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#rockbox log for 2014-12-18

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04:40:01Strife89Yo, Franki−− erm, [Franklin]. Is the zoom code supposed to be automatic, or should a button/combo be pressed?
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06:30:57fdsli need help
06:31:01fdslis some one here?
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10:18:15wodzpamaury: how is the work going?
10:35:02pamauryI was delayed by some qt problems, now it's fixed, I'm working now on porting hwstub and qeditor to the new stuff
10:37:04pamauryI'm going to commit more stuff of the qeditor rework, everything except the diff tab mostly
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10:46:50wodzpamaury: I am wondering why uploading 'official' 1st stage of adfu doesn't work on your e100. ram chip has the same organization as on e150, usb core seems the same, rom doesn't seem to differ much apart from different vid:pid so I am puzzled
10:48:54pamauryindeed that's puzzling
11:01:54pamaurywodz: when you have time, could you try g#1025 to check if you find any regression
11:02:25pamauryit should be functionnality equivalent to master, just some internal changes, in particular in the "sexy" display of the register and the register value/field tables
11:02:55pamaurymake sure to try both view and editor, on my side everything works fine
11:02:58wodzpamaury: it is to be applied on top of master or something more needs to be pooled
11:03:04pamauryon master
11:05:12wodzdoesn't compile
11:07:27pamauryerr, that's weird, it compiles on mine !
11:08:23wodzit is g1025 on top of HEAD
11:08:33pamauryah sorry, you need g#1024 too
11:08:59pamauryjust checkout g#1025, it will pull g#1024 for you
11:11:58wodzhmm, still fails but now it doesn't find hwstub_rw_mem_atomic() during linking
11:12:07wodzI did rebuild lib
11:12:24pamaurymake sure to rebuild hwstub lib
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11:13:35wodzyeah, that was it
11:14:00wodznow, what am I supposed to test?
11:14:43pamaurytry exploring register desc (first without any dump), then try to open a dump and display some values, especially registers with fields
11:14:59pamaurythen try the editor: try to edit a few register, add/remove/modify fields
11:18:53wodzhmm, it does something weird with vertical spacing. It looks like if description is longer, more vertical space is allocated
11:19:20wodzpamaury: ^
11:20:28pamauryyou mean in the editor ? yeah noticed this, this the Qt spacing algorithm which is weird, I need to find a way to tell him what to do, but I'm confident this will be easy to fix
11:21:05pamauryhum wait, you say it's related to the description size ?
11:21:16pamauryI'm sorry I need to go, do you have an example ?
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12:46:29dongs i want this in rockbox windows installer
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12:46:57[Saint]that's nice.
12:47:01[Saint]I want a pony.
12:48:14dongsnot sure if good thing to say in publically logged channel
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12:57:32[Saint]the fuck's wrong with ponies?
13:01:06TheLemonManare you a one trick pony ?
13:06:42[Saint]I know all the tricks, honey.
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13:09:03TheLemonManfrom your words i assume you're a sinner and not a saint
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13:09:24[Saint]Now you've gone and done it
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13:09:51[Sinner]I can be whatever you want me to be baby.
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13:11:03pamaury_wodz: ok, I see, that's starnge
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14:05:38pamaury_wodz: should be fixed now
14:05:55wodzwill check
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14:19:51wodzpamaury: now too long lines doesn't wrap
14:20:12pamauryhum, do you have an example ? here it does wrap
14:21:54wodzopen atj desc file and look at I2C1.CTL
14:22:13wodzdescription of RB bitfield is truncated
14:23:24pamauryhum weird, indeed it happen under certain circumstance, my laptop and my work computer behave differently
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14:24:45wodzalso the table which shows bit position within register (the one just after name and address is vertically expanded) but not always
14:25:16wodzto see the effect compare I2C1.CTL and YUV2RGB.CTL
14:25:45wodzpamaury: ^
14:31:50pamauryfor the second problem I think I know how to solve it, however for truncation of the description, I don't know where it comes from
14:37:06pamauryyeah I can trivially solve the first problem, wait a sec
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14:42:16wodzvertical expansion is gone, truncation not
14:42:36pamauryyes, I don't know how to solve this one, I've never seen it before
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17:46:42HorrorcatFYI, the online manual for h300 series 404s when trying to reach it from here:
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17:57:42przemhbDo Toshiba MK1634GAL (160GB, 512B per sector) should work with H10 20GB? I have just replaced my old Toshiba MK6008GAH (60GB) and I've got problem - iriver says "System Files Missing".
17:58:41pixelmaHorrorcat: thanks, that's unfortunately true for all html manuals, PDFs should work though. The error is known but it seems not so easy to fix
17:59:08Horrorcatah ok
17:59:24Horrorcatyes, PDF works, and then I found out I was looking at the wrong place anyways, so it’s no big deal
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21:44:34b0hoonlebellium: I'll try to make the SVG for the YP-R1...yes. I thought about it earlier, but now it's crazy time for me, i suppose i'll start to draw it after the new year's day.
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21:49:50b0hoonyeah YP-Z5 is next in line too...
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21:55:59lebelliumb0hoon: oh! Thank you man :)
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22:03:29b0hoonlebellium: np
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23:28:24przemhbDo anyone know if there's some reason why H10 20GB not worked with 160GB drive (512B sector, Toshiba MK1634GAL)? It worked with 60GB MK8006GAH so far. I have clone the disk, but for some reason I get "System FIles Missing".
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23:43:41przemhbOk, the disk FPC was causing this.
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