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#rockbox log for 2015-01-30

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02:48:54ploco[Saint]: bad news. I've flash to my st18i and test RB with it. no crash. that's means it not using ART runtime.
02:50:46[Saint]I sincerely doubt that.
02:50:50plocoso i cannot debug the android 5.0 art crash at this stage.
02:50:59plocoit plays the music like 4.2
02:51:39[Saint]The amount of effort required to port the Dalvik runtime back into 5.x is _exceptional_.
02:51:50[Saint]I very much sincerely doubt that.
02:52:20plocomust be some magic in cm-Resurrection_Remix team, I don't know
02:52:49[Saint]The more probably outcome is that its using the ART runtime from the 4.4.4 branch.
02:52:50plocobecause I got no crash mate~ how come~
02:53:29plocoI even tested with a old build I made before my art patch. works
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02:55:05[Saint]I really don't understand how that could be possible at first glance.
02:56:00ploconeither do I. how can this be possible? the music is still playing after 3 mins.
02:56:42[Franklin]sorry to interject, but are you installing and running the right version?
02:58:39[Saint]I have no idea what he's talking about.
02:59:41[Franklin]yeah, sorry
03:00:00ploco[Saint]: you still on your own now. I will need to wait until a better version that release from trusted source. the current alpha build is......hmm...odd
03:00:01[Franklin]just throwing out an idea :S
03:00:29[Saint][Franklin]: yeah, that's fine, its just not entirely clear what that idea was.
03:01:24[Franklin]I was thinking that maybe ploco was running an old build without realizing it
03:01:33[Franklin]but apparently I was wrong :P
03:01:46[Saint]He is running an old build, very deliberately.
03:02:05[Saint]Which absolutely, categorically, _should not work_.
03:02:09[Saint]...but does.
03:02:50plocoit only means cm-Resurrection_Remix_LP is not trust worthy
03:03:19plocofor debugging RB crash
03:04:09[Franklin]is there any way to calculate CRC16-CCITT in Rockbox?
03:04:35[Franklin]I see that there's a function for CRC32
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03:07:54[Saint]Everything seems to imply that its not running Androud RunTime pre-compiler, but that's such a drastic step, with no clear or obvious gains, and requires a reasonably great deal of effort to do so.
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19:34:22meehooi plug my clip plus into a usb port, and the internal memory card doesn't show up, I can see only the external card as a disk
19:34:39meehoowhat should I do?
19:36:21meehoocan anyone help?
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19:48:23Mirmeehoo: could be worse
19:48:33Miri am seeing nothing anymore
19:48:56Mirnot even the buttons do anything , like volume change and whatnot
19:49:08Mirand its not limited to one rockbox device
19:49:39Mirso for me its either a computer side issue or a PEBKAC
19:49:50Miri am leaning towards a combo of both
19:51:19pixelmameehoo: is this with Rockbox running or in the Sansa firmware?
19:51:32meehooits rockbox
19:51:53meehooon original firmware two disks are present
19:54:08pixelmaI believe these Sansas still have USB issues in Rockbox, if it works I'd use the original firmware for USB for now (I'm not a Sansa expert though, maybe someone else can tell you more about the state of Rockbox USB on these)
19:54:48meehoothat's alright
19:55:24meehoothx for the quick response
19:56:36pixelmaoh, what build are you running exactly though - release or a development build?
19:57:36meehooI had these issues on a stable one, have just instlaled a dev. builld but still it doesnt work
19:58:23Mirwhich sansa
19:58:35Mirclip plus
19:58:46Mirmine is with a C240
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20:03:59saratogameehoo: this option selected?
20:05:14meehooI dont recall hiding it
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22:42:12alfred_Hello, I wanted to ask if the sansa clip + has the same number of buttons as sansa fuze model
22:48:01 Join RiD [0] (
22:48:13[Franklin]eh the fuze has a scroll wheel
22:48:22[Franklin]so it's a bit hard to compare
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23:02:41ChristWOk, I have a) An iPod (running emCore and rockbox), b) a USB cable and c) a VM with a built Now what?
23:02:54ChristW(I’m trying to debug crashes…)
23:03:05[Franklin]extract the contents of into the root of the player while its mounted
23:04:40ChristWI have to mount it manually, I guess?
23:05:13[Franklin]sudo mount <DEVICE> /mnt
23:05:35[Franklin]then sudo unzip -d /mnt
23:05:43ChristW…now to find out the device.
23:05:50[Franklin]ls /dev | grep sd
23:06:39[Franklin](there's probably another way to do this)
23:08:33ChristWJust a sec, needed to reboot it.
23:09:11ChristWOnly sda shows
23:09:30[Franklin]is it connected?
23:09:51ChristWIt says so on-screen. But, perhaps my host system is buggering it up…
23:10:18[Franklin]oh... VM
23:10:30[Franklin]in that case, just use your host OS to do the mounting/extracting
23:11:22ChristWNot sure if that’ll work… it’s an Apple :-)
23:11:25ChristWBut let me try...
23:13:26ChristWI’d hoped that attaching it to the VM would give me the advantage that I could (perhaps) debug more easily.
23:15:12alfred_ignore what I said before ... I have another question to make them ... the index plugin is all that is available or is there more on forum?
23:21:11ChristWI think I’d better restart the machine to make sure that I have a ‘clean state’… BRB!
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23:25:27[Franklin]\o fml
23:26:20fmlHrm... I've tested the metronome patch g#887 and it seems OK to me. I'd like to commit but can't remember how to do it
23:26:24fs-bluebotGerrit review #887 at : Enhancement of the metronome plugin: by Thomas Orgis
23:26:45[Franklin]you mean comment on it? :P
23:27:00[Franklin]only committers can merge into the main codebase
23:28:37fmlI mean commit. I am a commiter (used to be one :-)
23:28:55[Franklin]oh :)
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23:30:09[Franklin]I think you click the "Cherry pick" button on the gerrit page
23:30:14[Franklin]beyond that, I have no idea
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23:37:12ChristWConnecting/disconnecting the iPod hangs the VM, and the host doesn’t want to see it, either...
23:38:59ChristW…and I have no way to get the bullt file to my Host OS, it seems...
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23:51:30ChristWOS won’t mount RockBox device. I get lots of these:
23:51:33ChristWUSBF: 622. 30 AppleUSBEHCI::Found a transaction which hasn't moved in 5000
23:51:34ChristW milliseconds on bus 0x26, timing out! (Addr: 0, EP: 0)
23:51:35ChristWUSBF: 628. 32 AppleUSBEHCI::Found a transaction which hasn't moved in 5000
23:51:37ChristW milliseconds on bus 0x26, timing out! (Addr: 0, EP: 0)
23:51:38ChristWUSBF: 628. 65 The IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device t
23:51:39ChristWhat has been plugged in. It will keep retrying. (Port 4 of Hub at 0x26000000)
23:51:40DBUGEnqueued KICK ChristW
23:51:40ChristWUSBF: 628.365 The IOUSBFamily was not able to enumerate a device.
23:52:04ChristWSo I’ll re-do that w/ a VirtualBox _host_ based on Linux…

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