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#rockbox log for 2014-12-13

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01:20:35foolsh[Franklin]: o/
01:20:39foolshhow goes?
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02:10:41[Franklin]foolsh: \o
02:10:52[Franklin]foolsh: I've got a lot of stuff WIP locally
02:11:30[Franklin]but I can't figure out zoom with rotation yet, so I'm hesitant to push
02:11:54[Franklin]I've started thinking about a little refactor of sys_copyRect, too
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11:15:45prof_wolfffi have just registered as wiki user, i ask for someone to add me to the WikiUsersGroups, many thanks
11:20:17[Saint]real name as you've spelled it in the user form, please.
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11:21:20prof_wolfffSaint: CastorMunoz (Cástor Muñoz)
11:21:49gevaertsOh, you weren't sure who prof_wolfff was? :)
11:22:08[Saint]I wasn't sure if there was any accent characters included.
11:22:12[Saint]I know he he is. ;)
11:22:41gevaertsThe wiki history bit on the homepage shows that!
11:24:28prof_wolfffdon't worry, i am used to have problems in airports due to the ñ :)
11:25:43[Saint]should be done.
11:25:56[Saint]got caught playing with the broken ass login template.
11:26:21[Saint]and then the wiki decided it wanted to do its 'be unreasonably slow for seemingly no reason' thing.
11:26:21prof_wolfffthanks, i am going to add test_coded results for the Classic
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18:42:08[Franklin]foolsh: I can't seem to get zoom with rotation figured out
18:42:24[Franklin]do you think it'd be ok to only have zoom work without rotation?
18:47:06foolshor how about "zoom in to see code" default back to the scaled/rotated view after a timeout
18:48:01[Franklin]I thought about that
18:48:09[Franklin]not that easy, though
18:49:14[Franklin]maybe setting zoom automatically sets rotation and scaling to off?
18:51:53foolshcould store the old value in a varible and restore it
18:54:29[Franklin]but doing that is a bit confusing
18:54:52[Franklin]hmm... could the VM memory have the code stored somewhere?
18:56:48[Franklin]I'll just push what I have
18:57:35[Franklin]BTW, this new patch set changes the strings file format
18:57:47[Franklin]I'll get the new file uploaded
18:59:27[Franklin]ok, here:
19:02:20[Franklin]argh... did I push config.h!?
19:03:31[Franklin]ok, I
19:03:37[Franklin]ok, I'll get that fixed
19:03:47foolsh:) alright
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19:06:40[Franklin]ahh git
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19:09:15[Franklin]ok finally
19:09:24[Franklin]no extra files
19:09:28[Franklin]no extra changes
19:09:31[Franklin]just pure xworld :)
19:10:46[Franklin]perhaps I should make the generator for the .strings file available, too
19:10:57[Franklin]it's really quite a simple format
19:24:28[Franklin]Strife1989: you wanna test again with zoom?
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19:48:19wodzpamaury: ping
19:55:17Strife1989[Franklin]: Sure
19:57:02[Franklin]Strife1989: ok, run this command: git fetch git:// refs/changes/12/1012/117 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD
20:00:04Strife1989Whoops, couldn't apply.
20:00:25[Franklin]start with a clean branch
20:00:26Strife1989Presumably it conflicts with the old patch, but I'm not sure how to fix that in git
20:01:13Strife1989Is there a way to reset things without a full redownload?
20:01:42[Franklin]hmm... not sure off the top of my head
20:01:55[Franklin]try git reset HEAD~
20:02:05[Franklin]git reset HEAD^
20:02:21[Franklin]that should move HEAD to the commit before xworld
20:02:48[Franklin]then type git stash && git stash drop
20:03:16[Franklin]then run the fetch command
20:04:08Strife1989I believe I've messed up
20:04:24[Franklin]what's wrong?
20:04:41Strife1989One sec
20:05:37Strife1989It looks like the old xworld files were left behind and git doesn't like it.
20:05:51[Franklin]just remove them
20:05:57[Franklin]rm -rf apps/plugins/xworld
20:06:02Strife1989Oh, right
20:06:04[Franklin]and rm manual/plugins/xworld.tex
20:06:24[Franklin](what I've just outlined probably works, but there's likely a better way to do it)
20:06:58Strife1989There it goes
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22:50:50Strife1989[Franklin]: Clip Zip and Clip Plus fail to build for me. c200 builds fine.
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23:49:02[Franklin]Strife1989: it won't build on monochrome or grayscale
23:53:43Strife1989[Franklin]: Ah.
23:53:52Strife1989Clip Zip build just finished, worked fine.
23:53:58Strife1989I'll have to test in a couple hours
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