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#rockbox log for 2015-03-05

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00:25:49[Franklin]hey cronix
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13:38:24pamaurywodz (logs): I have updated qeditor with your feedback
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14:32:57wodzpamaury: perfect! Just tested.
14:50:02pamaurywodz: also if you create several instances, it will number them with increasing numbers
14:50:32pamauryand now when you create nodes/registers/instances, it puts the focus on them immediately
14:52:07wodzyes, I spoted that, nice
14:52:29wodzsooo, whats missing?
14:52:38wodzpamaury: ^
14:54:11pamaurythere is this thing about register variants for the imx
14:55:11pamauryand otherwise, UI improvements but that can be done later
14:55:59pamauryvariants are not currently implemented, neither in parser and qeditor, my current proposal can be seen here:
14:56:37wodzpamaury: I am strongly in favor of commiting this so enhancements and additions have common base
14:57:18pamauryso then I just need to rewrite the commit message and we are clear to go
14:57:43pamauryah yes, I miss the conversion for regdumps in swiss_knife, i'll do it before committing, that's mostly trivial anyway
14:57:58wodzIs convertion of v1 in swiss_knife implemented?
14:58:13wodzoh, :-)
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18:42:48pamaurywodz (logs): I updated the gerrit task. I found a bug which affected the imx233 analysers, did you try the atj or rk27xx analysers in the new qeditor ?
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18:49:32autofsckkhello, i have a classic 160 ipod already with rockbox but now it is like locked, it was connected to my netbook and the usb image is in the screen but with no backlight, the screen is almost black but
18:50:00autofsckk*but with the usb image that appears when it is connected, any ideas on how to restore it?
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19:02:26autofsckk /part
19:02:33 Part autofsckk
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19:31:52Michal_B_Hi all, I have a problem with Apple Recovery (DFU) USB. Windows install the drivers. When I connect my ipod i turn to recovery mode, then I hear the sound of the connection. However, I do not see the device in my computer. I tried different versions of iTunes, I installed various systems (win7, 8, xp, even linux) and it is always the same.
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20:41:17korinHey guys, anyone available to answer a quick question about rockbox?
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20:48:18pamaurykorin: possibly
20:49:10korinOk, well I want to buy an mp3 player thats compatible, but it appears there isn't any documentation for the Sandisk Clip Sport on the site. Is it just too new or does it not work with rockbox at all?
20:50:30pamaurykorin: it's unlikely rockbox gets ported to it
20:50:49korinok, thanks for the info!
20:50:55 Part korin
20:51:09pamaurythe clip+ and clip zip are supported except for usb which is a bit shaky
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21:48:14wodzpamaury: clock analyzer for atj doesn't seem to work in new qeditor
21:49:09pamaurydo you have a regdump of atj for me to try ?
21:49:16wodzpamaury: I also have warning notice that description file for this SoC is not available which is not true
21:49:52pamaurythat message shows if the file is invalid or from the old format
21:49:59pamaurydid you convert the dump before ?
21:50:05pamaury(and the desc file)
21:50:10wodzpamaury: 'There was an error when dumping the registers'
21:50:47wodzpamaury: I converted regs-atj213x.xml to new format and it passes check in swiss_knife
21:51:10wodzpamaury: qeditor opens it for edit without problems as well
21:51:17pamauryok, then you plug hwstub and do a dump with qeditor and you get this 'there was an error when dumping the registers' ?
21:52:05 Join [Saint] [0] (77e02730@rockbox/staff/saint)
21:52:27wodzpamaury: in SOC selection combo I have atj213x and vsoc so converted desc file *is* recognized
21:53:04pamauryusually this error means qeditor failed to read some register
21:53:29pamaurybut I agree qeditor lacks proper logging of errors at the moment
21:53:47 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
21:54:02wodzthe dump file is not created at all
21:55:05pamaurylet me check if dumping works on imx233, that would be easier for me to debug
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21:57:10pamauryok doesn't work either,
22:00:10pamauryhum, on imx233 it chokes on SCT variants so it's not a good test, also I seemed to recall it should work even if some errors were encountered
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22:01:23pamaurywodz: could you try with this patch pamaury/af1e721e8d80687c002d">
22:01:31pamaurytell me what is the ouput when you try to dump
22:02:30wodzone moment
22:04:21wodzpamaury: In enum I can't enter value greater then 1
22:04:58pamaurywodz: try to select another field/register and get back to it
22:05:13pamauryif it works, it means I forgot to update the UI max enum value of field size change
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22:09:25wodzpamaury: I deleted enums, started from scratch and now it works
22:09:50pamauryhum, looks like a UI bug, I'll check that
22:10:01pamaurywhat about the dump error ?
22:13:39wodzpamaury: It can't read some registers
22:14:06wodzall are in UDC block
22:14:46wodzall are declared as 8bit wide
22:15:09pamauryah, that's an hint
22:15:30pamaurythat's probably it then
22:15:44pamaurylet me check, I was able to reproduce your enum stuck to 1 value too
22:16:31wodzhmm, It can read other 8bit regs just fine
22:17:24 Part njsg
22:17:43pamauryjust checked, the code always do 32-bit reads, which is a bug. So it may work by luck but also fail
22:17:47pamauryI need to fix that
22:17:58wodzpamaury: it can't read registers which have not word aligned addresses
22:18:21pamauryalso I just realised that regdumps don't include the register width, I don't know if this is a problem or not
22:18:42wodzshould not be IMO
22:19:20pamauryok, let me see if I can fix the bug easily
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22:47:59pamaurywodz (logs): I updated the gerrit task, it should correctly handle 8-bit registers
22:55:14pamaurywodz (logs): and I also fixed the issue with the enum value stuck to 1
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