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#rockbox log for 2015-01-21

00:00:52saratogalooks fine to me but i'm too busy to commit it right now
00:01:01saratogaif someone else is avaiilable to fix red, i say go for it
00:01:30[Franklin]eh... :/
00:04:10[Franklin]sobukus: do you feel G#887 is "good to go"?
00:04:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #887 at : Enhancement of the metronome plugin: by Thomas Orgis
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01:02:11[Franklin]I really need to figure out how to stop the flickering in xracer at long distances
01:02:18[Franklin]fog would be one option
01:12:46foolshcurrent gerrit? want me to run it on the two targets I have, give you some feed back?
01:12:54[Franklin]wait a sec
01:13:23[Franklin]what targets?
01:13:36foolshsansa e2XX and fuze+
01:14:02[Franklin]ok, watch out for some FOV distortion on the e2XX
01:14:10[Franklin]I've only tested on 320x240 screens
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01:18:38foolsh"** No rule to make target rockbox/apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/xracer_sprites.bmp"
01:18:45foolshits a clean build directory
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01:19:15[Franklin]it's not used yet
01:20:11[Franklin]you could probably just edit bitmaps/native/SOURCES and remove the xracer_sprites.bmp line
01:21:16foolshalready did
01:22:17foolshheh, rename it to racerx ;)
01:22:51[Franklin]nah, I want it to be at the bottom of the list :P
01:23:44[Franklin]oh and btw you can move the camera up and down now
01:23:50[Franklin]just for fun
01:24:04foolshokay I see the jitter on the fuze+ when you go into a curve
01:24:32[Franklin]hmm yeah
01:24:54[Franklin]not sure why
01:25:05foolshcould override the back light timeout to
01:25:16[Franklin]sure ;)
01:26:02foolshmaybe decreasing the view didstance might help, I'll pop in some numbers and see
01:26:13[Franklin]the jitter?
01:26:34[Franklin]I doubt it
01:27:19[Franklin]I see what's causing the jitter
01:28:13[Franklin]lets see if I can fix it
01:29:46foolshwow runs surprisingly better than the fuze+, on my ten year old e280
01:29:53foolshno jitter I can see
01:30:01[Franklin]probably the framerate
01:30:10[Franklin]framerate is very dependent on screen size
01:30:18[Franklin]it runs max FPS on clip zip :D
01:31:05*foolsh needs this to support the e2XX's scollwheel as a steering device ;)
01:31:50[Franklin]I thought about that
01:31:56[Franklin]ipod's too
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01:34:13[Franklin]ok... I'm trying something extremely stupid
01:34:24[Franklin]floating-point numbers for x, dx and ddx
01:34:29foolshso just aother normal day?
01:34:36[Franklin]yep :P
01:34:41[Franklin]and... it works
01:34:52[Franklin]except it's /SLOW/
01:34:54foolshha, then it wasn't stupid
01:35:02foolshto late
01:35:07[Franklin]it needs a floating-point addition every segment
01:35:17[Franklin]not every render like before
01:35:29[Franklin]so... fixed-point time
01:36:31[Franklin]the curves are super smooth now:)
01:37:24[Franklin]I hate myself for this code
01:41:04[Franklin]foolsh: how's the performance now?
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01:43:55[Franklin]any fixed-point experts here?
01:45:02[Franklin]can you take a look at my attempted conversion from floats to fixed here:
01:50:58foolshmuch smoother on the fuze+, kinda slowish but not bad, no jitter
01:51:24[Franklin]ehh... with overhead from other stuff it'd be unacceptable
01:51:33[Franklin]i.e. sprites
01:52:27foolshalmost looks to run at the same speed on the e280 as the fuze+ did, so it kind of regulated itself?
01:52:39[Franklin]no, it's the floating-point overhead :(
01:52:54[Franklin]I need to get it into fixed-point somehow
01:53:20foolshthe view distance on the fuze+ is crazy i can see two curses away sometimes
01:53:41[Franklin]play with it and see what you can do
01:54:04foolshthe e280 is the same just can't make it out :D
01:57:57foolshDRAW_DIST of 128 looks fine, I can still see pretty far ahead
01:58:22[Franklin]what was it?
01:58:23foolshrun s abit faster
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02:01:43foolshI'm gonna try 64 and see
02:03:33foolshI like a draw distance 128 better than 63
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02:05:34foolshalso didn't see any noticable performance gain on my target, with 64 verses 128, but I did see one with 128 verses 512
02:06:18[Franklin]more segments drawn = more time
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02:08:21foolshof course, begs the quesetion how few can you get away with and still give an impression of realism :)
02:09:02[Franklin]perhaps I'll tie it to the screen size
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02:11:15foolshthat would work
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02:14:49WaitwhatHello, I was hoping you'd be able to help with my Rockbox'd Fuze? I can't get it to power on, even with the hard reset. I connect it to my PC and it says it's a 4MB RAW drive, can't format
02:15:14WaitwhatThe flash chip might be dead, but I figure I'd try other methods before I pitch it
02:17:07foolshWaitwhat: I think there is a boot loader that will run rockbox from the SD card but the one's who would really know are asleep during these hours, if you can try your question in about 12 hours
02:18:29[Franklin]who? o_O
02:19:09foolshask pamaury
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22:48:34[Franklin]can someone help me with a fixed-point conversion?
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23:00:37gevaerts[Franklin]: what's the problem?
23:00:42*gevaerts isn't an expert
23:01:19 Join cmhobbs [0] (~cmhobbs@fsf/member/cmhobbs)
23:03:41[Franklin]first of all, am I getting the integer to fixed-point conversions right?
23:04:18[Franklin]so fixed = integer << FRACBITS?
23:07:51 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:07:54[Franklin]and then to convert it back to an integer I just do fixed >> FRACBITS?
23:08:11gevaertsBut (although this bit of code is much too short to know if you're doing that) I'd say keep everything in the appropriate scale, and don't shift bits until you really need to
23:08:21gevaertsYes. Just think of what the bits mean :)
23:08:27[Franklin]just making sure
23:08:44gevaertsHow, in decimal, do you convert from meters to centimeters?
23:08:56gevaertsAnd how do you convert back?
23:09:00[Franklin]x100, /100
23:09:04gevaertsThis is *exactly* the same
23:09:20gevaertsYes, except you do it by moving zeroes in or out :)
23:09:33[Franklin]I'd say that base_percent needs fixed-point because it goes from 0 to 1
23:09:56[Franklin]how about negating a fixed-point number? just as normal?
23:10:15gevaertsYou have to be careful with the bit shifts
23:11:01gevaertsWell, check what << FRACBITS and >> FRACBITS do to the sign bit
23:11:11gevaertsI can't remember right now
23:13:23[Franklin]-1 << 8 = -256
23:13:30[Franklin]as I'd expect
23:17:29gevaerts"The result of E1 >> E2 is E1 right-shifted E2 bit positions. If E1 has an unsigned type or if E1 has a signed type and a nonnegative value, the value of the result is the integral part of the quotient of E1 / 2 E2 . If E1 has a signed type and a negative value, the resulting value is implementation-defined."
23:18:05[Franklin]I'm negating after doing the calculation
23:18:14[Franklin]so long dx = - fp_mul(...)
23:19:06[Franklin]but... the product of fp_mul can possibly be negative
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23:20:15gevaertsThis is where you need experts. These things almost certainly depend on what the CPU does, and I don't know what our CPUs do here
23:20:43[Franklin]so stick with floats for now?
23:21:00[Franklin]then what?
23:21:00gevaertsUnless you want slow :)
23:21:09gevaertsFind out!
23:21:12[Franklin]slow and smooth or fast and jittery?
23:21:34gevaertsFast and smooth
23:21:47[Franklin]but how? o_O
23:22:00gevaertsBy not using floating point!
23:22:07gevaerts(and doing things properly)
23:23:48[Franklin]hmm... it's working!
23:24:05[Franklin]it was the interpolation function that was messed up, it seems
23:24:55[Franklin]but... no curves!?
23:24:59[Franklin]it's not working then
23:25:53[Franklin]oh and it is working again...
23:26:02[Franklin]I needed to shift the ddx value left by FRACBITS too
23:28:03[Franklin]but the interpolation function is broken
23:32:51 Quit cmhobbs (Remote host closed the connection)
23:36:29[Franklin]finally fixed it
23:36:39[Franklin]turns out it was an order-of-operations error
23:37:55[Franklin]foolsh: can you test the latest patch set to see how it performs?
23:48:59 Join dfkt [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)

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