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#rockbox log for 2015-01-27

00:01:54 Join LncDoc [0] (
00:02:44LncDocHi guys, I have a clip zip that is works fine with RB, but the OF (which I want for audible) doesn't boot - it's stuck after the 2 sansa logos
00:04:06LncDocI tried wiping the device and installing the OF, but it just says "file not found" even though 1.1.21 is in the root folder as clpza.bin
00:05:08LncDocat that point re-installing rockbox including the bootloader at least restores it to the previous state, but the OF still won't boot
00:06:10LncDocDoes anyone have an idea what else I could try?
00:21:01LncDocI am in bootloader MSC mode now, reformatting to FAT32, going to try again with 1.1.20
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00:34:47saratoga_LncDoc: you can't reinstall the bootloader or the OF without first booting into the OF
00:35:09saratoga_unless you mean that the OF boots far enough to update itself
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00:40:23LncDocI don't think it does.
00:40:56LncDocso there is no way to restore the OF from the bootloader?
00:43:16LncDocI'm quite happy to try anything at this stage
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00:45:51saratoga_i dont' think there is any easy way
00:46:51LncDocis there any way? I don't mind putting a bit of effort into this
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00:51:47LncDocI also can't remove the RB bootloader, it just says "rockbox utility cannot uninstall the bootloader [...] Try a normal firmware update [...]"
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01:02:38saratoga_you can try the unbrick procedure, but theres a good chance of breaking the player worse
01:03:04LncDocdoes that work for the clip zip?
01:03:15LncDocI thought only up to clip+ or something
01:04:51saratoga_i think it should work for any amsv2
01:06:44LncDocI read on (post 7) that it doesn't, but that may be outdated
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01:56:31LncDocdoes anyone know if the ams unbrick is possible with a clip zip?
01:56:37LncDocand if so, which pins to short?
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03:38:53soapHow relevant to PP is the Codec Performance Comparisons (wiki) dating from 2010?
03:39:04soap*to current PP performance
03:53:54 Join zmjb1_ [0] (
03:54:22zmjb1_hi guys,
03:54:38zmjb1_been a while since ive looked at rockbox
03:54:48zmjb1_have it installed on a couple of players
03:54:56zmjb1_sansa products
03:55:14zmjb1_any major develpoments within last year
03:55:30zmjb1_that would make reinstalling or updating worth while
03:56:07saratoga_soap: some codecs have been improved since then, and we've added Opus
03:56:19saratoga_but many things will be pretty close
03:56:41zmjb1_any chatter about anyone doing a DVR type feature where you can pause live radio?
03:57:07saratoga_i don't think so
03:57:15zmjb1_oh ok
03:57:36zmjb1_i wonder why not. of course I am not a programmer
03:57:48zmjb1_but doesn't would complex, in theory
03:57:57saratoga_i think you'd have to rework a lot of device drivers to make that work
03:57:58zmjb1_perhaps it is a performance issue
03:58:05saratoga_it would be quite complex
03:58:25zmjb1_yeah, like i said, Im not a programmer
03:58:33zmjb1_so Im sure you are correct
03:59:18zmjb1_seems like it would just be a record feature that rolls like the last 30 min
03:59:21zmjb1_or so
03:59:36zmjb1_but what do I know
03:59:56saratoga_you'd have to be able to set the audio chip to both record and playback at the same time
04:00:08saratoga_the DMA engine would also have to understand how to do that as well
04:00:59zmjb1_how about mp3 players in general
04:01:05zmjb1_are they alive and well
04:01:10zmjb1_or are they dying
04:01:19zmjb1_becuase of phones
04:01:35zmjb1_taking over the mp3 wor;d
04:01:45zmjb1_in your opinion
04:02:09zmjb1_biggest advantabte I see is battery life
04:02:19zmjb1_which is a big deal for me
04:09:00zmjb1_thnks saratoga_ heading to to explore updates and maybe find some new themes
04:13:54soapsaratoga, I guess I should just run the test then
04:21:09 Part zmjb1_
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05:02:26saratoga_soap: do you have a fuzev2 to test with?
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08:00:08slammif i format my mp3 player that has rockbox installed on it will it ruin everything
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08:15:55 Part slamm
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10:05:49 Join wodz [0] (
10:07:49wodzpamaury: I 'found' the problem. If I turn off optimization the code works. With optimization and fixed exception handling I get TRAP which actually points to .rodata but the offending address when interpreted as opcode is indeed trapping instruction
10:08:09pamauryso broken optimisation ?
10:08:12wodzso sort of progress
10:08:24wodzthis or something is not volatile which should
10:09:25wodzbut then I'd expect it to hang somewhere instead of jumping in the middle of nowhere
10:11:25 Join mshathlonxp [0] (mshathlonx@
10:12:38wodzThe code I am testing now is so stupid simple that I have no clue what can go wrong :/
10:22:28wodzpamaury: is it possible to change optimization just for single function?
10:22:54pamaurymay with pragmas...I know visual c++ can do that but for GCC I don't know
10:24:04wodzlets try
10:24:25pamauryI think you can do #pragma GCC optimise("bla")
10:24:35pamauryand maybe __attribute__((optimise("bla"))
10:25:40pamauryI'd say #rpagma GCC optimise("O0") but I'm not sure, the gcc documentation website seems down
10:26:03pamauryif you use pragma, enclose it in #pragma GCC push_options and #pragma GCC pop_options
10:26:10pamauryI think the attribute is better if it works
10:26:43wodz__attribute__((optimize("-Osomething"))) works
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11:29:28wodzpamaury: This thing is driving me crazy. I compiled whole thing unoptimized and inserted __attribute_((optimise)) here and there. The code still works. I tried older gcc (official rb) and the code with optimization doesn't work as well. I can't compile without optimization as older gcc barfs about not inlinable functions here and there.
11:30:03wodzpamaury: I have no idea where to look else
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13:03:18soapsaratoga, no fuze v2. Only PP, Nano2 and coldfire
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13:33:18sobukusWell, then I tested nearly all possible build targets now for G#887.
13:33:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #887 at : Enhancement of the metronome plugin: by Thomas Orgis
13:34:07sobukusHappy merging;-)
13:36:06*gevaerts will try to have a look tonight
13:38:00*sobukus waits for the one user of a vintage Archos Player to complain that the metronome does not go past 300 bpm
13:42:43 Quit TheLemonMan (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
13:44:43gevaertsI actually own one, but the charging circuit is fried, so I have to take the batteries out to charge them, and I mislaid the external charger...
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13:56:38*amiconn owns several archoses in working condition (Player, Recorder v1, Ondio FM, Ondio SP), but didn't follow rockbox development since the git switchover
13:57:10amiconnThe rockbox version (on all devices I own) is >2 years old
14:20:01wodzamiconn: its a shame you retired :/
14:20:26[Saint]Is it just a coincidence of timing, or was the versioning control switch an immovable object for you?
14:20:37[Saint]If the latter, that really is a shame.
14:21:49wodz[Saint]: amiconn loudly expressed objections for git switch, so you know
14:22:02[Saint]Oh, I know this.
14:22:17 Quit cmhobbs (Remote host closed the connection)
14:22:36[Saint]But objecting to something, and flat out refusing to use it, don't necessarily go hand in hand, but this seems likely.
14:26:12[Saint]It seems slightly weird seeing as there's tools that allow for using subversion with git, and vice versa, and there's precisely zero obligation for committers to use gerrit at all, but, hey - whatever floats your boat.
14:27:04gevaertsNone of those tools works well enough not to be annoying
14:27:56[Saint]I don't find them too bad, with some minor adaptations with some tweaked aliases.
14:28:20[Saint]though git->subversion is a lot better than subversion->git, I'll admit.
14:30:05[Saint]The only thing that slightly annoys me about gerrit is that one of the major benefits it could have offered (automagical testing of patches by leveraging the build farm) was never implemented.
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14:56:24wodzpamaury: ping
14:56:42pamaurywodz: pong
14:57:45wodzpamaury: <- Is it my imagination or this will corrupt stack?
14:57:46 Join [Saint] [0] (~saint@rockbox/staff/saint)
14:58:26wodzI mean if the function stores something on the stack shouldn't it first make room with decreasing stack pointer?
15:00:07pamauryhow is stack working ? is sp pointing to the next free location or last used ?
15:00:43wodzgood question, I assumed it points to last used just as in ARM
15:02:46pamaurydifferent conventions are possible, I don't know anything about mips
15:02:58pamauryeven on arm several are possible, just the eabi mandates the one to be used
15:03:43wodzI am just reading now about stack on MIPS
15:16:11wodzthat is interesting: The first four words of the Argument Section of a stack frame are known as argument slots −− memory locations reserved to store the four arguments $a0-$a3. It is important to remember that a subroutine does not store anything in the first four argument slots, the actual arguments are passed in $a0 to $a3. However, the called subroutine may choose to copy the values of $a0 to $a3 into the argument slots if it wants to save
15:16:11wodz these values. If it does so, then it can then treat all its arguments as a 1-dimensional array in memory.
15:17:16 Join amayer [0] (
15:17:23wodzSo if in irq handler written in asm I do not allocated 4 slots on the stack and call some function in C strange things may happen.
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15:23:10pamauryindeed, this convetion is weird...
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15:30:05wodzI have a feeling this will fix the problems. I wonder if this is not caused by __attribute__((alias)) trickery when defining function pointers of ISRs.
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22:24:22lorenzo92hum perceptual bass enhancement does not work on ypr0!
22:24:41lorenzo92ehrm, it actually crashes
22:25:24gevaertsDepending on the music, that might *be* an enhancement :)
22:26:06lorenzo92hum, I wonder why it does not crash now haha, well anyway I only wanted to check out it ;)
22:26:42lorenzo92again, with another effect. It seems like if I enable it (them) before the playback, fine
22:26:46lorenzo92otherwise, crash
22:27:38lorenzo92moreover, I guess one of the last patches introduces a big pop noise on startup :S
22:28:54lorenzo92i.e. g#1089
22:28:59fs-bluebotGerrit review #1089 at : Bypass the AS3543 audio mixer at higher volumes. by Mihail Zenkov
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22:32:05lorenzo92i'm not sure the ypr0 is the only one using AS3543, so perhaps this patch introduces the problem on ypr0 only
22:32:05wodzlorenzo92: I recall similar report on sansa's (re pop noise on startup)
22:32:17lorenzo92wodz: interesting, thanks
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