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#rockbox log for 2015-01-22

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00:16:48foolsh[Franklin]: buttery smooth, e280 and fuze+
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00:29:32foolsh[Franklin]: current gerrit patch seems to make the fuze+ and e2XX render at about the same speed, which seems slower than older patches, I dropped in 128 for draw dist again, and that seems to give a better impression on target hardware that you're _speeding_ down the road, both fuze+ & e2XX
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02:09:40[Franklin]foolsh: same speed as what?
02:09:51[Franklin]the floating-point version?
02:13:00[Franklin]if the FPS is still too low on some targets I could start doing some drastic optimizations
02:15:07foolshfuze+ appears to run "same speed" as e280 with current patch, as though the extra processing levels the performance out some how
02:15:37[Franklin]I suppose it's time to get scientific with the measurements then :)
02:16:40[Franklin]foolsh: is it faster than the previous patch set?
02:18:07foolshI speaking about some of the earlier patches, the very last one and this seem about the same, exect the e2XX looked to run a bit faster
02:18:41[Franklin]I would hope that wouldn't be the case
02:18:54[Franklin]but I guess it's OK
02:19:54foolshOf course optimizing so early is worth it
02:19:59foolshis not*
02:20:34[Franklin]yeah, true
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05:48:09Mongo44Why isn't Rockbox available for the iPod Touch?
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10:42:28wodzpamaury: hey, I saw you made some changes to soc desc. What is the status?
10:42:41wodzpamaury: I mean gerrit task
10:42:57pamauryqeditor is not complete yet but the editor is partially working
10:44:26wodzwhats missing?
10:45:27pamaurynode editing is incomplete (you cannot edit the adress/ranges/... but the widgets are already there), and register editing is not implemented (it should be exactly as before but I need to fix the code to use the new stuff)
10:46:08pamaurybut it compiles, you can try for yourself. Register viewing is complete though.
10:47:11pamauryalso I'm thinking about making register variants special in the format, see regs-example.xml
10:50:20pamauryif you have comment about the interface, do not hesitate, there might be room for improvement
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11:47:27wodzpamaury: shouldn't variant be inside of <register>?
11:58:37wodzpamaury: <title> is ignored in child node (qeditor). Look at description of COP_GPIO - it inherits description from 'gpio' node
12:01:24wodzpamaury: also <variant> thing seems to be skipped by qeditor (I can't see registers with offsets 4, 8, 12 relative to OE register
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12:05:59wodzpamaury: I converted atj desc file with: swiss_knife convert desc/regs-atj213x.xml desc/regs-atj213x_v2.xml and the file can't be read by qeditor.
12:11:18wodzpamaury: hmm, testing with swiss_knife check shows some obvious errors in desc file :-)
12:18:21wodzpamaury: yeah, after fixing the bugs qeditor parses file correctly
12:23:19wodzpamaury: 1) register width is not marked in any way 2) adding or editing register doesn't seem to work
12:27:19wodzpamaury: creating new node is also not working
12:27:38wodzpamaury: but HEY it is really nice move forward
13:01:56pamaurywodz: yeah variant is not implemented, it's a proposal at this point. Ok i'll check this issue. Yes register width is ignored (graphically) by the editor for the moment
13:03:22pamauryyou are right that the variant should probably be in register
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13:12:06pamaurywodz: also qeditor doesn't display errors when it cannot open a file, that should be fixed in the future
13:12:56edhelashi guys, I've put a CF to SD adapter in my iPod Mini with a 32GB SD card, Rockbox run fines on it but crash sometimes on boot
13:13:56pamauryweird, qeditor doesn't compile on my work pc
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13:15:15wodzpamaury: lib recompiled? :-)
13:15:28pamauryah no okay, I checked out the wrong version ^^
13:16:13wodzedhelas: cf->sd adapter firmware may play a role.
13:16:28edhelasyeah that's what I tought
13:16:50wodzedhelas: the adapter is not stright electrical connection but mcu which does the protocol conversion
13:17:58pamaurywodz: I'm don't understand what you say about <title>
13:18:14edhelaswodz, thanks for the precision :)
13:18:32pamaurywodz: if I click on COP_GPIO, I get "Companion processor GPIO controller" as a title which ok
13:18:57pamaury*which is
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13:22:38pamauryah you mean in the explorer view, let's see
13:23:22pamauryhum indeed
13:23:40pamauryshould it just display the instance info or also the node info ?
13:23:52wodzI'd say instance
13:23:53pamauryor node info if instance info is missing ?
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13:24:20wodzyes, if instance does not overwrite title which should stick to this of node
13:24:45pamauryok I'll do that, thanks for noticing
13:26:23pamaurywhat about the description ? Display both doesn't seem absurd I'd say
13:26:31pamaurybecause they "add up"
13:26:53wodzpamaury: I don't know if this is possible but can't swiss_knife check don't bail out on first error but report all errors in file?
13:27:17pamaurywodz: sure
13:27:34pamaury(except for a parser error)
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13:33:32pamaurywodz: swiss_knife already stops at the first error, so this must a parsing error. Do you have an example of such error ?
13:34:23wodzyes it is parse error like for example space after name like in "SOMENAME "
13:34:41pamauryhum ok, I'll see what I can do
13:34:53wodzor invalid characters in name "SOMETHING1:2"
13:37:28wodzpamaury: run swiss_knife convert on atj desc file and then swiss_knife check on resulting file
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13:43:49pamaurywodz: I've updated gerrit with a new version, the parser should report all errors
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14:16:22wodzpamaury: looks ok
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19:04:15Waitwhat Hello, I was hoping you'd be able to help with my Rockbox'd Fuze? I can't get it to power on, even with the hard reset. I connect it to my PC and it says it's a 4MB RAW drive, can't format
19:05:08WaitwhatI know it at least has power when I plug it in, I hear a slight click when I hard reset and try to power it on. The flash chip might be dead, but I figure I'd try and revive it before I toss it out
19:06:58WaitwhatI heard something about a microSD bootable bootloader but can't seem to find it, it's an original Sansa Fuze, not Fuze+ if that helps
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19:37:18WaitwhatHmm, I smacked it hard against the counter and it turned on briefly to the Rockbox splash screen, said "ATA error -2"
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23:16:35KristHello there. I have a Sansa Fuze V2 I just installed rockbox on. I unplugged the USB cable after synching, no messages were displayed on the device, and got a "Panic" message. The screen shortly thereafter became garbled, looking much like garbage-memory being printed to the screen. I can reboot by long-holding the power switch, but am returned to
23:16:35Kristthe garbled screen after reboot. Is this bricked, or is there salvation?
23:17:02KristThere's no static or noise over the headphones, despite the screen displaying garbage.
23:17:49KristWindows makes it's "Hardware connected" sound when plugged in, Linux appears to take no notice of the device
23:19:02KristQuickeyes tells me the last thing to print to screen before crashing is "Loading rockbox.sansa"
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23:21:36gevaertsDoes the original firmware still boot properly?
23:22:24KristHow would I make the device boot the original firmware instead of Rockbox?
23:22:59gevaertsI think you have to hold left while booting. The manual will know for sure
23:23:52KristLeft + Power was the correct keypress, it's at the "Refreshing your media" stage now. Thanks.
23:24:38gevaertsDid you unmount cleanly last time? Filesystem corruption is good at making rockbox crash
23:25:13KristI indeed did not. It's been years since I had an issue with that, I guess I've gotten cocky.
23:25:48KristIt appears to have hung at the refreshing media state
23:27:14KristIt cleared the refreshing media stage, and then promptly rebooted, and is back to hanging at the refresh stage
23:27:17gevaertsOK. Try resetting it again, and then boot by plugging the USB cable in while holding select (the middle button). That should give you a USB connection from the rockbox bootloader
23:27:46gevaertsYou should be able to run fsck or chkdisk then
23:28:52KristLinux warns that the file-system is mounted, and running fsck "WILL cause extreme damage". I'm not really sure how to fsck without mounting the device
23:29:36*gevaerts is confused by that
23:29:45gevaertsYou run fsck on the device node...
23:31:32Kristdevice node?
23:34:00KristTrying to cd into any of the sd* directories yields a "not a directory" output
23:34:44KristAm I supposed to unmount first?
23:35:29KristAll the sd* directories are still coming up as "not a directory"
23:35:48gevaertsThat's because they're not directories
23:36:24KristI'm confused as to how I'm supposed to identify which is my fuse, and how to run fsck on it then?
23:37:05[Franklin]ls /dev
23:37:11gevaertsdmesg output should be able to help with that
23:38:14[Franklin]dmesg | tail
23:38:18Krist@Franklin I've run ls /dev , I can see what sd* slots are listed, but can't see what's in each.
23:38:28Krist@Gevaerts Will do
23:38:36[Franklin]then try dmesg | tail
23:38:53Krist@ Franklin that's a lot cleaner.
23:39:21KristI presume the one with "...Rockbox Internal Storage..." Is the one I'm looking for?
23:39:47KristIt says it's scsi ? That..doesn't seem right.
23:39:59[Franklin]it's rockbox, so it must be ;)
23:40:14gevaertsIt is. USB mass storage uses the SCSI protocol
23:40:21[Franklin]just mount it and see
23:40:30Krist[11873.561358] scsi24 : usb-storage 2-2:1.0
23:40:30Krist[11874.559766] scsi 24:0:0:0: Direct-Access Rockbox Internal Storage 0.00 PQ: 0 ANSI: 4
23:40:30Krist[11874.561951] sd 24:0:0:0: [sdb] 7683072 512-byte logical blocks: (3.93 GB/3.66 GiB)
23:40:30DBUGEnqueued KICK Krist
23:40:30Krist[11874.563434] sd 24:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 0
23:40:30Krist[11874.566401] sd 24:0:0:0: [sdb] Write Protect is off
23:40:30***Alert Mode level 1
23:40:30Krist[11874.566412] sd 24:0:0:0: [sdb] Mode Sense: 0b 00 00 08
23:40:30***Alert Mode level 2
23:40:30Krist[11874.569075] sd 24:0:0:0: [sdb] No Caching mode page found
23:40:31***Alert Mode level 3
23:40:31Krist[11874.569087] sd 24:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through
23:40:31***Alert Mode level 4
23:40:31Krist[11874.580229] sdb:
23:40:32***Alert Mode level 5
23:40:32Krist[11874.585181] sd 24:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk
23:40:50[Franklin]use a pastebin next time to avoid flooding the channel, please.
23:40:52KristSo, now what? "$ fsck scsi" ?
23:41:01KristMy apologies.
23:41:02gevaertsRight, /dev/sdb it is then. Next time use a pastebin for that sort of thing though
23:41:06[Franklin]sudo fsck /dev/sdb
23:41:16[Franklin]sudo fsck /dev/sdb1, actually
23:41:38gevaerts[Franklin]: I suspect there's no partition table here
23:42:05gevaertsSo /dev/sdb
23:42:17gevaertsAnyway, one of those will work, and the other will say it's wrong
23:42:34KristSo, no risk with the wrong sd*?
23:43:15[Franklin]not really
23:43:15gevaertsNot on this scale, anyway.
23:43:22KristOn sdb, "Fats differ but appear to be intact. Options: 1) Use first Fat. 2) Use second Fat
23:45:04gevaertsThere's no right answer here, Pick one at random
23:45:09gevaertsIt's impossible to know...
23:45:21 Join Waitwhat [0] (
23:46:06KristBad short file name ()
23:46:15KristDrop, rename, auto rename, keep?
23:46:37 Quit bp0 (Quit: Leaving)
23:47:05[Franklin]try auto rename
23:47:29 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:47:42KristFree cluster summary wrong correct, don't correct?
23:48:34gevaertsWhat I'd do at this point is try to get it sane enough to boot the OF and then let that reformat the device
23:48:43Kristfsck has exited. If I understood the problem correctly, next step is to reboot?
23:48:49gevaertsThen reinstall rockbox (the bootloader is still there)
23:48:53[Franklin]the device
23:48:57[Franklin]yes, reboot
23:49:05KristThe device, yes. Alright. Thanks.
23:49:26 Quit Waitwhat (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:50:33KristIt's back to refreshing media, hanging, white screen, reboot.
23:50:34***Alert Mode OFF
23:50:42Kristfsck again?
23:52:34gevaertsKrist: if all else fails, mkfs.msdos /dev/sdb
23:54:34 Join Waitwhat [0] (
23:55:46KristNo medium found
23:55:56Kristdmesg | tail still seems to be point to sdb as the rockbox device, though
23:56:42WaitwhatSo I got my device to power on earlier, but the scroll wheel didn't work at all and Rockbox seems froze and I forced it off, now it won't power on again
23:57:10gevaertsWaitwhat: based on your earlier descriptions, I suspect your device is physically broken
23:57:21 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:57:49WaitwhatWell I managed to get it to the file list, and one of the songs had [err] before it, perhaps the NAND got corrupted and needs flashed?
23:58:53gevaertsWaitwhat: you said it responded again after you applied physical violence. That's not a software or flash contents issue

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