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#rockbox log for 2014-12-29

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14:42:06ZincAlloylarge album art is working again on android ports o_O
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17:19:18Meezyhello, I need someone to help me with the component specs of the Sansa Fuze+
17:22:18lebelliumjust ask your question and if someone knows the answer he will reply
17:23:28Meezyok, the flex cable that connects to the navigation sensor
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17:35:34pamauryMeezy: what do you want to know about it ?
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17:48:33Meezyit says Eclipser - 512- 01.01
17:49:20Meezyon the other side in capital letters is AKM
17:49:36Meezythen in digital numbers is 1039
17:50:21Meezytheres also J1
17:52:25pamauryI don't get what is your question
17:52:40pamaurythe flex cable by itself it quite irrelevant, it's just a flex cable
17:54:09Meezydo you know the part number?
17:54:23Meezyso that i can search online and buy it?
17:54:30pamauryno, did you damage it ?
17:54:39Meezyit snapped
17:56:32pamauryhow did you achieve that ? you are not supposed to disassemble you device...
17:56:32pamauryanyway it looks like a standard flex cable, 6 wires, payt attention to which sides are conductive. Maybe someone here may help you, based on the photos of
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19:44:09dowdleArgh, my Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip's screen broke. It seems that the Clip Sport is now the current model. Information about the Clip Sport on the Rockbox website is elluding me. Will Rockbox work on the SanDisk Sansa Clip Sport?
19:46:38dowdlegevaerts: Is that "No" addressed to my question?
19:46:56dowdlegevaerts: Ok. Darn the luck. Thanks for the info.
19:47:42gevaertsBased on available information, it looks like the clip sport doesn't have powerful enough hardware to ever run rockbox
19:51:38[Franklin]does Rockbox have support for the long double type?
19:53:19 Join Misanthropos [0] (
20:00:35dowdlegevaerts: The Sport looks like a slightly redesigned Clip with the same playback (including radio) functionality... so I would hope it would have the same or slightly higher specs... but if you say it has less... what do I know? :)
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20:02:15[Franklin]always trust gevaerts ;)
20:02:27pamauryit uses a completely different processor, about which we know next to nothing, and the little we know tends to indicate that porting Rockbox would be if not possible, extremely hard
20:10:15 Join thomasjfox [0] (~thomasjfo@rockbox/developer/thomasjfox)
20:16:21dowdlepamaury: Well, Sandisk does appear to still make the Clip+ and Clip Zip... and there are plenty in the retail pipeline... so I guess my answer is clear.
20:16:35 Nick bertrik_ is now known as bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
20:17:08dowdleAlthough I'd be open to another device if anyone has one they'd like to recommend. Would prefer it include radio functionality.
20:19:47pamaurydepends on what you are looking for, there is the fuze+ but it has a touchpad and a completely different form factor.
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21:41:41[Franklin]foolsh: check out unitconv now!
21:43:23[Franklin]I think it's time to add semi-useful embellishments now :)
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21:43:52[Franklin][Saint]: you mentioned that there was a way to customize the virtual keyboard. Is there a way to do that from a plugin?
21:45:31 Part dowdle ("Konversation terminated!")
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22:16:58thomasjfoxkugel: hey there :) do you know of your mind why buflib handle 0 is invalid? is it because handle_alloc() is an unsigned (pointer) and therefore NULL is used to return an "invalid handle"?
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22:26:53*thomasjfox thinks that "val" is not the best name for the buffer length indicator in buflib
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22:46:16[Saint][Franklin]: No, there is not.
22:46:27[Saint][Franklin]: and, it'd be a somewhat silly idea.
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22:47:03[Saint]You'd have to use the virtual keyboard to customize the...virtual keyboard.
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22:47:53[Saint]thomasjfox: sounds roughly similar to the variables in some of my themes.
22:48:23[Saint]They have such excellent descriptive names like "variable_1" and "variable_2"
22:48:42thomasjfoxit could have just been called "length", but that would be kind of boring...
22:52:35thomasjfoxalso, to make it even more fun, the documentation of the buflib datastructure does not correspond to the current implementation
22:52:46thomasjfoxI'll verify that tomorrow in detail
22:53:06thomasjfox...and it all started because I wanted to know why zero is an invalid buflib handle :D
22:53:57[Saint]thomasjfox: I've asked myself a few questions about buflib and ended up running away screaming, and cowering in fear.
22:54:00[Saint]Good luck.
22:54:32[Saint]Also, yeah, a fair few of the comments in there don't seem to apply anymore.
22:54:34thomasjfoxthanks. I'll start by adding documentation to buflib.h and probably will rewrite the documentation a bit the next days ;)
22:55:06thomasjfoxin-tree unit test would also be nice...
22:55:39[Saint]I know you can piss around to a very limited extent in the debug menu for buflib and allocate and drop a test buffer, so this could quite probably be expanded upon to provide meaningful tests and data.
22:56:06thomasjfoxI was wondering in general why rockbox doesn't have anything like cunit or so
22:56:15[Saint]but I may have lost track of your interim or end goals.
22:56:21[Saint]aha, right. I see.
22:57:27thomasjfoxinstead of wishing death to your worst enemies, you could also wish them to write unit tests for tagcache :p
22:58:06[Saint]Ohhhhhhh piss off.
22:58:27[Saint]tagcache is one of the core assets in Rockbox that _EVERYONE_ fears.
22:58:40[Saint]If you look at the git history, its hilarious.
22:58:41bertrikin java, I do a lot of unit testing, don't really know how to do that in C
22:58:43thomasjfoxit's also funny that the buflib documentation starts to mention "cookie" in two places without even explaining it
22:58:45[Saint]It basically never gets touched.
22:58:55*[Saint] nods
22:59:06[Saint]I've noticed that too but I assumed it was a Gerglish-ism.
22:59:25thomasjfoxwe should change that in the long run, tagcache is such a cool feature. In fact the tag database is the feature I remember most vividly from my empeg / Rio Karma
22:59:37[Saint]Very few of the core developers use it.
22:59:46[Saint]I can't think of anyone offhand.
23:00:00thomasjfoxin doubt: gevaerts does!
23:00:02*bertrik raises hand timidly
23:00:21*[Saint] bets gevaerts most certainly does not use tagcache
23:00:33[Saint]I'd almost be willing to put money on it.
23:00:51thomasjfoxyou should bet pineapple on it...
23:01:00[Saint]Its a combination of two factors, really.
23:01:10[Saint]1: Very little core devs actually use tagcache
23:01:17[Saint]2: its foolishly fucking complex.
23:01:32[Saint]both of those add up to the current situation.
23:02:02thomasjfox3: no unit tests. If you touch one of the dark corners of it, you don't know if you break something by accident
23:02:10[Saint]oh - I guess there's also 3: it "Just Works" and has done for years and years and years.
23:02:27[Saint]If it fell over at any point, maybe things would be quite different.
23:02:41[Saint]but its been remarkably solid.
23:03:03thomasjfoxI remember I had to reset it a few times on RaaA
23:03:15 Quit rela (Quit: Leaving)
23:03:23thomasjfoxit just choked on the 300.000+ files on the N900 I guess
23:04:47[Saint]it shouldn't.
23:04:55 Quit mwcampbell (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:05:20[Saint]I have mine reading from a mounted network share and it has to deal with a LOT more than 300k files.
23:05:52thomasjfoxhehe :)
23:05:59[Saint]perhaps its something specific to the N900, I dunno. But I haven't had any issue with reading very learge quantities of files on hosted platforms.
23:08:21thomasjfoxit just happened two times. Currently it's running fine
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23:34:08dfktdoes anyone have experience with those dual sd-to-cf adapters? i assume/hope they merge both sd cards into one, like raid0?
23:34:15dfktsomething like this -
23:35:23dfktany speed increase for my h300 would be nice, considering its true IDE interface is way faster than newer mp3 players anyways
23:36:18[Saint]I have a few uSD RAID adapter cards, and in every single instance they make IO drastically worse.
23:36:40dfktthey do? ouch.
23:36:52[Saint]Instead of the terrible random read/write of a single SD card, you're now adding another to it.
23:37:10[Saint]It merely magnifies the shitty things about SD.
23:37:14dfkthm. so a single sd-to-cf would be better?
23:37:52dfktgood to know. i guess they don't have much of a controller in there, that actually manages the two cards
23:38:00[Saint]Its quite possible that there exists adapters of this type that aren't terrible, but I haven't found any.
23:38:09dfktthey're all from china, that i found
23:38:14dfktso... yeah :)
23:38:37 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:38:43dfktok, single adapter and single (non-micro) 128gb sd it is
23:39:38[Saint]sdcards these days, especially the large capacity ones, seem to (rightly so, given their intended use case) prioritize large contiguous writes.
23:39:51[Saint]something that's going to happen quite rarely in the desired application.
23:40:32dfktyeah, shouldn't matter much with rockbox accessing the card, i was just thinking about pc-to-player transfer
23:40:33[Saint]when you start to chuck in small random reads and writes things can fall over hilariously.
23:40:40[Saint]aha, right.
23:41:06 Quit syon__ (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:41:22[Saint]I'm sure its possible to create such adapters that /don't/ suck, but I haven't found any personally.
23:41:35[Saint]The ones I own to seem to be largely for the sake of novelty.
23:41:48dfkti'd like to cut out the whole sd shtick anyways, but cf prices are still much higher
23:42:03[Saint]Yeah, indeed.
23:42:08dfktyours are the typical ebay/dx specimens as well?
23:43:22[Saint]I have a 2 card SD -> USB adapter, and a 4 card uSD -> sd adapter.
23:43:41[Saint]very weird shit.
23:44:06dfktjust slow, or prone to mess up the data as well?
23:44:26[Saint]Just dog slow.
23:44:44thomasjfoxguess game from buflib_alloc_ex(): "size += name_len; size = (size + sizeof(union buflib_data) - 1) / sizeof(union buflib_data)"
23:44:52[Saint]and the latter isn't particularly practical as it has a hilariously flimsy ribbon cable.
23:44:58thomasjfoxwhat's the "xxx -1" in there (I know the answer)
23:45:39*thomasjfox loves magic numbers in the code
23:46:13[Saint]I...wha? Hmmm.
23:46:13dfktin my x5 i have a fancy full-enclosure cf-to-ide with a lexar 400x cf... it gives about 20mb/s for both, read and write
23:46:22*[Saint] needs some context.
23:46:38dfkthope i get something close with a sd-to-cf-to-ide in my h300
23:46:39thomasjfoxlook at buflib.c:buflib_alloc_ex()
23:52:42[Saint]maybe my sources are old, or is that psuedo-code?
23:53:02[Saint]I can find vaguely similar strings, but nothing to that exact effect.
23:53:55thomasjfoxah, sorry, I squeezed it into one line. Search for "sizeof(union buflib_data) - 1)"
23:54:18thomasjfoxI still bet you won't figure it out instantly. It took me ages until it occured to me
23:57:18thomasjfoxneed a hint?
23:57:34thomasjfoxlook at the line before that given line
23:58:18thomasjfoxstill no clue?

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