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#rockbox log for 2015-03-01

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16:47:22pamaurywodz (logs): the qeditor on gerrit should be feature complete, except I missed some spots
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21:38:21[Saint]I miust admit I'm slightly disappointed that there's no reply for album art guy.
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21:38:36[Saint]Maybe he's saving up for a really good one.
21:39:11[Saint]"Sir. I refuse to read your manual, and I decree, that the sun doth revolveth around the earth!"
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22:02:01[Saint]...make him recant, and drink hemlock.
22:03:47[Saint]I do admit I could have been slightly more clear from the beginning, but, hey. After the manual was linked to, there really wasn't any point.
22:04:11[Saint]It almost seemed like a clickbait post.
22:04:45[Saint]"Read This One Weird Trick To Get Album Art Working That The Rockbox Staffers Don't Want You To Know!"
22:07:02[Franklin]"Huge Conspiracy Revealed! Click this and find out what the Devs have been hiding all along!"
22:10:27[Saint]I particularly liked the whole (paraphrased) "Pssssssst, its in the manual"; "I didn't know its in the manual, I don't care if its in the manual, I figured it out all by myself...BE PROUD OF ME! LOVE MEEEEEEEEE!!!"
22:10:51[Saint]and then, the slightly more hilarious "I know its in the manual - I just didn't feel like reading it, and you can't make me, so...nyaaaa!"
22:10:59[Saint]but I digress...
22:11:43[Saint]The guy's generally really solid. I guess I just pissed him off.
22:12:08*gevaerts wonders what [Saint] is actually trying to tell us here
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22:14:29[Saint]What is your objection to saying what you really mean?
22:14:39[Saint]Why always the dancing in circles?
22:15:43gevaertsSurely random ranting is what -community is for?
22:16:14[Saint]Yeah, sure, and then you'd pull me on it for it being Rockbox related.
22:17:01gevaertsShow me *one* example of where I've done that
22:17:49*[Franklin] looks around
22:19:20[Saint]Boy, if I had my logs intact buddy...
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22:20:48gevaertsYou'd no doubt show me a bit that *did* belong in #rockbox
22:23:32Topic"Welcome to #rockbox-community, a channel for the discussion of anything but Rockbox - Maybe, sometimes, we're not really sure | For anything Rockbox related, please head over to #rockbox | [Saint] is the actual ios target audience" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:25:05[Saint]ah shit.
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22:27:55Topic"3.13 released! | Please read before speaking: | Please direct offtopic/social chat to #rockbox-community | This channel is logged at" by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
22:28:57[Saint]danke. I just found it, beat me to it.
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22:32:18wodzpamaury: Hey! I am slowly moving forward with adding hwstub_server support to qeditor.
22:38:48wodzpamaury: I don't quite understand the logic of backend code. Why HWStubDevice constructor calls Init() which in turn calls Probe() which in turn calls Close()?
22:43:20pamaurywodz: maybe it's better if I add it myself, unless you did a lot of work, the backend of qeditor is a bit tricky.
22:43:51pamauryas for HWStubDevice, it Probes the device first to check if it's valid and try to get some information about it
22:45:55wodzpamaury: 1) This is some chance for me to get a bit familiar with c++ and qt 2) I can push my work to gerrit or pastebin the diff if you like. Maybe you will use some of this work or scrap it altogether
22:46:53pamauryok no problem
22:49:40wodzpamaury: gerrit or diff?
22:49:56pamaurygerrit is fine, you can see diff between versions
22:53:30wodzpamaury: g#1153
22:53:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1153 at : hwstub: simple tcp hwstub_server by Marcin Bukat
22:54:14wodzit crashes obviously as it tries to get bus:dev to display in tab title or something
22:54:55pamaurywodz: is it based on current qeditor or the one in gerrit ?
22:55:14wodzcurrent == HEAD
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22:57:16wodzpamaury: ^
22:57:21 Join Parker_ [0] (
22:57:52pamauryis it a question or a statement ? :)
22:59:17pamauryanother reason for the Probe which Close() and then Open(), iirc, is that if you Open() then you have to claim the usb interface, which in turn means you prevent any other program from using it
22:59:23pamaurywhich can be annoying
23:01:16wodzAnyway, the code is able to open connection to the server properly but I am lost what happens after that. I think you will implement this much faster then me.
23:02:02pamaurylet me see if I can locate the problem
23:05:01wodzpamaury: I think HWStubDevice should have a variable which holds which type of connection was requested (usb/tcp) just as I did in hwstub lib.
23:10:09pamaurywodz: I think I would rather proceed as follows:
23:10:32 Quit [Saint] (Quit: Page closed)
23:11:59pamaury1) in HWStubDevice: in GetBusNumber/GetDevAddress check against m_dev==0 and return 0, just for good measure, and make both methods private
23:11:59pamaury2) in HWStubDevice: create a new method called GetFriendlyName() which returns a QString. For usb it would return HWStub bus:dev and for tcp probably address:port
23:12:12pamaury3) in RegTab::UpdateTabName: use GetFriendlyName()
23:12:33 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
23:13:21wodzlets try :-)
23:13:26pamauryand by the way, I would factor out the code in Probe() which reads the descriptor so that's it is shared
23:14:52pamauryin you want to implement HWStubDevice the same way for USB and TCP, the Prob() of TCP should open the connexion, read the descriptors and close it, and when Open() is called, reopen the connexion. Otherwise make Open() a nop for tcp and don't close it at the end of Probe
23:15:39pamaurythat will probably need to remember the type of connection
23:16:11pamauryyou could also go the other way around: make HWStubDevice a virtual class with two subclasses: USBHWStubDevice and TCPHWStubDevice
23:16:18pamaurywith shared code
23:17:45 Quit stripwax (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:19:47pamauryI'm going to bed, we can discuss this tomorrow
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