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#rockbox log for 2015-02-17

00:15:16pamauryI may have found a problem in the code, some sanity check I commented because it fails with all images, but the ATJ tools seem to pass it, at least I need to check that
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00:35:30danneh_hey devs, just wanted to say thanks for the great software
00:36:06danneh_currently using it on my (failing) 7g ipod classic, and gonna throw it on my new clip zip when it comes in, been working awesomely
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02:37:19[Saint]danneh_: what's wrong with your (failing) iPod Classic?
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02:37:52[Saint]danneh_: if its the disk, I might be able to help you.
02:38:39[Saint](these disks have braindead firmware that eventually culminates in what can only be described as an early suicide)
02:39:24[Saint]danneh_: I can help you to mark out and avoid (remap) bad sectors on the disk, though.
02:39:30danneh_[Saint]: failing disk, running dosfsck over it yeilds a bunch of "Cluster 714195 is unreadable." messages
02:39:45[Saint]Ok - I can help with that.
02:40:27[Saint]danneh_: Do you have a USB wall adapter plug for the device, and somewhere you can sit it for potentially a few days to a week?
02:40:52[Saint]In hindsight, you might want to wait until you've got your Clip+
02:41:37danneh_I do, and I probably will since it should be here in the next week
02:41:40[Saint]The reason I ask, is because for this process to work, it _cannot_ be interrupted
02:42:03danneh_But if you wanna give me the instructions now, I'll save them and start it when that arrives
02:42:11[Saint]You might want to bookmark this link then:
02:42:15danneh_I actually also had to follow your forum instructions for recompiling Rockbox to change the USB vendor/device IDs so it'd work with my Mac, thanks for that too :)
02:42:35[Saint]Not a problem my friend. You're welcome.
02:43:11[Saint]That .ubi image is to be used like any other:
02:43:56[Saint]Start emCORE, get to the main menu, navigate to 'Tools' -> 'RUN UMSboot', and then copy the .ubi image to the RAMdisk that presents itself, and then eject the device.
02:44:12[Saint]At that point, a scan process will start, which will look for, and mark out, bad sectors.
02:44:22[Saint]Eventually culminating in a map file to avoid them all.
02:44:36[Saint]The process can take many, many days, though.
02:44:47[Saint]So it must be externally powered for the entire duration.
02:45:42[Saint]The scan process will reset the disk many hundreds of times, this is normal.
02:46:03[Saint]Eventually, it will complete, and end up with a map file to avoid all the bad sectors.
02:46:25[Saint]Depending on how badly trashed the disk is, this may take anywhere from hours, to a week.
02:46:45[Saint]The important part is, though, that there is hope! :)
02:47:10[Saint]You may lose some non-trivial percentage of the disk's capacity, but, you already have. So, ...yeah. :)
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02:48:20[Saint]If you would like to, feel free to come back and prod me in either this channel or #freemyipod-support (also on Freenode), when you are ready to proceed with the task, and I will be more than happy to assist you.
02:48:30danneh_Makes sense, once the scan's finished do I need to reset the device, reinstall Rockbox, anything like that?
02:49:34[Saint]The device will prompt you to power down and reset it when it has completed the scan process, and you will need to reinstall Rockbox, yes.
02:49:56[Saint]I'll be more than happy to walk you through any concerns at the time.
02:51:01danneh_Sounds good! Should be fine, but if I run into anything I'll definitely ping and let you know
02:51:35danneh_Thanks very much for the help, it's awesome to see :)
02:51:57[Saint]Not a problem. No problem at all.
02:52:14[Saint]I saw your statement and wondered if I could help. Its why I'm here.
02:52:25[Saint](well, that, and my work is _reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally_ boring)
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03:25:54JustHereTemporarI'm interested in helping develop your website to make it more usable. I find it rather hard to navigate now. How woul I go about doing this? More specifically, how could I get a package of the resources the site uses, and turn in my adjustments?
03:26:27[Franklin]I believe all the sources for the site are on the www git repo
03:27:59JustHereTemporarThank you, how would I turn in modifacations?
03:28:19[Saint]You could submit a patch set on our tracker.
03:28:37[Franklin]heh beat me to it :)
03:28:40[Saint]Our gerrit instance isn't set up for any of the branches other than the main Rockbox repo
03:28:54[Saint]So, no, Flyspray
03:29:24[Franklin][Saint]: it is
03:30:40[Saint]Hmmmm. My mistake.
03:30:46[Saint]OK, then, Gerrit it is.
03:31:20[Saint]Anyway, we might consider asking first what you consider to be unusable, or in need of repair.
03:31:41[Saint]There is already
03:31:54[Saint]But, it never took off.
03:32:10scorchethat said, that hasnt been touched in ages
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03:32:42[Saint]AFAIK there's no reason why it couldn;t go live.
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03:32:49[Saint]I use it as my main page for RB.
03:33:04[Franklin]try it out and see
03:33:05JustHereTemporarThat looks a little more useable
03:33:16[Franklin] yeah
03:33:18[Saint]What do you mean when you say useable.
03:33:27scorchei believe there was a forum thread about it
03:33:32[Saint]Are you confusing usability with aesthetics?
03:33:35[Franklin] is dead
03:33:36[Saint]I works fine.
03:33:39[Franklin]or nonexistent
03:34:10[Saint]JustHereTemporar: So, yeah, what's your idea of "usable"?
03:34:11scorche[Franklin]: as i said, new. hasnt been touched in ages - i doubt anyone will fix any issues with it
03:34:28[Franklin]heh I barely ever use a GUI web browser...
03:34:37[Saint]JustHereTemporar: I mean, what we have works fine.
03:34:50JustHereTemporarThe main website is a bit confusing to navigate. I've gotten lost a number of times.
03:35:04JustHereTemporarand yes, aesthetics are nice as well
03:35:09[Saint]The sidebar is pretty straightforward.
03:35:13[Franklin]I would agree with JustHereTemporar on that
03:35:19[Saint]How so?
03:35:22scorcheJustHereTemporar: here is 23 pages from the last time we attempted this for you to read through if you are really interested...
03:35:41[Saint]I mean, I'm not disagreeing, but actual examples as opposed to anecdotal claims would be nice.
03:38:06[Saint]At the end of the day its a site built by a bunch of engineers, its functional, and not too great on the aesthetics.
03:38:11[Saint]Just like Rockbox itself.
03:38:22[Saint]Function over form, etc.
03:38:54JustHereTemporarFrankly, I think should be the replacement. It is much easier to use, and looks better.
03:39:22[Franklin]fix it up and push a patch ;)
03:39:41JustHereTemporarMaybe I will
03:39:43[Franklin]except there's no git repo for the new. subdomain...
03:39:51man_aliveWould it be possible to fix individual pages?
03:40:03[Franklin]is the code somewhere other than the HTTP server?
03:40:05[Saint]Every time we try and do a massive change like this it devolves into a clusterfuck bitch fit.
03:40:23[Saint]Though, several of the most vocal contenders are no longer with us or particularly active...
03:40:47[Saint](its just me left! :p)
03:41:03*[Saint] bitches about things, ...for....reasons
03:41:21[Franklin]why was amiconn so opposed to git?
03:41:39scorchekeep in mind that new. is just the front page - the theme needs to be carried through for lots of other pages like the wiki, forums, themesite, a bunch of other pages, etc
03:41:57JustHereTemporarSadly, I think Rockbox interest is dying off
03:42:02[Franklin]to say it shorter, it's tons of work
03:42:06saratoga_lets not discourage him too much
03:44:25[Saint]Yes. Quite right. The new.* is _just_ the main page, and there it stops. To be of any real use that themeing needs to be carried on through the entire site map, which is non-trivial, but highly possible.
03:45:05[Saint]It might be better to focus on what you believe to be specific elements that are "broken" in what we already have.
03:45:24JustHereTemporarI'm still interested, but I don't have much experience with how these community projects work
03:45:42[Saint]And - yes and no. Active submitters have died off somewhat, but the project is still very much alive.
03:45:53[Franklin][Saint]: how long till death? :P
03:46:24JustHereTemporarI'd guess 2-3 yrs
03:46:33[Saint]As long as there's hardware available that will run Rockbox, the project will remain, I would say.
03:46:53[Saint]saying 2~3 years is a bit...short sighted. To say the least.
03:46:56[Franklin]there's still homebrew for ~80s consoles, so I agree
03:46:59[Saint]People said that 2~3 years ago.
03:47:06[Saint]And 2~3 years or so before that.
03:47:09scorcheand even longer than that, i expect (well, maybe more-so, hope) that the community sticks around
03:47:27[Franklin]see ya in 40 years
03:47:45[Saint]As long as there's hardware that'll run it, there'll be a Rockbox.
03:47:54[Saint]In one form or another, we'll survive.
03:47:56*[Franklin] waits for rockbox in space
03:48:07scorchefor me, as long as batteries still suck, there'll be rockbox
03:48:17chrisbi've been looking at ...which has a lot of DIY components
03:48:37[Saint]Heh. Well, there's no real new ground there, and hasn't been for a while.
03:48:45[Saint]Battery tech is moving forward _very_ slowly.
03:48:56JustHereTemporarThe need for media players is much less than it was, and is decreasing steadily.
03:49:27[Saint]We've never been targeting the mass market anyway.
03:49:42JustHereTemporarTherefore the need for Rockbox has
03:49:45[Saint]Its always been an enthusiast's firmware, not for Joe Average.
03:49:59[Saint]So, no, I disagree with that entirely.
03:50:57JustHereTemporarI enjoyed Rockbox, but I hardly use dedicated media players anymore
03:51:21[Franklin]so listen to music on your other device and play games on rockbox :P
03:51:47[Saint]Well, lets not forget that DAPs are only one aspect of Rockbox.
03:52:12[Saint]We run on Android, we run on desktops, ...
03:52:26JustHereTemporarOnce uppon a time, I wanted to create a Lua script generator for Rockbox, but decided that there was too much that I didn't know.
03:52:28[Franklin]I've ported part of the plugin API to x86... :P
03:52:45[Saint]There's still a very real possibility of wrapping a native UI around a dedicated playback lib and bringing Rockbox into the mainstream Android community.
03:52:58[Saint]Rockbox on DAPs is just one aspect of it.
03:53:04[Saint]I also run it on my desktop.
03:53:08[Franklin][Saint]: how?
03:53:18[Saint]SDL build, yo.
03:53:27 Join wubking [0] (~quassel@
03:53:29[Saint]Build target 200.
03:53:35[Franklin]well duh...
03:53:41[Franklin]testing I bet
03:53:42[Saint]Rockbox makes a fricken great desktop player.
03:54:24[Franklin]bye-bye VLC!
03:54:42JustHereTemporarI'll stick with VLC
03:55:08JustHereTemporarUnless, perhaps, I someday get an awesome audio system
03:55:10[Saint]How many other desktop players do you know of with codec support as wide as ours, with efficiency as great as ours, and a full, completely customizable UI?
03:55:18[Saint]I'll give you a clue.
03:55:22[Saint]Precisely zero.
03:55:48[Saint]Narry a single bean.
03:56:02JustHereTemporarThis is getting interesting
03:56:29[Saint]JustHereTemporar: I guess you just discovered that Rockbox is a lot more than you thought it was, huh?
03:56:44[Saint]We also have a headless dedicated playback engine.
03:56:50JustHereTemporarA little more, yes
03:56:57[Saint](check our source tree for the 'warble' engine)
03:56:59[Franklin]rockbox is a great game platform too :P
03:57:11[Saint]says you. :p
03:57:22JustHereTemporarI loved the gb emulator
03:57:34[Franklin]then you'll love the new games
03:58:01[Franklin]anyway, good night
03:58:03[Saint]But, yeah, I'm not ashamed at all to admit that I use Rockbox as my desktop player for local media.
03:58:07 Quit [Franklin] (Quit: Lost terminal)
03:58:16[Saint]I even have a wrapper script for the warble engine for headless playback.
03:58:26[Saint]...I should commit that.
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03:59:31[Saint]If Mr. SOmeone wants to finish the playback lib work, I will write the shit out of a native Android UI for it.
04:00:11[Saint]I am not interested in finishing the playback lib work at all, but, if someone does, I will write the hell out of a native Android skin for the UI.
04:00:32[Saint]And _then_ we could finally put it on the Play Store.
04:00:47saratoga_how complex is that anyway?
04:00:58[Saint]Most of it is in place actually.
04:01:05[Saint]Or, do you mean the theme work?
04:01:11saratoga_i don't think we need the themes
04:01:20[Saint]The skin I could knock out in a few days.
04:01:26saratoga_i know the codeclib already compiles and uses buflib outside of rockbox
04:01:41saratoga_but i don't know how much of the actual playback stuff is tied to the GUI
04:01:46[Saint]The playback lib is mostly in place, but I believe you'd need to talk to kugel to see what he's got going on in his personal repos.
04:02:14[Saint]To avoid stepping on toes or reinventing the wheel.
04:02:46saratoga_i don't have time for a large project right now, just curious how hard it would be
04:03:18[Saint]But, yeah, if someone gives me a library with nice hooks to use - I'm saying it right now, I will write the shit out of a Material Design based UI with backports all the way down to 2.1/Eclair and all the way to to 5.0.2
04:03:49[Saint]And then we could really storm the Android community.
04:03:58[Saint]And, I honestly believe we would.
04:04:38[Saint]So, Mr. SOmeone, gimme a playback lib with nice hooks to use, and I'll eat it and shit out a native Android player for 'ya.
04:16:38[Saint]I could make a very half-assed version that had basic playback and navigation function, with no playlist or database support right now using warble.
04:17:31[Saint]warble can do the basics of playback, play/pause/seek/time-scaling, ...I could hack up a basic next/prev function.
04:18:02[Saint]That would at least give a starting point that a proper playback engine could be dropped into later.
04:18:53[Saint]There's already plenty enough libraries I could use to add in most of the UI functionality we have in Rockbox.
04:19:07[Saint]List views, actionbar, kinetic scrolling, etc.
04:20:09[Saint]Anyhoo - must run. I'll read the logs later if anyone wants to have a slightly belated chat with me about this.
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04:34:58saratoga_that'd be interesting to think about
04:35:06saratoga_i guess you don't really need buffering on android
04:35:13saratoga_but you'd eventually want to pull in the playlist code
04:52:15krabadori use rockbox before on sansa fuze v1, and later on sansa clip
04:52:34krabadordefinitely with pleasure
04:52:40krabadorfrom years
04:52:56krabadori really thank you for the work
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08:31:19Water255Is there a way that I can see the entire history of a file in the source code using a web browser?
08:31:51Water255I tried this: −− but I can't figure it out...?
08:33:43Water255Nevermind −− sorry:;a=summary
08:47:06Water255Someone here made a patch for me. I applied it. Everything builds fine, but "git status" does not show the file as modified. Is that normal?
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10:04:32Water255How do i remove a patch that I applied by copying a "pull" command from the patch page on gerrit? Here's the command I used to apply it: git pull git:// refs/changes/60/760/2
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10:24:45wodzpamaury: I had a quick look at Ariaz4 firmware you linked. It seems to be atj213x indeed BUT the firmware is substantially different to the one for e100/150
10:25:17wodzpamaury: The biggest difference is that it uses virtual addresses
10:26:12wodzregister access goes through uncached, unmapped region fortunately so I could check at least base addresses for blocks
10:26:37 Quit Provel (Quit: Provel)
10:27:47 Join pamaury_ [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:28:14pamaury_I'm working on atjboottool, trying to figure out why a sanity check that I commented long ago doesn't pass
10:28:34giogio_I fixed the message when saving new rtc clock time for creative ZEN, and tested on my device. Here is the patch
10:33:22pamaury_giogio_: thanks, i'll push that later
10:34:04giogio_thank you :)
10:44:17wodzpamaury: does Ariaz4 support exfat formated sd cards? There are some symbols with exfat in name in FS driver
10:44:30pamaury_no idea, I don't have this device ^^
10:46:58pamaury_google doesn't have an immediate answer either
10:52:08wodzheh bitmaps are stored rotated 90 clockwise :-)
10:59:48pamaury_my guess is that the lcd is rotated
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11:00:30wodzyes it is
11:01:38wodzbitmaps decode correctly when you set the format to 320x240 but from pictures of the device it is clear that lcd is in portrait orientation actually
11:01:44 Join maruk1 [0] (
11:05:26wodzpamaury: anyway pretty interesting firmware, might help in e150 port
11:06:55 Join AlexP [0] (~alex@rockbox/staff/AlexP)
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11:34:40wodzpamaury: phillips claim 45h of music playback on this player!
11:36:12wodzconsidering 570mAh battery this gives average current draw of ~12.7 mA. Impressive if true
12:19:54wodzpamaury: I am looking at lcd block registers and they are off. Maybe this is different SoC but from the same family?
12:20:39 Quit alucryd_ (Quit: alucryd out)
12:20:59 Join alucryd [0] (~quassel@archlinux/trusteduser/alucryd)
12:26:31 Join LinusN [0] (
12:30:52pamaury_wodz: quite possibly, I don't know the exact chip in it
12:31:10pamaury_I found references to atj213x in it
12:31:30wodzused player costs like 12eu maybe I buy one and check
13:05:27 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
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13:22:05 Join giogio_ [0] (~giovanni@
13:23:30pamaury_check done: the atj2137 cannot decrypt the atj2127 file, I check and although the tool crashes, the descrambled firmware is the same as the one produced by atjboottool
13:23:59pamaury_however there is something weird about the fact that the input file has a an extra 512 byte at the end
13:24:54pamaury_which by the way contains the the magic string "UFwuTail"
13:27:03wodzpamaury_: The output code in ariaz4 firmware is terrible. It does register-register copies through stack variables which greatly complicates following disasm
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13:42:49pamaury_wodz: I found the datasheet for the atj331x which I believe may be close(r) to the atj2127
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13:43:09wodzpamaury_: email me
13:45:00 Quit Water255 (Remote host closed the connection)
13:45:24pamaury_it is a chip for "no display" mp3 I believe
13:47:06wodzpamaury_: lcd init in ariaz4 is weird as it looks like argument for commands have variable length. I'v never seen something like this
13:47:20pamaury_I've seen it
13:47:31pamaury_some lcd in the Sony NWZ have such lcds
13:48:56wodzcommands 0xe0 and 0xe1 seems to set gamma correction curve, 0x2a and 0x2b set update window in gram access. Does it ring a bell?
13:50:16 Join xorly [0] (
13:51:15wodzpamaury: this atj331x is Z80 based so this is s1mp3 chip
13:51:16pamaury_see nwz370
13:51:34pamaury_oh ok
13:51:44pamaury_it could be ILI9163
13:52:36pamaury_see lcd-nwze370.c there are some comments about the commands
13:52:44wodzwill look
13:53:07wodzthere is second path in code so it looks like there are two possible types of lcd in this player\
14:05:14wodzthe second code path is very similar, definitely the same controller, slightly different gamma and a few regs
14:12:27wodzpamaury: The lcd controller is very similar to this in nwz370 indeed
14:15:25pamaury_I never found out the exact model but it doesn't really matter as long as you have the main commands
14:16:31 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
14:17:19wodzto send data/command to lcd unknown registers in atj's YUV2RGB block are accessed.
14:24:32 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
14:28:26wodzpamaury: at least they did it cleanly - there is gpio pin which signals which type of lcd it is
14:33:08 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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15:10:09pamaury_damn nobody noticed this:
15:10:15pamaury_it has jtag pins !
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18:46:25saratoga_wow they even labeled the jtag and made them human solderable
18:54:41pamaury_yes, that's absolutely incredible, I don't understand how nobody noticed before
18:54:54pamaury_I've ordered a clip sport to try it out
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19:13:16saratoga_i guess you can find out if theres DRAM
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21:58:52wodzpamaury: (log) I did spot jtag pins on clip sport. We even discussed about this just before last DevCon :-)
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