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#rockbox log for 2014-12-10

00:00:09cronixthe firmware flashing is damn dangerous
00:00:21cronixi cant fiddle to much with it or im risking a expensive brick
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00:01:36cronixthats the complete firmware of that pono
00:01:46cronixall inside of a jar file renamed to .update
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00:04:40wodzcronix: considering there are *lots of* test points on the PCB and some names on silkscreen are meaningful you may try to find UART pads
00:05:19cronixdmesg tells me about 4! serial ttys devices
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00:06:25saratoga_bertrik: ping
00:06:36bertrikhi saratoga_
00:07:14saratoga_i'm trying to figure out why increasing the PCLK causes the clipv2 to have trouble with phantom button presses, but the clip+ and zip are fine
00:07:21saratoga_any idea what is special about the v2?
00:07:23wodzconsidering the number of test points I am wondering if they test the units using oldfashioned nailed
00:07:35saratoga_i thought it was nearly the same as clip+
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00:07:53saratoga_i tried changing some delays at random when reading GPIOs but it didn't seem to help
00:08:26saratoga_perhaps i am looking at the wrong things
00:08:42wodzwhat is this 'high' PCLK?
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00:09:26saratoga_previously we kept the system bus low frequency but the main cpu high frequency since we dind't have scaling and increasing hte bus clock uses a lot of power
00:09:40saratoga_now that scaling is working, we can adjust the bus clock too, and its very helpful
00:09:52saratoga_the system is much faster and battery life is a lot better
00:10:17wodzmy question was about a value
00:10:32saratoga_it was 24 MHz before
00:10:44saratoga_now its 19.2 when low, and 96 (IIRC) when high
00:12:16wodz96MHz is a lot for PCLK. I can't recall any SoC with peripherials driven from PCLK rated higher then 66MHz
00:12:43wodzunless PCLK means something else then I am used to
00:13:09bertrikhm, obviously it could have somethign to do with not having enough setup or hold time. I remember some sansa targets use the button pins for more things than just buttons
00:13:23saratoga_yes i added a few delays to the display driver
00:13:26saratoga_but maybe not enough
00:13:30bertriklike the fuze using the display bus as button pins
00:13:55saratoga_wodz: IIRC the PCLK is divided as needed to generate most of the clocks, except DRAM
00:13:59bertrikclip+ and zip are very similar indeed
00:14:45wodzsaratoga: ok, if that is the case driving it as high as possible makes sense
00:15:12saratoga_i'm not sure what the rated maximum is, but i was able to do an entire battery bench with it at 96MHz with no issues
00:15:21saratoga_so i don't think we're too high
00:15:44saratoga_both the clip+ and zip have put tens of hours using it without a single crash
00:15:47wodzIt would be extremely weird for dram not supporting 100+
00:15:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #100 at : IAP rework patch 8: Revert to static buffers by Ralf Ertzinger
00:16:15saratoga_but we could use more testing if anyone wants to try the builds i posted on the forums
00:16:59saratoga_my clipv2 mostly works with the changes, skip's doesn't even boot
00:17:04saratoga_so there is some variation between devices
00:17:56wodzhow is gpio block clock derived? Maybe this is as simple as changing the divider somewhere
00:18:22saratoga_IIRC its divided down from the pclk, but it should be the same on the clip+ and zip as well
00:21:50bertriksaratoga_: it seems most buttons are read using the matrix method where the new row are selected at the end of the button_read_device function, so there should be plenty of time (10 ms) for the voltage to settle I think
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00:23:05saratoga__my device thinks that most buttons are being held all the time
00:23:08saratoga__although hold works fine
00:24:04wodzhold looks like regular GPIO readout
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00:25:17kugelI'll be offline for about a week, just to let you guys know
00:25:51saratoga__i'll be super busy until the holidays as well
00:25:57saratoga__although i'd like to do a release
00:26:35bertrikI wonder if the logic at button-clip.c lines 108 and 111 is correct
00:28:07bertrikthe idea should be that there is either a walking 0 or 1 (depending on the "INITIAL" value) on the row lines
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00:30:48bertrikhm, looks ok, but the code is a bit complex
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00:35:49prof_wolfffwodz: ATA error -2147483542 seems to be related to CEATA,
00:36:23 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
00:36:28prof_wolfffwodz: I don't have CEATA HDD, probably for that reason i can't see these ATA errors, but i think i found the cause of some USB disconnects...
00:38:37prof_wolfffactually USB current drain is limited to 200/1000mA instead of 100/500mA, when a current peak occurs some USB HOST/HUBs are allowing more than 500mA, as load increases USB voltage decreases and this voltage drop produces the USB disconnects, these peaks usually occurs when HDD if off and starts spinning-on
00:39:49prof_wolfffusually i use an external self powered USB HUB (5.05 V.) with no problems, but i experiment USB disconnects on my motherboard USB (4.9 volts), problems disappears configuring the maximum drain current to 500mA
00:40:22wodzprof_wolfff: hmm indeed it seems that ATA error plagues only 'Thick' model
00:41:32wodzbut 7gen is NOT CEATA AFAIK
00:42:07prof_wolfffno, AFAIK the only CEATA is the 160 thick
00:43:46wodzRight. The forum thread you linked is named ATA Error -2147483542 iPod Classic 7thGen
00:44:52wodzalthough most 'me too' in the thread are for 160GB thick model
00:45:31prof_wolfffTheSeven comments this error is generated by CEATA code
00:45:58wodzprof_wolfff: No. TheSeven commented that such error code is impossible :P
00:47:12wodzThe error code provides sort of backtrace and this particular error code decodes simultaneously to CEATA path and non-CEATA path
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00:51:51prof_wolfffif i am not wrong, it is generated in ata_bbt_reload() -> ata_power_up() 1,0 -> ata_set_feature (ata_bbt...) 3,5 -> ceata_wait_idle() 2,2
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01:11:49[Franklin]wouldn't #define sizeof(x) sizeof(x) be a recursive macro?
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01:21:38[Franklin]foolsh: zoom works without rotation now
01:21:48[Franklin]can't figure out rotated zoom
01:22:10saratogai think its just a null statement since the preprocessor just does a find and replace
01:22:29saratogaits basically s/sizeof(x)/sizeof(x)
01:22:50TheSevenprof_wolfff: lots of people confuse generations all over the place
01:22:59TheSevenso I wouldn't trust anyone saying "7g"
01:24:15[Franklin]saratoga: actually it expands to sizeof(x)
01:24:19TheSevenprof_wolfff: do you have a clue what ceata_wait_idle() 2,2 is?
01:24:24TheSevenIIUC that code doesn't exist
01:24:42[Franklin](which I now see is what you meant)
01:24:48TheSevenat least not in git as of the time when I analyzed that (and nothing should have changed in the meantime)
01:25:18saratogaisn't that what i said?
01:25:36prof_wolfffi have it, i am going to verify where i am...
01:26:15*TheSeven has another look
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01:27:14TheSevenerror -2147483542 is 8000006A
01:28:07prof_wolfffyes, i am updated, PASS_RC(ceata_wait_idle(),2,2) is at line 567
01:28:33TheSevenwhat's the root of that function tree?
01:29:09[Franklin]19:24 < [Franklin]> (which I now see is what you meant) ;)
01:29:26prof_wolfffyes, i think it comes from main()->storage_init()
01:30:02TheSevenso yeah, that's PASS_RC(ata_bbt_reload(), 0, 0);
01:30:35prof_wolfffold driver version doesn't executes ata_set_feature() function for CEATA
01:30:58TheSeven6a is 1101010, so that's PASS_RC(ata_power_up(), 1, 0); with 110101 left
01:32:29TheSevenoh, I think I see what happened
01:32:45TheSevenlooks like I thought I was still in that else branch in ata_power_up when I last looked at that
01:32:52TheSeventhat explains a lot of things
01:33:22TheSevenso it's "enable write cache" that's failing?
01:33:50TheSevenso fixing the (completely broken) ata_set_feature from the old driver actuall broke things. dammit.
01:36:08TheSevenso that buggy drive fails ata_set_feature despite advertizing the feature in its IDENTIFY response? or do we have another bug there?
01:36:54prof_wolfffi also see line 592 is the same as line 603, y don't what is that GPIO, could influence?
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01:37:59prof_wolfffi don't know what is that GPIO, line 592 was not there before
01:38:25TheSevenhm, pulling something high, but no idea what
01:39:32TheSevenbtw, I'm a bit surprised by that USB current thing... highest I've seen so far was ~650mA which most mainboards seem to handle just fine
01:39:58TheSevenI haven't fully figured out what controls this current though - the behavior doesn't quite align with the datasheet of the charger chip
01:39:59prof_wolfffpulling it before writing the following registers could broke things ?
01:40:06TheSeventhere's likely something in parallel to it
01:40:43TheSeventhe *((uint32_t volatile*)0x3cf00200) = 0xb000f; line does indeed look redundant
01:41:02TheSevenI guess we didn't know what that GPIOCMD reg was back when we transcribed that from a disassembly
01:42:09TheSevenhm, one possible explanation for that pin could be a supply for SDIO pullup resistors
01:42:19TheSevenwhich you want to shut down when unpowering the disk
01:42:33TheSevenbut that's just a wild guess
01:42:42TheSevenit does seem to be ceata-specific though
01:42:55prof_wolfffPCON(11) |= 0xf was introduced in the new driver version, it was not there before
01:43:12TheSevenyes, along with a shitload of other missing GPIO accesses
01:43:20TheSeventhose were transcribed from some disassembly
01:44:23TheSevenprobably missed that other line doing effectively the same because it was doing it in a different way
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01:44:35prof_wolfffIIRC OF puts GPIO as output high for lowest power consumption, it makes more sense that configuring them as input
01:44:51TheSevennot if the drive is powered down
01:44:53prof_wolfffsorry, OF puts GPIO as output LOW
01:45:05TheSevenwhere does it do that?
01:45:26 Join mirak_ [0] (
01:45:36TheSevenI'm not sure what I used as a reference, could have been a bootloader, diagmode, or something like that
01:46:15prof_wolfffneed to find it, but i think it is at OSOS
01:47:10prof_wolfffabout USB, there are a couple of GPIO to limit current drawn at 100,200,500 or 1000 mA
01:47:31*TheSeven never looked into that much after having understood the important things while disassembling smaller binaries
01:47:42TheSevenwhere do the 200/1000mA steps come from?
01:48:33prof_wolfffi suspect one GPIO controls LTC4066 HPWR pins who selects 100 o 500 mA (it is configured with a resistor, CLPROG IIRC)
01:48:58TheSevenso you think they messed with the CLPROG pin somehow?
01:49:16TheSevenby pulling it low through an additional resistor and a GPIO?
01:49:30prof_wolfffthe other GPIO modifies this resistor and doubles these limits, i have tested the 100,200 and 500 limit, the 1000 limit could not be tested because iPod doesn't consumes that much
01:49:35TheSevenbut pulling it up would have weird effects then and I didn't observe any of those while messing with that area
01:50:07TheSeventhen again that has been ages ago and I might be misremembering things
01:50:52*TheSeven needs to build a USB current meter again some day
01:51:01TheSevenmy old one died a while ago
01:51:21TheSevenbut I guess for that kind of test I can just use a multimeter - doesn't need to be sub-mA accurate ;)
01:52:47[Franklin]Is there any way I can get the xworld strings translated?
01:52:48prof_wolfffi also need some time to calibrate a couple of vu-meter from an old audio equipment, there is another GPIO that disables battery charge, so the measured current is all consumed by the iPod
01:53:30TheSevenheh, way too many things on our todo list
01:53:46prof_wolfffthat's good :)
01:53:47*TheSeven would rather clean out that bootloader mess than worry about USB charging at this point ;)
01:54:56prof_wolfff I am going to send to gerrit a set of patches including a new DMA driver, i would like if you revise it, knowing you are busy i am not asking for a full code review (great if you do it), just a quick glance to know your thoughts and suggestions about including these patches in RB
01:55:49TheSevenwhat kind of issues is that one addressing?
01:56:24TheSevenDMA seems like one of the things that work reasonably well these days - mostly thanks to that being a well-documented core by ARM
01:56:34 Quit AlexP (Remote host closed the connection)
01:58:11prof_wolfffi am finishing to write a complete description for the patches, it is a queue DMA driver, it is very easy to use and experiment with different configurations and includes a peak_buffer function who is working well for me
01:58:45prof_wolfffthere are other patches for HAVE_RECORDING, HAVE_SERIAL and HAVE_IAP
01:59:59 Quit mirak_ (Quit: Ex-Chat)
02:00:41prof_wolfffthe current playback algorithm and configuration is not modified, it uses the DMA driver API instead of dealing with LLIs, buses, widths...
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02:23:55[Franklin]what would I put for the copyright in xworld?
02:24:27[Franklin]Do I leave the original author's name, or delete it?
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02:56:34sakaxis someone still working on fixing nano2g? just wondering :D
02:57:45[Franklin]sakax: TheSeven is overloaded right now
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09:24:08wodzpamaury: BF_CLR, BF_SET and BF_TOG are pretty much imx specific. I'd expect BF_CLR to expand into BF_WR(reg, field, 0) and BF_SET to BF_WR(reg, field, 1)
09:24:41wodzpamaury: And it would be good to document those macros anyway
09:24:43pamaurywell, BF_SET is really just a write to the _SET variant of the register
09:25:00pamauryimx is not the only target with SCT variants
09:25:42wodzpamaury: sure but for targets without SCT BF_SET/CLR/TOG still have a merit (but obtained differently)
09:26:10pamaurywhy not use BF_WR then ?
09:26:40wodzYou can, sure.
09:27:50pamauryMaybe we can change this but my initial way:
09:27:50wodzfor clear its simple, for SET you need to remember to use mask instead of simple 1 if this is multibit field. Toggle doesn't have simple equivalent
09:27:50pamaury- BF_SET/CLR/TOG only apply to register variants, because they have a different semantic
09:27:50pamaury- BF_WR applies to all, it always work but does RMW
09:28:40pamauryhum, however there is a slighlt complication: the macro BF_SET cannot determine if the register has a SET variant or not
09:28:46wodzwhat about BF_SCT_{SET,CLR,TOG}
09:29:31wodzand regular BF_{SET,CLR,TOG}
09:29:40pamauryisn't it a bit confusing ?
09:30:09wodzI understand why you did this that way but it is not correct for non SCT
09:31:39pamauryhum, give me a moment to think about it, maybe we just need to come up with better names for the alternative
09:32:11pamauryI'd suggest like BF_OR, BF_XOR, BF_NAND but that might be confusing
09:32:14wodzanyway preprocessor can't check if you are using SCT variant for non SCT register so the code writer needs to be aware of the nature of register anyway
09:32:39pamauryyes absolutely, that's a safetey mechanism: you just can't BF_SET a register without a _SET variant
09:33:32pamauryhell BF_OR is already used anyway
09:34:42pamaurywhat about BF_BIT_{SET,CLR,TOG} ?
09:36:39wodzyou will know instantly as there will be no definition of _SET variant and compiler will tell you that
09:37:22pamauryyes, that's the intended behaviour
09:37:51wodzBF_BIT_* name implies single bit manipulation which is not generally true
09:38:30pamaurythe only alternative I see would to rewrite *all* current instances of BF_SET(reg, field) to reg_SET = REG_BM(reg,field)
09:38:50wodzyeah, kinda stupid but grep should do
09:39:09pamaurybut that's far less readable imo, you need to write the register twice
09:39:32pamauryalthough I agree it has the advantage of not requiring knowledge about the variants
09:40:41pamaurymaybe I could create a macro like BF_ASSIGN(reg, variant, field) which would do this
09:41:05wodzhow reg_SET = xxx solve anything? It is still not right for non SCT
09:41:32wodzah, I read it wrong
09:41:36pamaurythat for existing code
09:42:05pamaurythere is a lot of code (114 lines of BF_SET, 114 lines of BF_CLR and 2 BF_TOG)
09:42:07wodzyou mean eliminate *current* SCT aware BF_SET from existing code
09:43:14wodzhmm, whats wrong with BF_SCT_* then? simple substitution of name in code and freeing up BF_* for generic variant
09:43:42pamauryI don't like the mix of both, it's too confusing
09:44:37***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
09:45:10pamauryI need to go, I'll think about it but I'm confident we can find a solution to free up BF_{SET,CLR,TOG}, I just need to find a good substitution name
09:45:58wodzSCT_{SET, CLR, TOG} maybe?
09:46:13wodzto not confuse with BF_
09:46:22pamaurymaybe, very easy to misread though, and yes documenting the macros would be a good idea
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13:45:55cronixwodz: i gathered quite a bit info on the pono player internals:
13:47:02cronixthis is the part where Rockbox for android crashes:
13:57:00foolshcronix: Please take what I say with a grain of salt, I'm no expert, but is the android ndk support build in to the pono player?
13:57:40wodzlooks like it can't find
13:58:03cronixfoolsh: is there a way to find out?
14:02:40foolshcronix: Does the path "/sdcard/rockbox" exist?
14:03:16wodzfoolsh: isn't searched in internal storage?
14:04:05cronixfoolsh: jep i created it to test if it extracts the so files to sdcard instead of the internal lib path
14:04:56cronixive put a rockbox-info.txt file there
14:05:05cronixit does not extract anything at all
14:05:14cronix(running on android 2.3.3 device)
14:05:26cronixand rockbox crashes instantly when i start the app
14:09:11foolshcronix: Hmm.. how about the "/data/data/org.rockbox/app_rockbox/rockbox" directory does it exist on the player? I also wonder about it's file permissions
14:09:32foolshit should, just ckecking
14:09:52cronixlemme check
14:10:33cronixits a pain i have to use the terminal emulator with on screen keyboard on a 240x320 screen because adb does not work at all
14:22:08cronixmhm /data/data/org.rockbox/ exists with drwxr-x−−x app_0 app_0
14:23:20cronix/data/data/org.rockbox/app_rockbox/rockbox does not though
14:25:08cronix/data/data/org.rockbox/ just contains a lib folder
14:26:22cronixthat one is empty though
14:26:31cronixowned by system:system
14:29:24 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
14:29:51foolshthe file /data/data/org.rockbox/lib/ doesn't exist hmm... it's like it's never installed correctly, or has someother trouble with the apk
14:30:17cronixthe libs are embedded inside of the apk tough
14:30:37cronixand ive tested the exact same apk on the android emulator with an android 2.3.3 image before
14:30:45cronixit works fine over there
14:30:55cronixjust not on the pono player
14:31:13foolshdo you have root? can you manually put them in place?
14:31:30cronixi have root, that was archived about an hour ago
14:31:33cronixjust not adb
14:31:38foolshAre you using linix then btw?
14:32:03foolshhave you created a udev rule for your pono player?
14:32:08cronixjep aswell
14:32:24foolshrebooted since then?
14:32:26cronixSUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="2aa1", MODE="0666"
14:32:39cronixbut i tried yesterday at home on my laptop aswell
14:32:41foolshcouldn't hurt but might not help
14:32:44cronixwindows and linux
14:32:48cronixrebooted several times
14:32:51cronixdid not work
14:32:57cronixits a pain :o
14:33:21cronixi also modified the build.prop to enable adb
14:33:28cronixand the adbd is running fine
14:34:12cronixbut the logcat shows this when i connect a usb cable:
14:34:44foolshusb debug enabled on the player?
14:34:59cronixalso dis and reanabled it already
14:35:23foolshgot yourself a real pickel there
14:35:31cronixjup :D
14:35:43foolshare you building the pono image yourself?
14:35:48cronixbut first steps are already done, i got it rooted ^
14:35:53cronixno access to pono sourcecode
14:36:01cronixim just carefully copying files
14:36:29cronixthats the image updater zip
14:37:29cronixthats the adbd related stuff inside of my initram init.rc:
14:37:52cronixand i checked with getprop for persist.service.adb.enable=1 and that one is indeed @ 1
14:39:07foolshso your modifying this update image?
14:39:46cronixresigning with android test-keys is enough for the pono's recovery to accept that image
14:40:12cronixthing is, there is no key kombination to force the pono to boot to recovery
14:40:25cronixand no fastboot or any other method of debricking
14:40:38cronixthats why im pretty damn careful about what to modify
14:41:22 Join amayer [0] (
14:42:05cronixfirmware update is triggered by putting a *.update file onto the .pono directory on the internal sd card
14:42:12cronixand unplug the usb cable from the pc
14:42:34cronixthen the player scans for that update file and prepares the update, reboots to recovery and flashes the new zip
14:42:49cronixall fully automated and triggered by the official pono player apk
14:43:00cronixit does not happen when im inside of laucher2.apk
14:43:15cronixthat thing is pretty damn weird
14:43:50cronixpreparation is done by copyting said update file to /cache/recovery/
14:44:29foolshOfftopic but sounds like it needs someone to modify that update process to flash a custom boot loader ;)
14:45:07cronixjep indeed
14:45:26cronixafaik its boot loader is an u-boot
14:45:42cronixi still want to dump all the partitions on the device
14:45:52cronixwill do that in the evening (about 3-4 hours from now)
14:47:36cronixpackage_extract_file("boot.img", "/dev/block/platform/mmci-omap-hs.1/by-name/boot");
14:47:44cronixthat is default android behaviour though
14:48:01cronixwhere as boot.img contains the kernel and ramdisk
14:51:25foolshwell unpacking the resources to /data/data/org.rockbox/app_rockbox/rockbox and giving them the right permissions "should" work, but don't hold me to it. "Why" it doesn't is still a mystery.
14:51:56cronixwhich ressources?
14:52:02cronixjust unzip the whole apk there?
14:52:45foolshno I believe it should be a but I'm not sure, it looking for the native binaries I believe
14:53:11foolshIt's been a long time since I delved into the android port
14:54:34 Join einhirn [0] (
15:04:18foolshcronix: /data/data/org.rockbox/lib/ needs to exist and....
15:04:52foolsh"/data/data/org.rockbox/app_rockbox/rockbox/" OR "/sdcard/rockbox/" I think
15:05:10foolshand they need proper permissions
15:07:04 Join xorly [0] (
15:08:34foolshthere may be more though
15:25:01cronixokay thanks
15:25:16cronixi just dumped all the nand and mmc partitions :D
15:31:47cronixTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.51 -> u-boot -> android
15:32:27cronixfor the x-loader there is source code:
15:33:46foolshcronix: this is becoming off topic head over to #rockbox-community so the public logs don't become clobbered
15:34:37*gevaerts thinks it's borderline :)
15:43:27 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
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16:02:35 Part LinusN
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19:52:55prof_wolfffi just sent to gerrit a bunch of patches for iPod Classic, probably contains numerous errors, inaccuracies, typos... all reviews, suggestions, questions.. are welcome!
19:53:04 Quit edhelas (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:53:24prof_wolfffall code is tested on ipod 80 and 160 slim, but some of the patches are modifying sensible things and needs more testing
19:54:16gevaertsYou've been busy :)
19:57:43prof_wolfffgevaerts: :) at this moment i was trying to ask you for a review of the iAP code, see you were involved in the last iAP big update
19:58:03gevaertsI was?
19:58:12 Join lebellium [0] (
19:59:01prof_wolfffyou aren't in the las iAP commit?, maybe i am wrong, will look it again
19:59:35gevaertsI took part in discussions about how much review was needed I think, but it's really not my area
19:59:57*gevaerts is good at such meta-discussions :)
20:00:18prof_wolfffoh yes, i see the commit was done by Ralf Ertzinger
20:05:34 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
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20:39:12 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:39:36fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b320bba, 255 builds, 32 clients.
20:43:25 Quit edhelas (Quit: Quitte)
20:43:57 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
20:47:39fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 484 seconds.
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22:48:24[Franklin]prof_wolfff: man your patches do everything :)
22:50:55 Join sakax [0] (~sakax@unaffiliated/sakax)
22:52:08prof_wolfffFranklin: :) i wish it were true, there are still many things to do
22:52:55[Franklin]so you implemented the microphone?
22:53:34prof_wolfffthe iAP microphone works but i am preparing a patch for the HP jack microphone
22:54:16*[Franklin] doesn't think the classic is "unusable" anymore :)
22:54:17prof_wolfffanyway the line-in can also be used
22:54:37[Franklin]what's the difference between line in and the headphone jack mic?
22:56:03prof_wolfffi have an old line-in microphone (it was made for iPod Video but works on Classic OF), it is stereo an has better quality than the jack mic (mono)
22:56:57prof_wolfffbut jack mics are cheap, no more than $3 and acceptable quality for voice recording
22:58:37prof_wolfffjack mic consumption is very low, not tested but probably it could record for more than 25 hours
22:59:22prof_wolfffunboosted recording works well
22:59:51[Franklin]perhaps someday DAPs /will/ ship with rockbox pre-installed :)
23:00:20*gevaerts very much doubts that
23:01:07prof_wolfffIIRC i have seen it on eBay
23:01:35*[Franklin] queries "rockbox" on ebay
23:02:21gevaertsWell yes, and there are (or were) also some people selling sansas with rockbox targeted at blind people, but that's really not the same thing
23:02:33gevaertsThey still leave the factory with something else installed
23:06:21mikebeaucsomeone do a kickstarter for a rockbox branded DAP :)
23:07:12gevaertsI think we have way too many features for any QA department to feel comfortable with
23:07:55gevaertsIt would cost a lot more to polish all that than to just tweak whatever you get from the SoC manufacturer a bit
23:08:09mikebeaucit's probably easier to let other companies deal with the hardware side of things anyways
23:08:18[Franklin]perhaps a deal with sansa?
23:08:28 Quit thomasjfox_ (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:09:46 Quit bzed (Remote host closed the connection)
23:09:53 Join bzed [0] (
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23:52:22[Franklin]how do I link with tlsf?
23:58:31 Quit mikebeauc (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)

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