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#rockbox log for 2015-02-03

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09:03:43pixelma[Saint]: do you know if headphone-plugged *status* is available to the skin?
09:04:14pixelmaOr JdGordon for that matter
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16:09:23ulmutulHas anyone thought about commiting g#887? Nothing is inferior to the old metronome (apart from being untested on real hwcodec hardware), and furthermore it brings new functionality.
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16:18:18gevaertsulmutul: I'll try to remember having a proper look tonight
16:18:28*gevaerts has been trying to remember that for two weeks now :\
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17:45:30egraini saw on reddit someone requesting a spritz plugin (the speed reading thingy) for rockbox. since i have no idea how to create it myself, i'd like to second that guy's request. i'd like something like that for rockbox as well.
17:46:18gevaertsI don't think anyone has suggested anything like that in our feature ideas subforum
17:46:53gevaertsWe don't do requests, merely ideas, and that's even stronger for requests that are on random websites...
17:48:13gevaerts(and yes, the difference between requests and ideas is rather subtle)
17:48:26egrainoh, i apologize then. even though i don't know anything, i know that coding stuff takes a lot of time. so i'm not telling anyone what to do, it's just that i wanted to make my interested in a plugin like that known.
17:48:56egrainso should/can i add it to the subforum you mentioned?
17:49:03gevaertsThat's the best place for it, yes
17:49:17egrainthanks a bunch.
17:49:47egrainand of course, great work creating rockbox. it's appreciated.
17:49:58gevaertsThanks :)
17:51:06egraini have to login to post, right?
17:51:25gevaertsMany people don't seem to realise that putting stuff on reddit is not necessarily a good way to reach people who might not read reddit...
17:52:00gevaertsAnd then, if it's your first post, wait until I (or someone else) clicks somewhere. That's unfortunately needed to keep spam out
17:52:08egrainwell, i'm not a reddit guy. i just googled it spritz and rockbox and that's what came up. the guy had someone respond to him even.
17:52:20gevaertsOh, I know. You said it *here* :)
17:52:56egraingood good.
17:53:52gevaertsThe thing is, irc is great for immediate support and development conversations, but if you want to reach people who might be offline now or you want to have a conversation that might last longer, forums or mailing list are often better
17:58:37egrainthe guideline page said developers read the backlog!
17:58:42egrainalll lieeeessss!!!
17:58:51egrainbut you are right, i guess.
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18:05:34gevaertsYes, they do, up to a point :)
18:05:37gevaertsWell, some do
18:05:49gevaertsAlso, ideas might get picked up by new people
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18:15:47egraini posted. yay! i'm a forum poster now!
18:15:58egrainthanks again for all your help.
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19:52:06egrainstupid question. how can i backspace in the rename files screen?
19:52:49egraini have an ipod classic 6g.
19:56:49egrainnever mind. got it.
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20:11:33ArgelErxHello. Can somebody here add me to the WikiUsersGroup?
20:13:23gevaertsArgelErx: what's your wiki username?
20:15:38gevaertsArgelErx: ok, if I did things right, you should be in. Welcome!
20:16:23ArgelErxWorks ...
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20:52:19egrainis it possible to change the controls in the wps? as in have skip and fastforward switched?
20:56:49egrainoh, i need to compile my own .... well, i'll try my luck some other time, when i'm in fact feeling more lucky and less hungry.
20:56:50egrainthanks though.
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22:36:56fmlgevaerts: you remember that g#887 thing? :-)
22:38:34gevaertsAh yes!
22:38:46gevaertsfml: you had a proper look at it apparently?
22:40:13fmlI didn't review the code, just tested it on one device and on the sim for another. But seeing how much effort went into it and that it's a plugin (not core RB), I'd say: commit!
22:40:17*gevaerts would really like to test it on hwcodec, but he can't find the battery charger, so in this case push and test shall have to be in that order...
22:41:03fmlgevaerts: both devices were SW-Codec
22:41:31gevaertsI really shouldn't have fried the charging bits of my Player...
22:41:45gevaertsLet's go!
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22:42:09fmlgevaerts: do you do it via the gerrit web interface?
22:42:20gevaertsI did, yes
22:43:00ZincAlloyhave local settings ever been implemented? I could use very specific eq settings for a couple of folders.. and I might forget to turn the eq off after listening to them.
22:43:11fmlgevaerts: that would mean that I'm not a committer anymore. That not a bad thing for me because I'm not active anymore for a long time now.
22:43:51[Franklin]I can't seem to find you in the COMMITTERS file :/
22:43:54gevaertsfml: it says you are...
22:44:24fmlgevaerts: then I should learn to use the gerrit web page
22:44:45gevaertsfml: maybe you ended up with two accounts?
22:45:28fmlgevaerts: that might be. I'll check.
22:49:58gevaertsAll green? What is this witchcraft?
22:50:53[Franklin]it's been tested well, then ;)
22:51:15[Franklin]but yes, it is a bit strange
22:51:22gevaerts[Franklin]: observe and learn! :)
22:52:26[Franklin]does static volatile type* mean that the data it points to is volatile, or that the pointer itself is volatile?
22:53:42fmlgevaerts: I think you should revert then. Something must be screwed up heavily!
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23:17:19[Saint]Oh, wait, the build colors actually mean something now?
23:18:00 Join Strife89 [0] (
23:18:02gevaertsThey always did!
23:18:07[Saint]Ohhh, not the bot. Whoops. Where is that 'lil bugger these days anyhoo?
23:18:39gevaertsbluebrother might know
23:18:50gevaertsWhen it's here it does announce the colours though
23:19:23[Saint]Yeah, that's what I was thinking about. It used to (possibly still does?) just report all green regardless.
23:19:30*bluebrother shows up
23:19:49scorche|shi think it was green and red that we were more interested in
23:20:13[Saint]yeah, but it used to just state everything was all green.
23:20:13bluebrotherexceptions.IOError explains where the bot is hanging around.
23:20:14 Join fs-bluebot [0] (
23:20:18bluebrotherexceptional! :)
23:20:34scorche|sh[Saint]: (i meant instead of blue)
23:20:40bluebrother[Saint]: no, the build server claimed that. Someoneā„¢ fixed it a bit ago
23:20:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #887 at : Enhancement of the metronome plugin: by Thomas Orgis
23:21:35gevaerts[Saint]: yes, a rather silly issue with escaping a string that was going into a prepared statement anyway
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