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#rockbox log for 2014-12-31

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01:21:05pamauryhum, I cannot build the ypr0 toolchain on my computer
01:23:06pamauryhaha my check script can now automatically print pretty the macro value, now I can easily see all produced combination of macros for all targets :) pamaury/3fa6ff03ecc26387b977">
01:25:01lebelliumlooks like ypr0 toolchain issues are quite common. [Saint] love it too :)
01:27:14pamaurysooooo pamaury/b3db692c1880ef97a0f2">
01:28:01pamaurysome little stats: targets which define USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT use the following socs: AS3525 AS3525v2 IMX233 IMX31L JZ4732 PP5020 PP5022 PP5024 RK27XX
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01:31:42pamauryconversely, for targets runnings those socs, here are the list of builds *not* defining USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT:
01:31:48pamauryAS3525:sansae200v2boot: sansac200v2boot: sansam200v4boot: sansaclipboot: sansaclipv2boot: sansaclipplusboot: sansaclipzipboot: sansafuzeboot: sansafuzev2boot:
01:31:49pamauryAS3525v2:sansaclipv2boot: sansaclipplusboot: sansaclipzipboot: sansafuzev2boot:
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01:31:50pamauryPP5020:ipodcolorboot: ipod4gboot: ipodmini1gboot: mrobe100boot: samsungyh820boot: samsungyh920boot: samsungyh925boot: vibe500boot:
01:31:52pamauryPP5022:ipodnano1gboot: ipodvideoboot: ipodmini2gboot: sansac200boot: gogearhdd1630boot: gogearhdd6330boot:
01:32:15pamauryas we see, except for the nasty onda, only bootloader builds do so
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01:33:09pamauryand actually it corollates with !HAVE_BOOTLOADER_USB_MODE
01:40:51pamaurygevaerts: this makes me wonder if USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT should be per-soc or per-target
01:41:16pamaurysome soc have a generic mechanism, some don't
01:41:40pamauryif the soc has a generic mechanism which supports by status event, it could be defined in the soc file
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01:41:58pamauryif it doesn't, then the target should define it in case it supports by event in a target specific way
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11:16:28pamaurygevaerts: ping
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12:18:47gevaertspamaury: pong?
12:19:11pamauryhave a look at the logs, I'm wondering what to do for USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT
12:22:21gevaertsSo only ondavx767 doesn't match the pattern?
12:23:09pamauryit's the only one, but there is the issue of bootloaders
12:25:04pamaurysome bootloader don't define USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT for bootloaders because they don't have HAVE_BOOTLOADER_USB
12:25:04pamaurythis distinction seems a bit artificial
12:25:56gevaertsIt might be related to interrupt setup
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12:27:03pamaurythe alternative is that each soc in its header (like imx233.h) does something like:
12:27:03pamaury#ifndef HAVE_BOOTLOADER_USB
12:27:03pamaury#define USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT
12:27:03DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
12:27:03pamaury(when it's relevant)
12:27:45gevaertsIs the combination consistent per SoC?
12:28:06gevaertsI mean, if a target disables USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT for bootloader, do they all do it for that soc?
12:29:37pamauryyou can find the list here: pamaury/b3db692c1880ef97a0f2">
12:29:37pamauryif my checks are correct they do
12:30:38gevaertsOK, then I'd say what you just proposed is the best way
12:30:49pamauryAt first I imagined that for soc where usb detection is generic, the soc file could define USB_STATUS_BY_EVENT because all targets would do it this way
12:31:06pamaurybut on second thought, it is possible that there might be exception where the generic mechanism is bypassed or unused
12:31:07gevaertsAnd then we need to find someone with an ondavx767 to see if it really can't do BY_EVENT
12:32:48gevaertsWho has my mr500 these days?
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12:33:08*gevaerts spotted that that one also doesn't have USB_DETECT_BY_REQUEST
12:33:18gevaertsAnd the ondas, and zvm
12:34:48gevaertsDoes anyone currently active have one of those, actually?
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12:38:53lorenzo92pamaury: kugel has a build for the toolchain...I also never bothered to build it because of the problems :P
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17:32:55[Franklin]Is there any way to set the precision of the %f flag to putsf?
17:33:09[Franklin]It seems to print 6 digits by default, even if they are all zeroes
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