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#rockbox log for 2015-03-20

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01:42:20wyatt8740_Hey, I've been using an older version of rockbox on my ipod classic for over a year - I finally updated and now the hold switch isn't working properly.
01:42:28wyatt8740_this is a 7th gen classic
01:43:06wyatt8740_do I have something configured wrong? it prevents the wheel from working but it doesnt turn off the backlight like it should or let me exit from the game boy emulator
01:43:21wyatt8740_and the backlight setting is set properly, I checked
01:44:01wyatt8740_happens in all the builds that are still on the server and I lost my old build by overwriting without making sure I still had the older version
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01:46:52wyatt8750I actually think my old build was from 2013
02:01:43wyatt8750it works if I downgrade to the ancient build here:
02:01:46wyatt8750but I don't want to.
02:06:33wyatt8750I want something slightly more up to date.
02:10:32wyatt8750Oh, and the OTHER reason is that the audio is way too high pitched in the GBC emulator in this older version. But at least I can access the menu. My old build from late 2013 did it all fine.
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03:31:31saratogawyatt8750: (no idea if this works)
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03:53:18wyatt8750saratoga: will check that out. Never had to compile for rockbox though... so it's time to read the docs
03:57:05wyatt8750(and wait for this clone to finish)
03:58:48wyatt8750saratoga: will the automatic build script get that patch? or will I have to patch it myself
03:59:19saratogait doesn't do any patching, it just builds whatever source is in the local tree
03:59:49wyatt8750oh, yeah, that's committed.
03:59:55saratogaif you run it on a normal checkout you get exactly the same file as the download link on the webpage
04:03:40wyatt8750but I want to get patch set 1, correct?
04:05:38wyatt8750that is to say, it isn't on the master branch, is it?
04:05:52*wyatt8750 reads page
04:05:54wyatt8750never mind
04:10:55wyatt8750so glad I don't have to build this in Cygwin :)
04:11:13wyatt8750I can only imagine how slow this would be
04:14:01saratogayeah thats what motivated me to setup the VM image
04:15:03wyatt8750I'm kind of glad I decided to spend 4+ hours figuring out how to get my older imac to boot linux instead of installing windows
04:15:28wyatt8750(32 bit UEFI doesn't like the newer debian CD's)
04:16:21wyatt8750though I'm building this on my homebuilt server anyway, just in case that raises my speed a little :)
04:16:33wyatt8750(it does with video encoding)
04:17:38wyatt8750I wonder how it would've been on an older windows that had the posix compatibility layer
04:18:23wyatt8750if you used their posix system instead of cygwin, anyway
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04:59:58wyatt8750well I need to sleep. I'll report in if the arm gcc ever finishes compiling.
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15:57:20wyatt8750how do I use the hold switch in the simulator?
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16:01:57wyatt8750saratoga: actually, found it. it's the H key. but it does not work to exit rockboy (at least, not on the simulator. still waiting on the arm build)
16:02:08pamaurywyatt8750: press h
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16:02:31pamaurywhat do you mean it doesn't work to exit ?
16:02:41wyatt8750the hold switch does not bring rockboy to the menu
16:02:44wyatt8750on ipod 6g
16:03:13wyatt8750it does on older versions (like that build from 2012 on freemyipod) but not on even close to recent ones
16:04:19pamaurymaybe I'm stupid but why would the hold switch bring rockboy (we are talking about the rockboy plugin ?) to the menu ?
16:04:45wyatt8750ah, it works now but not in the simulator
16:04:51pamauryyou mean it should act like pause ?
16:05:04wyatt8750the hold switch brings up the menu where you can change rockboy settings and save states
16:05:28wyatt8750because the ipod's click wheel leaves no other way to get there because there aren't enough buttons
16:05:38wyatt8750saratoga: it works. just not on the simulator
16:05:49wyatt8750saratoga: thanks for that :)
16:06:20pamauryhum ok, but they that's highly non standard for a hold switch, that's probably why it doesn't work for the sim
16:11:59pamaurywyatt8750: if I understand the source code of rockboy, there is a particular case for the ipod 4g to reach the menu on hold indeed
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16:13:15saratogawyatt8750: no idea how the simulator maps those keys
16:13:30saratogabut it won't tell you anything about the hardware anyway (that patch only changes the ipod build)
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16:44:18wyatt8750saratoga: now the hold switch works, but it still occasionally enters the menu even when I'm just moving my finger on the click wheel. it never did before.
16:44:21wyatt8750any idea why?
16:44:47saratogasorry i don't know anything about that specific device
16:45:25wyatt8750how is the options file encoded?
16:45:39wyatt8750I was hoping it'd be editable in a text editor, but it isn't
16:45:58wyatt8750the rockboy options file
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