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#rockbox log for 2015-01-15

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00:24:22foolsh[Franklin]: I was thinking, if you wanted to keep the random track generation, which I like who wants to play the same old tracks everytime, you could copy the first N track features over the last N track features and then setting Z to zero would be smooth as a babies bottom
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02:07:25[Franklin]foolsh: I'm doing that now
02:07:41[Franklin]I'm just trying to get track looping fixed, and then I'll push
02:11:11[Franklin]right now it loops, but there's a gap between the end and beginning of the track
02:16:40[Franklin]another method I tried doesn't have the gap, but there's a slight delay between loops
02:19:40[Franklin]I give up
02:19:46[Franklin]I'll just push the one that has a gap
02:23:34[Franklin]huh? patch set 16 to patch set 18?!
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02:47:38[Franklin]ok... now for some fog!
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03:15:35[Franklin]foolsh: I'm guessing I could optimize this a lot by only calling project() once per segment, because 1 point of the segment is shared with the previous
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04:39:16titaniumhappy holidays everyone! :P
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09:18:01sobukusHey, concerning G#887, can someone tell me if it's reasonable to assume that drawing the display after starting playback of a sound bit is expected to interrupt the playback on certain (slow) targets?
09:18:06fs-bluebotGerrit review #887 at : Enhancement of the metronome plugin: by Thomas Orgis
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09:43:04wodzsobukus: Yes it can. It is target specific if irqs are prioritized and if nested irqs are allowed.
09:48:02sobukuswodz: Thanks. I modified the patch now to draw the display first, then start playing the sound.
09:48:59sobukusI guess the YH820 is a platform that has trouble running the Doom plugin;-)
09:51:16sobukuswodz: Hm, I looked at the amazon page for the YH820 ... first reviewer says "iriitating stumbling/jumps/gaps while playing music". So I guess if my metronome works on that one without hickup, I'm fine.
09:53:39wodzYH820 is PP so dual core arm7tdmi running at 80MHz max. Thats a bit outdated technology. Do not have high expectations :-)
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09:55:22wodzpamaury: did you test hwstub failover?
09:58:53sobukuswodz: Dual Core! that sounds fancy;-)
09:59:30wodzsobukus: yes, but you need to make explicit use of that
09:59:35*sobukus wonders if porting libmpg123 decoder into rockbox would help that target, too.
09:59:39fs-bluebotGerrit review #123 at : Add an alternative analogic touchpad sensitivity setting by Jean-Louis Biasini
09:59:56sobukus... as the fixed-point mpg123 needs less cpu than mad (for 16 bit accuracy, not 24)
10:00:00fs-bluebotGerrit review #123 at : Add an alternative analogic touchpad sensitivity setting by Jean-Louis Biasini
10:00:17wodzsobukus: codecs are highly optimized. We diverged from mad quite much
10:00:57wodzand mp3 decoder makes use of dualcore actually
10:03:08sobukusOh, then there's no chance. On a test I saw mpg123's ARM fixed-point decoder needing 86 s compared to 130 s for madplay ... that might not be enough to catch your opts + dual core.
10:03:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #123 at : Add an alternative analogic touchpad sensitivity setting by Jean-Louis Biasini
10:03:16fs-bluebotGerrit review #86 at : LAMP plugin PLA integration (main code + manual) by Jean-Louis Biasini
10:03:21sobukus(that was on debian)
10:03:34gevaertsPoor fs-bluebot :)
10:04:20sobukuswodz: You might forgive me the though as I happen to maintain mpg123;-)
10:04:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #123 at : Add an alternative analogic touchpad sensitivity setting by Jean-Louis Biasini
10:04:55wodzfs-bluebot is too inquisitive :-)
10:06:05gevaertsOf course our mp3 decoder only makes use of dualcore on dualcore DAPs
10:06:39gevaertsSo if it were only that, there might be more room
10:06:56sobukusI should actually look into what you did there. It's not obvious for me right there what parts you parallelized.
10:07:43sobukusAnd I must admit that mpg123's recent speed is not due to me but to a guy from Asia who is really good with assembly.
10:07:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #123 at : Add an alternative analogic touchpad sensitivity setting by Jean-Louis Biasini
10:09:20wodzoh, shut up stupid bot!
10:09:44gevaertsMaybe we need to call it mpgonetwothree in here :)
10:10:36wodztake a look at;a=tree;f=lib/rbcodec/codecs/libmad;h=1f60d2f87d482326cbf1b4efb15a5462a2531eec;hb=HEAD
10:10:53wodzor ask saratoga or preglow
10:11:18gevaertsOr n1s, if he shows up
10:13:54gevaertsOr possibly amiconn
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10:19:49pamaurywodz: trying right now...
10:24:06pamaurywodz: it works
10:24:24wodzpamaury: goodie. I think it should go in
10:24:51pamaurygo on
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10:25:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 2cdfc43, 254 builds, 26 clients.
10:27:47wodzpamaury: Arm part could use the same approach as mips to avoid non obvious double register restore but I really don't care
10:28:14pamaurywodz: what is your approach ?
10:29:43wodzpamaury: If I understand correctly you save both pc (well pc+8 actually) and lr in context and exploit the pc+8 thing. But you can load PC with lr directly and avoid saving PC and double restore
10:30:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 301 seconds.
10:30:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 2cdfc43 result: All green
10:31:07wodzpamaury: you need to update status flags on return but this can be made with movs or something
10:32:08pamauryah yes possibly, but there is the issue of sp I think
10:32:32wodzwhich issue?
10:33:04pamauryyou need to restore sp_sys
10:34:48pamauryhonestly I don't remember the details right now, I would need to open the assembly manual
10:36:02wodzanyway I wouldn't bother. There is a few ways to do this probably.
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10:38:41wodzpamaury: the first ldmia does everything except PC restore, right? so instead of second ldmia it could be simple subs pc, lr, #4, no?
10:40:08pamauryyes the second ldmia could be simplified indeed
10:40:42pamauryhum, except I'm not sure
10:40:56wodzso instead of second ldmia it would be move r0, #1 to signal error and subs pc, lr, #4 to do the comeback
10:41:59pamaurybecause the first ldmia restores user registers, so after the ldmia, lr is the is still lr_abt and not lr_sys
10:42:26pamauryI don't remember if those are the same or not
10:44:25pamauryso it's bit more tricky I think
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14:00:53wodzpamaury: reading this: and I think that on ARM this should work:
14:02:02pamaurywodz: I'm not so sure, the ldmia will restore sp and lr in sp_abt and lr_abt, not in sp_sys and lr_sys ?
14:02:19pamauryfor lr that's ok but for sp I think there is a problem
14:02:37wodzpamaury: I explicitely switch to sys with msr cpsr, #0xdf
14:03:32pamauryah sorry, I spoke too fast
14:08:21pamauryI think this should work, I'll try it on target, thanks :)
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22:41:48[Franklin]does someone here have an iPod nano 6g?
22:41:53[Franklin](no typo there)
22:42:14[Saint]I do.
22:43:15[Franklin]woops... wrong channel :[
22:43:35[Franklin]moving to #freemyipod
22:46:55wodz[Franklin]: I think valleys should be added to xrace (as opposite to hills)
22:47:26 Join edhelas [0] (
22:47:28[Franklin]then do it :P
22:47:34[Franklin]wodz: it's pretty difficult
22:48:04wodzI'll stick to giving good advices :-)
22:48:11[Franklin]wodz: the game represents the world as an array of segments
22:48:31[Franklin]the segments are infinitely wide and aligned to the x-axis
22:48:40[Franklin]so it's not possible now
22:49:07[Saint]If hills are possible, valleys are too...
22:49:16[Franklin]yes, but it ain't easy
22:49:24[Franklin](plus, it'll run slow)
22:49:42[Saint]I love that...
22:49:42[Saint]"its not possible"
22:49:49[Saint]"you can do it but..."
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22:50:17[Franklin]not now, at least with the framework that's in place
22:51:09[Franklin]for now, let me optimize the thing :P
22:51:11[Saint]If it runs slowly, that would seem to imply some form of code/optimization error. Arcade machines with a LOT less hardware were doing this over twenty years ago.
22:51:40[Franklin]I would think so
22:51:52[Franklin]doing valleys would require true 3d projection and rotation, I'd think
22:51:55wodzyou probably know that early optimization is asking for trouble, right?
22:52:08[Saint]^ this
22:52:28[Franklin]eh... true
22:54:08[Franklin]anyhoo... I'll try to get track looping in place
22:55:38[Saint]I suppose its a bit unfair that these early arcade games are using assembly, but, yeah - there theoretically shouldn't be any reason why even the least powerful of our supported devices couldn't generate worlds on-the-fly with reasonable results.
22:56:20[Franklin]I thought you meant hills at the /side/ of the road
22:56:20[Saint]Perhaps (almost certainly, actually) you're concentrating on aesthetics too much.
22:57:11[Saint]Adding fog, for instance.
22:57:38[Franklin]but looping the track is pretty important, no?
22:57:50[Saint]I should think so, yes.
22:58:22[Franklin]wodz: the game supports valleys and hills
22:58:32[Franklin]I misunderstood you at first
22:59:13wodz[Franklin]: I fired it a few times and only hills were present
22:59:48[Franklin]by valleys you mean downhills followed by uphills?
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23:00:51[Saint]He likely means travelling through a valley, as opposed to over it.
23:02:05[Saint]see either side of the road?
23:02:07[Franklin]this can do that
23:02:39[Saint]I don't mean the plane in front and rear of the vehicle, and I suspect wodz doesn't either.
23:02:48[Saint]I mean the plane on either side of the vehicle
23:02:56[Saint]just to be totally clear.
23:03:14[Franklin]so driving through a valley, not down and up?
23:03:17 Quit thomasjfox (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
23:03:22[Franklin]as in, the walls are at your sides?
23:03:31[Franklin]oh... no
23:03:41[Saint]wodz, that's what you were referring to, yes?
23:05:18 Join williamtdr [0] (uid27909@gateway/web/
23:05:39[Franklin]or this:
23:06:10wodz[Saint]: both. First I thought why it does only uphills followed by downhills only, later I thought about something like on the picture
23:07:29*[Saint] nods
23:10:05[Franklin]wodz: the road generation is completely random
23:10:05[Franklin]it can generate uphills and downhills randomly
23:10:14[Franklin]in the future, I might want to have it randomly generate hills or valleys
23:10:33[Franklin]and also use floats for at least the Y coordinates to smooth out the hills
23:10:48wodz[Franklin]: I must have been unlucky then
23:11:16[Franklin]also, you can recompile with a longer road length/draw distance
23:11:49wodz[Franklin]: Are you kidding? The very first thing which will make performance boost is to stick with integer only math.
23:12:25wodzthe macro ROUND() is terrible as casting first to float and then again to integer. ugggh
23:12:38[Franklin]how should I do it?
23:12:44gevaertsAlso, four billion different altitudes not good enough for you?
23:14:43[Franklin]maybe messing with the camera depth would make the y intervals smaller
23:15:24[Saint]Its like watching a very slow motion train wreck.
23:17:26[Franklin]a lower camera depth seems to give smaller y intervals
23:18:16 Join krabador [0] (~krabador_@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:18:29gevaertsa 32 bit integer is good enough to span the entire altitude range on earth (lowest bit of seafloor to higherst mountaintop) with an accuracy of 4.6 micrometers
23:18:41gevaertsIs that not good enough?
23:18:50[Franklin]I want the moon!
23:19:18wodzgevaerts: LOL
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23:42:44[Franklin]I suppose I'll add on-the-fly FOV compuation
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