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#rockbox log for 2014-12-25

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00:49:47[Franklin]I know this sounds crazy, but might an x86 emulator on Rockbox be possible?
00:49:54[Franklin]where x < say 4
01:03:50[Franklin]so what's the policy on GPLv3 code and Rockbox?
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01:33:19foolsh[Franklin]: o/
01:33:40[Franklin]hey foolsh
01:33:55[Franklin]I pushed a couple minor fixes to gerrit; you might want to take a look at them
01:38:10[Franklin]I'm also trying to get a screenshot for the manual entry, can't figure out how to do so many, though!
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02:00:30[Franklin]foolsh: I also need some help with the wiki page
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02:08:49*foolsh doesn't have wiki write access
02:08:57foolshanymore I should say
02:09:13foolshforgot my login
02:09:20foolshit's been years
02:09:24[Franklin]there must be a way to reset it
02:09:54foolshalmost a decade really since I logged in and it was to n email I no longer have
02:10:08[Franklin]make a new account then
02:11:55[Franklin]BTW, merry xmas all!
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02:12:26foolshright back at'cha _SANTA_
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02:53:16[Franklin]foolsh: how do you think I should try to distribute the string table?
02:55:48foolshhosted outside the US
02:56:03foolshtorrent maybe?
02:56:14foolshwell that to
02:56:25[Franklin]I doubt that anyone would sue over a couple of strings...
02:56:42foolshdepnds on how much you got
02:59:11[Franklin]best stick to the legal side of things
02:59:30[Franklin]maybe a tutorial on how to create your own .strings or .font file
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15:30:21celaplugin xworld another world is working fine on my Creative Zen x-fi.
15:31:08celaxworld plugin is getting error before I can launch code wheel on Samsung yp-r0 "WARNING: video_readAndDrawPec=0xFBB (i!=2)!"
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17:49:11lorenzo92anyone willing to review g#707 ? well, yeah it's missing a benchmark result perhaps but meanwhile one can look through the code, I would like to push it to master
17:49:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #707 at : yp-r0: improve the charging code by Lorenzo Miori
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18:11:14foolsh09:30:30 cela | plugin xworld another world is working fine on my Creative Zen x-fi. │ akaWolf
18:11:15foolsh09:31:18 cela | xworld plugin is getting error before I can launch code wheel on Samsung yp-r0 "WARNING: │ alexbobp
18:11:17foolsh | video_readAndDrawPec=0xFBB (i!=2)!"
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18:12:31foolshopps grabed some nicks to, but you can understand what it says
18:12:45foolshwonder whats up with that?
18:13:11foolshis the ypr0 an Aaap target?
18:13:19foolshI think it is
18:13:22[Franklin]seems like it
18:13:41[Franklin]it's running on linux, but its not an "app"
18:14:00foolshmemory locations are messed up then I bet
18:16:12[Franklin]doom game doesn't work on it, according to the wiki
18:16:35thomasjfoxRaaA and plugins don't mix well yet
18:17:10[Franklin]I noticed ;D
18:17:33[Franklin]normal plugin buffer size
18:17:58thomasjfoxmay be lorenzo92 can help, he owns and develops for that target
18:18:44[Franklin]stack overflow perhaps?
18:19:01lorenzo92yes it's an hybrid between an autonomous app and a native one, since it still controls the hardware directly to some extent
18:19:12[Franklin]the function that's generating the warning is recursive
18:19:24[Franklin]lorenzo92: could you test for me?
18:19:27lorenzo92I've actually never debugged the doom app, but yes it crashes with a segfault iirc
18:19:51lorenzo92[Frankilin]: of course ;)
18:20:24[Franklin]enable debug logging when you build, too
18:20:30[Franklin]not just for Rockbox, but in xworld
18:21:43[Franklin]uncomment #define XWORLD_DEBUG in apps/plugins/xworld/util.h
18:21:46lorenzo92i just don't find xworld as plugin :/
18:21:58[Franklin]pull new code ;)
18:22:16lorenzo92oh let me see then
18:23:27[Franklin]once you get the code, uncomment #define XWORLD_DEBUG in util.h, and also change the line in xworld.c to g_debugMask = ~0;
18:23:38[Franklin](I really should make this tie into ROCKBOX_HAS_LOGF)
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18:26:14lorenzo92okay now I got it, I've actually misunderstood the problem relating doom
18:26:50[Franklin]ok, edit apps/plugins/xworld/util.h
18:26:56[Franklin]uncomment #define XWORLD_DEBUG
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18:45:34lorenzo92i confirm that xworld crashes, now looking at logs
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18:46:45[Franklin]lorenzo92: what messages?
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19:37:51lorenzo92unforunately I can't really find out what's going wrong ...
19:40:07[Franklin]lorenzo92: I think that some debug messages aren't getting through
19:40:22[Franklin]lorenzo92: can you run GDB?
19:40:44lorenzo92yes it might be, regarding gdb I had a copy liying around which of course has disappeared
19:42:30[Franklin]I strongly suspect something memory-related, though
19:42:42[Franklin]stack overflow possibly
19:43:09lorenzo92[Franklin]: ahhh I perhaps know what's going on
19:43:23lorenzo92this exit(-1); might be the culprit
19:43:38lorenzo92util.c -> error()
19:44:08[Franklin]but there were no errors, just warnings
19:44:30lorenzo92i'm building now with some extra printfs
19:47:18lorenzo92in any case I definitely have to check how to fix the exit() issue
19:47:28lorenzo92it is also present in at least another plugin
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20:17:40[Santa_Claws]lorenzo92: what do you see on the screen when it crashes?
20:17:48lorenzo92nothing at all
20:17:48 Quit ParkerR (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
20:17:50[Santa_Claws]do you see the menu?
20:17:57[Santa_Claws]so you just start the plugin and it crashes?
20:18:00lorenzo92nono, it just shuts itself down
20:18:22lorenzo92but without a segfault or whatever which is odd, usually linux tells you that in case of memory related issues
20:18:43[Santa_Claws]so you start the plugin and it exits the plugin immediately?
20:18:44lorenzo92i did not check the exit code actually :) i'll do that now
20:18:58lorenzo92not really immediately, after a couple of seconds
20:19:39[Santa_Claws]what splashes do you see?
20:20:17lorenzo92"splashes" ?
20:20:37[Santa_Claws]you know, like the "Loading..." splash
20:20:47lorenzo92ah yep right, nothing, just rb background
20:21:15[Santa_Claws]I'm confused
20:21:46[Santa_Claws]so you saw the WARNING: video_readAndDrawPec=0xFBB (i!=2)! text?
20:21:58 Nick [Santa_Claws] is now known as [Franklin] (~franklin@unaffiliated/franklin)
20:22:00lorenzo92nope, i didn't
20:22:23lorenzo92foolsh did, and actually I wonder how :)
20:22:55 Join ParkerR [0] (ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr)
20:23:51lorenzo92I feel like I'm missing something ...
20:24:15lorenzo92is game data mandatory?
20:24:21lorenzo92because i don't have it
20:24:53[Franklin]lorenzo92: yes! :P
20:25:25lorenzo92but then there is a bug or so when it does not find it hehe anyway, can you point me out where to download it?
20:26:30lorenzo92I see sorry ^^
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20:51:07lorenzo92unfortunately also with the magic bits nothing changes, crash
20:51:48fml[Franklin]: Hello. I'be noticed one more "bug" in latex entry for xworld. In the action table, if two actions are listed, separated by a slash, the space before the slash is eaten. This is because latex needs a space to end a control sequence. You should place a {} pair after the first button name.
20:52:30fml[Franklin]: e.g \ButtonMenu{} / \ButtonPlay
20:54:38 Quit tchan (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
20:56:29[Franklin]fml: thanks
20:57:40[Franklin]fml: I don't get it
20:58:04[Franklin]so I place a space between \opt{HM801_PAD} and {\ButtonNext}
20:58:57fml[Franklin]: As of now, it reads \ButtonMenu / \ButtonPlay. You should place {} after "\ButtonMenu".
20:59:31[Franklin]for the PBELL_VIBE500?
21:00:03[Franklin]ohh... I see
21:00:08fmlFor all cases where two actions are listed, separated by a slash
21:00:32[Franklin]well, thanks
21:01:09fmlFour places, if I'm not mistaken
21:01:26[Franklin]committing now, hopefully someone will commit
21:02:14fmlKey maps for other plugins have this "bug" as well. E.g. Spacerocks.
21:02:49CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 1 minute and 2 seconds at the last flood
21:02:49*[Franklin] tries to stay away from the manual as much as possible :)
21:03:02[Franklin]TeX scares me :/
21:03:14fmlI know it's hair splitting though :-)
21:03:51[Franklin]yeah, I'm actually trying to debug xworld on the YP-R0 right now
21:05:33[Franklin]it crashes without explanation, apparently
21:05:33[Franklin]fml: take a look:
21:09:03 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
21:15:19 Quit amithkk (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
21:15:51[Franklin]is there any reason that the NIM plugin only runs on the archos devices?
21:15:58[Franklin]and euroconverter
21:22:22 Join Galois [0] (
21:24:08[Franklin]someone want to commit G#1084?
21:24:12fs-bluebotGerrit review #1084 at : XWorld: cleanup by Franklin Wei
21:29:21 Quit tchan (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:37:15fml[Franklin]: You missed one place: \ButtonLeft / \ButtonRight
21:38:12[Franklin]ah... woops
21:39:25[Franklin]ok, now look at it
21:44:00 Join tchan [0] (~tchan@lunar-linux/developer/tchan)
21:50:26fml[Franklin]: now there are four occurrences, hence everything OK
21:51:19[Franklin]yay :)
22:04:50[Franklin]problem is, it's not committed :/
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22:07:59 Quit fml (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 31.2.0/20141011074935])
22:17:11thomasjfox[Franklin]: does tex still recognize tags when they are split at the line end?
22:17:21thomasjfoxI see a \fn
22:17:29thomasjfoxin there
22:17:50[Franklin]I don't know much (anything, in fact!) about TeX :D
22:18:07[Franklin]except that Knuth's behind it
22:19:09[Franklin]thomasjfox: I'll build the manual and see if it works
22:19:18thomasjfoxgood idea :)
22:20:48[Franklin]seems to work
22:21:45 Quit cmhobbs (Remote host closed the connection)
22:22:42[Franklin]works on e200 manual and ipod video manual
22:24:12*[Franklin] slaps fs-bluebot
22:24:12fs-bluebot[Franklin]: ouch!
22:24:19[Franklin]bot's up
22:25:34thomasjfoxI'm currently looking for my gerrit login, last time I remember I had trouble signing up and that was fixed manually
22:31:02[Franklin]does Rockbox offer printed manuals?
22:31:03 Join stripwax [0] (~Miranda@rockbox/developer/stripwax)
22:31:37 Quit stripwax (Client Quit)
22:32:11 Quit rela (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:35:27thomasjfox[Franklin]: not that I know of
22:36:52thomasjfoxgnah, my gerrit account seems busted again
22:37:21[Franklin]it seems like a great way to get some cash
22:39:09thomasjfoxsomeone has to commit your change, gerrit thinks I've just signed up...
22:39:50[Franklin]thomasjfox: not me :/
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