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#rockbox log for 2014-12-15

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00:11:49zhumanhi guys! I built the latest git version of rockbox for ipod 6g classic and got a boot error: ATA Error -2147483542, i then tried the same rev 0389fd0 from daily builds from, but got exactly the error, reverting to my previous version from 20-aug-2014 brought everything back to normal; could anyone look into
00:11:49zhuman this please?
00:12:05[Franklin]this has been reported
00:12:19[Franklin]and traced down to a single commit IIRC
00:12:49zhumanaha, good to know, thanks!
00:13:18[Franklin]BTW, I can get you the SHA of the commit that may have broken things so you can try reverting it
00:13:40zhumansure, that would be nice
00:14:13TheSevenif you want to help testing, try just commenting a single line of code which I suspect might be the cause...
00:15:00TheSevenfirmware/target/arm/s5l8702/ipod6g/storage_ata-ipod6g.c lines 696-697
00:15:23TheSevenalso, let me guess, it's a 160GB thick model?
00:15:45zhumanaha, 160GB thick black, 6.5 gen
00:16:10[Franklin]6.5 is 120 GB IIRC
00:16:29TheSevenofficially even the 160gb thin is still 6g
00:16:35zhumanreally? i have definitely 160G, maybe it is just 6g then
00:16:49TheSevenall higher revision numbers have just been made up by people trying to differentiate them somehow
00:16:55TheSevenand everyone uses these numbers for different things
00:17:08zhumani see
00:17:38TheSeven(they're technically identical except for different hard drives, batteries, and a headphone remote feature that was added on 160gb thin)
00:17:56TheSevenand the 160gb thick hdd is the culprit here...
00:19:20TheSevenas I don't have access to an affected device, it would be really helpful if you could check that commenting these lines fixes it
00:19:31zhumani see, i'll try it with the modified file and report shortly
00:20:01TheSeven(if so, we'd just move those two lines into the else block right above them)
00:20:38[Franklin]... because a walking 7 would be sure to attract unwanted attention at the local apple store :)
00:21:25zhumanwalking 7? not getting it
00:21:32*TheSeven neither
00:22:04[Franklin]TheSeven is a 7
00:23:00zhumanaha ;)
00:24:25TheSevenwell, that's clear, but still... nevermind
00:24:55zhumanline 696 is an if, shall i comment out both 696 and 697?
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00:26:00zhumanyou guys do magic transformations here
00:27:35TheSevenzhuman: yes
00:28:00TheSevenactually line 697 is the problem, but the if won't be happy if it's left alone ;)
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00:28:33zhumani commented out the block
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00:34:50zhumannope, didn't help, after modifying storage_ata-ipod6g.c i still get: ATA error: -2147483540
00:35:49TheGoogolplexweeku: sup
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00:36:09zhumanoh, hang on, it's actually a different error code now, previously with the official version i got 2147483542
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00:55:47zhumanTheSeven: can you please tell me the SHA of the commit that should be reverted for 6g classic?
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02:03:48scorche``gevaerts: hrm, interesting
02:03:59scorche``i really juts need to re-do the entire thing - server included
02:04:07scorche``start off with a fresh version of debian and such
02:04:17scorche``of course, this means that i need to dedicate some time towards this effort...
02:04:51scorche``i dont have confidence in being able to upgrade the forums again without everything falling over - last time, I was applying all of the patches manually
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09:28:23TheSevenzhuman: try commenting the next line (698) as well
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09:41:43wodz_\o/ I am able to chat with FM chip on iriver e150 which means that i2c kinda work
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09:48:23TheLemonMannow that i remember, what happened to the plan of having plugins in elf format ?
09:51:31wodz_TheLemonMan: basically there is POC patch on gerrit but lots of work is still needed
09:51:48wodz_TheLemonMan: Eventually I'll come back to this some day
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10:06:09[Saint]TheSeven: ohhhhhh...hum, is it *only* the 160GB thinks?
10:06:35[Saint]I've got a couple of 80GB thick models.
10:08:34[Saint]FW Rev. KS100-01
10:11:54TheSeven80gb thick? those aren't 6g/classic, are they?
10:12:14gevaertsWow, from looking the forums it seems I enabled this first post moderation just in time
10:14:24[Saint]TheSeven: they're Classics, yeah.
10:14:50[Saint]Like...actual Classics, aluminum anodized front plate.
10:15:09TheSevenI'm not aware that apple ever sold those with 80GB thick drives
10:15:26[Saint]Someone else said that too...
10:15:28TheSeventhe first revision of the classic was 80GB thin / 160GB thick
10:15:36[Saint]I've had a bunch of 'em.
10:15:41TheSevenonly the latter of which is CEATA
10:16:23[Saint]Hum, is the model I listed above not a CEATA interface?
10:16:34[Saint]Googling gave me questionable results.
10:17:23TheSevenlooks like PATA
10:18:36gevaerts57 posts deleted
10:18:39[Saint]Aha. Shitballs then. That'll explain why I haven't seen this issue then possibly. I had it in mind for whatever reason all the thick variants were CEATA.
10:19:46[Saint]I'll see if I can dig up a 160GB thick, I know I have some...somewhere.
10:20:07[Saint]I can only find thin ones.
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11:09:41wodzpamaury: ping
11:11:14pamaurywodz: pong
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11:13:02wodzpamaury: I have idea of much simpler solution to the qeditor/hwstub_shell coexistence although not so robust. We can embed hwstub_shell console as additional tab in qeditor
11:13:29pamauryyeah I thought about it, I think it's a good idea anyway
11:13:40wodzshould be pretty easy considering number of qt apps with shell widget
11:14:35pamaurythe only thing is that it would mean splitting hwstub_shell in a library and a tool, because the cli tool is still very useful, but that's not very hard
11:14:53pamauryand that would be a nice temporary solution until I rewrite hwstub protocol
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11:16:45pamauryok I'll do that when I'll integrate the new register description into hwstub
11:18:14wodzpamaury: you should definitely push all qeditor WIP patches. I am totally lost in which version of what feature I have applied locally on my machines
11:19:02pamauryyeah you're right, but some of it is unfinished :( Or do you prefer that I push unfinsihed stuff ? It still works, just diff tab is not very polished
11:20:02wodzI'd say push as is
11:20:08wodzits usable
11:20:41pamauryok, i'll do that, just need to fix a little detail because the gerrit patch doesn't compile
11:21:58wodz might be good starting point
11:22:46pamauryI'll check if there is some widget in qt itself
11:22:50pamaurymaybe in qt5
11:22:58wodzpamaury: I don't know if you saw in logs - I have working i2c on atj
11:23:45pamauryyeah I saw that, that's great :) Did you figure out everything or some details are still tricky ?
11:25:41wodzpamaury: I am not quite sure how clock divider works
11:26:02wodzpamaury: the DS says sclk = pclk/(div*16)
11:26:34wodzwell it says apbclk/(div*16)
11:26:42wodzI assume pclk = apbclk
11:27:16wodzand now comes the div. I suppose one should read this as (divfield+1)*16
11:27:45wodzor alternatively divfield = 0 is forbidden OR divfield=0 is treated as 1
11:27:46pamauryit could be div*16, with 0 being forbidden
11:27:58wodzwithout hooking up scope I can't tell
11:28:01pamaurybut yeah +1 is more common
11:28:27wodzpamaury: atj uses all three conventions in various ip blocks so you never know
11:28:37pamaurywhat about OF code ?
11:29:08wodzIt hardcodes divfield to 2 but I don't know the apbclock to judge what it does
11:43:41wodzpamaury: what do you think I should do with SDLIB thing? I can extend it a bit to handle writes as well but the real check would be to port some other sd driver to it
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12:24:54pamaurywodz: I'll try to port it to the imx or maybe next time I hack on the pp6110 I can play with it, since the sd driver is the one missing piece for the port
12:25:28 Quit petur (Quit: *plop*)
12:26:00wodzpamaury: The question is more if to commit this as is or let it rot on gerrit
12:31:49pamauryprobably commit
12:32:49pamauryI have some free time, I'll continue my work on the register description
12:32:53wodzok, I'll do it when pushing atj/i2c work
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13:56:59pamaurywodz: the code can now parse and produce xml files
13:57:06pamaurynow I'm on the converter
13:57:16wodzYou are fast!
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14:44:45pamaurywodz: converter is done
14:44:58pamauryI only tested it on a few files, by the way your PWM block in rk27xx looks weird
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14:45:24wodzpamaury: what you mean 'on new files'?
14:45:40pamauryI don't have the time right now but I also want to write a check for the v2 version
14:46:07pamauryon regs-example-v1.xml and I looked at a few bits when converting rk27xx and stmp3780 but the files are too big to check by hand
14:46:33wodzdoes qeditor and hwstub_shell can parse v2 files?
14:46:43pamaurynot yet
14:47:01pamauryfor hwstub_shell this will be trivial
14:47:05pamauryfor qeditor it's a bit more worl
14:47:14wodzwhat is your concern of PWM block?
14:47:37pamaurythe block has four addresses but some register have one instance with a formula
14:49:40wodzall registers are defined with formula. I thought this will be replicated 4 times for each instance, no?
14:49:42pamauryI wonder if hwstub_shell should drop support for v1 or handle both v1 and v2
14:50:07wodzpamaury: If we can convert v1->v2 without issue just drop
14:50:49pamaurywodz: no, in the v1 the formula is just a way to tell headergen that there is a formula to generate addresses of all instance, but still all instances must be describe with an <addr> tag
14:51:10wodzakhm, so yeah thats the bug
14:51:37pamauryin your case, just drop the formulas
14:51:50pamaurybecause v1 doesn't support formulas at the device level
14:52:44wodzare we going to keep v1 desc for reference?
14:53:03pamaurythe conversion is nearly losslevel, the only information lost are:
14:53:03pamaury- versions (there were useless anyway)
14:53:03pamaury- device names: the v1 support a name per device and a name per address, the v2 doesn't so the dev name is promoted to device title (which is for human). This shouldn't be a problem
14:53:49pamauryI think we can drop v1 desc once we are sure it is correct, we can always ressurect them in case of problem anyway
14:55:07wodzswiss_knife.cpp LOL
14:56:13pamaurywell tester is a pretty bad name, because the tool does more than testing, it could compare files, check for errors, and do read->write loop to check the parser/producer
14:56:14wodzYou killed headergen I guess only temporary
14:56:19pamauryand the new one can also convert
14:56:24pamauryyeah I forgot it, it's back
14:57:47pamaurymaybe i'll add a few more debug output to make it more obvious how the information is transformed/lost in the conversion process
14:58:28wodzok, so missing bits are 1) qeditor 2) hwstub_shell 3) headergen_v2 4) conduct the conversion and check the output
15:00:35pamauryyeah, 2) is trivial, 4) is easy, 3) is a bit of work but I'm confident it can be done in a much better way than the older tool 1) I'm unsure about the amount of work, the resulting code will be simpler but some code has to be rewritten
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22:41:03 Join chrisb [0] (
22:43:16 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
22:43:43pamauryurg, why did gerrit pushed the patch without its dependencies ?!
22:45:16***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:17dfktrelated - twitter @rockboxcommits announces commits, in-channel we have nothing atm?
22:45:39scorche|shyeah - we had a cia bot
22:45:48scorche|shnot sure where that thing went
22:46:42gevaertsIts disk crashed IIRC
22:47:05pamaurygevaerts: am I crazy or on gerrit when push a task with dependencies it also pushes dependencies ?
22:47:21gevaertsAnd while they announced the entire world's commits, their own stuff wasn't committed anywhere
22:47:28gevaertspamaury: I have *no* idea
22:52:00pamauryhum, I hesitate to retry, if it fails, I'll have to revert *again*
22:52:36gevaertsYou could experiment with the sandbox repository
22:58:43pamauryah yeah forgot that, too late, I did it by hand
23:02:59pamaurywodz (logs): I pushed most of the work on qeditor which was pending
23:03:31pamaurythe remaining patches are the diff tab and the new register display but those are mostly orthogonal, so now I can work on hwstub and qeditor with the new register description format
23:04:37 Quit preglow (*.net *.split)
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23:30:47chrisbhas the iPod classic been discontinued?
23:32:03chrisb[Franklin]: will we be able to emulate any of this hardware, or run rockbox as a vm?
23:32:24[Franklin]you can still get them on ebay
23:34:01chrisb[Franklin]: i am the kind of guy who hangs onto things for as long as possible...e.g., i have rockbox/ipods hooked up to 10yo Bose radios
23:35:58chrisb[Franklin]: is sansa still in production?
23:36:08[Franklin]yes, some
23:36:11 Quit ender` (Quit: The only time the word "incorrectly" isn't spelled incorrectly is when it's spelled incorrectly.)
23:36:23[Franklin]clip+, zip, sport, and fuze+ IIRC
23:36:54 Quit amayer__ (Quit: Leaving)
23:37:53 Quit Bluefoxicy (Quit: ZNC -
23:38:40chrisb[Franklin]: good
23:39:55 Join Bluefoxicy [0] (
23:54:24 Quit bertrik (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

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