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#rockbox log for 2015-01-26

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00:00:46saratoga_melvova: if both the sandisk and rockbox firmwares are screwed up but you can still see the bootloader, trying holding select while booting
00:01:02saratoga_and plug in the player
00:01:17saratoga_that should trigger the bootloader USB mode if its still intact
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00:06:04[Saint]Indeed. But that depends largely on the bootloader version.
00:06:21[Saint]IIUC, the zip port slightly pre-dates bootloader USB.
00:06:56[Saint]If bootloader USB isn't intact, accessible, or available...there's not many options available.
00:07:20[Saint]besides the slight offchance of it tripping up on a badly corrupted sdcard.
00:07:35[Saint]In which case removing it /may/ allow it to progress further into boot.
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00:13:39sobukus[Franklin]: G#887 seems good to go (from my point of view, of course, but one other person agreed, too)
00:13:46fs-bluebotGerrit review #887 at : Enhancement of the metronome plugin: by Thomas Orgis
00:13:58[Franklin]sobukus: commit time?
00:14:08sobukusI don't know who has to decide this;-)
00:14:23[Franklin]everyone :P
00:14:31[Franklin]the devs with commit access, actually
00:14:54sobukusWell, there are 3 people listet as reviewers in Gerrit. One of them gave thumbs up.
00:15:06[Franklin]I'll take a look and make that two
00:15:31[Saint]for the record, anyone can review.
00:15:49[Saint]it doesn't necessarily imply they're able to commit.
00:15:53[Franklin]yes, but only committers can commit
00:16:04*[Saint] puts his shocked face on
00:16:05sobukusOf course code can always be nicer, but I already did reindendation of stuff for more consistency, so it seems the point of functionality has passed;-)
00:16:50[Franklin]one last tiny thing: the whitespace of the imported code
00:17:06[Franklin]around line 730
00:17:13[Saint]sobukus: what editor are you using?
00:17:31[Saint]Most editors (worth using) can warn about formatting and whitespace errors.
00:17:46[Saint]git can actually be configured to warn about whitespace too.
00:17:49[Franklin]heh notepad doesn't count
00:18:00[Saint]No sir. It does not.
00:18:01sobukusHm, I remember removing trailing whitespace.
00:18:19[Franklin]not in the imported code, it seems
00:18:21sobukusI didn't try to reformat the imported code much, so it doesn't look like I actually changed it.
00:18:41sobukusWell, of course not all of it ...
00:18:41[Franklin]the source of the imported code is MIT licensed, it seems
00:19:04sobukusIt's even imorted code from another plugin that imported it from elsewhere (p.ex. glibc)
00:19:12[Franklin]oh no... BSD
00:19:23[Franklin]but still it's GPL-compat
00:19:41sobukusOh, wait. That was an earlier version. I removed the glibc stuff when switching to fixedpoint math.
00:20:22[Saint]that tick_sound[] mess is...well, eeew.
00:20:41[Saint]I realize there's not really a cleaner option, but, god that wall looks disgusting.
00:20:49sobukus[Franklin]: Should I make those trivial fixups (my editor shows the whitespace clearly, I just have to look;-) and push again? Because, that removes the review marks again.
00:20:58[Franklin]it's fine ;)
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00:21:25[Saint]well, if you can fix it up easily, and have time to do so, do so.
00:21:27sobukusThe sounds, yes, I had them as separate files, but inlined because "no code in header files"
00:22:16sobukusI wasn't able to convince the build system to build separate objects with the sounds and link them into the plugin.
00:22:20[Saint]there's also whitespace scattered around in quite a few places in metronome.c
00:22:48sobukusOK, now. Example please. Perhaps we need to define "scattered".
00:23:13[Saint]around // Process an exponent string
00:23:21[Saint]~700LOC mark
00:23:27sobukusThat's the imported code we already talked about.
00:23:37[Saint]aha, right, sorry.
00:24:01sobukusFrom pdbox ... I remmeber cleaning it up but when removing the floating point logarithm stuff, that seems to have been lost.
00:24:18[Saint]and a little bit in metronome.tex
00:24:30[Saint]at 91
00:25:02[Saint]sorry, it sticks out like a sore thumb in my editor.
00:25:23sobukusIt's more mildly backlighted in mine.
00:25:38sobukusSo, I removed all /\s+$/ now.
00:26:02sobukusAnything else that I should do before pushing again?
00:26:23*sobukus removes trailing \n at the end
00:26:32saratoga_test that it builds on different devices
00:26:43saratoga_grayscale, monochrome, color, etc
00:26:59sobukusYou mean simulator or just testing real build?
00:27:21sobukusAn official list of non-broken targets would be nice, as p.ex. I was unable to build the HWCODEC stuff.
00:27:30saratoga_real build
00:27:45[Franklin]sobukus: how about making the PCM values hex so they're constantly spaced?
00:27:50saratoga_list of builds that work:
00:29:35saratoga_i would try building the actual binary so that if it doesn't build you don't have to fix it later
00:29:42sobukusAh, I hope testing build for each family is enough.
00:30:22sobukusWell, of course I can automate ... just it won't be done moment.
00:30:40sobukus[Franklin]: Well, that would increase the size of the file ...
00:31:50sobukusYou really don't want to look too closely at those lumps of data in any case … but if you really would like it better, sure.
00:32:12sobukusThe long-term solution would be to generate the PCM on startup, as it's rather trivial.
00:32:36saratoga_most likely builds will fail because something like monochrome support isn't handled right or something like that
00:32:45saratoga_so pick one monochrome device to test
00:32:53[Franklin]there's no lcd_ calls that should fail, saratoga_
00:32:56[Franklin]it seems
00:33:18sobukusI ran some monochrome device in the simulator.
00:33:29[Franklin]but test to make sure
00:35:17[Franklin]sobukus: do you use emacs?
00:35:48sobukusThere is no HWCODEC device besides the Archos group, right? So … I don't see these building at all, even without the metronome:-/
00:36:06saratoga_the player builds
00:36:14sobukus[Franklin]: Nope, in theory I'd like to use luced, in practice the ancient nedit still works for me.
00:36:39[Franklin]emacs is more ancient ;)
00:36:48saratoga_FM recorder too
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00:38:44sobukussaratoga_: sorry, what configure command line can I use? It won't do any −−build= I specify.
00:39:15[Franklin]you can use the interactive mode, too
00:39:41sobukusI would like to have the build non-interactive. If I am to test several builds, I don't want to babysit configure scripts
00:39:53sobukusOh, sorry
00:40:05saratoga_check the script?
00:40:50gevaertssobukus: see;a=blob;f=buildserver/builds;h=7ba9316d213078f98f42a11104fa2eb9082a0858;hb=HEAD
00:41:02sobukusI'm running ../tools/configure −−target=0 −−type=n < /dev/null
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00:42:41sobukusOne warning about unused parameter.
00:42:46sobukusbut builds
00:43:18[Franklin]warnings!? :O
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00:44:08sobukusHm, this is about code inside HAVE_LCD_BITMAP, Player doesn't have that?
00:44:27[Franklin]I don't think it does
00:44:48sobukusSo it cannot do display->fillrect(), I presume.
00:45:51sobukusWell, this is dealt with in the code, it's just that the variable determining which rectangle to fill is not used in the build.
00:47:42*sobukus building simulator of Player
00:48:52sobukusAh, right. I get "incompatible model" when loading the plugin.
00:49:17gevaertsAre you cleaning up properly between builds?
00:50:23sobukusAh, right. The metronome plugin got build in the real build, but it's not built for the simulator.
00:50:30sobukusgevaerts: So that's the old one still being there.
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00:52:37[Franklin]just run 'make clean'
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00:52:41sobukusI remember someone telling me that the HWCODEC itself is not simulated.
00:52:46[Franklin]or make install
00:52:52sobukusAnd that's why the metronome is ruled out in the simulator build.
00:53:14[Franklin]#if CONFIG_CODEC == SWCODEC || !defined(SIMULATOR) /* Not for hwcodec sims */
00:54:07sobukusSo, do I need to disable the actual playback code in the plugin to be able to build it for the simulator?
00:54:38[Franklin]and enable it in SOURCES, it would seem
00:54:43sobukusI might work out what to display. The Player 2-line display is the most limited, right?
00:55:57saratoga_if its already disabled on those targets I would leave it like that
00:56:26gevaertssaratoga_: it's only disabled in the sim
00:56:37gevaertsDue to the sim not emulating the sound chip
00:58:35gevaertssobukus: you could disable the actual audio playing and building the plugin that way
00:59:03[Saint]simulator != emulator
00:59:20[Saint]its largely useless for testing hardware specific quirks
00:59:49[Saint]its mostly somewhat of a glorified UI tester.
01:00:21[Franklin]Ivoah: did you ever get xracer up and running?
01:01:00[Saint]which reminds me that I thought the other day that it would be really nice to have some form of 'monkeyrunner' for the sims.
01:01:43[Saint]something that throws a bunch of simulated user events at the UI and reports if we fall over.
01:02:03[Saint]this should not be difficult to do.
01:02:30gevaertsrasher did something like that a while ago I think
01:03:56sobukusIs there a preference for if defined(bla) vs. ifdef bla?
01:04:13[Franklin]if there's only one, use #ifdef
01:04:18[Franklin]otherwise I guess use #if
01:04:26[Franklin](just my personal opinion)
01:07:39sobukusAh, OK, ran the plugin in the sim now.
01:07:42sobukusA 2-line UI.
01:09:10sobukusI'm printf-ing "tick" and "tock" in the simulator as sound replacement. I hope that's OK.
01:09:36gevaertsShould be OK for testing
01:10:02[Franklin]LOGF is a better option I would think
01:10:09[Franklin]but printf works, yes
01:10:13 Quit krabador (Quit: Take the time.)
01:11:59sobukusI don't see one example of LOGF usage in other plugins.
01:12:13sobukusJust LOGF("printfstring", args)?
01:12:29[Franklin]yep ;)
01:12:46[Franklin]but you need to configure with logf enabled
01:13:01gevaertsI'm not sure we want to suddenly enable metronome on hwcodec sims. I just suggested this so *you* can test
01:13:12sobukusWell, what can go wrong?
01:13:17gevaertsI'm not *against* it, but it is a bit useless :)
01:13:25sobukusI disabled the actual audio and am testing the UI.
01:13:34sobukusMind, I added visual indication of ticks.
01:13:34gevaertsAlthough of course having it helps with screenshots for the manual
01:13:40sobukusSuddenly it makes sense;-)
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01:34:41sobukusgevaerts: This is interesting. I removed the display drawing from the timer callback since you folks seemed to agree that it's a bad idea there.
01:35:05sobukusBut in the Player sim, it _only_ works when taking place in the callback.
01:35:37sobukusFurthermore, the state variable used to communicate the information to draw is not synchronized between callback and main thread.
01:36:58sobukusIs that a bug or accurate simulation? Should I commit the code that works for me in the simulator rather than what "should" work from conventional wisdom?
01:37:41sobukusIt simplyfies the code, even.
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01:42:31sobukus[Franklin]: You got a hint about that? Also, the simulator likes to crash from time to time ... not sure if that's my fault.
01:43:13[Franklin]probably it is :P
01:43:30sobukusIt does that sometimes on some button action.
01:43:39[Franklin]in the plugin?
01:44:13[Franklin]then it's probably a bug in the plugin
01:44:19[Franklin]run gdb on it and see where
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01:45:07sobukusThe starter is this: There is an integer variable that's intialized to 0 in the declaration. Even before it's touched by other code, its printed value is 8265093.
01:45:17sobukusthe value reappears
01:45:46sobukusI didn't play with pointers there:-/
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01:54:22[Franklin],24664 <<< maybe I'm not the first person to think of a racing game on rockbox...
01:58:52sobukusI'd guess so.
01:59:11sobukus[Franklin]: can you think of another target that has no bitmap lcd? perhaps one with 3 lines?
02:01:03[Franklin]I think the archos are the only non-bitmap ones
02:04:06sobukusOK, so I don't waste thought on 4-line text displays.
02:08:22*sobukus facepalms
02:08:42sobukusthe weird value was printf("%i\n");
02:11:50sobukusI have the suspicion that the main loop waits for button presses in a blocking manner.
02:12:09sobukusSo I _have_ to update the display in the timer callback.
02:13:22sobukus button = pluginlib_getaction( TIMEOUT_BLOCK, <−−- I guess that is rather explicit.
02:14:01sobukusThat's still from the original metronome code. I hereby assume that it was right in what it did and move all the action into the callback.
02:14:07sobukusWorks nicely in simulator.
02:18:48sobukusxcb_io.c:140: dequeue_pending_request: Assertion `req == dpy->xcb->pending_requests' failed. <−− Should a plugin be able to trigger that? I'd more suspect a wonky X11/xcb build.
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02:24:57sobukus[Franklin]: you there again now?
02:25:56[Franklin]right here
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02:27:42sobukus[Franklin]: I'm not so sure about what crashes the simulator, but I remember that it does that sometimes, p.ex. when closing he window while a plugin is active.
02:33:47sobukus[Franklin]: But it seems to be the case that me drawing from the timer callback randomly crashes the simulator, probably becaue two threads are accessing the same objects.
02:35:07[Franklin]this is in the recorder sim?
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02:38:06sobukusYeah. I think really tracked it down to unmutexed access to graphics stuff from the two threads.
02:38:35sobukusIf I only _knew_ if display drawing in the callback were allowed for archos.
02:39:25sobukusI need to either do both playback and drawing in the callback or both in the main loop.
02:39:55sobukusI think there's a reason for the old metronome not doing anything timely in the main loop (blocking on button event).
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03:06:21*sobukus will continue later … pushed a current patch that works in HWCODEC simulation
03:06:44*sobukus wonders if tehre are working Archos Players out there to test
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10:50:15wodzpamaury: ping
10:50:19pamaurywodz: pong
10:53:06wodzpamaury: I need an advice. I spent whole weekend trying to make e150 'bootloader' working. The thing is that when I setup tick interrupt (timer T0) I catch TRAP exception and the interrupt count is 2. According to what processor signals the trapping instruction is jump in while(1); at the very end on main(). It looks like it catches exception while servicing interrupt.
10:54:08wodzI did many tests and I am confident that exception reporting code is correct. I injected artificial teq instruction which causes TRAP and the offending instruction address is reported correctly.
10:54:43wodzHence I have no idea what is going on and why j/b instruction is considered trap for cpu.
10:55:04wodzAny hints what I may check to narrow down the offender?
10:55:53pamaurywhat is trap exception ?
10:57:20wodzTRAP is caused by a family of instructions, the most widely used is teq rt, rs, imm which causes trap exception when rt == rs (and imm is used by software trap handler to distinguish different trap types)
10:57:48wodzso it is sort of syscall of break but conditional
10:59:01wodzteq is used to cach div-by-zero with constructs like teq rt, zero, 7
11:00:30pamauryso a TRAP exception is raised but you don't know where ?
11:01:31wodzWell I know where. EPC contains address of offending instruction BUT the instruction at this address is simple jump at the very end of main()
11:02:46pamaurywhich is weird because it should not reach this point
11:03:04 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
11:03:36pamauryor should it ? I guess your bootloader is not advanced enough to reach that part of the main ?
11:04:26pamaurymaybe the trap is to signal that the instruction is wrongly encoded ? or the address is not aligned ?
11:04:32 Quit JdGordon_ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
11:04:49wodzthere is one explanation - I get irq so EPC is set to return address of irq and then TRAP is catched (for whatever reason) and EPC is not updated. But this is contrary to what documentation states about exception processing sequence
11:05:03wodzpamaury: no, this are separate exceptions
11:09:08pamauryhum I don't know, and without the TIMER what happen ?
11:10:44wodzhmm, reading this: diagram on page 80 it looks like EPC is not updated when exception catched inside other exception
11:11:38wodzsooo, how the f* I am supposed to track down the offender then
11:11:53pamauryso the trap could be inside the IRQ but you just can't know where, sounds great and useful ^^
11:12:22pamauryis there another register which could contain the address ?
11:15:08wodzthere is $ra which holds function return address BUT I checked this and it points to irq dispatch handler which would mean the TRAP is actually somewhere in irq handling function. I checked disasm and can't see anything suspicious.
11:15:56wodzI also tried to manually call irq handling function in main loop with interrupts disabled and this does not trigger TRAP
11:16:10wodzso I am lost
11:18:48pamauryif there is a register you are 100% sure it is unused, you can put assembly code regularly in the IRQ to set special values in this register. On the TRAP, print the register values. You can bisect the offending point this way
11:19:04pamauryor just use a global variable
11:19:14 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
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11:22:31wodzIt is something I already tried but in someway random fashion. I need to design the test more precisely
11:22:47wodzI bet at the end this will be something dead simple stupid
11:23:53pamauryyeah quite probably but when there is no other way...
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12:16:03wodzhmm, so it would be wise to save state, clear IE and clear EXL bit as soon as possible when servicing IRQ so exception is irq handling function will update EPC accordingly
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14:40:21loaqdoes someone have the modified r0.rom with rockbox?
14:41:05loaqnot that im lazy, the problem is that I dont want to install linux just to mod the .rom file, maybe someone has it ready
14:43:11loaqand yes I tried the firmwares, they are just to buggy imo. I even bricked my device and bought that special cable :/
14:49:49loaqOh and my PC crashed while formatting my R0, now its bricked.
14:54:06 Quit loaq (Quit: Page closed)
14:56:55 Join amayer [0] (
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15:01:37 Quit cmhobbs (Remote host closed the connection)
15:02:27[Saint]Well, I guess that was a self-solving issue.
15:03:35 Quit WakiMiko (Client Quit)
15:03:56 Join WakiMiko [0] (~WakiMiko@unaffiliated/wakimiko)
15:08:56 Quit foolsh (Quit: WeeChat 0.4.2)
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15:29:11 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
15:30:24Ivoah[Saint]: My iPod is still rebooting after charging all night :(
15:33:02 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
15:33:21IvoahThe sound of the HD turning off and on is driving me insane
15:33:28 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
15:35:20 Join maruk1 [0] (
15:36:14[Saint]that sounds rather like an error with the drive itself.
15:43:13 Join ParkerR [0] (ParkerR@unaffiliated/parkerr)
15:43:38Ivoah[Saint]: Would a HD error make the iPod reboot?
15:44:23[Saint]it certainly could, yes.
15:44:35IvoahGood news: It stopped rebooting! Bad news: It won't turn on :(
15:44:55IvoahThen why does it only seem to happen when it has low battery?
15:44:59[Saint]if you've never changed out the battery, its also quite possible the battery chemistry is just fucked.
15:45:10[Saint]I mean, its like, what, a decade old now?
15:45:12Ivoah[Saint]: That is probably the problem
15:47:43[Saint]the curious thing is though if the battery voltage gets to a critical level after the HDD spins up, it should just turn off and stay off.
15:48:56[Saint]My official response is:
15:56:11 Nick Guest60837 is now known as alexbobp (
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16:32:29 Join Guest66888 [0] (Slayer@
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16:36:37 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
16:43:59IvoahWell, a new battery from ifixit is only like $15
16:58:10 Quit JanC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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19:33:00 Join alt34 [0] (c82db724@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:33:39alt34alguien habla español?
19:33:51 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
19:36:23alt34alguien puede contestar?
19:39:16alt34rockbox can be installed on a MP5 that is not supported by this?
19:43:57alt34ok ... just in case my model is a nbx esfera
19:44:52alt34this is a image
19:46:01lebelliumIf you want to get rockbox on such a no-name player, I fear you can only count on you. Nobody will port Rockbox to it for you ;)
19:50:01alt34the question is who would need to port
19:50:43gevaertsNot really. That's clear. Someone who owns the device and wants rockbox on it
19:51:54alt34not if I express myself well.. my English is bad
19:56:18gevaertsOf course, many of those cheap no-name devices don't have the necessary CPU power or RAM to run rockbox anyway...
19:58:08 Join xorly| [0] (
19:58:25alt34after all this device has camera has reporudctor of music, I can put wallpapers and allows adding sd cards ....
19:58:39alt34music player*
20:04:27alt34this player is the Noblex brand. did not find much documentation on the net..
20:05:40alt34AUDIO and VIDEO player with integrated TV-OUT CAMERA. 2.4 LCD screen. High image quality 260 k tft TV OUT: output for connection to TV Video playback: AVI, RMVB, WMV Audio playback: MP3 / WNA Reproduction of photos: JPG, BMP and GIF Integrada.Fotos 1.3MP digital camera and video recording Recording from the radio Voice recording with built-in microphone Plays digital books in text format Built-in speaker ID3-TAG: titles and artists on
20:07:27alt34This is the technical information AUDIO and VIDEO player with integrated TV-OUT CAMERA. 2.4 LCD screen. High image quality 260 k tft TV OUT: output for connection to TV Video playback: AVI, RMVB, WMV Audio playback: MP3 / WNA Reproduction of photos: JPG, BMP and GIF Integrada.Fotos 1.3MP digital camera and video recording
20:07:36alt34Recording from the radio Voice recording with built-in microphone Plays digital books in text format Built-in speaker ID3-TAG: titles and artists on display High Speed USB connector 2.Or Memory expandable up to 32gb
20:12:35gevaertsSounds like a fairly typical cheap player. I'd say there's 99% chance it can't ever run rockbox
20:13:24lebelliumheh, it has a "high quality" screen ;)
20:14:38alt34I found no documentation ... not even I can mod the firmware
20:15:10lebelliumyeah, that's "no-name" player
20:15:18lebelliumyou can't expect much of that
20:15:52 Quit michaelni (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:17:03gevaertsalt34: it sounds like the sort of player the people at work on. Maybe they can help more
20:17:19gevaertsI have no idea if they're still active though
20:17:53lebelliumFrançais | v1.00 - 18/09/05
20:17:58lebelliumquite old!
20:19:06lebellium the latest posts are dated 2011
20:19:24alt34ok thanks for your time
20:20:09alt34..... I'll see if I can get one of those that are on the list of supported
20:25:19 Part micah
20:30:14alt34Sandisk Sansa Clip + 4 GB MP3 Player is supported by rockbox?
20:36:13lebelliumhow rockbox could have looked like on a S1mp3 player :)
20:40:50 Quit pystar89 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
20:41:26 Quit williamtdr (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
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23:22:36 Join Mihail [0] (0564c269@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:27:42MihailWhen I add sleep (or while with nop) to pcm-as3525.c: pcm_play_dma_stop() - it work, but player freeze when exit from function
23:27:49Mihailis it expected behavior?
23:39:49 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 36.0/20150122214638])
23:50:26 Join [Franklin] [0] (
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