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#rockbox log for 2015-03-08

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01:14:03*[Franklin] has an idea for a new plugin... zigzag
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02:41:29[Franklin]is there really any point in using MT19937 instead of a faster generator?
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03:36:22[Franklin]ok, G#1161
03:36:27fs-bluebotGerrit review #1161 at : [WIP] ZigZag Game by Franklin Wei
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14:56:41shadow193Hi all, I have a problem with connecting my sansa clip+ to a windows 8.1 computer, it works once for few tries, anyone know how can I fix this or do anything ?? on linux works well, mac os and windows 7 and lower too
14:57:47pamauryshadow193: usb in rockbox on clip+ is unreliable, you can use the OF for USB if that's the case
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14:58:20pamauryif it still doesn't work with OF, maybe that's a problem with Windows 8.1
14:58:48shadow193sorry for noob question, but what is OF ??
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14:59:32pamauryshadow193: sorry, original firmware
14:59:51shadow193oh yeah of works well
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15:03:25pamauryok, so at least you have a fallback :)
15:03:33pamauryunfortunately we know the usb driver in rockbox has problems, it may be the case that with windows 8.1 you trigger the problem
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20:56:04lorenzo92kugel: so, rumors say that you are the owner of yp-r1 ;)
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21:09:30YellowJelly13Hi! I need some help with my Sansa Fuse+
21:09:34YellowJelly13Apparently, it's bricked
21:09:53YellowJelly13I readed somewhere that it needed to be fully discharged to recover it
21:09:56YellowJelly13and I did for three days
21:10:16YellowJelly13but now I'm trying to power it up and doesn't work
21:10:34YellowJelly13Am I doing something wrong? Is it dead?
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21:45:40pamauryYellowJelly13: probably not, if you have an old bootloader then you'll need special software to recover it from deeply discharged state
21:46:46pamauryare you running windows or linux ?
21:48:07pamaurydownload this:
21:50:25pamauryand you need another file, just a moment
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21:55:49pamaurydamn he is gone
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21:56:40einhirnHi there
21:57:52 Join JdGordon_ [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
21:58:18einhirnDoes someone still own an archos jukebox recorder using Rockbox? I tried to replace the hard disk with a SD Card in an SD to CF Adapter with CF to 2,5"-Adapter. But it didn't work - just says "ATA error -1" or something...
21:58:20pamauryeinhirn: ask your question, people will answer if they know
21:58:41 Join YellowJelly [0] (ba098226@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:58:45einhirnpamaury: just wasn't so fast with typing
21:58:50pamauryok ^^
21:58:58YellowJellyOkay, I just did. What do I have to do now?
21:59:15YellowJelly(My internet isn't working very well)
21:59:16pamauryYellowJelly: download
21:59:31YellowJellyand then?
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22:00:30pamaury(for the record I'm following the recovery procedure in
22:00:30pamauryboot your device in recovery mode: to do so, hold volume+ button while plugging your device on your computer
22:00:37pamauryit should enumerate as a HID device
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22:02:08YellowJellyit makes the sound of connecting, but doesn't appear
22:02:11pamaurywhen it's done, open a command line prompt in the directory when you downloaded the files and run:
22:02:12pamaurysbloader.exe -f
22:03:22pamaurysorry it's sb_loader.exe
22:05:10YellowJellyDo I need to save teh files in a specific place?
22:06:00pamauryno, just make sure both files are in the same directory and open the command prompt in this directory.
22:06:15pamauryDo you know how to open a command prompt in a directory ?
22:08:29 Join YellowJelly13 [0] (ba098226@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:08:37pamauryok, so first open a command line prompt, one way to do so is to search for cmd.exe in the windows menu
22:09:18pamaurydone ?
22:09:46YellowJellyyes, I figured out who to do it
22:10:19pamaurythen use the "cd" command to end up the directory where you downloaded the file
22:10:44pamauryquick example: type
22:10:44pamaurycd C:\Document and Settings\My Name\Download
22:11:02pamauryof course replace the path with your own directory
22:11:31YellowJellyok, I just did
22:12:22 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
22:12:59pamauryperfect, now run sb_loader.exe -f
22:13:01YellowJellyOk, I just executed the command
22:13:08YellowJellyI just did
22:13:56pamaurydid it report any error or everything went file ?
22:14:18YellowJellyno errors
22:14:41pamauryok, the screen of the device will stay black but your device should be charging
22:15:01pamaurywait for ~15min then unplug your device and replug it normally, it should show the usual bootloader and finish the charge
22:15:06YellowJellyThe program replied with "usage: sbloader.exe <file>"
22:15:14pamauryah no, that's not good
22:15:18YellowJellyoh, ok
22:15:28YellowJellyaw :/
22:15:51pamaurytry to run sb_loader.exe sansa_fuzeplus_charge.exe
22:16:04pamaurymaybe I made a mistake
22:16:21YellowJellyI downloaded sbloader.exe though
22:16:23YellowJellywithout the underscore
22:16:52 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:17:03pamauryok my mistake, I gave you the wrong file :-/
22:17:08YellowJellyok, not it shows me something different
22:17:24YellowJellyso, sbloader.exe doesn't work?
22:17:53pamauryI don't remember which version it is, so I'm not 100% sure it works, whereas sb_loader.exe I know it works
22:18:15YellowJellyokay, will try again with that one
22:18:52YellowJellysb_loader.exe stopped working
22:19:10YellowJellyand the program replied with "Downloading to Device"
22:20:11YellowJellyWhat should the program reply to know it worked well?
22:20:59pamauryto be honest I don't remember, I'm always working under linux, if everything works fine it should just finish, in case of error it will print you an error message I guess
22:21:34YellowJellyhmm, okay
22:21:52YellowJellyif it says "Downloading to Device"
22:21:57YellowJellydoes that mean it's working?
22:22:04pamauryyeah that sounds good
22:22:24pamauryI'm sorry, I don't do this everyday so my memory is rusty :-/
22:22:34YellowJellythen it's the command but without the -f
22:22:45YellowJellyHey, don't be sorry
22:22:48YellowJellyI really appreciate your help!
22:23:11pamauryhum ok, so I'll need to update the wiki to remove the extra -f
22:23:27YellowJellyor maybe not
22:23:45YellowJellyI executed the command again and it showed me that sb_lodaer.exe stopped working
22:24:02pamauryah you mean it crashed ?
22:24:25pamaurywhat if you put the -f ?
22:24:43pamauryok just a wait a second, I'm going to boot my windows machine to check this out
22:24:51YellowJellyokay, thanks
22:24:55YellowJellyit says Err Code 2
22:25:30YellowJellyFirmware file sansa_fueplusetc failed to open.errcode is 2
22:26:20pamauryah, are you type you didn't make a typo in the file name ?
22:26:21 Quit lorenzo92 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:26:34pamauryit should be the name of the file you downloaded
22:26:43YellowJellyno, it was written correctly
22:27:00YellowJellyI just wrote it bad here because its too long
22:27:56YellowJellyError <258> during read
22:27:57pamauryhum, are you sure the file is in the same directory ?
22:28:46 Join lorenzo92 [0] (
22:28:55 Quit lorenzo92 (Client Quit)
22:31:25pamauryhum you are right, it fails on my machine too with the same error, that's new :(
22:32:08pamauryYellowJelly: just keep the device plugged, the firmware may have been downloaded correctly anyway
22:32:20pamauryin 5min, try to unplug it and replug it normally
22:32:26YellowJellyokay, I will
22:32:33YellowJelly5 minutes?
22:32:43pamauryyeah that should be enough to be sure
22:32:59YellowJellyand replug with the volume+ key or without pressing any keys?
22:33:23pamauryno, without pressing any keys
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22:37:29 Join Corwin [0] (~Corwin@
22:37:53Corwinhey guys
22:37:59Corwini need help
22:38:26pamauryCorwin: describe your problem, someone might be help able to help you
22:38:43Corwini upgrade my ipod battery to 1900mah, but rockbox have max 1000mah in settings
22:38:53Corwinipod classic 7t gen
22:39:49pamauryCorwin: I don't know the details of this particular device but the battery capacity is probably hardcoded in rockbox, it is not detected at runtime but you don't have to worry
22:40:32 Quit MMlosh (Quit: Bye...)
22:40:45YellowJellyOkay, I plugged the Sansa again, but it's not working
22:40:48pamauryCorwin: is it just that or do you believe the battery is used to its full capacity ?
22:41:35Corwini just think
22:43:15Corwinso I should worry or not? the battery will be charged in full?
22:43:59gevaertsThe *only* thing that setting matters for is the remaining runtime estimate
22:44:23gevaertsSo it's really purely cosmetic
22:44:35Corwinoh, cool
22:45:20pamauryYellowJelly: can you retry again the whoel procedure, until you reach the "Error <258> during read" error and wait 10min this time
22:45:36pamauryYellowJelly: on my Windows machine I need to put the "-f" in the command line
22:47:55YellowJellyI also need to put .f btw
22:51:22YellowJellyOkay, now it tells me the error thing
22:51:33YellowJellyWill unplug it and plug again in 10 minutes
22:51:46 Join wodz [0] (
22:52:04pamauryYellowJelly: that's the contrary, leave it plugged for 10min and then unplug it
22:52:07pamaurywodz: pong ?
22:52:30YellowJellySorry, meant after the 10 minutes
22:52:37pamauryok ^^
22:52:42wodzpamaury: hey! I was thinking about this sorting fields and I think this should be implemented for saving file as well (or in headergen_v2)
22:53:09pamauryI just checked, I wrote the code a long time ago. The error after loading is "normal", I mean it's expected. I should fix that one day
22:53:36pamaurywodz: what do you mean ? it should be sorted when saving ?
22:53:45wodzpamaury: IMO yes
22:53:55 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
22:54:06pamaurywhat the rationale for this ? to get a sorted list in the editor when reloading ?
22:54:42pamauryby the way did you check the new version where sorting is implemented ?
22:54:42wodzthis, and easy generation of sane headers
22:54:52pamauryok, that works for me
22:54:52wodzpamaury: yes works nice
22:58:10pamaurywodz: do you think fields and so on should be sorted on load too ?
22:58:16pamaury(ie when the input file is not sorted)
22:59:19wodzI'd say on save is enough
23:12:05 Quit mc2739 (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
23:12:46YellowJellyOkay, just unplugged and plugged again
23:12:47YellowJellyNothing :c
23:13:09YellowJellyand I waited 20 minutes instead of 10
23:14:14 Join mc2739 [0] (~mc2739@rockbox/developer/mc2739)
23:14:19pamaurydamn, and what if you try to boot the OF by holding volume- when plugging ?
23:15:41 Quit nck0 ()
23:16:56pamaurywodz: should it sort other things like node names ? instance names ? if so, by name or by address ?
23:17:22wodzI prefer by address
23:17:35wodzand yes IMO everthing should be sorted
23:18:07pamauryok so nodes by name, instances by address
23:18:22pamauryI'll use the first address when there are ranges
23:19:12YellowJellyvoume- does nothing
23:19:13pamauryand named values by value
23:20:55pamauryYellowJelly: that's a problem. Unfortunately I cannot do much right now, If that's okay for you, we can try again tomorrow at about the same time, by then I'll provide you with a difference firmware to try
23:21:17wodzpamaury: Are you planning to write headergen_v2 or should I try to craft something?
23:21:29pamaurywodz: yes I plan to write it
23:22:20YellowJellyokay, thanks a lot!
23:22:35YellowJellyI don't know if I will be able to come though
23:22:59pamauryok, just come up on IRC when you can, I'm usually online all day long
23:29:02 Quit einhirn (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:32:33pamaurywodz: do you mind if on save only the produced file is sorted or do you want the UI to also update and sort everything ?
23:33:10 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 37.0/20150305191659])
23:33:37 Join shamus [0] (
23:34:37pamauryI'm going to update the UI, that the same as the old behaviour
23:35:10wodzpamaury: I can live with reopening the file to get it sorted.
23:35:22pamauryyeah but that feels a bit weird
23:35:52wodzI agree, updating in UI would be nice but not crucial for me
23:36:17pamauryit's mostly trivial to implement
23:36:24pamaurylike one line
23:37:16wodzIn that case it is worth it
23:38:54pamauryit's pushed to gerrit
23:39:27pamauryI didn't test it that much to be honest. The operation of sorting the file is called "normalize", I added it to swiss_knife
23:41:23 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
23:41:38pamauryif I have some time, I'll begin headgen_v2 tomorrow, I think we are done with qeditor now
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