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#rockbox log for 2015-02-28

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15:06:49clipplusHello. The Rockbox manual for the Clip Plus says that the sound settings contain a "volume limit" setting. But I can't see this setting on my MP3 player?
15:09:47gevaertsYes, that was added after 3.13. If you want that feature (or some others, probably), you should run a current development build (which rockbox utility can also insyall for you)
15:10:09gevaertsThere shouldn't be any real downsides to running a current development build, by the way
15:11:40clipplusHello Gevaerts, thanks for your answer. Aren't the dev builds unstable or buggy?
15:12:20gevaertsUsually not more so than the release, no
15:13:01alexbobpI am on dev builds on my devices because the latest stable is old
15:13:22alexbobpbeen working fine, except ipod nano 2g which doesn't claim to be stable anyways
15:13:28clipplusOk, so I just download ?
15:14:04alexbobpare you not using rockbox utility?
15:15:36clipplusOk, so I just need Rockbox utility? That program will update my 3.13 to the newest dev build? Will I lose my current settings?
15:23:12clipplusI installed the Utility. I chose development version in stead of stable release. But what will happen with my Rockbox settings?
15:26:08gevaertsYour settings will remain
15:30:31clipplusIt worked :) Thanks Gevaerts and Alexbobp for saving my ears.
15:34:46clipplusI think I will set the volume limit at about -10 dB. But it is a bit difficult because -10 dB can be very loud with certain songs and rather quiet with other songs or podcast.
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15:40:11b0hoonulmutul: heh so it's bad, i can't test and make a detection of the radio with two dap's with the radio :/
15:44:20b0hoonquestion: what is the "admin work needed" phrase exactly about on the themes page?
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15:46:10b0hooni never knew...
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15:53:55clipplusBut as far as I am aware, it is normal that one song sounds louder than the other song? There is nothing the volume limiter can do about that?
16:00:02ZincAlloythe volume limit thing limits the maximum output volume of your player. what you want to turn on is the compressor
16:00:41ZincAlloyOr better yet: use replay gain
16:07:33clipplusZincAlloy: "For replaygain to work, the songs must have been processed by a program that adds replaygain information to the ID3 tags (or Vorbis tags)." I think this hasn't been done to my song and podcasts, so I would better choose the compressor?
16:08:35ZincAlloyNo, the compressor messes with the audio. replay gain just adjusts the volume for you automatically. You should add replay gain tags to your music collection
16:08:44ZincAlloywhich operating system are you on?
16:09:59clipplusWindows 7
16:10:43ZincAlloyyou could try tagging your library with foobar2000
16:11:24clipplusthis program will tag my library automatically?
16:12:37ZincAlloyyeah. it can recognize albums automatically, reading their id3 tags
16:13:29clipplusOk, I will give it a try. Thanks.
16:13:48ZincAlloyscanning your library may take a while, btw
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16:33:01clipplusZincAlloy, if I want my entire library to be at the same volume level, what would you suggest? Scan per file track gain, Scan selection as single album or Scan selection as albums?
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17:03:45ZincAlloy"Scan selection as albums"
17:04:00ZincAlloythat will give you both, album gain and track gain tags
17:06:06ZincAlloyusing the album gain tags will keep the intended volume differences on a disc intact and make every album the same percieved volume. using the track gain tags will make every track the same percieved volume.
17:09:49ZincAlloyyou can tell rockbox which ones to read by changing a setting. Rockbox>Settings>Playback Settings>Replaygain>Replaygain Type
17:13:55[Franklin]I really think that there should be a new stable release of Rockbox
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23:28:10JohnnyKarateI installed Rockbox on my Sansa clip+, and now it's non responsive
23:28:41JohnnyKarateIt shows a image of a usb cable, but is not connected to anything
23:31:13JohnnyKarateHolding to off button for about 30 seconds seems to have fixed it ^^
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