[Franklin]it can't break anything
03:52:52[Franklin]you may need to add -I/usr/include/libusb-1.0 if it can't find libusb.h
03:52:52Day64libsub.h no such file or directory
03:53:26[Franklin]gcc -lusb sbloader.c -o sbloader -I/usr/include/libusb-1.0
03:53:53[Franklin]actually, make that -lusb-1.0
03:54:15[Franklin]so in all: gcc -lusb-1.0 sbloader.c -o sbloader -I/usr/include/libusb-1.0
03:55:00[Franklin]I'm sorry, but I gotta go now
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03:56:03Day64Ouch, the code is passing an error for a loop declaration.
03:56:06Day64Perhaps another time then.
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09:00:31kugelthe ypr0 boot failure relates to HAVE_MULTIDRIVE
09:11:03kugelerr, I think I see the problem
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10:05:20pamauryis there a problem with the website ?
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15:27:16wodzTheSeven: another ATA -2147483542 error :,48706.msg230754/topicseen.html#msg230754
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19:21:42saratogadoes anyone have a fuzev2? I'll probably need some changes tested on it eventually
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19:34:21pamaurywodz (logs): I have some suggestion regarding headergen and register description in general, which I think would provide a nice solution to the problem
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20:18:46wodzpamaury: I am afk for ~30min. Later we can discuss
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20:40:23cronix1hi all
20:40:37cronix1anyone here who knows stuff about the rockbox for android builds?
20:40:58cronix1im currently messing around with my new pono. i already acuired the original rom
20:41:19cronix1its signed by test-keys so i rebuild it myself and signed and i flashed successfully
20:41:43cronix1right now im wondering if the rockbox for android builds are compatible with android 2.3.3 since that is the version the pono is rocking
20:42:03cronix1and if the is a build that acts as a launcher so it is launched at boot time
20:42:19cronix1im trying to get my pono to rock rockbox instead of the crappy default player apk
20:42:50 Join cmhobbs [0] (
20:42:50 Quit cmhobbs (Changing host)
20:42:50 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
20:58:07foolshcronix1: Don't hold me to it but I think anything 1.6 "donut" and up, but checking the manifest file should tell you
21:00:31wodzpamaury: I am back
21:00:53pamaurywodz: ok, wait a sec
21:02:48cronix1well it works on the emulator with 2.3.3
21:03:02cronix1i got the pono to run the Launcher2 copyed from the android emulator
21:03:14cronix1but when i start the rockbox app it crashes right away
21:03:20cronix1i guess its missing some library
21:04:38pamaurywodz: back, I was thinking about change the description format to make it more uniform and also more obvious how to generate headers, let me write a small example
21:05:23 Quit michaelni (Quit: Leaving)
21:07:35 Quit cronix1 (Quit: #android)
21:07:49 Join cronix1 [0] (
21:08:21 Nick cronix1 is now known as cronix (
21:18:27*wodz waiting...
21:18:50pamaurywodz: pamaury/36cffa3f8401ddd3f554">
21:19:30pamaurythe idea is to get rid of the device/register hierarchies
21:19:49pamaurydevices can be nested, each device can have multiple instances, some unique, some ranges
21:20:04pamauryand some device are in fact registers, which contain fields, and so on
21:20:49pamauryI'm going to have diner, you have a few moments to read and comment, I hope it's self-explanatory
21:21:21wodzok, I'll think about it
21:22:17 Join TheLemonMan [0] (
21:22:20 Quit TheLemonMan (Changing host)
21:22:20 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
21:23:54 Join michaelni [0] (
21:26:32 Quit cmhobbs (Remote host closed the connection)
21:27:49pamaurya first difference is that device do not have a name, only instances do
21:29:25pamaurya second difference is that there are two kinds of instances:
21:29:26pamaury- unique instance with name (like COP_INT_COLLECTOR)
21:29:26pamaury- ranges instance which are numbered (like CPU_INT_COLLECTOR(n)), the range can start at any number (0, 1 or anything), have a finite count, and either has a formula or has a stride (just a special case)
21:31:28pamauryOne thing which I did not write yet, is that there would be hints about how to name things: each device can specify a prefix with respect to the parent device. So for example if the root device specify "HW_" prefix, all registers start with HW_. If a second level device specifies "#" prefix, then the name would be CPU_INT#ENABLE_n, you get the idea, the prefix can be empty (useful for atj I thinkร 
21:37:44wodzpamaury: Whats the point of nested devices?
21:38:43wodzor it is more abstract and describe registers as well?
21:38:52 Join p3tur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:39:18 Quit p3tur (Client Quit)
21:44:18pamaurywodz: it's mostly because the distinction between devices and register lead to much code duplication, in the current state devices are exactly like registers with extra attributes
21:44:27***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:44:33pamaurythis way is more abstract, more generic, more unified
21:45:29pamauryin the new description, a register is a device
21:45:46pamaury(with the extra <register> element)
22:10:49 Join sakax [0] (~sakax@unaffiliated/sakax)
22:11:52 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
22:12:43 Quit bluebrother (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:12:46 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
22:14:36 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:21:51 Quit xorly (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:22:49 Join xorly [0] (
22:23:56 Quit xorly (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:25:06 Join xorly [0] (
22:36:26 Join [Franklin] [0] (~franklin@unaffiliated/franklin)
22:38:41[Franklin]foolsh: I've pretty much got string loading working
22:38:59[Franklin]The format isn't human-editable as I'd hoped it would be
22:39:26[Franklin]Strings are limited to 199 characters (not including the null), and there can be a maximum of 141 strings
22:46:56wodzpamaury: It is probably naming convention thing but naming register a device (but with additional argument) is mind bending.
22:47:50pamauryif your prefer, see it the other way around: "device"s are actually containers
22:47:58pamauryor namespaces
22:48:22wodzlets abstract it further and call it a node
22:48:38pamauryok if you prefer
22:50:15wodzIn bitfields I assume <first></first> means starting bit position
22:51:17wodzthe convention bitrange="x:y" seems more natural
22:52:15wodzDS provides description x:y and not start:len. But we are moving towards machine generating and machine processing so this doesn't matter much
22:52:51wodzpamaury: Another thing is conversion between old and new format
22:53:17[Franklin]foolsh: I'm not sure if there should be a warning when the strings aren't found, though
22:54:14pamaurywodz: yeah this format is more machine oriented, here is the update: pamaury/36cffa3f8401ddd3f554">
22:54:35pamaurythe old reading code would be moved to a tool which can read the old format and output the new one
22:57:52wodzIMO s/<value>/<enum> s/<content>/<value>/
22:58:17pamauryah yeah better, I was looking for a better name :)
22:58:38foolsh[Franklin]: should you just supply the alternate strings file in the source?
22:59:38[Franklin]yes, I have it like that locally
22:59:49pamauryhum, there a few inconsistencies in the xml still, maybe the root node should have a dedicated <soc> tag
22:59:55[Franklin]I'm still working out some kinks
22:59:59[Franklin]should push pretty soon
23:00:45[Franklin]do you mind if I change your strings a bit?
23:01:01foolshfeel free
23:01:05[Franklin]ok :)
23:01:07wodzpamaury: I think it should also have <author></author>, maybe <isa></isa> with variant
23:02:22[Franklin]foolsh: I'll host the strings file myself for now
23:02:32[Franklin]probably I'll need to find somewhere else, though
23:02:38wodzpamaury: So the parsing will start at root entry and traverse down iterating over instances, right?
23:03:22wodzmaybe <date> field to automatically update when the desc is touched
23:04:33pamauryI have updated the gist
23:04:45[Franklin]foolsh: ok, pushed it
23:05:01 Join Ivoah_ [0] (
23:05:41wodzpamaury: what you mean by <suffix> ?
23:06:12pamauryregister name would <prefix>name<suffix>subnames
23:06:37pamauryif prefix is HW_ and suffix is _, you get HW_DEV_REG
23:06:46pamauryI'm not too happy with this yet
23:06:51 Quit Naked_ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:06:52 Quit Ivoah (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:07:02 Join Naked [0] (
23:07:22foolsh:) [Franklin] look at the file list #g1012
23:07:26fs-bluebotGerrit review #1012 at : [WIP] Xworld Another World interpreter for Rockbox by Franklin Wei
23:07:32[Franklin]ohh what did I do this time?
23:07:39foolshjust look
23:08:17[Franklin]aww... lol
23:08:56pamaurywodz: we could let the name generator in headergen, it would be target specific to avoid putting this information into the description
23:10:07wodzpamaury: hmm, I can't see the benefit of expressing register as node. You provide <register> tag anyway to distinguish it from device.
23:10:13[Franklin]foolsh: I think it's because I have 4 branches named "xworld" or similar
23:10:30pamaurywodz: the difference is that multireg are treated exactly like multidev
23:11:08wodzI see
23:11:17 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:11:35pamaurya multidev is "put N copies of this dev here, here and here", a multireg is "put M copies of this reg here, here and here". A node is "put N copies of the subnodes here, here and here", a register a just particular kind of subnode you can place
23:11:42pamauryof course that's the only useful one at the end :D
23:12:01wodzpamaury: right, I am fine with this
23:12:27wodzpamaury: What you mean by 'we could let the name generator in headergen' ?
23:13:23pamauryI mean the description does not provide any register convention, and headergen has some soc specific code to generate the names
23:13:35[Franklin]foolsh: xworld.strings file is available at
23:13:46*[Franklin] braces himself for a DMCA notice :)
23:14:11pamauryfor imx233 it would HW_dev_reg, for atj it would devreg, maybe they could be merge in a single <prefix>node1<sep>node2<sep>node3... format
23:14:21 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: leaving)
23:14:43[Franklin]foolsh: I'll try to get zoom working now
23:15:20wodzpamaury: For ATJ I only want to drop HW_ prefix DEV_REG is fine
23:15:54wodzAnd only because the length of macro name is looong anyway
23:16:18pamauryok, so I guess a generic format for headergen would do the trick
23:16:48pamaurywith the convention that <range> generates a parametrised macro like ENABLE(n) whereas unique instance generate as many copies
23:18:20 Join preglow [0] (~thomj@2001:840:4243:3::100)
23:18:43pamauryif you are okay with this, I'll try to implement a prototype
23:18:52 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:19:32 Join mirak_ [0] (
23:21:47wodzpamaury: As I said I'd prefer <field> with <bitfield>31:30</bitfield> style but it is really up to you (or to what is easier to implement)
23:22:29pamauryyeah I read that but I think it's easier to parse it with two fields.
23:22:30cronixcan anyone tell me what files the android app is installing to which locations?
23:22:40pamauryIn qeditor it would still be in the 31:30 format though
23:27:03fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a2136a8, 255 builds, 33 clients.
23:27:38kugelyay, ypr0 works again
23:34:41fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 458 seconds.
23:37:28 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:37:51[Franklin]foolsh: I got zoom working, but haven't tested it yet
23:38:07[Franklin](I've tested it on a 320x240 screen)
23:38:18[Franklin]but that doesn't mean much
23:39:13[Franklin]ok, it seems to be working on the e200
23:39:24cronixok lets see if it works when i tell the rockbox apk to extract its stuff to sdcard instead of data
23:40:14*[Franklin] tries it on the clip zip now :)
23:40:37*cronix is messing with the pono player
23:41:08[Franklin]that $500 thing?
23:41:44alexbobplord is the pono player really $500? I figured it'd be stupidly expensive but wow
23:42:00[Franklin]oh wow
23:42:02alexbobpoh that's so much better :P
23:42:06cronixsoftware is pretty much lame
23:42:11[Franklin]needs rockbox then :)
23:42:13cronixits based on android 2.3.3
23:42:19alexbobpoh wow haha
23:42:27alexbobpI guess it has to match the cost of their beats audio headphones that are also a waste of money
23:42:27cronixim already able to flash customized roms
23:42:28 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:42:36[Franklin]foolsh: it'
23:42:40[Franklin]foolsh: it's working on clip zip
23:42:50cronixbut i dont have any adb access so i cant check why the heck rockbox apk crashes right after stating
23:43:04[Franklin]hardware specs of this thing?
23:43:12cronix128megs ram
23:43:24[Franklin]for a DAP
23:43:33cronixbout 100megs of rootfs storage
23:43:41[Franklin]'bout as powerful as a raspi
23:43:51cronixbit less ram
23:43:55[Franklin]a lot less
23:43:57cronixand smaller
23:44:07cronixand no network or debug access
23:44:20cronixno idea if theres a jtag somewhere inside
23:44:27[Franklin]open it up
23:44:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:44:38[Franklin]get some PCB scans
23:45:27cronixarmv7 cpu
23:45:44cronixmachine sais: qmap beaglebone v3
23:46:17cronixneon support
23:46:55cronix256megs ram according to dmesg
23:47:33[Franklin]but why a trianglular prism?
23:48:06 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:48:17[Franklin]they could have easily used a flat battery pack and avoided the shape completely
23:48:21cronixno fucking idea
23:48:26cronixi know
23:48:45cronixwell it sits in my hand quite nicely
23:48:55cronixits just a bitt tricky for pocket carryage
23:49:12 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
23:50:36cronixalsa 1.0.23
23:50:57wodzthere is unpopulated 20pin zif connector which could be jtag
23:51:32cronixdmesg: usb otg mode controller
23:52:40 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 35.0/20141201162954])
23:52:54cronixtheres a u-boot labeled partition
23:53:02cronixand a u-boot env labeled
23:53:13wodzhaha, I really like the description on battery red(+) black(-) and cables white and black actually :-)
23:55:03wodzAnd the prism is to accomodate capacitors most probably. All sane daps use tantalum caps which are considered 'non audiophile'
23:55:29wodzanyway whats the point of 1000uF
23:58:08cronixno idea but i have to admit, it sounds pretty damn good for my ears in combination with my ultrasone headphones atleast
23:58:17wodzon the film there are 3 wires from battery which makes sense as white is usually thermistor output

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