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#rockbox log for 2015-01-28

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07:40:32plocopbe,surround dsp crash in init... comfirm..and fixed as g1136
07:40:37fs-bluebotGerrit review #1136 at : fix surround & pbe dsp crash by Chiwen Chang
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11:13:36wodzpamaury: The more I dig into atj the more weird it gets. SP smashing is only part of the problem (and rather minor one as may instruct gcc to use eabi which does not use this strange 4 slots preallocation rule).
11:14:06pamaurycan't you have the exception address ? is it not enough ?
11:14:19pamaurymaybe the compiler is producing wrong code ?
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11:15:34wodzpamaury: The real problem comes from the fact that for some unknown reason sometimes interrupt fires twice BUT the second is really weird one which doesn't have any pending flags set anywhere.
11:15:58pamauryindeed that's weird
11:16:12pamaurydoes it occur during the first one or after ?
11:16:22wodzpamaury: my asm code was not prepared for such extreme situation and this caused off-by-one error when dereferencing isr address
11:16:56pamaurydid you check how the OF isr is written ?
11:17:21wodzpamaury: The first irq does not have 'ghost' interrupt, every subsequent does have (and I think it is after the real one)
11:17:59pamaurymaybe the interrupt clearing is not done properly
11:18:10wodznow the weirdest thing is that problem disappears when you run code from uncached address
11:20:03pamauryjust code not data ?
11:22:00wodzNow, MIPS core irq lines are level sensitive and control registers reflect current state of lines. So it is possible that peripherial is slow in clearing its pending status and hence irq dispatch routine can reenable interrupts before it gets effective. This would trigger another irq just after return from the real one but in the meantime peri finally cleared pending bit and deasserted irq line so we land in irq without actual irq condition
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11:22:30wodzturning off cache makes things work sufficiently slow to mask this effect I think
11:23:40wodzThis may also explain why turning off compiler optimization helped. If the code generated was considerably slower it may also mask the problem
11:25:45wodzpamaury: Does it make sense at all?
11:26:50pamauryI think it does, do you really need to renable interrupts in the irq handler ?
11:27:24wodzpamaury: it gets reenabled on return from irq dispatcher
11:27:51pamauryso right at the end of the irq right ?
11:28:25wodzyes, it should be atomic - jump back to main code and reenable irq at the same time
11:28:46pamauryif your theory is right, it may indicate that some clock is too low ?
11:29:31pamaurylike the internal bus (the AHB equivalent for mips)
11:29:56pamauryor the peripheral clock
11:30:02wodzcore runs @36Mhz, PCLK is @7.5MHz
11:30:54pamauryare you sure about the values / do you have a way to check them ?
11:31:20pamauryyou could try to wait for the irq line to go low before returning from irq ?
11:32:23pamauryI need to go, good luck for this :)
11:33:41wodzI am pretty sure the clocks. I'll try waiting for irq line deassert - good idea
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12:13:48wodzpamaury: This seems to support my theory:
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15:40:18IvoahWhere's the git repo for rockbox?
15:40:24IvoahI can't find it on
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15:45:16wodzgit repo as link to clone or git repo as link to browse
15:45:32wodzthe one provided by pamaury
15:47:09wodzpamaury: I made a mistake in clock config so I run PCLK @4.5MHz while bootrom uses 7.5 or 9MHz depending on the codepath.
15:47:22wodzthis may make a difference
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15:52:13IvoahWhere would I find the source for the plugins?
15:52:38Ivoahspecifically the robotfindskitten one
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17:47:18lebelliumjust got my backup Clip Zip
17:47:37lebelliumthis one has the Visionox Screen while my first 2011 Clip Zip has a WiseChip screen
17:47:45lebelliumThe screens are quite different
17:48:00lebelliumdon't know if that's due to the WiseChip one getting old or not
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18:00:08 Quit TheLemonMan (Remote host closed the connection) is down btw :(
18:05:21gevaertsWhich bit?
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18:06:08gevaertsforums, wiki, website, flyspray, gerrit, and git all seem to work for me
18:06:47lebelliumI tried the homepage and gerrit, and Rockbox Utility
18:07:03lebelliumthe forum is OK
18:07:05gevaertsAnyway, forums, themes, and translate are on a different server, so a down report should mention some detail :)
18:07:21mpmcThe main site is working here for me.
18:08:50lebelliumI can only access the forums
18:09:38scorche|shworks for me
18:11:47lebelliumok works over 3G
18:11:55lebelliumI don't know why it doesn't work on my PC
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18:59:17wodzWhoa, seems like I have working bare bone bootloader on atj213x. It doesn't do anything fancy BUT is able to display something and timekeeping seems to finally work.
19:03:03mpmcAnyone have or used one of these? I have one and it's great, it appears to play every media file I throw at it at proper frame rates, would be nice to have rockbox on it!
19:03:57wodzmpmc: If you want to port materialize you should start working on it :-)
19:04:15mpmcwodz: If only I knew how xD
19:04:22mpmcI'm no developer :p
19:05:01wodzI wasn't either when I started my adventure with rockbox
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19:07:37wodzmpmc: anyway there are first two things to start with 1) What is inside (what CPU etc.) 2) Is there firmware upgrade procedure and if so one should start to understand the process and firmware format
19:08:16wodzwithout knowing anything about this two noone will answer if the port is technically feasible
19:08:29mpmcwodz: I don't think there is, there is no firmware update option and it only lists v0.1 as the version lol.
19:08:38gevaertsAs an aside, you seem to value video playback. I'd like to remind you that that happens not to be one of rockbox' strenghts
19:09:06mpmcI know :)
19:09:33mpmcThe thing plays 720p mkvs O.O
19:10:24wodzI am gonna get some beer to celebrate - comming to the point this atj213x runs rb kernel took me exactly one week of debugging :-)
19:11:37gevaertswodz: well done!
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21:02:49[Saint]Hey wodz, well done! That really is some achievement.
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21:04:00wodz[Saint]: Thanks. I pretty much like exploring new territories :-)
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23:00:06[Franklin]Ivoah: are you looking to try to fix RFK?
23:00:39IvoahIs it broken?
23:01:07[Franklin]the scroll doesn't clear when it should
23:01:38[Franklin]the code tries to do lcd_puts_scroll(..., " ")
23:01:43[Franklin]but that doesn't work the way it should
23:01:57[Franklin]so I think the problem lies with the scroll engine
23:02:01IvoahNo, I was looking to see how they did text output so I could port sl
23:02:14[Franklin]oh no...
23:02:39[Franklin]as in steam locomotive?
23:03:36[Franklin]I hate that program!
23:03:43[Franklin]but sure, port it if you desire :P
23:04:46[Franklin]Ivoah: I suspect that it will be a rather easy thing to port
23:05:13Ivoahwhich is why I want to try
23:05:26[Franklin]all you'd need to do is replace the ncurses function calls with the RB equivalents and gut out the argument processing
23:05:32 Part LinusN
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23:29:05Ivoah[Franklin]: What rockbox device do you have?
23:29:12[Franklin]ipod classic
23:30:17 Quit dfkt (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:30:47[Franklin]not 6.5/6
23:30:50[Franklin]not 6.5/7
23:31:02IvoahSo not the last one?
23:31:15[Franklin]no, just 6
23:31:18[Franklin]classic 1g
23:31:27 Join dfkt [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
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