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#rockbox log for 2015-02-27

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00:51:13[Franklin]wow... rockbox is a pretty nice desktop player
00:51:56[Franklin]just that the sound skips when I move the mouse, etc...
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04:49:57zorak8hi, im trying to install rockbox in an ipod video
04:50:04zorak8and im getting this error
04:50:06zorak8[ERR] Firmware partition doesn't contain Apple copyright, aborting.
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04:56:29ParkerRzorak8, did you "format" the device? It needs stock Apple firmware inbtact and working
04:56:56zorak8yes, i formated it
04:57:11chokoitI am going to fucking hunt you down zorak8
04:57:15chokoitand tie you to my bed
04:57:17ParkerRYeah you have to leave the iPod as is and just flash the bootloader
04:57:19chokoitand ram my cock up your ass
04:57:26chokoitgoing to dialate your ass
04:57:30ParkerRzorak8, restore in iTunes
04:57:33chokoitand force you to suck my shit-covered dick clean
04:57:39chokoitthen I am going to suck on your dialated anus
04:57:45chokoituntil turds come sliding out into my mouth
04:58:01zorak8ok, for 5th time today im restoiring
04:58:17chokoitgoing to fucking rape you zorak8
04:58:20chokoitjust you fucking wait
04:58:24chokoitwatch your back faggot
04:58:31chokoitgoing to pound that little brownie hole with my cock
04:58:34chokoitand suck your colon clean
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05:17:06zorak8im getting the same error but i restore to fabric settings
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06:32:14irrI recently installed Rockbox on my Sansa Clip+ . I have a 32gb microSD card for it. What is the USB car mode? I have a car stereo which has a USB port, if i connect it how does rockbox treat the card? will it show it as 1 whole filesystem or not at all like the original sansa firmware. Also do songs accessed through the USB mode get recorded on the lastfm log?
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10:12:20gevaertszorak8: can you show (on a pastebin) the bit of the dmesg output from when you connect the ipod?
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10:12:44*gevaerts sees we had another "friendly" visitor last night
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19:51:34gevaerts[Saint]: I'm not sure we should lock threads merely because the OP thinks they should be
19:54:19[Saint]Did you read the thread in question?
19:54:49[Saint]Its not exactly possible to add any value added context to it. OP fucked up, described how he fucked up, and...that's that.
19:55:08gevaertsWe have lots of threads like that
19:55:12[Saint]That's why I locked it as opposed to deleting it.
19:55:35[Saint]It provides valuable insight, but its not possible to add any additional context to it.
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19:57:16gevaertsThe thing is, I'm not entirely opposed to locking (although I prefer consistency, which would require a lot more locking I think), but "per OP request"?
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19:58:07[Saint]You're not familiar with "OP"?
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19:58:39[Saint]"Original Post(er)"
19:58:51gevaertsYes, that's *exactly* my point!
19:59:39[Saint]Stop fucking talking in riddles man.
19:59:42[Saint]Out with it.
19:59:55gevaerts19:51:35 <gevaerts> [Saint]: I'm not sure we should lock threads merely because the OP thinks they should be
20:00:10gevaertsI don't really see how I can state that in a clearer way
20:00:27[Saint]Well, I don't think I can state my position any clearer.
20:00:35[Saint]Unluck it if you want, but, I won't.
20:01:05[Saint]If OP wants his own thread locked, I'm happy to oblige.
20:02:00[Saint]If it were possible for anyone else to add any value added context to the thread, I wouldn;t have. But its a single person, who figured out their own issue, and described it precisely.
20:02:04[Saint]I consider it done.
20:02:19gevaertsRight, I guess that's where we disagree. It's a forum thread on our forums, it belongs to the forums in general, not to the OP
20:02:56gevaertsSo sure, we (the mods) get to decide what gets locked, but why do random thread posters?
20:03:25[Saint]What else do you honestly expect to get posted there that's of any value to anyone?
20:03:33[Saint]"Oh, hurr durr, I fucked this up too once"?
20:03:48gevaertsExactly my thoughts!
20:04:14gevaertsI didn't say threads should never be locked
20:04:21 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
20:04:27[Saint]Well, as I said, if you feel that strongly about it - unlock it. But I'm not going to.
20:04:45[Saint]Pick your battles man. This is frankly not towrth the time or effort.
20:05:49gevaertsSo will you lock any thread where the OP asks you to?
20:07:20*gevaerts thinks locking is there to stop things getting out of hand, *if* there are actually signs of them getting out of hand
20:07:39[Saint]If its a single poster contributing that solves their own issue and its not possible to add any other additional valuable content to it - then, sure, why not. I stated the criteria I considered when locking this thread clearly.
20:08:39[Saint]For me, its far too early in the morning to be arguing about completely meaningless bullshit.
20:10:38*gevaerts doesn't think it's meaningless, but he does think there's no clear answer, so he'll move the discussion to a more appropriate place
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20:51:12amancer1Hey Guys!
20:52:05amancer1Anyone in?
20:53:15amancer1I just found my old Sansa Clip +, refreshed the soldering on the headphones - everything fine running rockbox.
20:53:33[Franklin]good to hear :)
20:54:04amancer1BUT the left/right buttons aren’t working. So I was thinking: Is there a way to add a GUI-Button to get to the parent directory
20:54:16 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
20:54:18amancer1Is the Firmware costumizeable in that way?
20:54:47[Franklin]it's 100% customizable, in fact
20:55:02[Franklin]but not easily
20:55:07gevaertsYou have to change the source and rebuild to do that
20:55:26amancer1What is the Firmware written in?
20:55:34[Franklin]mostly C
20:55:44[Franklin]some platform-specific assembly
20:56:13[Franklin]no binary blobs, I believe :)
20:56:14amancer1So I got to learn C to do that. That’s a nice project.
20:56:38gevaertsYou probably don't need to know much C to change the keymap
20:57:00amancer1thats true
20:57:13amancer1Can I get the builds somewhere?
20:57:21[Franklin]the builds won't help you much
20:57:26[Franklin]you need the... Source!
20:57:54amancer1Right, meant the source
20:58:29[Franklin]it's hosted in/on git at git:// IIRC
21:02:50gevaerts might be useful
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21:05:37amancer1Is there a dirtier way to do it? Does anyone know if one of the themes has a minimalistic spin or something like that?
21:05:52[Saint]Its worth noting that this will be next to impossible.
21:06:06[Saint]If you want to retain funtionality, while editing the keymaps, I mean.
21:06:17[Saint]The keymaps are already overcrowded.
21:06:18amancer1I believe so
21:06:27amancer1Damn it.
21:06:32[Saint]Every edit you make will nuke something else down the line and make a conflict.
21:06:48amancer1Yeah, I thought so. C is very strict.
21:07:05[Saint]This has nothing to do with the language in question.
21:07:33[Saint]Its just the fact that we're already doubling up on keys for some functions, and you're wanting to reconfigure two of them.
21:07:39[Saint]Even one would be nightmarish.
21:08:02amancer1Oh, I see
21:09:20amancer1Just to be clear: I’m not trying to remap the keys. I am trying to add 1 function to the GUI
21:09:27[Saint]FWIW, this is almost certainly a case where you've inserted the wheel ribbon incorrectly.
21:09:30amancer1which would be: Go up one directory
21:09:32[Saint]Its _very_ picky.
21:10:05amancer1the wheel ribbon?
21:10:07[Saint]Yes, I'm aware - but that was proposed as a suggestion - and I'm saying that its an unreasonable one.
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21:10:36[Saint]Oh, shit - Clip+, I misread. Nevermind.
21:11:22amancer1I never tried themes: Do they sometimes have added GUI objects?
21:11:51amancer1Would save me from buying a new one.
21:11:56 Join shamus [0] (
21:11:57[Saint]No. Not on non-touch devices, no. Its not possible with the current theme engine.
21:12:08[Saint]You would need to make some massive changes to allow that.
21:13:19amancer1Maybe I’m just handling it wrong: is there a way to navigate to a higher level without using the left/right buttons?
21:13:59[Saint]Not that I'm aware of. "<<"/left is usually our "back one" button.
21:15:12[Saint]You're also, naturally, going to lose seek - and a host of other functions scattered throughout the device.
21:15:48amancer1I realized it’s the << and down button that dont work. right still works.
21:15:49[Saint]There are very few targets where we have spare keys available. Offhand, I can't think of any, perhaps there actually are none...
21:15:55amancer1so scrolling forward is still ok...
21:16:08[Saint]Oh. Hmmm...that's gonna suck.
21:16:28amancer1I think I’ll have to live with it. It’s just for jogging, since I dont want to take my phone for that.
21:16:41[Saint]You'll have to make a fixed.cfg config to reset volume to a safe level.
21:16:44[Saint]Else you won't be able to change it.
21:16:54amancer1no, the volume buttons still work
21:17:25[Saint]Oh - derp. that's right, the Sansas have dedicated volume buttons.
21:17:33gevaertsYou can change the volume from the quickscreen, if that still works with the buttons you have left
21:17:54gevaertsSo swapping volume with left/right might be an option
21:18:07 Join Jinx [0] (~Jinx@unaffiliated/jinx)
21:18:15amancer1yeah it has 8 buttons alltogether, but I’m crippeled in navigating the files. how ironic.
21:18:26amancer1thats true
21:18:39[Saint]Yeah, I forgot about their dedicated volume buttons, using up/down long press for volume on them was my own hacked up keymap.
21:18:52amancer1that would be a fix
21:19:02[Saint]My mangled old man-hands found the volume buttons too fiddly.
21:19:05amancer1your keymap + swapping L/R and volume
21:19:36 Join Zambezi [0] (
21:19:50gevaertsI suspect it's going to be awkward to use though
21:19:53amancer1Yeah, they’re tiny. I’m always amazed to see how small the buttons themselves are when you open it up
21:19:59amancer1it will, yeah.
21:20:43amancer1A short tap on the on/off button brings you up 1 folder. I’m done here.
21:20:57[Saint]It does?
21:20:59amancer1Nice thinking on whoever implemented that
21:21:18amancer1that’s so cool
21:21:22[Saint]Well - awesome.
21:21:58amancer1Thanks for the chat anyways! I’ll come through here sometime when I start my running and actually use it for some time
21:22:08gevaertsWell, if you still want to do the modification, I'd consider leaving the actual keymap alone and change firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipplus/button-clip.c instead
21:22:29 Join y4n [0] (~y4n@unaffiliated/y4ndexx)
21:22:45[Saint]once you start on the keymap, it quickly descends into madness.
21:22:51amancer1I’ll have a look at it
21:22:58[Saint]Every change makes a conflict somewhere else.
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22:00:24 Part amancer1
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22:43:16amancer1I’m back
22:44:18[Franklin]welcome back
22:45:16amancer1So, I updated to the newest rockbox version.
22:45:28amancer1Now I can’t mount my Sansa Clip anymore to put files on it.
22:45:34[Franklin]a dev build or release?
22:45:51amancer1I used the utility
22:45:55amancer1it was a stable release
22:46:19[Franklin]the "stable" release is ~2 years old now
22:46:30amancer1I see the drive in my disk utility manager, but can’t activate it
22:46:46gevaertsNormally the advice is to use the OF for USB in this sort of case, but...
22:47:14[Franklin]Original Firmware
22:47:14gevaertsOriginal firmware
22:47:23amancer1Mh, I’ll try that.
22:47:31gevaertsYou hold the left button while booting to get to that :)
22:47:41 Quit [Franklin] (Quit: Lost terminal)
22:48:19gevaertsWhat I'd suggest is bootloader USB. Switch the device off, hold select, and while still holding select plug in
22:48:39amancer1left button is broken, in case you missed that earlier :D
22:49:22amancer1is that the mkamsboot?
22:49:27gevaertsHence "normally" :)
22:49:58gevaertsThe bootloader is what's installed by mkamsboot, yes
22:54:55[Saint]no - mkamsboot != bootloader USB
22:55:01[Saint]If that's what you're asking,
22:55:05[Saint](it appeared to be)
22:56:09[Saint]Bootloader USB is accessed as described by gevaerts above, its an instance of USb in the bootloader itself, which is normally there to allow recovery of a damaged Rockbox installation without having to boot the OF.
22:56:34[Saint]But in this instance it will (or, should) allow you to upload media to the device, since you can't boot the OF.
22:56:36gevaerts*and* without having to use the left or right button :)
22:57:01amancer1Ok, I’m confused
22:57:01[Saint]You could also eject the sdcard and use an external card reader.
22:57:18amancer1I’m currently using it without the SD Card
22:57:22amancer18gigs onboard
22:57:27[Saint]There's no reason to be confused. Turn the device off, and boot while plugged and holding select.
22:57:39[Saint]You'll get a bootloader USB instance.
22:57:50amancer1Oh I didn’t see that. Trying that out. thanks
22:58:32amancer1Ok. Bootloader USB mode. I’ve seen this earlier
22:58:49amancer1So how do I install the correct bootloader now?
22:58:49[Saint]If your host can't mount the bootloader USB instance /either/, your only other alternative will be ejecting the sdcard and using an external card reader.
22:59:00[Saint]Or, using an operating system that doesn't suck.
22:59:12gevaertsThe bootloader should be fine, no need to replace it
22:59:29[Saint]Wait, what? You don't need to install a bootloader - perhaps I misspoke?
22:59:45gevaertsYou merely have to use it if USB in the main binary misbehaves
22:59:57gevaerts(as a fallback(
23:00:15[Saint]Hmmmm, though, if you "updated" to the current release, which is several years old...
23:00:25amancer1The devie is now in Bootloader USB mode, what now.
23:00:46[Saint]The host should present a mount point.
23:00:56[Saint]It is connected via USB, yes?
23:01:06[Saint]That's kinda important. ;)
23:01:31amancer1so it’s working now, this is what I did:
23:02:12 Quit chrisb (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:02:41amancer1It didn’t show up while saying „Bootloader USB mode“. So I unplugged & replugged it, which made it start normally and show up as a drive.
23:03:22*[Saint] shrugs
23:04:41amancer1I’m scratching my head too...
23:05:00amancer1but hey, I guess that fixed itself.
23:05:27[Saint]Windows is particularly anal about USB.
23:06:14[Saint]There's far too many variables that the host hardware and Windows operating system can present, vs. *nix's "Just Works" nature and relative permissiveness.
23:06:27 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:06:28amancer1Well this is machine is running OSX (which is quite anal too), but here some music on it. I’ll try using it my Ubuntu machine later
23:06:45amancer1but I feel ya
23:07:56[Saint]Hmmm, for this purpose, OSX should qualify as a *nix system, ...vaguely, albeit a bastardized one.
23:08:11[Saint]That's rather odd. It should have worked first pop.
23:09:06*gevaerts doesn't think unixyness matters a lot when looking at USB compatibility issues
23:09:07amancer1… I really can’t pinpoint what that was all about.
23:10:27 Part amancer1
23:10:54[Saint]gevaerts: I think it does, I mean, it shouldn't, obviously - as we should be "Doing It Right(TM)", but, *nix systems are (generally speaking) a lot more tolerant of the myriad of devices that are "Doing It Wrong(TM)".
23:12:03 Part LinusN
23:13:17gevaertsStill, we don't actually know what the issue is
23:13:24gevaertsSo who knows?
23:20:26 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
23:20:31 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
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