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#rockbox log for 2014-12-17

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01:50:50[Franklin]hey Strife89
01:50:58[Franklin]did you get zoom working?
02:25:42Strife89Oh, right
02:26:02Strife89I forgot to install the build, so I'll do that now
02:26:16Strife89Sorry 'bout that
02:26:34[Franklin]it's fine ;)
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06:51:24AlwaysHighis it normal for rockbox utility to stop responding on inital configuration
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06:52:50AlwaysHighonce i press "ok" it stops responding ->
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09:01:11wodzpamaury: (log) I am wondering if we should provide a hint in desc file about field being R/RW/W
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09:26:40dongsif I replace dead nand on sansa clip+
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09:26:47dongswhat do i need to get bootloader + shit back on it
09:31:39wodzGood question. I guess you are on unexplored land. If you are lucky sansa recovery guide may be applicable.
09:36:21wodzsaratoga: Do you have any clue what may mean 'OPG biass current', 'PA biass current', 'OPF bias current', 'OPDA biass current', 'PA gain' ?
09:36:38dongspower amplifier? just a guess.
09:36:56wodzsaratoga: this are description of the fields in ATJ213x DAC section
09:37:18wodzdongs: could be but it is a little vague
09:38:24wodzPA gain can be set to 1.6Vpp or 1.2Vpp
09:40:48dongsthat sounds about right for headphone amp output
09:42:56wodzthere is separate control of headphone amp with 32 steps, -1.8dB/step attenuation
09:43:20wodzhmm maybe this is *before* amplifire
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09:43:44dongsthat sounds like volume?
09:45:09wodzsure, but how the analog path is organized
09:54:39dongsshruggin. datasheet to the rescue
09:56:45wodzdongs: Are you kidding :P I am reading Datasheet and SOC manual and thats why I am trying to figure out what they mean :P
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10:19:52wodzpamaury: ping
10:20:24wodzpamaury: have you seen my question about extension of field description?
10:20:47pamauryerr no, wait a sec
10:21:58pamauryah yeah, that's funny I was wondering the same
10:22:12pamaurymore precisely I was wondering where to put this information
10:22:52pamaurythe SCT variants are a good counter-example to "put it in <register>" because SCT are not readable (well they read 0)
10:23:14pamauryso my thought would be to put it into the instances
10:23:35pamaurywith default being R/W
10:24:03pamaurymaybe with <read-only/> and <write-only/> tags ?
10:24:45wodzSCT are W in my nomenclature
10:26:49wodzbut R/RW/W flags can be different *per fileld*
10:27:07pamauryah you mean per field
10:27:12pamauryI thought per register
10:28:21pamaurythen we could say that instances, registers and fields can have access attributes, and those are inherited
10:28:48pamauryso a read-only instance have its registers read-only except if explicitely overridden, and vice-versa, same for fields
10:33:15pamaurythen I'd like to make it clear what the rules are: say a <register> has access A, and field has access B, then B overrides A, makes sense. Now what happen if this same register is now put at instance with access C ?
10:33:15pamauryI'd say it further restricts the access. For example if register REG is R/W but field F1 is R, F2 is unspecified (so R/W) and F3 is W, then:
10:33:15pamaury* an unspecified instance of REG has access for F1,F2,F3 respectiviely R,R/W,W
10:33:15DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
10:33:15pamaury* a read-only instance of REG has access respectively R,R,N/A (N/A means Not Access)
10:33:15pamaury* a write-only instance of REG has access respectively N/A,W,W
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10:33:16pamaurydoes it make sense ?
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10:34:53*wodz reads,parses and thinks
10:35:47wodzpamaury: makes sense
10:36:45pamauryok, I guess another way to formalise this is to say that permissions are a set in {R,W} (either {}, {R}, {W} or {R,W}) and the final permission of an instance is the intersection of all access along the path (instances + register + field)
10:36:57wodzpamaury: But only to the point where logic is involved. I can think of situations where SoC designers are more creative then we are assuming
10:37:18pamaurydo you have an example ?
10:37:46wodzpamaury: no, just general feeling after reading few dozens of DS
10:39:37wodzbut the worst what can happen is that for a few specific cases we will need to duplicate field descriptions with different access flags I guess. (if ever)
10:41:32pamauryyes you can always solve the problem this way
10:41:52pamauryat some point there is a compromise between 100% precise description and a good enough one
10:43:17***Alert Mode OFF
10:43:29wodzgood enough is the target
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10:48:35wodzI am puzzled - what will happen if you set input enable and output enable at the same time for some GPIO pin? OF does just this. Pull up enable or what?
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10:49:43pamaurydepends on the hardware wiring I'd say
10:49:58pamaurymaybe one of them (input/output) has priority
10:50:36pamaurysome have another trick: input + output means pull up/down and the "output" controls whether its up or down (and output disable is floating)
10:51:42wodzwhat OF actually does is GPIO_AINEN |= (1<<26); GPIO_AOUTEN |= (1<<26); GPIO_ADAT &= ~(1<<26)
10:52:09wodzthis line is active low so it should have pullup enabled (if there is no external one)
10:53:28wodzpamaury: I played a bit with hwstub and you can have out 0, in 1 and the state is detected correctly
10:56:17pamauryso it is ignored ?
10:58:05wodzout sets pin to output, in sets the pin to input, both in and out 0 means alternative function if present, thats granted. I just have no idea what happens if both inen and outen are high
10:58:37pamauryanoher alternative ?
10:59:33wodzthere is seperate register which selects which alternative is routed to pins
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12:29:57gevaertsAlwaysHigh: that's not normal, no
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13:33:28gevaertsOK, forums should be better now. I seem to have missed some permissions the other day which allowed spammers to get through
13:57:37gevaertsscorche|sh: I've rationalised the permission profiles on the forums a bit, mainly making use of the "read only" profile
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14:16:30AlwaysHighI got in installled in the end but once rockbox was on it would never display as a drive
14:16:39AlwaysHighi would hear the doink from windows but nothing else
14:17:31AlwaysHigheven with the faq i couldnt get it showing
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14:24:50pixelmaAlwaysHigh: which player do you talk about exactly?
14:25:43pixelmawhich device / Mp3 player... Rockbox runs on a variety of these
14:25:51AlwaysHighipod gen6
14:27:03*pixelma pings [Saint] and TheSeven as the ones most familiar with the gen 6 Ipods
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17:11:30scorche|shgevaerts: thanks
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21:09:26*[Saint] jumps up and down and screams at things
21:09:47[Saint]Fuck you, Rockbox on Android...and you too, android-21
21:10:07[Saint]...and the horse you rode in on.
21:10:36[Saint]bloody movin' things around, breakin' shit...
21:11:34[Saint]I'm trying to get RaaA to build with the latest toolsets to see if it makes any difference to the abrupt death we suffer on 5.x
21:12:14[Saint]I had it building yesterday, and dyding a few seconds after it /normally/ does, but I updated my system and everything fell over again.
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21:16:38pmartyHi, there. Does anybody know what data transfer modes do PATA controllers on 6 gen iPod support? (I'm looking for the right hdd replacement)
21:18:40pmartyand I have a choice between Toshiba MK1231GAL, MK1234GAL, Samsung HS12YHA 120 GB drives
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21:37:04saratogawodz: probably voltage regulators for various DAC parts, i'd leave them at defaults unless the OF changes them
21:37:17saratogathen later you can try lowering them to see if it saves power
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22:12:50pamauryyeah I finally figured out why my qt code wasn't working \o/
22:12:53 Join ikeboy [0] (
22:14:15pamauryFor most practical purposes, qt decision that table views are scrollable is nice....except when you don't want it to scroll !
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22:43:46thomasjfox_oh come one, after digging maemo's old gcc 4.2.1 byte swapping functions for two hours, it only got the same lousy C functions as the rockbox included ones.
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22:44:33foolsh[Franklin]: o/
22:44:57foolshzoom don't work atleast not on the e200
22:45:07[Franklin]need to disable scaling
22:45:18foolshbut I didm and still nothing
22:45:32[Franklin]what does the screen look like?
22:46:00[Franklin]ooh... rotation?
22:46:10foolshhmm hang on
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22:46:29[Franklin]it only works properly with rotation and scaling off
22:46:42foolshok let me try again
22:47:14[Franklin]hmm... weird
22:47:15foolshno wait
22:47:19[Franklin]let me see in the sim
22:47:36foolshahh yes
22:47:46foolshit worked
22:48:35foolshnow to see if works on a smaller screen size
22:48:38[Franklin]yeah, I might want to make it automatically disable scaling and rotation when you enable it
22:48:50*[Franklin] has tested with the clip zip :)
22:49:23foolshgood idea, I won't worry about restoring them after ward you only need it once in the entire game
22:51:21[Franklin]or just get it working with rotation :)
22:51:30foolshthere's that to
22:51:33[Saint]it sounds to me like zoom should automagically disable rotation and scaling.
22:51:44[Saint]or at the very least splash out and exit.
22:52:05[Franklin][Saint]: splash out?
22:52:33[Saint]show a splash explaining why it exited and what the use needs to do to correct it.
22:52:51[Franklin]no, that's a bit extreme and off-putting to have to restart the plugin
22:53:03[Saint]then the former.
22:53:13foolshOr flash the zoomed image and go back the users settings after a time out
22:53:25[Franklin]I think a splash saying "scaling and rotation disabled" would be enough
22:53:26[Saint]zoom should automagically disable rotation and scaling.
22:53:51[Saint]but, yes, the user needs to be aware that it happened.
22:54:02[Saint]I _hate_ settings just silently applying.
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23:05:06 Nick greatwol- is now known as greatwolf (greatwolf@gateway/shell/panicbnc/x-mqbfrsxohnnfdhco)
23:08:40[Franklin]foolsh: BTW, do you happen to be using the strings table?
23:14:04[Franklin]foolsh: new patch set auto-disables zoom/scaling/rotation when in conflict
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23:42:40foolsh[Franklin]: No I lost the address you pasted to the strings
23:43:45 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
23:45:41foolsh[Franklin]: is the sim build working? or do I have to pass an argument to the configure script? I just want a screen shot for the manual
23:45:51foolshI haven't tried yet
23:45:52[Franklin]sim build works
23:49:35thomasjfox_w00t maemo port builds again
23:54:23 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

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