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#rockbox log for 2015-01-23

00:00:18gevaertsKrist: tail just shows the last bit
00:02:23WaitwhatI mean I guess I have a Clip Zip floating around somewhere...but I'd rather have this big screen :(
00:03:00gevaertsKrist: "sdb: detected capacity change from 3933732864 to 0" isn't usual. I'd unplug and try again
00:04:11KristJust did that, fsck went through. If that doesn't allow OF to boot, I'll try the mkfs.msdos command
00:04:35CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
00:04:35*gevaerts nods
00:04:39KristJust to make sure I'm not messing up OF == orignal firmware?
00:07:19KristThat yields "Device Partition expected, not making filesystem on entire device, use -I to override." S\hould I use -I?
00:08:59KristReboot the device?
00:09:21gevaertsYes, into the OF. You'll have to reinstall rockbox
00:11:29KristWhen rockbox asks for the .bin file, the file it's looking for should be named "fuzpa.bin", right?
00:11:39KristWhen Rockbox Utility*
00:12:03gevaertsI think so, yes
00:12:22gevaertsBut that bit shouldn't be needed
00:12:29gevaertsThe bootloader should still be fine
00:13:31KristIt's still asking for it, and the only options are to load a file or abort
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00:14:55KristLooks like that did it. It's running through the firmware upgrade now. I'll remember to actually eject/unmount my device in the future.
00:15:34[Franklin]yay \o/
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00:17:14[Franklin]any way to cast (convert?) a fixed-point integer to a float?
00:17:37gevaertsThere's no good reason to want to do that :)
00:17:53[Franklin]I'm too lazy to convert /everything/ to fixed
00:17:59[Franklin]just the critical stuff
00:18:32wodzint i; float f = (float)i; easy
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00:18:52[Franklin]wodz: with a nonzero number of fracbits
00:19:06gevaertsThen divide by 2^fracbits?
00:19:25wodz[Franklin]: you asked for casting fixed-point integer :-)
00:19:50[Franklin]heh yeah
00:20:08[Franklin]just saying "fixed-point" kind of implies a non-zero number of fractional bits ;)
00:20:17wodznot really
00:20:30[Franklin]to me, at least
00:22:00wodzanyway f = (float)i/(1<<fracbits) should work
00:22:35[Franklin]fixed-point also has the problem of reducing the maximum number I can represent...
00:22:41[Franklin]leading to divides by zero :/
00:23:29gevaertsWhat sort of numbers do you need?
00:23:32gevaerts32 bits is a lot...
00:24:21wodzWell, all games of my era used fixed point math. THIS IS DOABLE.
00:24:34[Franklin]of course
00:24:49*[Franklin] tries using 2 fracbits
00:26:04gevaertsThe thing with fixed point is that you need to know what your requirements are
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00:36:10[Franklin]I suppose I'll have to rework all the code to be resolution-independent
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01:55:52[Franklin]are there any preexisting fixed-point rounding functions?
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01:56:34micahhey all, i got a sansa clip the other week and put rockbox on, went really smooth
01:56:55micahbut today I went to use it and it seems like its frozen... buttons wont move the menu, but I can turn it on and off
01:57:26micahi thought maybe it was locked, but it seems like I should hold the middle button and press play to unlock and that doesn't do anything
01:58:33micahit kinda feels like the down volume button doesn't work - it wont click like the up volume one, so I wonder if it got stuck somehow
01:58:40micahanyways, if anyone has any ideas of what to try...
02:06:30saratogaanyone noticed this problem:,50609.msg233742.html#msg233742
02:06:38saratogaclip zip poping noice
02:07:10saratogamicah: hold power button until it reboots
02:08:19micahsaratoga: i've done that, it comes back the same way
02:08:35saratogawhat do you mean?
02:09:16micahsaratoga: it shuts down when I hold the power button... but then when I press it again to turn it on, its still in the same state
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02:11:26saratogadoes it work in the sandisk firmware?
02:14:38micahsaratoga: how do I switch to that?
02:14:47saratogahold left while booting
02:15:06micah... i had no idea
02:15:15micahRefreshing your media....
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02:15:36micahsaratoga: no, its stuck there too
02:15:50micahi might be able to return it, but probably I'd need to get rockbox off
02:15:59micahor they are going to claim I did it
02:16:42micahthe home button works
02:16:48micahwhoa now it works
02:17:13[Franklin]have fun
02:17:16micahonly in the sansa firmware
02:17:34[Franklin]reboot into rockbox and try again maybe
02:17:48micahit wasn't working there. I pressed and held the home button, it locked, and then I pressed and held home again to unlock and it worked... but when I reboot to rockbox it doesn't work there
02:17:48saratogai thought it booted into rockbox?
02:18:34micahno, i booted it to sansa, it wasn't working there. then I pressed and held the home button, it locked, and then I pressed and held home again to unlock and it worked... then I rebooted to rockbox, and it doesn't work
02:18:52micahi'm wondering if its locked in rockbox and I'm just being an idiot about how to unlock it?
02:19:22saratogarebooting will unlock it
02:19:45micahweird, when i boot to sansa its locked again, but I can unlock it by holding down home (to lock it) and then holding down home to unlock it
02:20:05[Franklin]possibly a button's stuck?
02:20:18micahi think the down volume is stuck
02:20:37micahit doesn't click when I press it
02:20:45[Franklin]if all else fails, try taking the case apart and unsticking it
02:21:16micahthat will make it hard to RMA probably
02:21:48saratogayeah just send it back
02:22:25[Franklin]this leads me to wonder, what's the manufacturer's stance on rockbox?
02:22:36[Franklin](if you return a device with rockbox on it)
02:23:24micahhow do I remove rockbox and return it to the factory settings?
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02:52:08foolshmicah: flash a factory rom to it in recovery mode and deleting the .rockbox folder should place it back in a "like new" state as far as the system files go
03:00:23micahfoolsh: how do I get to recovery mode?
03:03:19micahwell, maybe doesn't matter, I flashed it while in the sansa firmware
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03:09:12foolshmicah: I have had a few sansa products but not one of those, I just assummed it would have to the same type of flash proccedure, my bad :)
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11:48:56wodzpamaury: I have weird qestion. Let suppose I have void (* const irqvector[])(void) array which holds IRQ handler pointers. Now some of this irqs are marked as reserved so I place UIRQ there. Now I'd like to UIRQ be of form void UIRQ(unsigned int) instead of void UIRQ(void).
11:50:02wodzpamaury: any idea how to hack this? One idea is to use inline asm in UIRQ() to grab the argument even if function prototype states it is void but I am not sure this will work actually.
12:40:35pamaurywodz: yeah that could work, as long as the caller for the irq handler puts the interrupt number in r0
12:41:11pamaurybut why not put the interrupt number in all IRQs ?
12:42:57wodzpamaury: That is an option, yes. It will look somewhat silly that I skip this parameter in all overwritten implementations.
12:43:55pamauryyeah that's true
12:44:17pamauryyou could probably get along with this using silly casts
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14:12:45wodzpamaury: I came up with 2 versions Which one is less ugly?
14:23:50pamaurywodz: I think I prefer the first one
14:24:08pamaurybut it should come with a comment explaining the trick
14:25:46wodzpamaury: the first one, you mean with cast, right?
14:26:25pamaurywodz: I have a proposal for a third solution: in the assembly file handling the irq, write void __UIRQ(void )in assembly which does nothing but call void UIRQ(int nr)
14:26:48pamauryand in default_interrupt, put __UIRQ
14:29:15wodzright, this looks like the cleanest solution
14:29:24wodzthank you
14:42:06wodzpamaury: Something like this ?
14:43:53pamauryyeah, except I UIRQ should be __UIRQ and vice versa I think. Also I would write UIRQ in assembly (in crt0.S or whatever) or write it with the naked attribute
14:44:20pamaury(default_interrupt should alias to the void __UIRQ(void) version)
14:45:03wodzpamaury: naked attribute is ignored by mips gcc
14:45:21pamauryI see, then it's probably better to write in assembly don't you think ?
14:46:19wodzpamaury: since I don't allocate any registers the prologue and epilogue is empty. But yeah to be bullet proof I should put it in .S file
14:46:41pamaurywell atleast check what the compiler produces if you write it in C ^^
14:46:49wodzI checked
14:55:58 Join maruk1 [0] (
15:12:33wodzpamaury: The idea to move this into .S file doesn't work. The compiler barfs about aliasing function name to undefined symbol.
15:13:27pamaurywodz: you should probably define "extern void __UIRQ(void);" and in the assembly file make sure the symbol is exported (in ARM you use .global iirc)
15:13:45wodzeven though I put in .c file extern void __UIRQ(void); and in .S file I put .extern __UIRQ
15:13:58wodzerr .global __UIRQ
15:14:31pamaurywhat is the exact error ? maybe use objdump on the .o to double check
15:15:26wodzerror: ‘INT_MCA’ aliased to undefined symbol ‘__UIRQ’
15:17:02wodzin crt0.o I do have __UIRQ
15:19:00pamauryapparently (looking on google) this is a known/intential limitation of alias
15:19:56pamauryyou must define the alias in the same translation unit
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15:22:40wodzso the compromise is to leave trampoline function in .c file
15:23:56pamauryout of curiosity, did you try to alias the void bla(void) to void UIRQ(int) ? I'm not sure if alias checks for the type, I doubt it
15:23:58 Join amayer [0] (
15:24:45wodzit does not check the type :-)
15:24:52wodzI tried this
15:25:33pamauryso this could be a solution, just don't define a trampoline and alias directly to UIRQ(int)
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16:25:42wodzpamaury: Not really. Alias is only half of the problem, the other part is irqvector[] definition.
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16:33:37wodzpamaury: Ha, there is yet another way:
16:34:23pamauryyeah I like that :)
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16:35:53wodzwhat a mind twisting cheeting :P
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21:57:19wodzAny particular reason we compile sound.c in bootloader build just to discard all functions it provides during linking?
22:12:38 Join booly-yam-6140 [0] (
22:19:00pamaurywodz: probably no one noticed
22:19:14pamauryadding more ifdef is not always for the best
22:20:49wodzpamaury: sure but it is really annoing when you try do provide the smalles possible subset of files to compile preliminary code during porting
22:21:11pamauryah right
22:21:17pamaurygood point
22:21:55wodzcompiling sound.c bring all codec defines and such
22:23:05pamaurywe should not compile it then :-p
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