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#rockbox log for 2014-12-24

00:00:22thomasjfox_it shows up at 311 for me in the editor
00:00:42thomasjfox_saratoga: alright, let me fetch something interesting. might take a minute or two
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00:02:38daftsamThanks for your advice @the-kyle, helpful stuff
00:04:09[Franklin]oh... I read it as 133
00:04:14thomasjfox_saratoga: [rockbox/lib/rbcodec/codecs/libgme/hes_apu_adpcm.h:70]: (warning) Assignment of function parameter has no effect outside the function. Did you forget dereferencing it?
00:04:28thomasjfox_the function looks to me as if it's lacking "output->"
00:04:54thomasjfox_ah, forget what I said
00:06:05[Franklin]saratoga: missing parenthesis
00:06:17saratogajust fixed it
00:06:52[Franklin]oh... woops
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00:07:14saratogahuh its not building
00:07:59saratogawell i pushed it
00:08:06saratogamaybe the build system is stuck?
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00:09:17saratogamay have to wait until morning in Europe
00:11:40thomasjfox_sometimes the build system doesn't trigger
00:11:56thomasjfox_it triggers on the next push again (it happend to me once in the last days)
00:11:58saratogai don''t understand that warning about left = center;
00:12:26thomasjfox_well, "left" is just a local variable in the function. the code does not have any real effect
00:14:38thomasjfox_not sure what the intention of the code actually was
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00:28:04thomasjfox_[Franklin]: I think your build fix went into gerrit instead into "master"
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00:38:54thomasjfox_saratoga: the build system finished somehow :) still some red
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01:57:36[Franklin]thomasjfox: I don't have commit access ;)
01:58:05[Franklin]foolsh: it seems you left out some devices from the keymaps :(
02:02:07[Franklin]Cowon D2, hifiman HM-60X, Onda VX747 all need keymaps
02:03:48[Franklin]the 24-bit targets seem to have a problem with the negative filter, will investigate
02:07:05[Franklin]foolsh: ping
02:09:32foolsh[Franklin]: pong
02:09:55[Franklin]long time no see :)
02:09:58[Saint]( ͡ʘ╭͜ʖ╮͡ʘ)
02:10:20[Franklin]foolsh: anyway, the keymaps seem a tiny bit messed up
02:10:20foolshtrue but those targets do not build the plugins ... yet
02:10:31foolshok like how?
02:13:29foolshno that's this error apps/plugins/SUBDIRS:16:5: error: missing ')' in expression
02:13:47[Franklin]yeah, but look at the red :P
02:28:27foolshOk I'm confused, that red is from the above error, but I don't see it, and it builds with out error
02:28:41*foolsh needs his coffee
02:29:12foolshI'll knock out those three keymaps tonight
02:34:05[Saint]There's no point in making keymaps for targets that don't build plugins.
02:35:17*foolsh knows this, but thought to triple check his work to make sure he didn't miss those three
02:35:38*foolsh made a spread sheet and every thing
02:43:08saratoga[Franklin]: did you see the remaining red?
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02:58:22[Franklin]saratoga: yes
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02:58:45[Franklin]foolsh: the table has the most recent commit at the top
02:58:51foolsh[Franklin]: I finished the Cowond2 keymaps and I'm moving on to the next, are you working on them as well?
02:59:05[Franklin]no, I'm working on fixing git :)
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02:59:59foolshI had some cached page, I see them now
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03:00:32[Franklin]yeah ;)
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03:01:31[Franklin]anyone know how to fix a missing Change-Id?
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03:02:56foolshok cowond2 (done) and hifimanhm60x, ondavx747 are next, I should have them in a few minutes then I'll pastebin my keymaps.h
03:03:27[Franklin]no, my git is messed up
03:03:37[Franklin]just push to a new gerrit task
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03:07:59foolshwell it's at the very least, nice to know the keymap error checking logic still works after refectoring it from rockboy's
03:08:11[Franklin]saratoga: fixed error with 24-bit LCD
03:08:35[Franklin]saratoga: G#1079
03:09:09[Franklin]I packed some unrelated changes to the same file in there too... hope you don't mind :)
03:09:39saratogacan you change the commit message to mention that you're fixing two problems?
03:09:48saratogai can't easily do it from here
03:10:36*[Franklin] needs a lesson on writing better commit messages :)
03:11:33[Franklin]I've got to be going myself, good night
03:12:14[Franklin]foolsh: thanks for all your hard work and good luck fixing the keymaps! :)
03:12:19 Quit [Franklin] (Quit: Lost terminal)
03:12:37foolshjust a minute saratoga and I'll be finished with them
03:14:41foolshsaratoga: g#1080
03:20:04foolshlooks like I'll have a warning to fix
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04:15:28foolshCrap I can't build the dx50 without having the android sdk, but I think I have it worked out, a little while longer I'll have the remaining yellow and red fixed
04:25:41JanCdoes anybody know if somebody is working on (or plans to work on) the Sandisk Clip Sport player?
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05:05:26foolshOkay for anyone who can commit this G#1081 fixes yellow and red that belong to xworld
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09:35:03wodzfoolsh: please take a look at build table
09:36:23wodzfoolsh: looks like some ifdef rearrangements
09:40:01wodzkeymaps.h is seriously broken
09:40:41wodzline 54 looks *very* suspicious
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09:46:28wodzgosh, this keymaps.h is #ifdef maind bending.
10:12:49 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:14:48wodzpamaury: ping
10:20:21foolshgrrr I'm on it
10:21:14 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
10:26:25wodzfoolsh: the logic in keymaps.h is completely bogus. Please please write it in maintainable fashion
10:27:00pamaurywodz: pong
10:28:40foolshokay, but how is it "completely bogus"
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10:30:22foolshwodz: line 54 I'm sure was not supposed to look like that sorry
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10:40:36foolshwodz: I'll push a quick fix, but I don't have time to rewirte the whole yet
10:42:14foolshas it is now, it only checks for directional buttons before throwing an error, I'll seperate the targets keymaps in to thier own 'if' statments
10:42:51foolshwhen I have more time that is
10:43:37pamaurywodz: I have not finished the register work yet, I've made some progress though, I'll have a bit of time this afternoon and more time tomorrow, i hope to be able to finish it
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10:51:35foolsh g#1082 should fix the red for now, I build a hand full of the red targets with out error, when I have more time I rewrite the whole thing
10:52:24foolshbtw wheres our bot friend? its been missing for days now
11:27:48 Join xorly [0] (
11:29:04foolshOkay, Im about halfway through building all the red targets without error so far
11:29:21*foolsh promises to rewrite keymaps.h later
11:32:33wodzpamaury: great. I'll be offline till the end of the first week 2015
11:35:16pamaurywodz: ok, enjoy your holidays :)
11:37:21wodzpamaury: thanks
11:37:25 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
11:44:17foolshpamaury: can you commit g#1082 while I still have an hour or two before I'm off to bed?
11:44:54foolshIt's a quick fix for the red, but I need time to rewrite keymaps.h completely
11:48:12foolshthanks, I'll be right back to chack it
11:53:53foolshhmm, I can't build the dx50 here
11:59:18foolshpamaury: I have no way to build this but g#1083 should fix the red for dx50 until I can rewrite it
11:59:34pamauryok, I don't know how to build it either
12:07:22foolshexcellant no more red, I can sleep in peace
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17:18:58[Franklin]foolsh: after reading the logs, I'll try my hand at refactoring/rewriting keymaps.h
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17:42:21[Franklin]foolsh: the include guard is completely ineffective because the #if body is empty except for the #define
17:42:44[Franklin]that is, the #endif directly after the #define is erroneous ;)
17:42:50[Franklin]it needs to be at the end of the file
17:45:13[Franklin]G#1084 should fix that, though
17:46:07[Franklin]if bluebot's not here I guess I've got to write my own bot
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20:21:08*[Franklin] slaps fs-bluebot
20:21:09fs-bluebot[Franklin]: ouch!
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20:31:39[Franklin]foolsh: I'm writing the wiki entry for xworld now
20:38:37 Join fml [0] (
20:42:04fmlHello. There are some latex related "bugs" in the new manual entry for xworld. Quotes should be typed as ``...''; file and dir names should be typed using \fname{...}
20:43:38fml^^you have to see the raw irc log in order to see how to type quotation marks. My irc program shows them "nicely" which is not what I wanted
20:44:01[Franklin]fml: thank you
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20:44:40[Franklin]I'll look into it
20:45:14fmlI'm an old latex purist ;-)
20:46:06[Franklin]fml: I'll give you some credit in the commit message if you want
20:46:10[Franklin]what's your real name?
20:46:39fmlI don't need a credit, I already have it in the manual :-)
20:49:31[Franklin]how's this:
20:49:44 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
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20:50:23[Franklin]hmm... needs screenshots :)
20:52:11[Franklin]what key can be used to capture a screenshot in the UI sim again?
20:54:02fml[Franklin]: looks good to me. The trailing slash is not necessarily needed in the dir paths IMO.
20:54:43[Franklin]I think it helps indicate that it's a dir
20:58:36fml[Franklin]: maybe. But it's already indicated by/in the text.
20:59:34fmlI generally don't write trailing slashes (not only in the RB manual) because they are not part of the dir name IMO.
21:00:06[Franklin]It needs a good screenshot more importantly :)
21:13:10 Quit fml (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 31.2.0/20141011074935])
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22:30:31[Franklin]any idea on how I should reference the string table/font from the wiki without explicitly linking to it?
22:33:54 Join XavierGr [0] (~XavierGr@rockbox/staff/XavierGr)
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22:59:36[Franklin]gevaerts: a couple fixes to xworld in gerrit now
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