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#rockbox log for 2015-02-16

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07:11:36_kenjaminHey all — was wondering who to get in touch with if I wanted to submit an updated FM preset for the wiki.
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13:58:14pamauryI just realised that the clip sport is using the ATJ2127 but there are other player which do:
13:58:14pamaury*maybe* there are philips tools which can be hacked or contain useful information
13:59:40Mihailpamaury: Can you try fix this:,48571.45.html
14:00:52pamauryMihail: can you sum up the thread ?
14:01:24pamauryindeed this commit seems wrong ^^
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14:02:29wodzpamaury: worth to look at this
14:03:07pamauryMihail: does revertting this commit solves the issue ? did you/someone try it ?
14:03:37pamauryok I will revert it then
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14:04:06wodzpamaury: songbird utility seems to handle firmware updates on this philips
14:04:30pamauryyes, songbird is a nightmare, there is code/dll all over the place
14:05:24wodzpamaury: We know the 'signature' of the firmware file IF it uses the same SDK as clip sport. Maybe there is dll which handle this
14:05:58pamaurywodz: I don't understand your sentence :)
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14:07:12fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 27c7e47, 255 builds, 24 clients.
14:07:20pamauryMihail: done, thanks for your bisecting work
14:07:29wodzpamaury: the firmware file has this 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 aa bb cc dd ee ff magic at the very beginning
14:07:38pamauryah yeah right
14:07:48pamauryI'm looking at it right now, I have Songbird in a VM
14:07:56wodzaka "3DUfw :-)
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14:08:55pamauryphilips numberinfg system is crap
14:09:59wodzpamaury: btw. after simulating some of the bootrom functions to access nand in atj213x I think I understand how it works.
14:10:13wodzpamaury: I mostly understand boot process as well
14:10:51pamaurynice, how did you simulate it ?
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14:12:25wodzI simulated individual functions not the whole system
14:13:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 348 seconds.
14:13:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 27c7e47 result: All green
14:13:05wodzThe functions do some easy math in rather non trivial way :-)
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14:14:53pamaurythere is a DLL to do the upgrade, it exports several symbols: DoNormalUpgrade, DoRecoveryUpgrade so it might be interesting, but without the actual player, it won't be that easy, still looking for the firmware itself...
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14:18:10pamaurywhat the clip sport VID PID ? do we know if it has a recovery mode ?
14:19:32wodzpamaury: we don't know, I asked some time ago the guy who dismantled his dap to do some tests but he didn't answer
14:20:38pamauryhum, I don't know how Songbird get the firmware image
14:21:14wodzfrom the server IIRC
14:21:42pamauryyeah but where is the URI stored ? there are xml files describing the libraries and so on but I can't find the URL
14:22:13wodzpamaury: btw. opening qeditor and selecting analyzers tab right away crashes app
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14:25:40pamauryah ok, i'll check that
14:31:42wodzhmm, strange now it does not crash
14:32:04pamauryit crashed indeed
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14:32:52wodzpamaury: minor thing - the icons are a bit weird. The node is represented by HDD icon here :-)
14:33:44*gevaerts agrees about that USB thing being very suspicious
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14:34:39gevaertsMihail: can you maybe try to get logf data from that usb issue? I'd like to know which command we're missing
14:35:02pamaurygevaerts: I reverted a commit of mine
14:35:08gevaertsYes, I saw
14:35:24gevaertsBut I'd still like to know what this unknown SCSI command is that the OS is sending there
14:35:39pamauryah right
14:37:38gevaertsBut at least we know stall works properly on ams :)
14:38:10wodzpamaury: The labels of fields are printed twice rotated by 90degs
14:38:35pamaurywhat do you mean printed twice ?
14:38:56wodzpamaury: I'll upload screenshot, wait a sec
14:40:17wodzconsider RESERVED31_11 for example
14:41:40pamaury_looks like a Qt bug because I explicitely tell Qt not to draw the labels, since my code does it
14:41:59pamaury_anyway, I have an idea about how to avoid this
14:42:58wodzwell this is stock xubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
14:43:58pamaury_which version of Qt is it?
14:44:42pamaury_unfortunately, the standard iconset of the Qt is quite limited, I didn't have the time/courage to do custom icons
14:44:58pamaury_but if you have suggestion on better icons, please do ;)
14:45:22pamaury_I fixed the analyser crash, now let's have a look at this rotated text bug
14:45:46wodzpamaury_: I believe qeditor before rework did somewhat better regarding icons
14:47:04pamaury_you mean the version in the trunk ?
14:48:06pamaury_I just pushed a new version which should fix both issues
14:48:52pamaury_err, wait a sec
14:49:00pamaury_now it's done
14:49:35wodzpamaury_: it seems like it links agains qt 4.8.5
14:49:59pamaury_ok, it also depends on the style of the system
14:50:13pamaury_anyway, now it should be fixed
14:50:36pamaury_my guess is that the style ignores the feature mask and just draw the text if there is text
14:50:54wodzlets try
14:53:16wodzpamaury: yeah both issues seems to be fixed
14:54:04Mihailgevaerts: I just should build with LOGF_ENABLE|ROCKBOX_HAS_LOGF|ROCKBOX_HAS_LOGDISKF and ask user send log file?
14:55:21gevaertsMihail: build with A for advanced in configure to enable logf, and uncomment the LOGF_ENABLE line in usb_storage.c. Or, if you want to save effort, use the build at"> which I just uploaded :)
14:56:45pamaury_wodz: I will upload a new version with new iconset
14:57:17gevaertsThe logf file has to be dumped manually though. I didn't enable the direct to disk thing, which I don't trust anyway if mass storage is involved
14:57:41gevaertsSo after disconnecting, System -> Debug (Keep Out) -> Dump Log File
14:58:01wodzpamaury_: Please also restore the way fields were defined *in GUI* I mean it is easier to provide range 31:11 then to calculate the width of the field
14:58:45pamaury_ok I'll do that, it will be a bit more work. The new version has different icons
14:58:58gevaertsAnd then look for the file. I don't remember exactly where it ends up, but I think it's logf.txt in the root
14:59:44wodzpamaury_: Or to be more fancy one could select the range in gui and select 'new field'
14:59:56pamaury_wodz: eventually, I'd like to be able to edit the fields graphically, like you suggest
15:00:08pamaury_but that's a lot more work
15:00:39pamaury_well more work, not sure about the "lot" part ^^
15:01:35wodzpamaury_: btw, changing 'Width' in field description doesn't seem to work
15:02:29pamaury_wodz: err, it works on mine
15:02:52wodzahh, you need to set position to the low bound of range
15:04:16pamaury_yeah, don't worry, it should be pretty quick to restore the range edit like it was before, the code still exists
15:04:29wodzpamaury_: Can I define fild values?
15:04:43pamaury_not yet, soon ^^
15:05:00pamaury_I completely forgot about it to be honest :-/
15:07:30wodzThats for beta testers are :-)
15:08:32pamaury_Also I know it's possible to create overlapping fields, and so on, at the moment the editor doesn't really prevent invalid descriptions from being created
15:09:09wodzswiss_knife will catch :-)
15:11:19pamaury_yeah but kit would be better it the tool display a message too ^^
15:13:23wodzmaybe on save?
15:13:59wodzso you basically need to hook call to parse and check in only one place
15:15:15pamaury_the way I see it, there could be two features: some feedback when you edit and a more thorough check either on save or when you click a "check for errors" button
15:15:55pamaury_here we go, the new version on gerrit has range edit like you want
15:16:24wodzI'd say check only on save. During edit I prefer to be free to do stupid things but be warned when saving
15:19:00wodzpamaury_: err, how do I select the bitrange?
15:19:25pamaury_what do you mean ?
15:19:34wodzahh, you mean provide manually not using GUI. stupid me
15:20:07pamaury_yes, for the GUI it won't be done today I think, not this afternoon at least
15:21:04pamaury_at least you are satisfied with the manual edit ?
15:22:34wodzyeah, works great
15:23:17pamaury_i'll add the field values as soon as possible
15:23:35pamaury_also you cannot create/delete register/nodes at the moment, the logic is not implemented
15:24:05wodzicons are nice too
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15:28:29wodzpamaury: You mean that 'New node' contex item does nothing, right?
15:28:47wodzI was wondering about this
15:28:55pamaury_it will trivial to implement, just not done
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15:57:10Mihailgevaerts: something wrong with logf - we don't have "scsi unknown cmd"
15:57:38Mihaillogf size limit?
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16:43:37gevaertsMihail: no, logf uses a ring buffer
16:44:23gevaertsI vaguely remember something though, which is that windows tries to figure out what works on a certain device, and then remembers that
16:45:20gevaertsSo if a class of command fails, and it's not a mandatory command, it won't try that again for that device...
16:45:34gevaertsYou can make windows forget the device IIRC, but I don't remember how
16:50:54gevaertsI'm not sure if we should push this user for that sort of thing though. The actual bug is gone, and knowing the failing command probably will lead to us deciding not to bother anyway...
16:54:41gevaertsNo, it can't be that simple. If windows remembered as I thought, your bisecting would have given confusing results (i.e. once you tried a build that worked, everything would have worked)
16:55:10gevaertsSo yes, buffer too short, and it was something near the beginning :)
16:55:49*gevaerts will make a new build with the logf() lines we don't care about commented out
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17:45:43gevaertsMihail: seems like we now know what's going on!
17:46:05gevaertsExcept we don't know why windows sometimes does this and sometimes not, of course :)
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19:42:43giogio_pamaury: about the ZEN, I found another message with wrong button for yes/no
19:42:54 Join pamaury [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
19:43:20giogio_it is prompted when you try to set new clock time
19:43:51giogio_I think i can fix it, when I have some spare time
19:45:49giogio_I want to ask some opinion abuot another aspect: I think maybe it would be better to substitute 'select' with 'ok' in messages when referring to the select button. I think it is more intuitive. What you think?
19:52:59pamaurygiogio_: ok i'll check that. I have no opinion on "select" vs "ok"
19:53:13pamauryexcept that "ok" doesn't sound like a button name
19:54:47giogio_what you mean by doesn't sound like a button name
19:55:43pamauryI mean when you read "select = yes", it's clear (I think) that you should press select, whereas "ok" doesn't make it that clear. Again that's just my opinion, I'm probably very biaised
19:58:10giogio_I get your point. I proposed this just because is not so intuitive to understand which button is 'select' button
20:00:04giogio_while the same button is used as a confirm, which is more like 'ok'
20:07:28 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:09:38pamaurywodz (logs): my guess was right, the SA4ARA firmware is 3Dfwu format :) Now I need to see if I can descrable it or something but that's interesting
22:18:51 Join [Saint] [0] (77e0243f@rockbox/staff/saint)
22:22:15 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
22:25:32pamaurywodz (logs): interestingly, the archive (see contains two files: Ariaz.fw and Aria.upg
22:25:52pamauryafter atjboottool'ing the Ariaz.fw file, I get a SQL Lite 3 DB !
22:26:47pamauryI checked with a custom program and it can successfully be opened
22:30:48pamauryinterestingly, it contains some adec_63.bin files !
22:32:02 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
22:33:26pamauryand the Ariaz.upg file descrambles to an actual afi file
22:34:30pamaurywhich contains some ADEC63.BIN files and friends
22:34:40 Join giogio [0] (82c06c31@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:34:47pamauryas well as a FWIMAGE.FW
22:35:43pamauryhowever I don't remember when I got the info that it is based on ATJ2127, maybe it is not
22:36:39pamauryI think it is based on atj213x based on some strings :(
22:40:44 Join franklin [0] (
22:40:54 Quit giogio (Quit: Page closed)
22:41:24 Nick franklin is now known as qranklin (
22:41:38 Nick qranklin is now known as [Franklin-Quasse (
22:41:52 Nick [Franklin-Quasse is now known as quasselFranklin (
22:41:59MihailI try atjboottool on firmware for atj2037 and another for atj3315 - both decode to SQLite format 3
22:43:28 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
22:43:47pamauryyes this seems pretty common, I tried on several firmware, unfortunately the ATJ2127 (Sansa Clip Sport) doesn't descramble to this :(
22:44:42pamauryit is also the case of the cowon iaudio e3 which is also based on ATJ2127 I think
22:45:28 Join telFranklin [0] (
22:46:34MihailI have ATJ2137 firmware modify expert tool.rar from china, if you interested I can upload it.
22:47:00pamauryI already have it, that's one of the tool I reverse engineered to produce atjboottool
22:47:09pamauryand last time I tried, it cannot read an ATJ2127 firmware
22:48:10 Join pm709 [0] (~pm709@2a01:e35:8b29:44f0:dccc:3d3d:3c6b:8b1)
22:48:22pm709hello all
22:48:57pm709my sansa clip+ use the original firmware from sansa and i would like to install the rb fw
22:49:01pamaurywhat we don't know at the moment is whether 1) atjbootool is buggy on the parameter set of the ATJ2127 files (it uses slightly different crypto setup) 2) atjboottool simply cannot work on those 3) atjboottool works but then there is another stage of unknown encryption
22:49:13pamaurypm709: use Rockbox Utility, that's the best way
22:49:33pm709yes but the player is not booting :(
22:49:48pm709the rockbox utility doesn't recognize it
22:50:01pm709under linux there no device associate to it
22:50:16pm709and under windows there no letter associate to the drive
22:50:31pamauryyou mean even the OF doesn't work ?
22:50:48pm709yes :/ it doesn't boot at all
22:51:01pamaurydid you install rockbox before or not at all ?
22:51:23 Quit telFranklin (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
22:51:25pamaurytry resetting your player
22:51:36 Quit quasselFranklin (Remote host closed the connection)
22:51:43pm709yes i try, but holding the power button for 30s has no effect
22:52:25pamaurypm709: when you plug it under linux, what is the output of dmesg | tail ?
22:54:36pm709i have this :
22:55:37pamauryand does your device boot up when you don't plug usb ?
22:55:53pm709no it doesn't
22:56:13 Quit [Franklin] (Quit: Lost terminal)
22:56:26pm709when i plug the usb : the lcd screen shows "connected"
22:56:39pm709alternatively with the sandisk logo
22:57:46pamauryhum, I'm not at all a specialist, that sounds pretty bad. I think bertrik or funman knows
22:57:51pamaurygevaerts: other suggestions ?
22:58:56pm709ok, thx for the try pamaury :)
23:14:58 Join _wodz_ [0] (594b6add@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:15:20pamaury_wodz_: see logs
23:15:33_wodz_yes, I saw.
23:16:42_wodz_I remember descrambling a couple of atj "3DFU" ATJ firmwares and some where sqlite3 db as well
23:18:48_wodz_pamaury: I might look at this firmware if addresses referenced matches 213x registers
23:19:08pamauryyes, but now I'm pretty convinced it's 213x
23:23:15pamauryI'm reading through the ATJ2137 tool, see if I missed something
23:29:55_wodz_you missed like path in the code?
23:31:27pamauryI don't know, or maybe some other errors, the code is so complicated and I remember having reversed several versions, so yeah
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23:36:53 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
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23:50:10 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:51:24 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:51:45MihailAnother firmware atj2127 Someone have skill for downloading from china site?
23:59:00 Quit _wodz_ (Quit: Page closed)

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