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#rockbox log for 2015-03-11

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00:41:21gro_0veHello guys! I've installed rocketbox on iPod Classic 7G and I found that my Klipsch X11i headset buttons is not working. I seen the webpage concerned devices iPod Accessories, there is no info about this headset. My qestion is if there any patches avaliable to resolve this issue or how I can fix this issue (my job is connected with the programming and I have some experience in C/C++)
00:42:35gro_0veWill be very gratefull for any information =)
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01:04:59saratogagro_0ve: i don't think accessory support is implemented on the 6G in any form (patches or otherwise)
01:05:24saratogaif your device uses rsr232 instead of USB for commands, it should be possible to implement eventually though
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01:34:04[Saint]There's some partial, very limited, accessory support.
01:34:41[Saint]A subset of the IAP is implemented in Classic 6G.
01:36:03[Saint]gro_0ve: you would have to reverse engineer the IAp commands that the headset is using/expecting, and implement them.
01:36:12[Saint]This isn't a trivial task.
01:36:52[Saint]Not to put you off, but, essentially, its one of those things where if you have to ask what is required, what is required is probably out of immediate reach.
01:39:52[Saint]The ipod6g port really isn't intended for mass consumption by Joe User, for a number of reasons.
01:40:47[Saint]A savvy user will notice that we don't officially support booting Rockbox on the ipod6g at all.
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06:21:22Corwinhey guys
06:21:34Corwinhow to get this patch?
06:30:21[Saint]Are you capable of compile Rockbox?
06:30:34[Saint]ie. do you have a build environment and the armeabi toolchain?
06:30:41[Saint](I'm gonna guess no...)
06:31:57[Saint]Corwin: ?
06:33:54[Saint]I'm going to assume that if you're asking about it, that, the answer to my question is a no. In which case, I'm going to have to explain to you that patches almost certainly don't work they way you might think they do.
06:35:40[Saint]Its not something you just download and put on the device and it "Just Works", you need to set up a build environment on a unix-like host system (Mac, Arch, Debian, etc. ie. not Windows), checkout the Rockbox source, compile the armeabi toolchain, apply the patch to the source tree, and then compiloe the build.
06:36:09[Saint]You would need to do so for each and every subsequent update, and you would then be on an unofficial and unsupported binary.
06:36:54[Saint]Corwin: has everything you would need to know
06:37:17[Saint]The first step for you would be
06:39:03[Saint]If you manage to get a viable build system and compile an unmodified binary, then we can talk about gettign that patch applied for you.
06:39:51Corwincan i use virtualbox?
06:39:55[Saint]You will likely want to use the virtual machine image provided, so that you don't have to piss around with setting up your own development environment.
06:41:31[Saint]Yes, the development guide even mentions this specifically.
06:41:52[Saint]We provide a machine image for users such as yourself who want to get involved with minimal setup:
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06:43:02CorwinSaint, these patches get into official releases?
06:44:16Corwinit makes sense to simply wait for this patch?
06:45:46CorwinWhy? project does not develop?
06:46:13[Saint]Its worth noting that this doesn't really affect users in any meaningful way.
06:46:20[Saint]Hold still functions.
06:46:48[Saint]All this does is allow the system to properly detect the hold state and display it. Nothing more.
06:46:55[Saint]Hold still works as expected.
06:47:41[Saint]And, no, its not that at all - this project is still actively maintained, at least in part, I just cannot give you any timeframe for when or if this patch would be included in mainline.
06:47:55CorwinI want to have my lights off out when I block pleer. It does not, according to the settings
06:48:02[Saint]So in that regard if you are capable of building Rockbox it makes no sense to wait for it.
06:48:56[Saint]And you can't wait 15 seconds?
06:49:06Corwinfor that?
06:49:12Corwinit use battery
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06:49:26Corwini want fix it
06:49:46[Saint]The backlight will time out when the device is on hold, or any other state, after 15 seconds.
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06:50:45Corwinbut there is an option - lights on hold - off
06:50:59saratogathe bitshift change in that patch looks like a simple error in the code, but i'm curious about why that second line should be commented out
06:51:27[Saint]saratoga: as am I.
06:51:49[Saint]That's why I've been unwilling to tell anyone to pull fire on it.
06:53:12[Saint]Corwin: The Classic port isn't really much of a priority because we don't offer any officially supported method to boot the supplied binaries.
06:53:47[Saint]emCORE has nothing to do with the Rockbox project and is far too powerful a tool for end users to be using as a bootloader.
06:54:20[Saint]That, and there's no active device specific port maintainer currently.
06:54:56[Saint]I mean, you're welcome to use the binaries supplied - but this, and many other reasons, are why the port status is classed as "unusable".
06:55:25[Saint]We don't provide any supported method of booting the player with Rockbox.
06:58:19[Saint]saratoga: You've reminded me that I need to do a review and push for implementing serial and recording on the CLassic, though.
06:58:33saratogaCastor hasn't been around in a while
06:58:45[Saint]If I find the time tonight after Ms. [Saint] goes to bed I'll go on a Classic gerrit task review rampage.
06:58:56saratogaalright i need sleep
06:59:11[Saint]I've been running a build with many of his patches for a while now.
06:59:27[Saint]The only one that isn't ready for prime-time is the scaling/undervolting.
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07:00:03[Saint](because it renders the device basically unusable at the low clock, which makes very little sense, but it only produces about 10fps, which is horrible)
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08:55:53gro_0vesaratoga, Saint: thank you for the answers, but I see one really strange thing thats stops me from the immidiate diving into the code and reverse engineering the keycodes. When I open my debug menu, select View I/O ports and start to push buttons on my headset there is no changes shown. Does it means that my device is not receiving any input and there is no possibility to change this?
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18:10:37r0b-how do I access my Clip+ USB Storage from rockblox?
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18:14:33r0b-my player is in MSC mode
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18:50:26r0b-was crap cable.
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21:07:57saratogagro_0ve: theres no accessory support implemented on the 6G build, so you will not see any input from accessories
21:08:16saratogaif you want them to show up in the debug screen, add support and then add a debug screen for accessories :)
21:09:03chokisaratoga: 6g? which device do u mean?
21:09:20saratogaipod classic 6G
21:09:28chokioh i thought touch xD
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21:36:16gro_0vesaratoga: ok, thank you for your support! =) I will do my best to add support of the external contorls. Can you give me any advice where to start? I've downloaded the VM and get the code, I've also read this article: Maybe you have something to add?
21:37:14saratogahave you looked at the existing 6G patches on gerrit?
21:37:51gro_0venot yet, I'm quite new with the gerit but I'm familiar wtih the git
21:38:11saratogai wouldn't bother with what you find on google, its much too old
21:38:36saratogai think the only current iap information on the web is the rockbox implementation
21:41:54gro_0vesaratoga: can you guide me how to find the iPod 6g build under the gerit?
21:42:36saratogagerrit is used for reviewing code changes
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21:43:49gro_0veYes, I got it but how i can filter out the 6G specific patches?
21:44:10saratogasearch i guess?
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21:44:40saratogathe stuff you're interested in is all on the second page of the tracker though
21:44:53saratogasince it sorts by date and its recent
21:46:18gro_0vesaratoga: Thank you very much! =)
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23:02:27gro_0veHello, maybe Cástor Muñoz is here?
23:03:43gro_0veI wanted to clear up some details according his Ipod Classic commints
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23:09:32pamaurygro_0ve: I don't know who is that but best is to find his nickname and ping hime
23:13:49gro_0veThere is no nickname in the gerrit but I found an email, is there any way to find him by email, or better to write him an email?
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23:20:16[Saint]Hmmmm, the forum didn't warn me about saratoga posting slightly before me.
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23:23:10gro_0ve[Saint]: Hello! Thanks for your response yesterday, I've found that someone have already implemented the changes that could be usefull for my device but I don't know how better to contact him? I know his name (not a nickname) and email
23:23:53gro_0veI tried his patches and they didn't helped, but I want to ensure that I haven't missed something
23:24:15gro_0veI tried his patches and it didn't help, but I want to ensure that I haven't missed something
23:28:18[Saint]I have no idea what you're talking about.
23:28:30[Saint]We don't, and can't, offer support for random third party builds.
23:30:37gro_0veSure, just asked maybe someone know this man. Anyway I can write an email to him. Thank you! :)
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