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#rockbox log for 2015-03-21

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15:40:53MarkmasterTrying to install Rockbox on my iPod Classic 6th Gen, all was fine, but after I disconnect my iPod from PC and trying to run Rockbox i see the error message: “ATA errie: -2147483542” Press ON to debug
15:41:07MarkmasterWhat I was made wrong?
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16:16:00pamauryMarkmaster: no idea, you probably need to wait for someone who knows the ipod6g to answer
16:16:37Markmasterok. Thank you. I trying to read forum but can’t get the straight answer
16:20:07pamaurydid you changed the storage of the ipod ?
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16:27:22MarkmasterNo. Never.
16:28:31MarkmasterI think I foun the solution,48562.30.html here. There was say that I need to install build presented in the thred manually. I need to do this without Rockbox Utility?
16:29:34MarkmasterOr I made all wrong installing the Rockbox with emCORE?
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17:00:46pamauryMarkmaster: I don't know, I guess you can try to follow the thread
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17:06:24MarkmasterI try, but I can’t change the build in the Rockbox Utility. There always only the final build for iPod Classic. I can’t manually show the build I need.
17:10:38pamauryMarkmaster: the builds on the forum are most probably unsupported by rockbox, you need to install them manually
17:11:16Markmasterpamaury: please tell me how to do this?
17:12:46pamauryIf you just want to change the main firmware, take the upgrade (it should be zip file) and extract it at the root of the device (it should replace the existing .rockbox directory). If you want to change the bootloader, I don't know how it works on the ipods
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17:15:06MarkmasterOk, thanks, pamaury. I need to just extract the zip into the .rockbox folder.
17:15:46pamauryno extract it at the root, it should replace the .rockbox folder
17:16:32MarkmasterLet me see
17:16:47MarkmasterI just restore iPod to try it from the scratch
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17:46:57MarkmasterSo i download final release from here and extract it in the root of my iPod. Now it statr booting to the Rockbox without a problem. But, then I connect it to my PC or MAC it’s just freezing. Any ideas?
17:50:54pamauryMarkmaster: could be a bug, since it is an unsupported build, I don't know what is in it
17:51:25pamauryI seem to recall the usb driver on ipod6g is unstable anyway
17:51:39pamauryyou should use the usb of the original firmware then
17:54:04MarkmasterOh. I think I found the solution.
17:55:21MarkmasterBut please can you tell me, what is the difference between booting up Rockbox from the main boot menu, and when I switch to the Tools-Run Rockbox fallback image?
17:56:07MarkmasterI try to run it in this mode and my Mac can see it. Without any issues. And I copied the files and looks like it’s all played.
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17:57:34pamauryno idea, the bootloader on the ipods is emcore if I recall correctly, it's not developped by rockbox (though one dev works in both)
18:00:46MarkmasterSo I checked. I can be happy with this compiled release here on mega.
18:00:55MarkmasterI can hear now all works fine.
18:01:01MarkmasterNo freezing
18:01:08MarkmasterMany thanks for help!
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18:01:42MarkmasterBut can I download themes, games, and other without flashing the Rockbox eachtime?
18:05:49pamaurythemes yes
18:06:12pamauryplugins (including games) are always included with the firmware because the version need to match
18:06:21MarkmasterI need to download them and put in the root of my disk?
18:08:59pamaurybest is to use rockbox utility to download and install them
18:09:15pamauryotherwise you need to extract them in some directory in .rockbox, I don't remember which one
18:11:24MarkmasterCan it play FLAC not only 16/44 but and 24/96 and 24/192?
18:13:08pamauryI guess so, though you will be limited by the hardware, I doubt the DAC can do better than 16/48, in which case Rockbox will downsample
18:14:51MarkmasterThank you, pamaury! You are very recponsive!
18:17:01pamauryapparently the ipod6g audio codec can do 24/48 but I think rockbox only supports 16-bit yeah it will downsample everything to 16/48 or 16/44 (there is an option somewhere to select between 44.1 vs 48 sample rate if that's supported by the hardware)
18:19:00MarkmasterI think my ears will do better with 44.1
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18:20:24MarkmasterI think about to buy new fiio x1, to not to recode my audio collection from FLAC every time I want something on my iPod, but remembered about Rockbox and here I am. Now I will use my Classic for some time to keep money safe.
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