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#rockbox log for 2015-03-06

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08:13:40cereal_killerpamaury: have you read my result of the test of the build you provided? I get (error -1 sd_write_sectors) pc: 2005CC14 sp: 200B2CE8 A: 20066E00 bt end start of logf data codec: entering run stae codec: calling entrypoint end of logf data
08:14:52cereal_killerI have absolutely no idea of how debugging works, I can test and report back. thanks for your effort btw.
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09:00:19mudlordnoticed memory corruption problems on Sansa Clip Zip when using a Lexar 64GB microsd card on latest rockbox
09:00:28mudlordseems to be in the wiki tho as documented
09:00:50mudlordand the microsd card is brand new
09:01:10mudlordseems to happen more often on large sets of files being copied
09:01:16mudlordlike the ocremix set
09:02:46mudlordlast time it happened, i got a "undefined instruction" message with a flashing screen
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09:40:50wodzpamaury: hey! I see you got my comment :-)
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09:41:49pamaurywodz: yes :) did you test qedtor again ? all the problems of yesterday should be fixed
09:43:00wodzpamaury: no, I have no atj with me here. I can test today night probably
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09:43:58wodzpamaury: Does qeditor resolve the meaning of the fields according to defined enums?
09:44:24pamaurywhat do you mean ?
09:46:22wodzsay I have field BUSWID with enum {32BIT = 0, 16BIT = 1, 8BIT=2} Then when I view this register with hwstub backed read should qeditor show for example '0' as field value or '0' and 32BIT (the decoding)?
09:46:42wodzcurrently it shows only value for me
09:48:48pamauryerr, it should display the value and the enum, at least that was my original intention
09:49:19pamauryit should shows 0 (32BIT)
09:49:30wodzseems like it doesn't work
09:49:45pamaurythat's strange, it works here with a regdump
09:50:05pamaurycan you send me the desc file and a regdump (which should work now) for me to check ?
09:50:29wodzI can't now - its on my home computer
09:53:25pamauryok, well we'll see that tonight then
10:11:08wodzpamaury: SCT proposal looks quite sane
10:17:54pamauryok cool
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18:42:42wodzpamaury: clock analyzer work in latest patch but register dump still fails
18:42:57wodzpamaury: I mean on atj
18:43:08pamaurydid you apply my patch to see which register fail ?
18:44:08wodznop, could you remind me the url?
18:44:29wodzbut I see it still can't read unaligned byte registers
18:45:15wodzhmm, not all unaligned though
18:45:28wodzsome seems to succeed
18:46:18pamauryok i'll check my atj later
18:50:30wodz4 registers still fail
18:51:00wodzinteresting, this are of the same type
18:54:18wodzpamaury: hwstub_shell reads this mem with DEV.read8() just fine
18:54:35pamauryare you sure you set the register width to 8-bit ?
18:56:00wodzlet me check
18:56:25wodzright, they are not
18:58:22wodzha, now it works
18:59:05wodzThe dump file looks completely different then previously however. it is something like 0xb0000000 = 0x5d5389eb. Is this correct?
18:59:09wodzpamaury: ^
18:59:20pamauryyes, I changed the format
19:00:12wodzbtw. does hwstub_shell takes reg width into consideration?
19:00:41pamauryI don't remember, it should
19:02:00wodznop, it ignores width hint
19:02:43wodzat least HWLIB.printf("0x%x\n", fails because it tries to do read32() while the reg is declared 8bit and has unaligned address
19:02:53wodzpamaury: ^
19:03:52pamauryok, i'll fix that
19:04:40wodzas I said, clock analyzer works
19:06:31wodzpamaury: and enum decoding is not working
19:07:24pamaurythat's really strange, it's working here, at least on the examples I tried. Can you send me the desc file and a dump and give me a particular register to look at ?
19:08:13wodzone sec
19:11:41wodzyou can look at SDR.CTL.PADDRV it has enum declared
19:12:51wodzand qeditor still gives warning "Description file for this SoC is not available"
19:15:08pamauryerr, and it still gives value for the registers ?
19:18:18pamaurythat sounds wrong
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19:26:20pamauryhum, I cannot load your desc file, did you convert it before ?
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20:25:36pamauryhum, the File > Load > Desc File menu is broken...
20:26:21pamaurywodz: I don't get this "description file for this soc is not available" error with your file
20:27:38pamaurywodz: and qeditor displays me the enum value for SDR.CTL.PADDRV
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20:47:18wodzpamaury: are you able to reproduce "desc file not available" error?
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20:47:48pamaurywodz: no, when I load the dump file everything works fine
20:50:02wodzah, it shows up when I select hwstub target
20:51:24pamauryyou mean there is a difference between hwstub and regdump ?
20:51:38wodzpamaury: re enum
20:51:49wodzpamaury: yes I see the difference
20:52:26pamauryhum, ok now that's really weird. Are you sure you don't have two atj desc files by chance ?
20:52:43pamaurywith the same configuration as you I get the enum value
20:53:43wodzpamaury: does it check the extension when looking for desc file?
20:54:34pamauryyes, it must be .xml in the utils/regtools/desc/ directory
20:55:00wodznop, I moved away all .xml except regs-atj213x.xml which is v2 and there is no difference
20:58:07pamaurythat's crazy
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20:59:48pamaurywodz: apparently valgrind complains so there could be some uninit stuff which would explain the issue
21:01:25pamaurywodz: I found the problem, bug on my side, I forgot to init a variable in the ctor ;)
21:01:36 Join KiloJuliet [0] (~gplgeek@pdpc/supporter/student/GPLGeek)
21:01:54pamaurystill a bit weird about the error message though
21:02:57pamauryI pushed the fix to gerrit
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21:11:14wodzpamaury: enum is now displayed, warning is about missing SoC desc is still there with hwstub backend
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21:18:07pamaurywodz: and it is there with regdump ?
21:19:03pamaurywodz: hum, on the screenshop it shows "ATJ213x" whereas the soc name is "atj213x", the case is wrong
21:19:57wodzyes, I spoted that also
21:20:07pamauryI think the problem is that in HWStubIoBackend::HWStubIoBackend(), there is no particular case for ATJ so it uses the name reported by hwstub as the soc name
21:20:14wodzbut still it correctly decodes registers
21:20:15pamaurywhich happens to be ATJ213x
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21:21:01pamauryyes because even if the tool cannot detect the soc, you can manually select it and it will still try to read/write, assuming you know what you are doing
21:21:21pamauryso I will add a special case in the backend for atj
21:22:41pamaurywodz: can you try with this patch pamaury/624672d99fa62229a722"> ?
21:25:54wodzpamaury: works
21:26:22pamauryI pushed it to gerrit
21:27:08wodzpamaury: Another minor bug - If you connect to hwstub device and the select in combo 'Device' again the name of the connected device disappears
21:27:45pamauryhum, I'll have to check that, I don't have a device at hand right now but I'll try it
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22:01:40b0hoonkugel: ping
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22:26:16Markie1971Just installed Rockbox on 5th Generation iPod Classic, however *PANIC* is displayed on screen, any help?
22:27:24Markie1971mount 0 pc:00051C95 sp:000d8350 bt end
22:27:41pamauryMarkie1971: I don't know much about the device but at least you should tell us the panic message
22:28:35Markie1971pamaury: mount 0 pc:00051C95 sp:000d8350 bt end
22:29:36pamauryif someone knows about this device, he will probably answer
22:29:43pamaurymaybe [Saint] ?
22:30:10Markie1971pamaury Thank you
22:30:12gevaertsWhich device is it actually? Ipod classic or ipod 5g?
22:30:42Markie1971gevaerts Ipod Classic
22:31:16[Saint]The *PANIC* doesn't really tell me anything without a map file - god I really need to make the case to keep a cache of some amount of revisions worth of map files on our end...
22:31:28gevaerts[Saint]: it does :)
22:31:43gevaertsThere's only one or two places that panic with "mount"
22:31:53[Saint]Well, yeah, granted.
22:32:25gevaertsMarkie1971: the reset procedure for those is described at
22:32:50[Saint]Markie1971: possibly silly question - have you tried simply powering the player down and rebooting it? Hold "Play" to power the device down, if you have not already, and then press any key to reboot.
22:32:53[Saint]What happens?
22:33:12*[Saint] grrrs at gevaerts
22:33:30[Saint]WHile we have painced, and a reset can't really hurt - its a bad habit
22:33:44gevaertsThat panic means it didn't find a filesystem on the disk
22:34:25[Saint]True, but I'm not entirely willing to trust it.
22:35:16gevaertsYes and no
22:35:23Markie1971Saint used the select and menu, which has now rebooted. now displays USB keyboard mode: multimedia
22:35:36[Saint]Markie1971: other possibly stupid question - did the iPod function prior to installing emCORE and Rockbox?
22:35:53*[Saint] does the nyaaaa nyaa dance.
22:36:06[Saint]So, its NOT an iPod Classic then.
22:36:12[Saint]Man, I wish people would get this right...
22:36:51Markie1971Saint Sorry for any confusion
22:36:56[Saint]If you're seeing HID keyboard, it is most definitely not an iPod Classic.
22:37:09[Saint]It'll be an iPod 5/5.5G then.
22:37:45gevaertsI mean, I'm quite sure that's where it crashed, but the root cause could be somewhere else
22:38:39[Saint]Its usually the iPod 4G/Color/Photo that's finicky in that regard.
22:38:40wodzpamaury: Now I hit weird state where qeditor refuses to load desc file for edit but swiss_knife check passes
22:39:11Markie1971Saint Ok, understand
22:39:17[Saint]On those, there appears to be some form of timing issue that means every boot is a royal crapshoot and it'll swear black and blue that there's no valid filesystem.
22:39:18pamaurywodz: can you reproduce it reliably ?
22:39:54pamaurywodz: or can you run it with valgrind to see if there is a problem on this side ?
22:39:55gevaerts[Saint]: really? I haven't heard that
22:40:23[Saint]Markie1971: We can't say why this happened, but, it did - in future, try not to use the reset procedue unless its absolutely unavoidable, hold "Play" to power down the device if you can.
22:40:45[Saint]gevaerts: I have quite a few of 'em, its been doing so for a few years now.
22:40:59[Saint]I couldn't ever directly correlate it with a specific change.
22:41:00wodzpamaury: yep, swiss_knife is happy and qeditor refuses to load that desc. I can run in valgrind
22:41:36pamaurywodz: but does it happen everytime ?
22:42:12gevaerts[Saint]: actually, I've seen my gigabeat F's flashed bootloader not find its disk, and I know at least one other person had a similar issue after USB disconnect. The latter was solved with a short delay after the ATA reset
22:42:20wodzpamaury: yes
22:42:31gevaerts*my* issue on the other hand hasn't reappeared since I put in a new battery,,,
22:42:31pamaurywhich desc is that ?
22:42:37Markie1971Saint Thank you I will try that. If i wanted to revert back to Apple and try again do you have instructions. Sorry for being a pain
22:42:56wodzpamaury: I edited atj desc file with qeditor, saved and after that it refuse to load it again
22:43:29[Saint]gevaerts: that was one of the first things I checked back in the day trying to get to the bottom of this.
22:43:30gevaertsMarkie1971: that's fully described in the manual
22:43:46[Saint]I've just gotten used to booting being a crapshoot and occasionally having to boot two or three times in a row.
22:44:05[Saint]The weird thing is, some people see this, and others, have absolutely no issue.
22:44:14pamaurywodz: I can't reproduce it...does valgrind shows something ,
22:44:20gevaerts[Saint]: disk getting older maybe?
22:45:12pamauryI open qeditor, edit something, save it and then I can load it again
22:46:01pamaurywodz: you mean you can't load it again in edit tab or display tab ?
22:46:03Markie1971gevaerts Thank you
22:46:25 Quit ParkerR (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:46:27wodzpamaury: try to open this desc in edit tab
22:46:45 Join ParkerR [0] (
22:46:50[Saint]gevaerts: I wouldn't think so, one of them is the original original disk, one of them is a "new" (brand new, old disk) original disk, and two of them are CF conversions.
22:47:05pamaurywodz: weird I can't open it
22:47:13wodzpamaury: valgrind summary
22:47:47 Quit Scromple (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
22:47:47gevaerts[Saint]: ah yes, unofficial replacement hardware... You're on your own then! ;)
22:48:13[Saint]nuhuhhhh, two of 'em are official!
22:48:39[Saint]One of them even has less than 200h POT
22:49:05[Saint]no reallocs, bo borked sectors, no hard starts.
22:49:27[Saint]Its a myyyyyyyyyyyysterrrrrryyyyyyyyyy....echo...echo...echo.....
22:53:32pamaurywodz: this is extremely strange indeed
22:53:59 Quit Markie1971 (Quit: Page closed)
22:57:16pamaurywodz: for some reason, the file fails to load but reports 0 errors which is why it seems happy
22:57:35pamauryclearly a shortcoming in swiss_knife ;)
22:58:35wodzthe problem is twofold: 1) swiss_knife can't see problem 2) qeditor created problem
23:01:29 Quit Xyem (Quit: ZNC -
23:01:47pamauryerr, I'm lost, it only happen in qeditor for no reason, dammit
23:02:44pamaurywodz: you are a king to find crazy bugs :-p
23:05:26pamaurywodz: false warning, the problem was due to some weird accents in the path to the download file
23:05:38pamauryso I'm back at the problem, I cannot reproduce it
23:06:34wodzpamaury: So you can open the file in qeditor's edit tab?
23:07:33wodzcan you post md5 of the file so we can be sure?
23:08:27pamaurywodz: can you try with this patch: pamaury/8ea0dc34346e777c9c62">
23:09:56wodzok its the same
23:10:27wodzpamaury: is there a way to get this gist with git or I need to manually download patch and apply?
23:11:08pamaurywodz: I think you need to manually download it, yeah that's slightly annoying I agree
23:11:59pamauryat least I don't know of a way of doing this directly
23:12:52wodz[FATAL] line 2: no version attribute, is this a v1 file ?
23:14:01pamauryare you sure you get this error for this particular file ?
23:14:32pamauryit will display this for old v1 files in desc/ on boot
23:17:31wodzTruly weird. The file select window showed correct path but it didn't work, I moved to some other dir, come back and voila now it loads
23:18:13pamaurydoes the path contain some accent ?
23:18:37pamaurybecause on my box it fails to load if the path contains some accent, it seems there is an encoding or path problem
23:19:00 Join Xyem [0] (
23:19:11wodzno accents or something
23:19:30wodzit looks like cached path or something
23:20:31pamaurycould you modify the patch I send you to display the file xml before loading it ? so that I can see what it looks like
23:24:44wodzwell, now I can't back to this weird state
23:25:39 Quit dfkt (Disconnected by services)
23:25:49 Join dfkt_ [0] (~dfkt@unaffiliated/dfkt)
23:27:19 Join Guest66888 [0] (Slayer@
23:30:01 Quit Guest42979 (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
23:38:59pamauryhum, I have a strange problem: if I have a file path in QString and use qDebug(), it displays it correctly in the console, but if I use .toStdString() and then printf with .c_str() now it's all weird
23:40:55wodzpamaury: Table with register fields are sorted by field name not by bit position
23:41:03***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:42:42pamaurywodz: are you it's sorted ? I don't remember writing any code to sort it...
23:42:42 Quit dfkt_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:42:59wodzhell it must be more complicated, it is not sorted by name but apparently not in bit position order either
23:43:56wodzhaha, it comes from the order in which I defined fields in desc file.
23:44:01pamauryyeah that's what I thought, it's just unsorted
23:45:24wodzit is easy to define fields in random order using qeditor
23:45:41pamauryi'll write the code to sort them
23:49:24wodzaccording to qt forum you only need to implement QTableWidgetItem::operator<(...) and enable sorting setSortingEnabled()
23:50:16 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)

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