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#rockbox log for 2015-03-03

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03:04:19KiloJulietI just tried rockbox on my sansa clip+ it booted the first time just fine, i tested the fm radio sounded great, then I tried to plug it into my pc to load some files on to it but it was not recognized by my pc and now the clip+ is stuck in a usb mode
03:04:28KiloJulietI can't seem to turn it off or reset
03:04:38KiloJulietanyone know any tricks to get it working again?
03:04:51[Franklin]try holding the power button
03:05:35alexbobpthat. and if the problem keeps occuring, file a bug report, and just reboot to the sandisk os to do file transfers
03:05:52alexbobpyou can also try turning off usb hid and see if that makes the crashes stop
03:07:31KiloJulietoh it just turned off all by itself
03:07:39KiloJulietand the power button was not previously responding
03:08:20KiloJulieti guess it has a time-out to keep it from bricking thats nice
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03:31:30alexbobpthe power button will work but you have to hold it for a while
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11:13:55pamaurywodz: you are right, the backend reads 3 times per register, even in the new version, I'm trying to find out why
11:14:23wodzpamaury: good to know it is not my paranoia :-)
11:15:05pamaurymy guess is that it has something to do with the GUI
11:15:54pamauryor my stupidity, which is more likely
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11:17:49pamauryyeah indeed, I found out, it's a trivial detail, it will be fixed in the new version which I'll upload right now
11:18:31pamaurydid you try the new version ?
11:19:38pamauryI don't know if you used this feature but I will enhance swiss_knife so it can convert old register dump to the new format
11:20:42wodzpamaury: unfortunately no. I just compiled it but didn't have time to play
11:25:00wodzpamaury: what was the problem?
11:25:55pamaurythe panel would reload the value each time the read only/write switch is turned on/off, and it is turned off twice programmatically when the panel is created
11:26:12pamaury(once in the constructor and once by the panel to reflect the UI value)
11:26:23pamaurybut it makes no sense to reload the value on such a change
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11:30:29blixHow can I fond out if there is a rockbox buils for some specific device like Energy Sistem's Energy MP4 Urban?
11:32:17pamauryblix: if it not on the main page list, it is not supported. I have never header of this player, it is not supported by rockbox
11:32:51pamauryit looks cool though
11:33:02blixpamaury: It's Spanish and a new brand.
11:33:22pamaurywodz: if you feel like you need an undo feature for qeditor, tell me, it can probably be added
11:34:02wodzpamaury: I don't think I need this
11:34:58pamauryblix: usually to create a new port, you need to follow this guide:
11:34:58pamaurythe very first step is to gather information to evaluate if it is feasible, that means: 1) disassembling the player and take photos of the chips inside 2) find/analyse firmware upgrades if there are any
11:35:49wodzmp3/wma only which is suspicious, oh an 12h playback time on single charge is not particularly spectacular
11:36:32pamaurycould be using some hardware decoding chip or something like atj
11:37:17wodzthe firmware is available, downloading just now
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11:41:13wodzpamaury: atj3315 according to screenshots in documentation shipped with firmware upgrade file
11:45:44wodzpamaury: atjboottool descrambles this firmware correctly, inside is sqlite database file with actual files inside
11:51:48wodzblix: this seems to be Z80 + DSP so no, the rockbox port is not possible on this platform
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11:57:29TheLemonManwodz, Z80 ?
11:58:21wodzTheLemonMan: yes, whats strange in this?
11:59:14TheLemonManwodz, I hadn't heard of Z80 in consumer products since the early '90 heh
11:59:31wodzTheLemonMan: the magic word is s1mp3 :-)
11:59:59wodzTheLemonMan: and z80 cores are rather widespread even now
12:00:46TheLemonManwodz, I'm impressed :D
12:01:06TheLemonManwodz, I know, just haven't seen one in the wild until now
12:02:52wodzcurrent z80 cores run at something like 50MHz which is quite a boost compared to original one
12:03:39gevaertsAt least they're used semi-sensibly, with a DSP for the heavy lifting
12:04:17TheLemonManhah, I can't imagine doing dsp calculations with the Z80 instruction set
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12:06:01wodzTheLemonMan: c'mon instruction set doesn't matter that much.
12:06:17*gevaerts will get to play with an "extended" (some instructions for 32 bit data) 8051 derivative that's designed to run java
12:06:55wodz8051 run what?
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12:07:09TheLemonManwodz, what about the tiny number of registers ?
12:07:30wodzsome people are masochists
12:07:51wodzTheLemonMan: Heavy use of direct memory operands I'd say
12:08:18TheLemonManmemory access is costful!
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12:08:41wodzIts not that before RISC concept with tons of registers digital signal processing doesn't exist
12:08:54wodzTheLemonMan: well, sram can be pretty quick
12:09:52TheLemonManoh, I'm mostly talking about the old-ish systems backed by a Z80
12:10:39wodzTheLemonMan: even then the penalty for memory access wasn't dramatic as long as SRAM was used and no memory contention occurred.
12:33:24pamaurygevaerts: good luck with your 8051, those are a pain to program
12:33:36gevaertspamaury: oh, I use java on it :)
12:33:56gevaertsThen it's just a pain to get it to do anything in a reasonable time in the RAM I have!
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13:23:04cereal_killerhello, I get *PANIC* dc_writeback_callback () - Could not write sector 81 93 (error -1) pc: 2005C054 sp:200B3208 bt end on my D" when starting playback running latest build.
13:23:17cereal_killer3.13 works fine, what could cause this?
13:23:28cereal_killerCowon D2
13:24:33cereal_killershould I file a bug report?
13:31:05pamaurycereal_killer: there could be several explaination, ranging from bad sector to software bug
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13:32:40pamauryI'm trying to find the relevant code in the source but I can't find a panic related to it...
13:34:31pamauryah found, apparently it means the driver couldn't write the sector to the disk
13:36:52pamaurycereal_killer: are you sure the error is -1 ?
13:37:58cereal_killeri will check again
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13:40:01cereal_killeryes after 3 seconds of playback (error -1) and a doted square as the next glyph
13:42:37pamaurycereal_killer: I can provide you with a custom build to try and narrow down the problem, or at least understand what is the issue
13:44:45pamaurybecause I cannot see how the error -1 is obtained from the code
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13:49:44cereal_killerI will sure try the build, thanks
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13:52:28pamauryok wait a few minutes
13:53:35cereal_killerneed to go, will check later and report back, thanks pamaury
13:53:47pamauryok, check the logs to get the build link
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14:39:17wodzpamaury: Whats your plan with commiting soc description, qeditor and hwstub_server?
14:41:06pamaurywodz: first I finish swiss_knife to add regdump conversion, then I want to add support for register variants (should be quite trivial) and if we are satisfied with the UI we can commit it. As far as I'm concerned, ignoring the variant thing, qeditor is complete, I added the last piece one hour ago. Maybe some polishing can be done later if need
14:41:22pamaurythen we can commit hwstub_server on top of it ?
14:42:18wodzI am fine with this
14:42:37wodzpamaury: Have you started any work/research on HID driver?
14:42:54pamauryresearch yes, work no
14:46:02wodzpamaury: I'll try to find some time to test qeditor with new soc format
14:46:15pamauryok cool
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15:06:19pamauryhi, ask your question and somone will answer if he/she knows
15:07:02sayhiactualy my question would be totally unrelated to rockbox.. which is against the rules it seems :p
15:07:31pamauryin this case you can go to #rockbox-community
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19:38:51BananHi all, i have problem. I try to install rockbox(untility) to my iPod(5g 80gb), so i try "autodetect" and error "Could not detect a Mountpoint. Select your mountpoint manually" Ok, I selected manualy i click Install, ofc error "error reading partition table- not an iPod"
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19:40:04BananI'm admin, ipod is fat32, enable disk mode, iTunes is close
19:40:22Bananbtw. i'm sorry for my english :/
19:44:12gevaertsBanan: you can get a debug log from one of the menus in rockbox utility. Can you put that on a pastebin and link to it?
19:44:28Bananno problem
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19:51:16gevaertsBanan: "VID: 05ac PID: 1261". That's a 6g, not a 5g
19:51:57gevaertsYou can still run rockbox on it, but it's a lot trickier to install. Have a look at for details
19:55:59Bananomg thanks, what i bought... i think it's 5g. only 5g can be iMod?
19:57:36*gevaerts doesn't understand the question
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20:15:46BananIt's works!!
20:16:16BananThank you very much
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21:37:21BananHi again. I have iPod classic 6g(80gb) with RockBox, can I play flac format?
21:38:40amayerBanan: you should be able to
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21:40:11BananI pasted music, but it bypasses the iPod
21:43:09BananOn this site x has all the green stamps.
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21:56:52wodzpamaury: (log) re qeditor - I can't figure out how to delete field in register.
21:57:51wodzpamaury: (log) nevermind, I just find out
22:03:26wodzpamaury: (log) When I try to add new enum to the field qeditor segfaults with such backtrace:
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22:47:48wodzpamaury: see logs ^
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22:50:10pamaurywodz: ok let me see
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22:53:36pamaurywodz (logs): I cannot reproduce the problem :-/
22:57:04pamauryhum in fact there is a problem
23:00:42pamaurywodz (logs): problem fixed in gerrit
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