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#rockbox log for 2015-02-19

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14:25:04wodzpamaury: ping
14:25:09pamaurywodz: pong
14:25:43wodzpamaury: I implemented dead simple hwstub_server. Not tested yet, wonna look?
14:26:06wodzok, I'll push to gerrit
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14:28:29wodz g#1153
14:28:35fs-bluebotGerrit review #1153 at : hwstub: simple tcp hwstub_server by Marcin Bukat
14:29:21wodzpamaury: ^
14:33:52pamaurysince you export the API directly, don't you think it would be cleaner to modify the hwstub library so that it can be use for usb or tcp with the same API ?
14:34:06pamaurylike take you hwstub_tcp_* functions and move them to the lib
14:34:19pamaurythe hwstub handle is opaque anyway iirc
14:35:28pamauryappart from this the code looks simple enough, that's good
14:36:23pamaurybut I think it could be factored more, since essentially all requests use the same data flow
14:36:52wodzyes I want move this to lib but first I wanted to touch as small portion of code as possible
14:38:00wodzpamaury: yes I was thinking about this. only HWSTUB_EXEC doesn't alloc temp buffer.
14:38:29pamauryyeah, that would be a particular case of 0-length transfer
14:39:06pamaurybut overall I like this approach
14:39:36wodzI'll try to test this later today and if successful factor code a bit
14:40:17pamauryok, tell me if you do, otherwise I might have a try at it if I have some time
14:40:42wodztry it anyway
14:42:50wodzin HWSTUB_EXEC I reused len parameter to pass flags, thats why I can't relay on this field == 0 when doing malloc
14:44:07pamauryI see, I'm sure this can be dealt with elegantly, I'll think about it
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15:17:11b0hoonulmutul: sorry for the delay, yes i think that Rew button can be defined as exit, in places where it makes sense to change it and to unify plugins keymaps a bit.
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15:20:19b0hoonulmutul: yeah this would be better than the REC due to YH92X series.
15:22:22b0hoonulmutul: btw: did you check if you have the radio?
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15:43:17giogio_is there anyone who managed to mount a device on linux mint using MTP?
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15:57:40pamaurygiogio_: don't know about mint but it works perfectly on debian. By the way this is off topic except if it's related to a rockbox device ;)
16:02:22giogio_yes, I'm talking about my rockbox device. I get always the same error, which is "unable to open mtp device «[usb:001,005]»"
16:03:32giogio_I made a rapid search on google and found out that there are lots of different tools (mtp-tools, go-mpt, gmtp, gvfs.....)
16:03:48giogio_I tryed a couple of them but none work
16:04:49giogio_I mean, it's not a big problem, I can still browse both internal memory and sdcard on my device, but not with mtp
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16:07:29pamaurygiogio_: all tools are based on libmtp so it's most probably a right problem
16:08:12pamaurydid you try to run them as root just to check ?
16:09:30giogio_well.. I don't remember, I can try again later. I thought it was a problem in my pc configuration, because I get the same err when I plug my android phone
16:10:37giogio_and i was wondering if anyone encouterd the same problem and could tell me how
16:11:32gevaertsIsn't this one of those cases where libmtp sees some USB id that it thinks does MTP, which it now doesn't because it's running rockbox?
16:13:00giogio_well, it could be, I dont know... Is there mtp in rockbox?
16:15:00giogio_oh well, this can be a good reason then. But I got suspicious because it happens the same with my android, which has mtp implemented
16:16:58pamauryusually we take care to use the UMS usb id and not the MTP one in rockbox when both are available
16:18:34giogio_I'm not an expert, I didnt even know there are different ids for mtp and ums, so I cannot check
16:20:40gevaertsWell, not all manufacturers do that, and the libmtp database isn't always perfect...
16:23:21pamauryit might be a setup problem with udev
16:23:37pamaurylibmtp relies on udev rules to detect mtp devices and setup correct rights
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16:30:15giogio_ok... if there's any info I can provide you, I'm here. Mi device is a creative zen
16:33:19roger_Hey everyone, I bought a Clip+ and immediately put Rockbox on it. I'm experiencing USB problems with both the current dev and stable firmware, though, it only mounts every 5th or so time. I could find references to this problem on the forums and on other places on the net, but it seems there are no solutions. What's the best way for me to diagnose what the problem is? Do a git bisect?
16:35:40pamauryroger_: yeah this is a known problem, the driver never really worked. there is a work in progress to rewrite it here: but I don't know the current status
16:35:44pamauryprobably stalled
16:39:00roger_mhhh okay, i'll check that out
16:41:22roger_i don't want to complain, but wouldn't it be good remove the players with unstable USB support from the 'stable' list on the frontpage? i guess a lot of people use it as a guideline for which player they should buy.
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16:52:14pamauryroger_: well the thing is that everything else works very well, the usb issue doesn't affect all players and you can still use the OF to transfer data in case you have a problem. Most people ask on forums or irc before buying anyway. I'm not saying we are right, just that's not so obvious
16:53:55roger_yeah, it's just a suggestion. it still works great and booting into the sansa firmware is an easy workaround.
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18:52:58wodzpamaury: (log) hwstub_server on gerrit works for me. Now time to cleanup and factor some code.
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21:08:02wodzpamaury: ping
21:08:55wodzpamaury: last version on gerrit seems to work :-)
21:10:02wodzpamaury: What did you mean by 'the hwstub handle is opaque anyway iirc' ?
21:15:50pamaurythe handle returned by hwstub_open is opaque, you don't have to the field, so it could be a handle to a usb device, or a tcp stream, or whatever
21:19:19wodzlibusb_device_handle *handle doesn't look like opaque
21:23:58pamauryno, struct hwstub_device_t *
21:24:02pamaurythis is opaque
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21:29:55wodzsorry, I don't understand
21:30:29wodzhwstub_device_t is a struct with some fields, among which there is handle to usb
21:31:18pamauryyes but only the lib knows what is it, from the pov of hwstub_shell, it's opaque
21:31:57pamauryso you can handle both usb and tcp transparently from the lib, without touching the hwstub library users except for the open
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21:34:50wodzbut you need unique function names in lib, no? C doesn't have overloading
21:36:24pamauryjust you a vtable in the struct, or put the type of handle in it and do different operations for usb and tcp
21:37:41wodzright, now I understand
21:39:05wodzhwstub_open() needs to have additional parameter which determines access type and everything else is coded in handle, do I understand correctly your idea?
21:39:38pamauryyes, or just create a new hwstub_open_tcp
21:40:52*wodz goes to coding :-)
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21:48:03Sway_holy shit.. IRC is still alive
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22:04:47pamaurywodz: I have the clip sport and i'm trying to make jtag work but no luck so far
22:05:04pamauryproblem is I've never used this adapter before, and my wiring might be shaky
22:07:01wodzpamaury: you should also check traces on PCB. It is common practice to not solder 'bridge' resistors on data lines in final product
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22:08:04pamauryeverything seems soldered
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22:47:03pamaurywodz: you know about jtag ?
22:48:00wodzpamaury: I played a few times in work thats all
22:48:20pamaurydo you know the difference between trst and srst ?
22:50:02wodzyes, trst is TAP reset - it resets debug interface only, srst is SYSTEM reset - it pulls down cpu reset line
22:50:41pamaurythe pcb only has "rst", I tried both but it didn't seem to change anything
22:52:18wodzpamaury: g#1153
22:52:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #1153 at : hwstub: simple tcp hwstub_server by Marcin Bukat
22:52:37wodztrst is not always exposed
22:54:09wodzpamaury: AFAIK it is possible to disable jtag by programming some register
22:54:31wodzpamaury: I've seen some firmwares doing so
22:56:15wodzpamaury: when you get bored with jtag please test hwstub_server
22:56:50pamauryyeah I know it is possible, ok
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23:19:35pamaurythere is a pin call TEST_MODE on the PCB maybe it's useful
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23:34:44wodzpamaury: I update gerrit once more. Now you have command line switch in hwstub_shell to switch between direct usb connection and tcp connection to the hwstub_server. If you have an idea how to code server more elegant I am open for suggestions but honestly this is just 300 lines of code or so.
23:36:44wodzpamaury: implementing tcp connection in qeditor I leave for you :-)
23:38:04pamaurywodz: i'll do that tomorrow
23:40:31wodzpamaury: The last test to try is remote connection.
23:45:06pamaurythe code looks much better
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