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#rockbox log for 2014-12-16

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11:36:07[Saint]That doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me.
11:36:37[Saint]But, I've seen other weird non-linear shenanigans on ARM cores before.
11:37:26[Saint]flac decoding gets a ~1.5MHz faster running at a _significantly_ lower clock speed on the Classic.
11:37:53[Saint]a few other unboosted test_codec results aren't what I'd necessarily expect either.
11:38:26[Saint]is there test_coded results for the classic on the performancecomparison page?
11:38:39[Saint]aha. there is.
11:39:14[Saint]oooooh - its from prof_wolfff, and there's boosted/unboosted results. awesome.
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11:51:56gevaerts[Saint]: not *that* weird
11:52:25gevaertsCould be things like getting closer to RAM speed (i.e. RAM getting faster relative to CPU clock)
11:54:30[Saint]whatever the reason, it seems quite clear that <significantly lower unboosted clock> is a Good Thing(tm)
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11:54:56[Saint]I've managed to fuck up the battery benches though.
11:59:02wodzgevaerts: Could you point me to the code which does mem size detection on ipod video?
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12:02:35dingoummmm, how to enable things in config.h?
12:04:55wodzdingo: what you mean? config.h defines are usually driven by target specific config
12:05:40dingoI've applied the USB Audio patch and there should be a entry in the Debug menu to enable it but there isn't one
12:06:11dingoI've read in the patch comments that it needs to be enabled in config.h
12:06:21wodzlet me see
12:06:50gevaertswodz: the actual detection is done in firmware/target/arm/pp/crt0-pp.S (around line 150). That's then read by firmware/target/arm/pp/system-pp502x.c and put in a variable (probed_ramsize). firmware/core_alloc.c then uses probed_ramsize to move audiobufend around a bit
12:07:14gevaertsNote that this handling only works thanks to the RAM being mapped twice for the 32MB model
12:09:06wodzdingo: are you sure you try the patch on supported platform?
12:10:22wodzdingo: The patch enables appropriate entry only on supported platforms (which means ARC usb core for now)
12:14:15dingoOh I see, guy who made the comment was running the patch on the Clip+ so i though that Clip+ is supported
12:15:13wodzgevaerts: oh, I thought it touches memory controller bits as well
12:15:32wodzdingo: no, clip+ has designware usb core
12:15:39gevaertsNo, it entirely depends on the RAM mirroring
12:16:39wodztoo bad, I hoped I could steal some code for atj dram configuration
12:16:55gevaertsWe pretend we're always running on a 64MB model, and we just change the end of the available audio buffer a bit
12:17:44gevaertsSo on a 32MB device, the plugin buffer sits in a different mirror of the RAM than the rest
12:18:28wodzgevaerts: thanks for explanation
12:19:00gevaertsWe basically found a way to avoid hard thinking :)
12:21:42dingowodz: I see, so I need to implement usb_drv_recv_blocking somewhere in designware core in order to work?
12:22:39wodzdingo: You need to implement isochronous transfers but you really should speak with pamaury about this.
12:29:07wodzDo I remember correctly that rb needs 2 timers? 1 for kernel tick and second for other uses (like in plugins or so)?
12:30:12dingowodz: There is no need since I don't understand a thing about code haha
12:30:42dingowodz: btw how do I enable logs entry in Debug menu?
12:31:05wodzdingo: You need to compile a build with logf enabled
12:31:06CtcpIgnored 6 channel CTCP requests in 10 minutes and 27 seconds at the last flood
12:31:06*[Saint] thinks he might have Rockbox running on Android 5.0.1
12:31:22[Saint]ah - not quite.
12:31:30[Saint]it just doesn't fall over as quickly.
12:32:08dingowodz: sorry but where do I enable logf?
12:32:16wodzduring configure
12:32:20*[Saint] wonders how to run gdb an on android app through adb
12:32:22wodzits in advanced options
12:32:33[Saint]bloody hell I hope that's possible
12:32:52[Saint]get some usable debug output from this thing and step it out as it fails.
12:33:07[Saint]err - sorry, stepping over someone's conversation.
12:33:14[Saint]nevermind my ramblings... ;p
12:33:44dingowodz: ah found it, thanks
12:34:15[Saint]ooooh - there's ndk-gdb
12:34:27[Saint]but I need to do some slight fuckery to get it working.
12:35:21[Saint]I found and fixed a derp that stops us looking in a single specific place for android zipalign, too.
12:35:46[Saint]so I guess I should put that on gerrit, that means compatibility with aging, and much newer, ndks.
12:36:19[Saint](well - platform build-tools, rather)
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12:52:04wodzI wonder how will perform atj2135 considering it can run dram @ 166MHz
12:58:33[Saint]what does it usually run at?
12:59:07wodz[Saint]: ?
12:59:31wodz[Saint]: you mean the dram or atj?
12:59:48[Saint]Oh, my mistake, I thought that 166MHz was some increase from N.
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13:18:40pamaurywodz: is the designware core driver at least stable for bulk/contrl/interrupt transfers ?
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13:19:18wodzpamaury: it is not
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13:29:42wodzpamaury: whats the change in difftab patch?
13:30:07pamauryI didn't change anything, just rebased the change
13:30:28wodzah, ok
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13:34:31pamauryI'm working on it right now, I'd like to fix the new "sexy register display" to commit it, so only the difftab will be left
13:34:45pamauryI will not commit it before the new register work because I'll have to rewrite it anyway
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13:40:10pamaurydamn, I don't understand how custom views give size hints in qt...
13:42:06[Saint]What a comforting message...
13:42:36[Saint]Extracting android-ndk-r10d
13:42:36[Saint]Everything is Ok
13:42:51[Saint]_everything_, ever, is Ok.
13:42:54[Saint]Good to know.
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20:34:30MihailSomebody know why we set CVDD2 on zip and not set on clip+/clipv2 ?
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20:56:37saratogaMihail: " configure voltage CVDD2 to 2.8V (like the OF does)"
20:56:46saratogai guess Bertrik got that value from reverse engineering
20:58:32saratogalooking at the forums thread, apparently when I tried lowering it I got storage errors
21:02:28saratoga2.5v or so might be safe, then again, you said before it only used a small amount of power
21:10:05Mihailcan you check default value of CVDD2 on clip+ ?
21:11:19 Quit ender (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
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21:11:48Mihailon zip CVDD2 also effect on sound quality
21:15:14 Part LinusN
21:23:07 Join ender` [0] (
21:23:35saratogacvdd2 is 2.8 volts on the clip+
21:23:39 Join ender| [0] (krneki@2a01:260:4094:1:42:42:42:42)
21:24:34saratogasame on clipv2
21:29:03 Join bertrik [0] (~bertrik@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
21:30:41Mihailcan you check (stability+battery life) clip+ with CVDD2 from my patch?
21:31:34Mihailhave you resolve problem with keyboard on clipv2?
21:33:22saratogaMihail: I haven't had time to look at it, but I should in a few days once I am away from work for the holidays
21:33:58Mihailon russian forum I have two success report about clip+ and one with problem - some problem with keyboard and stability
21:34:32MihailI try localize it with special build
21:34:55saratogai don't understand the origin of the key problem
21:35:07saratogawe did run the clip players at 40MHz PCLK once without issue
21:35:29saratogai had no problems with the clip+ but did not test 2.6v CVDD2
21:36:00saratogamaybe safest would be to commit frequency scaling with minimal other changes and then enable them slowly
21:36:28Mihailin all "russian" case it was your build
21:36:40 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:37:16saratogaalso i sometimes see the CPU getting stuck boosted after USB
21:37:28saratoganot sure how the stack works, but maybe usb_enable(0) isn't always called?
21:40:56 Join Mihail_ [0] (4d438ef1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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22:02:22 Quit y4n (Quit: coob ov vood?)
22:08:54Mihail_saratoga: we can commit this changes in four step
22:09:26Mihail_1. mixer - no side affect, just improve audio quality
22:09:39Mihail_2. clock-target.h
22:10:00Mihail_3. frequency scaling
22:10:10Mihail_4. voltages
22:26:13 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
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23:35:44[Franklin]foolsh, Ivoah: I've gotten z80e to build for hardware
23:35:54[Franklin]about 1000 lines of warnings
23:35:56Ivoah[Franklin]: Yay!
23:36:12[Franklin]but it builds
23:36:18[Franklin]I doubt that it will work, though
23:36:34Ivoah[Franklin]: make /sure/ to add an option for re mapping the keys
23:36:53*[Franklin] isn't even sure how the plugin's gonna work :)
23:43:42Ivoah[Franklin]: How's it gonna work then?
23:44:02[Franklin]I don't know :O
23:44:13[Franklin]pelt me with ideas
23:45:44gevaertsAn emulator?
23:46:30*gevaerts assumes that means ROM dumps
23:47:03[Franklin]just because it emulates TI hardware doesn't mean it's gotta run TI code
23:47:19[Franklin]there's KnightOS which is a complete replacement of TI-OS
23:47:25gevaertsI'm not saying that's a problem as such :)
23:47:54gevaertsJust that depending on exact licensing you can or cannot include it
23:48:18*[Franklin] plans on bundling KnightOS with it
23:50:54gevaertsLooks like a decent option, license-wise
23:51:39gevaertsBSD or BSD-like, isn't it?
23:52:04[Franklin]MIT IIRC
23:52:09gevaertsFrom what I found after a brief search
23:52:11gevaertsYes, could be
23:52:24gevaertsTheir formatting makes it a bit tricky :)
23:52:25 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:52:39*gevaerts assumes they want to be able to show it on-device
23:53:02gevaertsGood enough, anyway
23:53:04[Franklin]oh... yes :)
23:53:44gevaertsROMs are a problem with *lots* of emulators

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