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#rockbox log for 2015-01-04

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02:18:51[Franklin]GDB is driving me crazy... all the variables I need are all "<optimized out>"
02:18:55[Franklin]any tips?
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02:29:52JdGordon[Franklin]: turn off optimization
02:31:52[Franklin]I just put some volatiles in, thanks anyway
02:34:39[Franklin]it gets weirder... I have a function called wrap_idx defined as just static
02:34:57[Franklin]I try calling it from GDB and it says "No symbol 'wrap_idx' in current context."
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02:38:50rudi_s[Franklin]: Inlining?
02:39:20[Franklin]rudi_s: no (explicit) inline
02:39:37rudi_sstatic functions are inlined by gcc in many cases.
02:39:42[Franklin]anyway, I just put in some logf's that showed the return value
02:39:47[Franklin]wasn't that
02:39:56rudi_sYou could force gcc to keep it in the binary with -fkeep-inline-functions
02:40:13[Franklin]ok, thanks
02:40:18rudi_s*though the actual callers will still use the inlined code of course.
02:40:38[Franklin]I'm trying to optimize the rocklife plugin a bit
02:41:08rudi_s(Or you could forbid gcc to inline it by putting __attribute__((noinline)) to the function.)
02:41:32rudi_sBut yeah, disabling optimizations while debugging is the simplest solution.
02:43:11[Franklin]it doesn't seem to be the wrapping function
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12:36:41bernard_Hello all. Looking for some help in resetting a corrupted iPod 6th Gen Classic. Had installed EmCORE & Rockbox, worked fine for ages now shut down and giving errors. Tried repartitioning & fallback, tried uninstalling, tried simply formatting and also tried just reinstalling EmCORE. Nothing seems to work. Help?!
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12:45:30TheSevenbernard_: so what does it do? any error messages?
12:46:08TheSevenwithout any of that information I can only guess, and statistically the most likely cause for your problem is a broken HDD
12:48:00bernard_Hi. Yes, when I go through the EmCORE process again it finds the DFU drive but then when I run the .ubi it says Error formatting hard drive: 80000001C
12:48:34bernard_The hard drive is relatively new, not that that means much on an Apple!
12:49:39TheSeventhat's some error while writing sector 0 of that drive, let me check the details
12:49:50TheSevenwhich emcore revision?
12:50:33bernard_emCORE r859 (2012-01-02) The original error on the device when it was running Rockbox was and ATA error I think, but I can't see it anymore so....
12:52:16TheSevenwhich HDD model? 160GB thin?
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12:53:52TheSeventhe error number indicates that the HDD took too long to respond to a write to sector 0
12:54:09bernard_I think so. Same thickness at the 7th Gen
12:54:29TheSevenhowever that emcore revision has a bug that makes errors at an earlier point go unnoticed, so it could also be possible that the drive wasn't even initialized properly in the first place
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12:55:10TheSevenany sounds from the hdd? does it spin up? any periodic clicking noise?
12:55:25TheSeven(while emcore is trying to format)
12:56:32bernard_I'll try that now and let you know. It certainly makes the 'usual' noises when putting into hard reset / DFU
12:57:36thomasjfoxTheSeven: can you take a look at this: [rockbox/firmware/target/arm/s5l8700/ipodnano2g/piezo-nano2g.c:32]: (warning) Redundant assignment of 'TDCON' to itself.
13:00:35bernard_TheSeven: When I run 'bootstrap...' to get to that point it says connected device not functioning properly. It asked my to format it at 64mb, which I did, and it was instantaneous. MInd you, I'd got to that step before so it was probably already formatted.
13:01:42TheSeventhomasjfox: wtf? that thing is all but redundant... it's volatile, the compiler has to actually DO that, and otherwise the ipod would lock up
13:01:48thomasjfoxTheSeven: does the register TDCON change some value when it's read so that stuff is cleared when it written back?
13:02:13TheSeventhere are IRQ flags in that reg that get cleared if you write a 1 to them
13:02:22TheSeven(and report pending status when read)
13:02:33thomasjfoxah ok. Thanks for the clarification. Already suspected something like that
13:02:38thomasjfoxcppcheck can't know this ;)
13:02:54TheSevenit can, and that looks like a cppcheck bug
13:03:06TheSevenbecause this thing is explicitly declared volatile to indicate that it isn't redundant
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13:04:11TheSevenbernard_: weird, the 64mb drive shouldn't ask you to format it, and I'm suprised that it still works after doing so (it's a ramdisk that should already be formatted in a specific way)
13:04:47TheSevenwhat matters is when the installer tries to format the disk
13:05:32bernard_OK. I've tried reformatting using iTunes too and it fails. Any ideas??!
13:06:13bernard_The device is currently saying it's 'Loading UBI file...' and has been for 5 mins.
13:06:21TheSevenpretty surely a bad hdd, but could also be something like a mis-seated cable or whatever
13:06:38TheSevenstuck at loading ubi file could be the result of attempting to format the 64mb drive
13:06:46bernard_Hmmmm.....OK, so guess
13:06:54TheSevenwhat's currently on that ipod? apple bootloader?
13:07:18TheSevenif so, try to boot into diagmode (menu+select, then immediately when it reboots, left+select)
13:07:38bernard_No, EmCORE Rockbox. Well, it was but I've been trying various things to solve it. Shall I still try that?
13:07:39TheSeventhen go to manual test => I/O => HDD => HDD SMART data or something like that
13:09:14bernard_Ok, done that. What am I looking for?
13:09:27thomasjfoxTheSeven: I'm still wondering if it's better to warn the user in the volatile case or not. Quite often someone wanted to write "y = x" instead of "x = x", no matter if a normal variable is volatile or not
13:09:31TheSevenhm... in that case you have two options: 1. go back to the apple bootloader to get into diagmode, 2. upload diagmode via umsboot (probably easiest if it works), 3. upload a newer emcore via umsboot, then use it's disk mode app + smartmontools to inspect the HDD (complicated but gives more information)
13:10:08TheSevenif you're in diagmode in that SMART menu, just tell me what it says on the screen (remaps, pending, retracts, ...)
13:10:20bernard_I'm in the Apple boot and have SMART DATA up.
13:10:57TheSeventhomasjfox: well, it might be an option to do a uint32_t tdcon = TDCON; TDCON = tdcon; there
13:11:11TheSevenif that shuts up that spurious warning ;)
13:11:24TheSevenshould (with -O2/-Os) compile into the same code
13:11:34TheSevenbernard_: so what does it say on that screen?
13:11:41thomasjfoxna, that's not worth it. It's better to improve cppcheck than to work around that in the code
13:11:58TheSevenwell depends on whether you consider that a valid warning in the volatile case
13:12:52bernard_Retracts:8, Reallocs:0, Pending Secs:0, PowerOn Hours:85, Start/stops:6064, Temp current:24c, Temp Min:7c, Temp Max,:43c
13:13:14thomasjfoxit could output a different warning if it knows a variable is volatile. There's an extra "inconclusive" category for messages it's unsure about
13:18:53TheSevenbernard_: that information is not conclusive with emcore's behavior...
13:19:26TheSevendiagmode basically says that the drive is good, emcore can't seem to access it at all
13:19:38TheSevenyou might want to try restoring the ipod using itunes (from DFU mode)
13:19:42bernard_TheSeven: Oh. Just a thought but could there just be corrupt sectors and so is there a way to somehow force the HDD to format outside of any software application to see if we can reset it?
13:19:50TheSevenjust to see if that works or fails as well
13:20:00bernard_I've tried that. I'll try again.
13:20:18TheSevenok, so an itunes restore flashed the apple bootloader, booted into disk mode, but then failed to format?
13:22:39lorenzo92can anyone give a look at this licence here ? There is some good code and I would like to reuse at least part of it in Rockbox
13:22:47lorenzo92I'm always for reuse ;)
13:23:32bernard_Yes to Apple, comes up as removable disk on 'my computer' with iPod icon, iTunes says it needs to reformat (devices shows 'do not disconnect'), clicked on format (to 95..9GB) and it immedaitely says 'fomatted'
13:24:19bernard_Nothing showing in iTunes but shows a 95.9gb HDD with iPod icon in my computer
13:24:33bernard_Device still says 'Do not disconnect'
13:27:12TheSeven95.9GB... WTF?
13:27:56TheSevencan you read/write any files on that 95GB drive?
13:28:01bernard_I know. That was the option it gave me.
13:28:26TheSevenbut it is a 160GB disk? this is getting even more fishy...
13:29:11bernard_I can copy things to the device. SHall I try going through EmCORE again?
13:30:54TheSevenyou're on windows, right?
13:31:51TheSevencan you run the "diskpart" utility, then type "list disk", and tell me which size it reports there for the disk that seems to be the ipod?
13:34:23bernard_DISK 0 - 465gb, DISK 1 - 148gb
13:35:13TheSeven"select disk 1" - "list partition"
13:36:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 89ab3c2, 255 builds, 31 clients.
13:37:03bernard_partition 1 primary 95gb offset 252kb
13:37:40TheSeven"clean", and confirm if it asks you to
13:37:47TheSeventhen retry itunes restore
13:39:46bernard_succeeded in cleaning. Appears to be restoring....
13:42:07bernard_Appeared to be restoring but now just sat there now not doing anything but device saying 'Do not disconnect'
13:42:41TheSevendoes the ipod appear in explorer?
13:42:50TheSevenif so, which size?
13:43:16bernard_Yes, 148gb
13:43:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 402 seconds.
13:43:38TheSevenso we got that nonsense sorted out at least...
13:44:04bernard_Indeed, thanks! Comes up as an IPOD again now too
13:44:43TheSevenso itunes is still sitting there, doing nothing?
13:44:53bernard_Yep. Hard reboot?
13:45:07TheSevenmaybe it's still downloading the firmware image from apple? that thing is like 150-200MB in size
13:46:17bernard_Maybe and I'm only using 3G so..., I'll sit tight for a bit and let you know in 10 mins if nothing happens. OK?
13:46:49TheSevensounds like a plan
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13:54:13bernard_TheSeven: Still no change on the device or iTunes
13:55:31TheSevenbut you can successfully copy files to it in explorer?
13:56:11TheSevenin that case I'd try installing emcore again
13:56:25bernard_Yes, just copied the .ubi to it OK
13:56:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 404ebb8, 255 builds, 31 clients.
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13:58:12bernard_I'll try EmCORE again and let you know.
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14:10:49bernard_The Seven: to final point of installation in EmCORE using Rockbox Utility but then when it was extrating files it said that there wasn't enough space and aborted.
14:12:37bernard_Still shows me the device in my computer but says it's inaccessible 'Please insert as disk in into D:'
14:14:33bernard_When I hard reset it the device shows 'ATA: Error 80000007 whilse reading BBT (sector 0, count 1)' which I think was the original error I got when it first jammed.
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14:33:57TheSevenbernard_: this is an original ipod hdd? has it ever been replaced?
14:34:49bernard_Yes it has
14:34:54bernard_A few times
14:35:48TheSevenhm... so maybe after all you have a different type of disk than most other ipods...
14:36:38TheSevencan you try reinstalling emcore using this ubi file?">
14:41:07bernard_Gave me a few errors along the way and now device saying 'No partition found Insert USB cable to fix it'
14:41:07 Join michaelni [0] (
14:41:27TheSevenwith rockbox fallback image?
14:41:57TheSevenif not, try that one
14:44:25bernard_Should I maybe go back some steps and format / clean the partition and then try with your .ubi?
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15:27:06bernard_The Seven: Got to quit soon to go to work. Any final thoughts?
15:27:24bernard_TheSeven: Got to quit soon to go to work. Any final thoughts?
15:35:40TheSevenI doubt that will help...
15:36:00TheSevenwith the apple bootloader installed you cannot access the full HDD via USB, and emcore has trouble doing so either for some reason
15:37:04TheSevenI have no idea what the root cause is so far, but we ruled out the current leak thing that we had observed with some 3rd party HDDs
15:37:43TheSevenfurther narrowing this down will likely require to set up an emcore development environment
15:38:28bernard_Ok, well thanks for all your help and time this afternoon
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17:21:05lorenzo92kugel: g#707
17:21:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #707 at : yp-r0: improve the charging code by Lorenzo Miori
17:21:16lorenzo92I would like to commit it ....
17:23:13thomasjfoxlorenzo92: kugel is idle since six days, don't hold your breath :D might take a few more days or so
17:23:31lorenzo92np ;)
17:23:37lorenzo92just a reminder ^^
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17:28:24lorenzo92anyone against enabling dbg_hw_info for every target? If dbg_hw_info is not suitable, then it's just a stub. I'm the situtation of enabling debug screen for some hosted devices...
17:29:01[Franklin]thomasjfox: G#908 seems like your kind of patch :D
17:29:06lorenzo92or, otherwise, change the way it is used or not. i.e. definitely not by checking PLATFORM_NATIVE
17:29:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #908 at : Cleanup whitespace and made indentation consistent across the code by Franklin Wei
17:29:42[Franklin]90KLOC, all autogenerated
17:31:13[Franklin]and quite possibly the biggest patch gerrit has ever seen
17:31:14lorenzo92who said LOC have a measurable cost...
17:34:01thomasjfox[Franklin]: huh? I wouldn't favor applying such a patch for the reasons the people already gave in the comments of it.
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17:40:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b43fcbd, 255 builds, 30 clients.
17:46:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 371 seconds.
17:47:10[Franklin]thomasjfox: I thought you might want to do something similar
17:47:36thomasjfoxthat would break merging branches and/or upstream code ;)
17:49:00[Franklin]probably not on as large a scale as G#908, of course
17:49:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #908 at : Cleanup whitespace and made indentation consistent across the code by Franklin Wei
17:50:13[Franklin]maybe on a file-by-file basis like you're doing with cppcheck
17:51:07thomasjfoxI'm fixing code bugs, not beauty bugs ;)
17:51:44[Franklin]G#1119 says otherwise :P
17:51:49fs-bluebotGerrit review #1119 at : Improve readability by adding parenthesis by Thomas Jarosch
17:52:27thomasjfoxthat one is special: It's hard to "parse" while reading it since it's not very obvious which statements get executed first
17:53:00[Franklin]alright then :)
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18:23:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 335 seconds.
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21:13:25*[Saint] had a feeling OP wouldn;t be replying to,50131.msg233167.html#msg233167 but was still hopeful.
21:13:57[Saint]FWIW, I tried to not be a /complete/ prick about OP wasting everyone's time...
21:14:09[Saint]Not sure it worked, but, I tried. ;)
21:29:57 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
21:39:03thomasjfox[Saint]: I think it worked pretty good, at least with the "EDIT:" part :D
21:39:31 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:39:35[Saint]any advice on,50280.msg233214.html#msg233214 ? :)
21:39:50[Saint]I'm always wary with "this is YOUR fault" type posts.
21:40:22[Saint]The user isn't necessarily /wrong/, but is making things a lot harder than need be.
21:41:10*[Saint] is only really particularly good at ralating to people who are at least somewhat aware of the fact that he isn't *always* intentionally being cold and asshole-ish.
21:42:43thomasjfoxthat last forum post sounds nice, too.
21:43:09[Saint]Thank you. If you only knew how long it took me to write some forum posts. ;)
21:43:26[Saint]Write; delete; re-word - rinse, repeat...xN.
21:44:05thomasjfoxpractice makes perfect ;)
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21:51:15*[Saint] wonders if there's a sane way to stop the database init from choking if there's no media present on the device.
21:51:28[Saint]It is a weird, non-obvious, and incredibly long standing issue.
21:52:20[Saint]Unfortunately I don't have any idea of how to fix or side-step this issue, however.
21:53:39[Saint]It seems to have been pushed aside as somewhat of a back burner issue, db init failing if no media is encountered is totally natural, but the method in which it fails and the fact that it presents zero information to the user about this is completely misleading.
21:53:53[Saint]...but historically people seem to fear tagcache.
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